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Summer Decorating {a.k.a. I’m Easily Distracted by Pretty File Boxes and Shiny Things}

by | May 31, 2011 | Decorating Inspiration, Mantels, my house, My Life, Summer Decorating

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Summer Decorating {a.k.a. I'm Easily Distracted by Pretty File Boxes and Shiny Things}

Sometimes, the most unexpected things will inspire my desire to decorate. This time, it was my yellow file box. I’ll explain that in a moment.

I don’t know about where you live, but summer doesn’t really feel like it starts around here until say, end of July maybe. So it seems a little premature to be expecting summer on the last day of May. However, there is always hope and we do get some precious sunshine now and then even in June.

Summer Decorating {a.k.a. I'm Easily Distracted by Pretty File Boxes and Shiny Things}

So, to keep optimistic and ready for summer, over the weekend I did a little summer puttering aka decorating! These decorating blocks are my new favorite “toy” … you can find them at DaySpring!

It wasn’t super sunny when I was doing my summer puttering, of course, so I kind of had to use my imagination that summer was in fact coming. Thus, now we have to accept the less than sunny photos.

Summer Decorating {a.k.a. I'm Easily Distracted by Pretty File Boxes and Shiny Things}

I have been loving my super cute Target file box so much that it sparked an idea for summer pillows.

I’ve been obsessing over yellow for about a year now, so when I set my file box on my sofa to see what bills were overdue due to be paid I suddenly had an epiphany. I need yellow pillows. And I would like one like the pattern of my filebox, please.

And just like that, I left my unpaid bills in the box and took off in the car to fulfill my desire for yellow pillows. Good thing I had a gift card burning a hole in my wallet.

Unfortunately, I just didn’t see any pillows like my file box.

I did find a pillow with yellow flowers on it (from Cost Plus) that coordinated well WITH my file box!

So, as long as no one tries to rest their head on my file box, I think things are coming together! Just kidding. I won’t leave my file box there. Although I might because I still have bills to pay. But I do think I need to order some fabric that looks like my file box and sew a pillow to go with my new flowered one!

I love the geometric with the floral, and of course I love how it picks up all the yellow around the room in my map prints and yellow lantern. It also has a bit of a satin sheen to it so it is a nice new texture in the room.

Summer Decorating {a.k.a. I'm Easily Distracted by Pretty File Boxes and Shiny Things}

That purchase set off a little flurry of summerizing around the room. I brought in a lot of my pretty sea glass colored bottles and jars to create an informal summer mantel-scape. I still love the colors on the books I used for my spring mantel so I just re-arranged them and kept them out to contrast a bit with the glass and to inspire summer reading!

Summer Decorating {a.k.a. I'm Easily Distracted by Pretty File Boxes and Shiny Things}


So, that is the true tale of how a file box I bought to inspire me to to organize paperwork was so pretty it distracted me from bill paying and caused me to go shopping and redecorate instead.

Story of my life.

What’s new with you? Inspired by anything fun lately?



  1. kim

    I love yellow, too, and yesterday I joined a Mellow Yellow blog hop, were you there ? :) If not, I’m sure it’s not too late to link up!

  2. kelly

    You crack me up! But truthfully, you know inspiration can come from anywhere as long as we have open eyes. Love that yellow print too! Did you check tablecloths and shower curtains for your pillow fabric? Fabric is fabric. Sorry y’all are not having a slice of summer yet. It is in full swing her in the baking heat of Georgia.
    Good luck pillow hunting!

  3. Jess

    Lol – summer is here for sure!! I love those pillows though – that ought to get you in the summer mood quick! :)

  4. susan

    I was hunting for either budget leather HA or budget faux leather&sturdy ultrasuede to get a realistic # in my head (i was close darnit) BUT has grrreat brand&budget fabrics in nifty colors&patterns, and u can always check w Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy re any destash-she has gr8 fabric & supplier! AND it’s her bday today :) I have fallen in lu-u-ub w interiormall. HappyDay :)

  5. susan

    PS-want *gorge* finished pillows? A fellow lupey has an amazing shop on Etsy “Gosh That’s Posh”-tell Stacy I sent u. :)

  6. Monique

    I’m in Ohio and it’s roasting – 90 degrees today. The mantel with the variety of blue bottles as well as the blue lamp are beautiful.

