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Inspired Holidays {Day 15}:: Hot Spiced Cranberry Cider

by | Oct 15, 2011 | 31 Days: Inspired Holidays, Decorating Inspiration, Recipes, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining | 26 comments

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Here is the recipe I promised a couple of days ago! And people, it is so GOOD! The perfect Fall-ish, holiday-ish festive hot beverage. I make this all the time for fall and winter parties and get-togethers.

It is a real a hit because: it

Smells amazing.

Tastes delicious.

Warms you up.

Here is what you need to make hot spiced cranberry cider:

8 cups of cranberry juice (not cocktail, just cranberry juice)
8 cups of good apple cider (get it fresh from the farm if you can)
2-4 T brown sugar
4 cinnamon sticks
Allspice (I just put a pinch in)
8 whole cloves
Chunks of orange

In a large pot, combine the cranberry juice and apple cider. Stir in brown sugar. Add cinnamon sticks, allspice, cloves and orange. Heat until it almost boils and then reduce it to simmer. You can taste it and if it needs a little more sugar or whatever you can add to it.

Strain out your cloves and cinnamon sticks before you serve.

Now … for the best part.

Grab a pretty mug.

Inhale deeply.

Pour yourself a cup of cider.

Sit in a comfy chair next to a stack of new books.

Sip the taste of the season.



This post is day 15 of my 31 Days series!

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  1. Theme Builder Layout

    I have friends coming over next weekend and plan to make this! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Theme Builder Layout

    Thank you for sharing your recipe – it sounds delicious! I can’t wait to try it!

  3. Theme Builder Layout

    Yum! This sounds so good…I can almost smell it simmering! :)

  4. Theme Builder Layout

    Definetly on the menu for our next family gathering. Sounds delicious!

  5. Theme Builder Layout

    Oh, yum. Sounds so delicious. And our mornings/evenings are getting chillier and chillier. I just might have to make a pot this week!

  6. Theme Builder Layout

    Sounds delightful, and I kmow m’honey will love it!! Its on the agenda this afternoon with his apple pie for Sweetest Day.

  7. Theme Builder Layout

    I love the smell of cinnamon so I know this would be delicious.

  8. Theme Builder Layout

    Okay well, that sounds delicious. And onto my fall pinboard it goes. :o)

  9. Theme Builder Layout

    Sounds heavely! Thank you for the recipe.

  10. Theme Builder Layout

    Sounds wonderful.
    We;ll be trying it coon.

  11. Theme Builder Layout

    Sounds wonderful.
    We’ll be trying it coon.

  12. Theme Builder Layout

    Darn it – Such horrible typos.
    I shouldn’t try commenting while on the phone while the stove timer is also going off. LOL

    What I was TRYING to post was…

    Sounds wonderful.
    We’ll be trying it soon.

    • Theme Builder Layout

      You said you wanted to share it with a raccoon?!

  13. Theme Builder Layout

    YUMMMM….we’re having bible study here tonight and I think I’ll make some of this for my small group….can’t wait!

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    You are an amazingly gracious hostess!
    Not only do you host in your home and church, but on your blog as well.:)

    This recipe makes us feel like we are sitting in your living room sipping cider and chatting design ‘finds’ as we pour over inspirational books.

    Thank you for sharing your delish recipe. But most of all your heart with us all. You are a treasure and we appreciate you. Praying a blessed, great weekend for you and the fam!

    • Theme Builder Layout

      Thank you Marla, that was a sweet comment — I APPRECIATE your comment so much!!

  15. Theme Builder Layout

    Sounds awesome!! Another way I have done it is to throw whole cranberries in and simmer it…a little less cranberry flavor than using the juice, but looks so beautiful with everything else floating in the golden liquid!! Ooooh, can’t wait! :)

    • Theme Builder Layout

      Great idea! Hadn’t thought of that!

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    You could add the cranberries to the recipe above and have both flavor and the floating cranberries.

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      Love that idea!

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    This recipe is just what the doctor ordered. I have a cold and this sounds heavenly. Thank you! I think this will be a favorite for fall/winter months.

  18. Theme Builder Layout

    I want some right now…Sounds so Yummy!! Thank you for sharing!

  19. Theme Builder Layout

    Hey Melissa, thanks I can’t wait to make this. I love stuff simmering away in the crock pot! Yay…
    thank you.


  20. Theme Builder Layout

    Tried it last night.
    Wonderful flavor.

    (Though I learned not to be lazy when adding more brown sugar. A giant blob fell in the pot. No biggie, I added more juice – all the more to share!)


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