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Inspired Holidays {Day 6}:: Your Holiday Decorating Style! In the groove? Or in a rut?

by | Oct 5, 2011 | 31 Days: Inspired Holidays, Decorating Inspiration, Fall Decorating, Halloween, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

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Inspired Holidays {Day 6}:: Your Holiday Decorating Style! In the groove? Or in a rut?

I found both of these pumpkin decorating inspiration photos at Martha Stewart and I loved them both. But oh how different they are from each other, and from the normal carved jack-o-lanterns.  And that is why I was drawn to them. They are fresh and unique. They have personality.

Uniqueness is what makes us who we are and sets our style apart.

What sets you apart in your holiday style?

I think it is fun to find a unique look or style or way of entertaining that is almost like a signature look. I think once you find that groove, decorating starts to feel more fun and less stressful. Less forced, more creative and natural.

I have a few things I do that I know are my own little quirky ways of decorating or entertaining.  They are just ME. I keep evolving with the times and with what I like,  but there are certainly some things I do that just seem to work for me and I don’t feel a need to reinvent the wheel!

Once I feel comfortable with my style or way of doing things, I feel like I can focus on other things that are important to me. But it is fun now and then to reinvent what you do and try something new.

How about you?

Are you happy with your holiday (fall holidays or Christmas!) decorating groove?

Or do you feel like you are in a holiday decorating rut and you are ready to break out of it?


Inspired Holidays {Day 6}:: Your Holiday Decorating Style! In the groove? Or in a rut?

Inspired Holidays {Day 6}:: Your Holiday Decorating Style! In the groove? Or in a rut?

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  1. Diane

    I am always on the look out for fresh ideas. But, there are somethings that I will always do regardless. Like adding realistic faux leaves scattered around the table or a vignette. They make me happy!

  2. Karena

    I have loved seeing everyone’s ideas!! So many beautiful styles from whimsical to elegant.

    I hope you come visit & tell me what you think of my fall decor… far!


    Art by Karena

  3. Debra

    Each year for Christmas I have a ‘theme’. Last year was candy canes, this year is pink and green. My tree stays pretty much the same from year to year but the rest of the decor changes. I also match my wrapping paper to the theme each year (crazy, I know). I think that keeps me out of a rut. For Halloween and Thanksgiving I pretty much do the same thing each year – maybe add a couple of things but it’s on such a small scale I don’t feel like I get in a rut there.

  4. Sarah

    Melissa, you are definitely in your groove. Your holiday decor is gorgeous. I feel like I finally found my Holiday style and you are right, it really is easier now. I will be sharing my Christmas decor tomorrow as part of my 31 day series, Building Character.


  5. Anna

    Thanks for these fresh ideas, I still can’t believe that someone has such a great imagination. I think, this year I’ll try to be more creative.

  6. Kathryn

    I love the Martha Stewart pictures. At first I thought the pumpkins were wrapped with strings of lights. What a great decorating idea. Now I feel like carving pumpkins this year.

    Are the stacked gourds glued together? The Minnesota wind would blow those over in a heartbeat!

  7. Sarah

    Hey Melissa, not sure if this will work or not but, I’ll give it a try. Here is a sneak peek into my Holiday Decor post tomorrow. I will for sure be mentioning this post…

    Here’s the link to my Holiday Home Video:


  8. Dana

    Those gourd snowmen are seriously cute!

    I’m not in a rut yet, I’ve only been decorating for a few years. And, I have sort of a “decorating library” that I choose from. A couple of closet shelves that have different things – so I mix them up and put them in different places.

    And, there’s nothing like Pinterest to shake things up – if I’m feeling stuck!

  9. Franki Parde

    MS is “spot on” again…LUV those Jacks!!! franki

  10. carmen

    I have felt in a rut for awhile but money is tight and I felt stuck for a long time because of that. But with all the encouragemnt in decorating right now to “use what you have,” I began to think outside the box.

    So when you were doing your fall inspeiration link up, I decided to do just that. I did my mantle using mostly things I had and some things from the dollar store-love my fall mantle-though i never linked up.

    Have to teach hubby to think outside the box though- I made some book page pumpkins and he asked if i was ever going to finish them!

