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How to Declutter Your Home {5 Daily Habits for a Clean House}!

by | Mar 6, 2012 | Domesticity, Organization

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How to Declutter Your Home {5 Daily Habits for a Clean House}!

I don’t know about you, but when my home gets cluttered and out of control, I feel personally out of sorts and out of control. The state of my home really affects my emotional well being and my productivity.

Do you find clutter affects you that way as well?

Because clutter impacts me so much, it is very helpful for me to have daily routines to keep clutter and stress at bay. I’ll admit there are hectic seasons of life where it can be particularly challenging to keep order, but interestingly the busier I am the more important it becomes to stick to daily habits.

So where do we begin to form new habits?

Here is a 30 day habit forming plan I created for myself that takes loads of stress off my shoulders when I need to form new clutter-busting habits at my home! Hopefully it will help you too.


It is as easy as: 

How to Declutter Your Home {5 Daily Habits for a Clean House}!

1. Find four clutter hotspots in your home.

Where does most of your daily clutter land and the frustration begin?

Make a list of four problem areas in your home — the ones that REALLY drive you crazy every day. Think about manageable surfaces or identifiable areas of rooms rather than an entire room. Perhaps areas such as your kitchen or bathroom counters, a dining table, the floor around the front door,  laundry baskets or your nightstand. If you have more than four, don’t worry. You can get to those later. For now, just pick the four most visible or frustrating areas. If you have one room that is a real problem every day, perhaps pick four manageable surfaces, closets or drawers all in that one space.

2. Select one outside hotspot.

Once you identify those daily clutter hotspots inside, think about areas outside of your home that cause you stress, frustrate or embarrass you regularly as well, such as your purse, car or front porch. Choose the worst daily offender. You’ll attack the rest later.

You should now be able to identify your top 5 worst clutter hotspots! Hooray! Now you know where to focus your attention.

Don’t you feel better already knowing you have narrowed down the biggest offenders?

You can do this. I promise.

REMEMBER: Don’t worry right now about how to solve every possible clutter problem all over the house, that can be overwhelming. Stay focused and you’ll succeed!

How to Declutter Your Home {5 Daily Habits for a Clean House}!

3. Create 5 daily new habits corresponding to your 5 clutter hot spots.

Now you can begin your plan of attack for creating 5 new daily habits to overcome clutter and stress in those 5 problematic areas!

Take a look at your five previously stressful hotspots. Looking good, right? Now let’s keep ’em that way.

What simple daily habits and routines will keep those clutter hot spots from piling up again?

Grab a piece of paper and identify one daily routine for each of the five areas.
Here are some examples of habits you might adopt:

How to Declutter Your Home {5 Daily Habits for a Clean House}!

See how easy and fun this is?

Doable, right?

Remember: It takes about 30 days to form a new habit or routine.

You’ve got this!

  • 1, 2, 3 steps to begin, 5 hotspots, 5 habits and 30 days to get in the groove.
  • So many numbers today! 1, 2, 3, 5, 5 and 30.

photos: via my home and a visit to the street of dreams in 2009

How to Declutter Your Home {5 Daily Habits for a Clean House}!

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  1. Cindy kobus

    the kitchen!! oh the kitchen…..

  2. Alesha Ebeling

    The most difficult room for me is my bedroom. I end up letting that go and just closing the door. Thanks for the habits, I will try and apply them in my own life!

  3. Lynn from For Love or Funny

    My office is the most difficult room to keep clutter free; I feel so much better when it is clean and orderly.

  4. Elisabeth

    Ah–the most difficult room to keep clutter free is the kitchen! It seems like everytime someone walks through there something else lands in a spot that is not supposed to be there. (Even my two-year-old does this!!)

  5. Jennifer Gregory

    Inspiring – this is my goal for 2012. I am well on my way but can always use some inspiration! Thanks

  6. Shelley

    My mudroom! I close my eyes whenever I walk through and still break out in a cold sweat and heart palpitations. It needs SERIOUS organization!

  7. Jamie

    My home office is by far the hardest to keep uncluttered! It’s a multi-purpose room that has to handle a lot, and things tend to accumulate there constantly.

  8. gail

    My husband’s office of course! He is a paper collector from way back…

  9. Kelly B.

    We never use our dining room so it is our catch all for everything we don’t want to put away. The table is always cluttered with junk mail, hats and mittens, various tools, school papers, bags of things that need be returned. Ugh it’s a major source of anxiety for me since I am the default cleaner of the room. :-/

  10. Jojo

    I would be happy to clear two clutter spots-the kitchen counters and our bedside tables. It is obviously repetitive actions or habits, that create the problem so it becomes the issue of how to deal with the problem. Most of the kitchen counter problems have to do with daily mail and we’ve never had a good system for handling the volume of papers, many that need to be retained. Suggestions? Your featured rooms always look perfect.

  11. beth smith

    the dining room table!!! and i am as guilty as anyone else!

  12. Char

    my home office / “everything room” – With four young boys coming home from school with loads of paperwork, my office becomes the place to put things that does not have a home: art work, projects, etc. I think it is the last place I tend to clean and clear, so by the time I get around to it, I’m exhausted. Plus our house is going through a diy renovation with hard wood flooring on the entire main level and things keep shifting into my home office, but never out of it.

