31 Days of Change

31 Days of Change

I’m interrupting your summer to bring you this public service announcement:

I am a lover of Fall.

But you probably already knew that if you’ve been around here much.

Actually, I’m a lover of all seasons. But I’m especially fond of Fall.

For three years now, I’ve been sharing my love of Fall with y’all in various ways. From my annual Fall Nesting Parties (let’s schedule our fourth annual for September 12th — I won’t rush us this year) to my fall themed series, drive bys, and posts, I cannot get enough of my favorite season.

31 Days of Change

So some of you might remember last October when my pal Nester graciously gathered up a group of our girlfriends and we all did a series called 31 Days. Remember those buttons, above? The idea behind it was that we could inspire readers for 31 days towards some sort of goal. Here were the topics from last year:

31 Days to a Less Messy Nest from Nester at Nesting Place
31 Days to Stress-Free Entertaining
from Sandy at The Reluctant Entertainer
31 Days to a Better Photo from Darcy at Life With My 3 Boybarians
31 Days to More with Less from Jen at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam
31 Days of Autumn Bliss from Melissa at The Inspired Room
31 Days of Living Simply from Emily at Remodeling This Life
31 Days of Grace from Emily at Chatting at the Sky
31 Days to an Inspired Table from Kendra at My First Kitchen {this year we added Jessica from The Mom Creative}

Because the series took place in October, in the height of my favorite season, my series last year was called 31 Days of Autumn Bliss! My goal in that series was to inspire you (and me) to nurture an atmosphere of contentment at home during the Fall season.

For that series, I wrote posts on everything from preparing your Fall Entryway to Organizing your Kitchen to posts about Autumn Rooms and even a few fun Autumn Drive Bys through Seattle. It was a fun month of Autumn inspiration!

If you want to get a jump on fall, you can read my entire Autumn Bliss series right here, 31 Days of Autumn Bliss!

31 Days of Change

This year we are teaming up again for 31 Days of Change. YAY! Unlike last year, I have actually thought ahead a little bit on this series. Woo. Hoo. Imagine that. I not only know the series title but I have thought through each week and the topics I want to focus on. GO ME!

Four years of blogging and I’m finally thinking IN ADVANCE! Well, that only happens once in awhile. Usually, though, I still don’t know what I’m doing. I’m normally train wreck blogger without a plan, but I’ve made peace with my methods.

31 Days: Inspired Holidays

Anyway, this year I want to dive in a little more to the idea of embracing Fall at home as we find simple inspiration for the Holiday Season. I’m pumped about this series! Sometimes in the busyness of life I lose touch with my love for the holidays and I need to be inspired to rekindle that affection in manageable ways! I need to blog to inspire myself, but I’m glad you hang out with me too!

For 31 Days I’ll share simple ideas, inspiring tips and daily motivation to fully embrace the holiday season. We won’t just talk about wreaths and mantels, we’ll talk about a wide variety of inspiring and creative topics to prepare us for the season!

I know it is hot outside right now for most of you and the holidays are probably far from your thoughts, but I’ll be ready October 1 to make sure we make the most of the season! I’ve got ideas already brewing and it should be a great transition to the holidays.

Right there with me in October will be other fabulous ladies sharing on their own inspiring topics for 31 days in a row!

You’ll be able to follow along with their series AND, new this year, we’ll be HOSTING 31 DAY SERIES LINKIES so you can join in with your own 31 Day series if you’d like! Whatever topic suits YOU!

Will you join us? And the bigger question, will Seattle finally get our summer in October and will the rest of the country cool down by then? Gah, I HOPE SO! For all our sakes.

It is going to be a blast. So mark your calendars for October! See you then?


  1. I am so excited for this series, I loved it last year and I am sure I will love it again. Should I try it. My blog is still so small…maybe I will come up with something not taken.

    • You can write about whatever topic you love, we all would come from unique perpectives so similar topics would be as fresh and different as bloggers!

  2. Yay! I loved all of these series last year, so glad you all are doing them again :)

  3. Yippee!!! Can’t wait for the series!!!!!

  4. I love this Melissa! And I so don’t think you’re a train wreck blogger. ;D Now I’m going to think about the possibility of doing a 31 Days series…do you know how much that scares me? Ack!