  7. Savannah

    I live in the deep South and it’s been summer here for over a month–I’m already looking forward to fall! The high is nearly 100 all this week. Beautiful decorating–I am loving yellow right now, too. :)

  8. Karen

    Hi Melissa,

    I laughed when you said your yellow and white bill box inspired this flurry…I have done that so many times! Compulsive? Naw, just easily inspired! :-)

    Love the sea glass colored bottles and books.


  9. Conspicuous Style Interior Design Blog

    Too funny! I’m having a similar dilemma now too. I wanted to paint the back of my bookcases, and fell in love with a color that DOES NOT look good with my furniture and wall paint. So now I’m rethinking the whole room. Husband NOT pleased!

    • Melissa

      Haaa…sounds familiar.

  10. Vee

    Melissa, you simply haven’t taken this far enough…you need a pillow with the file box’s pattern AND shape. Now, look at that…you’ve saved yourself some money and you have a new place to store the file box. (Don’t believe a word I’ve said as your idea to find some geometric pattern similar to the box is wonderful and proves that inspiration comes in many ways.)

  11. KimH

    I love your story and isnt that how creativity flows? Without rhyme or reason, it takes off and wisks you to wherever it moves you. Great fun!

    Im in love with yellow this year too.. bright yellow, your sea foam green, and dark gray are my color choices for my upstairs craft room and the bright yellow for my exercise room next to it.. Now.. just to get it finished. ;)

    • Melissa

      Thanks for the links Anna, going to check out the options!!

  12. Diane

    You make me smile! Thanks Melissa! Yesterday I came across your 5 year-old kindred spirit at the Memorial Day Parade. I asked what her favorite color was and she said…YELLOW!!!

    Yay for yellow! I love how even your banner has a sweet yellow Goldfinch splashing sunshine on your blog. And…I hope you find a fabric like that file box… it!!! Keep the yellow coming.

    BTW…years ago I read one of Alexandra Stoddard’s books…wherein she said that a room needed a dash of yellow. I don’t always follow that….but it sure is sunshine on a cloudy day. And this year…we’ve had a ton of cloudy days. (When the sun does shine…we all turn into giddy outdoor freaks…and yesterday was perfect…we spent the entire day outside….and loved every.single.moment!!)

    Someday I will get one of my sofas slipcovered and have fun playing with pillows. It’s always been my dream. And I’m believing…dreams do come true. In the meantime…I’m gonna get my blue jars and shells out…and maybe even take a little trip to the beach for some drift wood. Yay for summer! Glad you’re making your own little bit of summer regardless of the weather!

  13. Serah

    Love it! Where did you find your turquoise lamp? I’ve been looking for something similar. Thanks!

    • Melissa

      HomeGoods….I can’t remember if it was last year or the year before…but they always have amazing lamps!!

      • Serah


        • Marilyn Holeman

          Hi Serah! My daughter’s name is spelled the same as yours. I’ve only seen one other live person with it spelled that way–and of course the Serah mentioned in the Bible. Have a great day!

  14. Claudia

    I LOVE that turquoise lamp! I’m into turquoise, last year was yellow, I swear I’m afraid of what 2012’s color will be!

  15. Stephanie

    Here’s my deal, I am totally in love with decorating with the ever changing seasons!! My problem, well my furniture in my living room is dark! I love my couches, they have that warm feeling with an upscale look. But they are mostly brown with reds and some green. While I can’t just go out and purchase new furniture for decorating purposes what would you suggest? The pillows on the back are throw pillows that would keep me from using a cover. Should I just go buy a white couch set? Keep in mind I have 3 boys! Haha! Thanks!

    • Melissa

      If you love your furniture but just wish you could lighten up for summer, you could have a local seamstress make you a custom slipcover for your sofa for summer.

      But I would first try some more summery pillows that coordinate but bring in more summery greens perhaps and see what you think! I would guess it would make a world of difference just mixing in maybe some whites too and lighter colors!

      PS. I have a post about my thoughts on white slipcovers, I have one boy and mine look fairly yucky right now ;-) but they are washable if one wants to take the time to remove them and wash them every week. I actually have been kind of craving a brown velvet couch … ;-)

  16. Amanda Eck-TheEckLife

    oh Melissa! beautiful as always! and I too heart yellow!!! it makes me smile everytime I walk into my little craft room with my yellow curtains.
    and LOVE your blue lamp- HomeGoods I presume? :-)

    • Melissa

      Thanks Amanda!!! :-) OH Yes, lamp is from HomeGoods!!

