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Inspired Holidays {Day 14}:: Christmas Decorating Power of Three

by | Oct 14, 2011 | 31 Days: Inspired Holidays, Christmas, Christmas Decorating, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

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Inspired Holidays {Day 14}:: Christmas Decorating Power of ThreeSouthern Living

I was looking at Christmas ideas and kept seeing THREES!

One is nice.
Two is pretty.
But three makes a real statement.

Inspired Holidays {Day 14}:: Christmas Decorating Power of ThreeBHG

How cute is this adorable stack of cake plates? It completely reminds me of THIS, below, from my house a few years ago! Ha!

Inspired Holidays {Day 14}:: Christmas Decorating Power of Three

At my house, we like to outdo everyone with the power of three, times two :-)

Inspired Holidays {Day 14}:: Christmas Decorating Power of ThreePottery Barn

Inspired Holidays {Day 14}:: Christmas Decorating Power of ThreeBHG

Inspired Holidays {Day 14}:: Christmas Decorating Power of ThreeBHG

This makes me want a polka dot tablecloth for Christmas. So fresh and pretty!

Inspired Holidays {Day 14}:: Christmas Decorating Power of ThreeBHG

How could you use the power of three in holiday decorating?

Inspired Holidays {Day 14}:: Christmas Decorating Power of Three
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  1. kelly in georgia

    The polka dots and the pompoms are precious!! (Try saying that 3 times fast! lol)

  2. Michelle Starling

    So many pretty ideas. I can’t wait for the holidays.

  3. carrie

    That polka dot table cloth just makes me happy!! I want one!!

  4. lisa

    oh my. so many great ideas. i just finished my fall porch…now onto christmas!

  5. Dana

    I usually fill a 3 tier candy dish with mini ornaments. And, this year I’m looking forward to displaying a 3 candle nativity set from DaySpring.

    I’m gong to have to see where else I can incorporate the power of 3.

  6. Imperfect

    I use a three-tier plate rack to hold place settings of my Spode Christmas dishes. I also tend to group three candle sticks on various surfaces. I use any odd number a lot in decorating. It seems to help the eye focus more – although that’s probably a widely known designers’ trick that has a fancy name!

  7. Stacey

    On my kitchen table, I have a red serving platter and 3 tiny pumpkins lined up. I love it. Simple. Simple. 2 would be not enough, and 4 too many. 3 is perfect!

    I’ll be looking for more ideas like this for Christmas!

  8. Jessica

    You are so right about the threes. I find myself buying three of things sometimes because I know it will group well together.

    Except three Christmas tress of course. Unless they are mini :-)

  9. Mimi

    There’s tons of impact in threes. I love the wreaths. What a wonderful idea. I bought 3 ivory bottle brush Christmas trees last year. I will surely use them again this year. I’m inspired to look for even more triplets.

  10. Karen


    I loved all of these images…so fresh. Great ideas for the holidays (which will be here in a flash).

    Happy Friday.

  11. Lorrie

    Such beautiful ideas. Green and white is my favorite Christmas color combination – with a little silver and gold. So fresh and pretty.

  12. Sharon

    I love the polka dot table cloth, too. Great pictures.

  13. teresa

    I love the power of three…great inspiration~

  14. Maya

    I love the power of 3 too. Seems to be a natural. Uneven numbers in general.

  15. Sarah

    I think we are getting a new cookie tray (I don’t know the real name, but like plates stack on top of the other with space in between) and I think it has three so that will work. My mom always said that decorating with odd numbers looks better than even ones.

  16. Sue M.

    Love these looks and especially the whole color theme of various greens with brown.

  17. Susanne

    Good Morning…so much for the old adage “three is a crowd”. Has changed my “even” thinking. Happy Saturday everyone!

  18. Glenda Childers

    Wow . . . three is very cool. I am off to explore my own stuff, to find some threes.


  19. Paula York

    I love the green polka dot table covering. Any idea where I can get one, or get fabric to make one?


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