  5. Hi Melissa – Funny, I was thinking about you and the autumn nesting from last year, wondering when you would be starting it again as the stores are starting to fill up with fall items. The 31 Days series looks awesome – can’t wait.

  6. Super! Loved this series last year. Anyone interested in 31 days to cooking from scratch? I’m thinking about linking that up :)

  7. Oh my goodness, I’m so excited about the new series! I thoroughly enjoyed everyone’s thoughts and insights last year, and I’m sure I’ll feel the same again this year.

  8. If you’re a “train wreck” blogger than I must be the blog tied to the tracks! Looking forward to this wonderful series. Wil you be sharing the topic list before hand so we can prepare for the linky parties?

    Your Friend,

  9. sounds fun….looking forward to it and the fall season.

  10. I can’t wait! I’m so ready for fall! Living in central Florida it is way too hot down here and some cooler weather sounds good!


  11. It’s hard to remember cooler weather when it is 110 degrees! But I will look longingly ahead to your series AND some cool breezes!

  12. I always look forward to this Melissa! But even more so this year since I might actually have some free time to participate:) Yay! I am going to spend some time (during nap time) to swim through last years delight.

  13. Bethany [wifey] says

    I love fall, too! So glad we are coming clean on this topic, amidst the summer heat and humidity!

  14. That’s great news! I loved the 31 days series you all pulled together last year…
    can’t wait to check what you’re brewing…

  15. Last year’s was inspirational, and I have no doubt that this year’s will be no different!

  16. I’m looking forward to October! Hmmm, 31 days of …. I’m thinking. I’ll come up with something.

  17. Fall is my Divine Time! I look forward to your holiday series for sure. Mmmm…maybe I’ll consider a series of my own!?! I’m praying about moving into a more committed blog role and sense God’s prompting in that direction. I’ll pray it out a bit and try to discern what would be a topic that fits.

    I’m a huge fan and cheerleader of yours, can’t wait to keep reading!

  18. I can’t wait! I love fall!!!

  19. Autumn is hands down my favorite season! I’m excited for your series and might have to do a little something of my own. Utah (where we live thanks to Uncle Sam) is beautiful in the fall. I hope your daughter is doing much better!
    Have a beautiful day ~

    • Thank you! She is doing better, thanks for asking. The pain meds were making her really sick so once we stopped those and went to Tylenol, she was so much better!

  20. Hi Melissa –

    Fall is my favorite time of year, too – I am so excited for it to arrive – it can’t come soon enough in my book. Looking forward to your series.

    Hope your daughter is feeling better.

    My best- Diane

  21. I have some ideas in mind… What a great idea! I can’t wait to participate!

  22. Your series sounds great!!!! I love Fall too. This year, for some reason, I just want a few more lightning-bug-perfect nights…

  23. Fall is my favorite season, too, but Christmas is my favorite holiday! I’m so looking forward to this series! : )

  24. So, so looking forward to this. I always love your ideas, but I may be hosting Christmas this year for a LARGE group and can really use all the advice you can offer.


  25. Im marking the calendar on my phone…to alarm me on the date…don’t want to miss it…
    Happy Day….you always make my day happy =)

  26. I absolutely love Fall. I remember reading through your Autumn series last year and I will admit, throughout the Summer, especially on the hottest of days, I’ll sneak over and and take a peak back through your Autumn Bliss series and slowly count down the days until Fall, once again, arrives.

    Looking forward to the new series! :)

  27. I love these series! It is still triple digit heat in the Phoenix area and I’m getting tired of it. I worked in a summer camp this year in the heat but loved the kids.

    I will stay tuned for your Autumn series. Btw, I pinned a few of your photos on Pinterest.

    blessings and love,

  28. Yeah, I am ready for it to be October. Last year I was so looking forward to the series . . . and we ended up moving from Seattle to Chicago right in the middle of it and I missed it. Never found the time to catch up.

    Just today I was looking through a series of talks I have done for young moms at MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) on Christmas. I am thinking “31 days to a meaningful Christmas.”

    I’ll have to see where my creative juices flow.