  17. Jennifer

    I can relate to your fascination with yellow & little decorative items that spark a flame:) I love the turquoise & sea glass bottles around as well. Nice, affordable to welcome summer into your home! Well done:))

  18. Kristin

    I’ve had an infatuation with yellow as well, but I just haven’t been able to figure out how to introduce it in my home yet…I love the yellow and aqua combination too!!

  19. Melissa

    It’s so great to find inspirational in small objects. I recently designed a powder room around a raku vase that was only 6″ tall. I really enjoy reading your blog!

  20. teresa

    Love the blue jars on the mantel…now I will have to re-think my mantel =) Thanks
    I think the best kind of inspiration comes from everyday things….
    Have a wonderful day

  21. Teri

    I went to Target and had to buy the file holder!!! Then they had the cute file folders to go inside along with a few other great colors and patterns!!! See what you started!!! I do love it too, I put it where I walk past it everyday to cheer myself up! Thank you for your inspirations!

  22. Estela

    I’m loving yellow right now too! It just screams sunshine! Love your yellow filing box & pillow… they are perfect for summer :)


    You could try scanning the file box pattern, print it and then cut it out to make a stencil sheet. Then you can apply the stencil pattern with yellow paint into any white fabric for your cushion covers.

  24. Flower Patch Farmgirl

    This cracked my business up.

    It seems like Yellow Fever is really going around again…

  25. Bettsi

    I’ve been in a yellow frame of mind too! This weekend I went out to Joann and Hancocks looking for a yellow chevron pattern to make pillows from. No chevrons at all! Isn’t that supposed to be one of decorating’s hottest trends right now? I love the pillow you ended up with – very pretty!

  26. Glenda Childers

    I have six antique canning jars in that beautiful blue. Your post has me thinking of ways to use them for summer.


  27. Ashley

    LOL! I LOVE how our minds wander! Can’t say that I wouldn’t rather shop than pay bills, but that box sure is cute AND inspiring! PS- I’m hooked on yellow too! I have a whole room that is yellow!

  28. Pinky

    Here in Pa. we are having a HEAT WAVE of 90 degree temps!!! Summer IS here way too soon! Today was 96 for cryin out loud:):) LOVE your new pillow! And the mantle. Have a great week. XO, Pinky

  29. Lauren

    pretty blue glass jars. so springy. so calming.

  30. Taunnie

    My day went pretty much the same way. I meant to give the house a good cleaning after the kids were home and bored over the long weekend (we had snow yesterday morning) but instead I spent the day switching out winter for summer accessories and trying to put together a summer mantel. If you have trouble finding the perfect fabric for your pillow you can paint some fabric. I did that last week. I could not find fabric like I had in mind, so I used some fabric, fabric paint and a stencil I had on hand to make exactly what I wanted. True it took a little time but it was worth it.

  31. Virginia

    My boss calls it A.D.O.P. Attention Deficit…Oh Pretty! I’m thinking most creatives are affected with it.

  32. gitz

    some of my family came and did a makeover on my room this weekend… i don’t know what to call the room as my bed is now in the living room so i have more space, which made being bed bound so much more tolerable. anyway, it did what your file box did for you… it changed the whole mood and made moving my blocks and other fun dayspring things around seem like they were new again!

    looks like we’re both ready for summer :)

  33. Sarah

    I love the turquoise glass and vases! Lately (having painted my floors white and been busy with a tin of Farrow & Ball Cooking Apple Green) I’ve been concentrating on simply keeping the place presentable – a challenge with a small house and inlaws visiting from the US!

  34. Karon

    Yellow is such a fun summer color! I love mixing yellow and turquoise…they can really change the look and feel of your room for the season.
    Your file box actually reminds me of a yellow geometric pillow that I sell on my website! I hope you don’t mind that I post the link…here it is:

    Good luck on your hunt!

  35. Liz

    I found the exact same box at Target and it also started me on a decorating spree. I have ladder selves that now are holding that box and the similiar one in chocolate brown. Also added some frames with a green printed fabric inside. Isn’t it crazy were you can find inpiration?


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