    • Melissa

      Good for you!!!! I’m happy you are working with what you have to create a home :-). Have fun!

  11. StephanieB

    I haven’t done much decorating but get some gourds for the front entry outside. HOWEVER, I am very excited because I am in charge of decorations for our holiday party at work! It is at this great log cabin lodge, so I am going to go for really natural decorations and bring the outdoors in! I am stoked! Thanks for the ideas

  12. Lisa

    My rut lately has been not having the energy to change my decor for the season, but I’m recovering :) I don’t usually spend much money (if any). The challenge of rearranging what I have and imagining new ways of using it gives me new appreciation for my blessings. It also helps me re-examine whether I still really love accessories, etc. or whether it’s time to donate so someone else can enjoy them.

  13. Holly

    This year was actually the first year that I decorated my house for fall! I was so excited that I made my husband sit in his office while I decorated so that I could bring him out and surprise him!

    I really like the lights on the pumpkins. It seems much less messy than carving a pumpkin and has more character, since it’s so unique!

  14. RosieK

    Look out pumpkins–I’ve got a drill and I know how to use it! I am drawn to the upper photo, especially the Classic Jack O’Lantern formed by drilled “dots.” I may not get to the 3 pumpkins I want to make, but I can make one smiling one for Halloween week.
    As for a rut, this year did feel a little stale. In fall, I usually hang fall-oriented ornaments from a silver ornament display (that later hosts christmas items), but this year I simply grouped them on a wooden tray. I love the change.

  15. Sage

    I have a love-hate relationship with Martha Stewart. Sometimes her ideas are just too time consuming! I focus on lights most years–colored lights, candles, luminaries, etc. I feel that changing the lighting can change the whole mood of a room. I also love decorating with real pumpkins and gourds.

  16. Pam

    Melissa, I love, love those pumpkin photo ideas! So clever… You always find the best photos!

    Reading your site and others of the 31-dayers, plus writing my own celebration of this season is filling me with the beauty of this season.

  17. Erin

    I love the top photo with the lightup pumpkins – too neat! I would have never thought of that – they remind me of LiteBright’s!!

  18. Andrea

    I find that I’ve been thinking a lot about the upcoming Christmas season lately… and trying to decide whether or not to stick with the gold and burgundy coloured decorations that I started collecting a couple years ago… or change to something new and completely different… like blues and greys.

  19. Angela

    I am so going to do those stacked pumpkin guys……next year

  20. Karen

    Hi Melissa,
    I’m enjoying your series, thank you. I find my taste evolves and changes in part due to creative ideas that inspire me to try something different. Like you, if I hit on something that I really like I’ll use it until it feels like a rut…sometimes that can be years.

  21. Mary

    Hi Melissa,

    What lovely pumpkin pictures!

    Yes, I am definitely in my own decorating groove. (Thank heavens given that I have past the half-century mark in birthdays!) For Christmas, I love having a real tree and expounding upon my colonial decor coupled with a Texas twist…now that I have lived in the Texas Hill Country for almost 15 years.

    We enjoy decorating with old fashioned ornaments – some even belonging to my grandmother who was born in the late 1800s – as well as new ornaments with pictures showing our son growing up. I also enjoy hanging garland on the fireplace mantel using branches from local ever green cedar trees mixed with branches of firethorn.

    Also, out come lots of colorful quilts to use to snuggle by the fireplace on cool nights. I enjoy making our home very welcoming and cozy more so than putting up an abundance of decorations…other than the tree and the mantel scape.

    Outside, putting up our old-fashioned manger along with dried red chillie peppers and luminarias to completes our Southwest look.

    But best of all, having lots of great food and beverages spreadout on our kitchen island is what we enjoy the most especially when enjoyed after participating in La Posada.



  22. Edith

    Thnk you for the picturturs. I really liked the one first one. It’s so cool how it makes Halloween less scary and even pretty.

  23. Tisha

    I am totally running behind this year. I usually pull out all of last year’s decorations early then spend a few weeks changing up based on all the new ideas I get online. Pinterest has been so much fun this year – I have a whole board of pumpkin crushes, and your Martha pictures will be pinned next! Still, I’ve spent alot of time looking and not enough time doing. It’s time to get busy!


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