  29. I am so excited about 31 days! I am in for sure for this one. I need to put my thinking cap on and maybe write up a list of things that come to mind, some photos…o.k…lots of photos, and maybe start writing some posts in advance. What??? I don’t think that should be to hard with football, band, and cross country starting for all my kids…lol…who am I kidding…maybe I should just try and think about it! Still…I can’t wait!

  30. Everyone is raving about the 31 day series–so it must be awesome. Can’t wait to start reading it. It sounds like a lot of fun.

    On a side note–I love fall and spring. Those are the two most beautiful and colorful seasons of the year (at least in California). We are deprived in Los Angeles of four seasons, so we deal with what we’ve got.

  31. You are going to make me enjoy fall again this year aren’t you?? wink wink

    It’s not my favorite time of year but you certainly make it more bearable. My hubby thanks you!

    I’m looking forward to what you come up with girl!

  32. Right up my alley as I LOVE all things FALL!! I’ve already started scoping out some fall decor in the stores.

  33. Hey Melissa, first of all so grateful your daughter is ok. Our worlds come crashing to a hault when our younger ones have scarey moments. Second of all, I just love this and love the fall drive bys you have had…all the glorious ideas, just makes it plain ole’ fun to blog!!! I get so many ideas, I still have a list a mile long, I just need to live longer to get it all done!

  34. Melissa, this is one of the many things I love about blog land and all the like-minded creative people that participate in these types of series. This sounds like a perfect time of year to do this. Looking forward to lots of inspiration!! Kathysue

  35. The October series was so wonderful last year,and I think we’re all looking forward to this year as well. Your topic sounds just wonderful! And what a great idea to have the linky parties so that others can join the 31-day fun.

    I know what I’d like to TALK about for 31 days. Now, could I be disciplined enough to actually WRITE about it every day for 31 days?? I dunno. I guess we’ll see! :)

  36. Hi Melissa,

    I just stumbled upon your blog and I am for sure a new follower. I happen to love the fall although living in Miami you never get to really enjoy the fall like in other states bummer. But still I love fall and October is one of my favortie months and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. This series sounds awesome and I would love to join in if time permits. I would have to start writing my blog post now and coming up with ideas. I am thinking about maybe a 31 days of crafts or baking or a combo of both. I wouldn’t know what to name the series but I am sure I can up with something clever. And if I can’t join I will def be back to check out the rest of the gals.

    Happy new follower

  37. So tickled to read this&the comments today! 1) Thrilled your daughter is better! Been wondering&praying&didnt want to intrude,so your replies make me happy:) 2) I fell head-over-heels when I somehow fell into the 31-day series last yr! Love all you wonderful blogger-chicklets&glad you are at it again. Downright tickled! And believe me, I needed some cheering up today. Been talking to God all day&is only way have coped of late. If I can gator-rassle wordpress by then…hmmm. Advocacy? So-needed, many resources, more would be better. Awfully serious tho…and that gator thing. Hugs&best wishes & you, m’dear are NOT a trainwreck! :D

  38. Hi Melissa, I missed your last 31 days but I am definitely looking forward to this one, although it will be spring in Oz and not “fall”/autumn (as it is known over here)! We had a very hot summer ourselves and as a ‘winter person’ I can sympathise with those of you looking forward to cooler weather:)

  39. There is a “possibility” on the horizon. Interview in 2 weeks. If it’s a go…I just may be in the position to start my blog. And my, oh, my, isn’t the topic perfect for a new beginning?! That would be just like God. (And I would have come full circle from making your acquaintance along with the whole blog world last fall.)

  40. Melissa,
    That is a passion we share! LOL, the other day I was thinking of your series and wondering when it would be reasonable to bring up the whole, “can’t wait for fall” in my own blog. I can’t wait to see your series as I always get some great ideas for my own home.

  41. Melissa,
    This is exactly what I have been hoping would come along. I’ve had my thinking cap on since I saw the original blog post and I would love to link in. Since I’m new to blogging, I’m not quite sure how to do it. Can you clue me in?

    • Sure! Plan a 31 day series on any topic that suits you. Then on October 1st there will be a linky option on my blog where you can link up your series. I”ll have more instructions for how to link up to a linky party as it gets closer. For now, just think about your topic and post ideas!!! So glad you are going to join!

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