  13. debi

    The kitchen is the most difficult room to keep uncluttered in our home. It’s centrally located, so we pass through it constantly, and everything gets dropped on the big island counter, on its way to where it belongs.

  14. Kristen

    Our kitchen, more specifically the kitchen island. That large expanse of open (or should be open) space seems to call for clutter. No matter how often I clean it it’s cluttered again within hours sometimes even minutes! It drive me nuts!

  15. Lynn

    Our dining room table! its a room we do not use every day and its connected to the kitchen…so everything gets dumped on the table from mail to keys to juat about anything!

  16. Dianne

    Oddly enough, the most difficult room in my house to keep clean is the dining room. It’s in the middle of the house, and it becomes the laundry folding area, backpack dumping area, and playroom floor.

  17. Lori H

    The kitchen! Especially the table as we do everything there. Eating, bills, some homework, reading, arrrggh! I am going to set up some new habits that might help the problem.

  18. Marjorie Tellez

    The spare bedroom

  19. Melissa S

    The dining room – specifically the dining room table. We have a small house and the living room/dining room is just one area. The dining room table feel like a “landing pad” for everything – mail, contents of school back packs or any “stuff” that doesn’t have a home! Urgh

  20. Melissa Highlandviewpantry

    My kitchen counter is tough to keep clean. On top of food prepping it doubles for crafting and school books. I can remember my mom yellibg at us kids not to leave our backpacks in the kitchen. I get it now Mom.

  21. Jena

    Our bedroom! It becomes a dropping ground for things, and since nobody sees it but us, I have less motivation to pick it up.

  22. susan bourgeois

    The kitchen hands down! It seems to be the spot where everything collects from junk mail, bills to pay, school paper, discarded hair accesssories, etc. You name it, it gets left in the kitchen!

  23. Kate

    It’s a toss up between the computer room and the kitchen. The kitchen becomes a dumping ground, plus it’s right next to the door to the basement so I’ll pile things up that need to go downstairs. The computer room gets homework messes and my own research messes, plus clean laundry often finds its way to the daybed in there.

  24. Claudia

    Our guest bedroom/studio/office. It’s routinely piled high with everything we don’t have a place for. It’s on our to-to list for this week. We need to find some storage solutions for that space!

  25. Courtney

    Definitely my bedroom. We have our game consoles in there so my son thinks it is his personal hangout spot… It’s never organized.

  26. Shelley Harris

    It’s parts of 2 rooms – the office and the kitchen. And it’s 2 particular surfaces – the desk tops in both those rooms. I put off looking at papers till “later” and soon it becomes Mt Everest! Looking forward to trying these steps! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  27. Wynona

    In our house, the place that is hard to keep clutter free is our living room. For the reason that we have small kids in our house and they’re like everywhere, playing all around!

  28. kelly in georgia

    Oh my goodness….I didn’t even think of my purse being a “hotspot!” (but it is!) The worst place to keep clean in this house is the study (office) especially with it being tax season. yuck! Would love any gift card!

  29. Princess

    my kitchen is very difficult to keep clutter free. i am the only woman in the house – husband and two son’s – and i have to constantly clean the kitchen because they are always in there eating and making a mess. the worst time is first thing in the morning! they stay up late into the night watching tv and eating and the kithen always looks like a party was going on overnight! i need two dishwashers just in order to keep up! LOL

  30. Nancy

    My Dining Room is the hardest hit in our house! The Dining Room table is everyone’s first choice, unless I am cutting a fabric project then it’s the Buffet. Thanks Melissa for hosting this Give Away!! The post is surely worth a try!!


  31. Alana

    My kitchen counter… Everything seems to wind up there!

  32. Carrie

    In the past I would have said the office was my worst clutter spot, but I think the kitchen really reigns supreme these days. I have one long counter that seems to CALL to the clutter. It doesn’t matter how often I clean it off, the next time I walk through there, something else has landed. {sigh}

  33. suzi

    The most difficult room to keep organized is our office/school room.

  34. Sallie

    Like many others have said, it has to be the home office–particularly the desk. It seems I just complete a pile of papers when another one arrives. It also collects books in progress, letters that need to be mailed, reminder notes, greeting cards, to-do lists, tax information…you name it! A few lovely containers would be very helpful….

  35. Sally

    We have a very small home with a livingroom, kitchen and powder-room on the first floor — all small rooms. I literally LIVE in my kitchen, and I’m okay with that. But — it is the kitchen, it is my office, it is our family HUB, it is a craft-station, and everything seems to LAND HERE. I have to clean stuff off the kitchen table each night to serve dinner. I’m not THAT disorganized. It just seems like there aren’t enough places to put things — and yes, we are a typical family of 4 w/ TOO MANY THINGS. =/

  36. Francie

    Definitely the master bedroom. It’s the drop spot for everything and everyone. I think it’s because it’s the one room of the house that I know no one will just wander in if they come to visit. Sometimes I wonder if I’m trying to audition for a spot on Hoarders!

  37. Donna

    My biggest challenge is my 14 year old son’s room. Even though we have just cleared out tons of Legos, it still seems to collect lots of clutter that he doesn’t put away!

  38. Stephanie

    The kitchen for sure. It can be perfectly clean with gleaming countertops (getting it this way takes 20-30 minutes), then everyone converges on the countertops with their keys, coats, mail, homework, and shoes (yes shoes – my family puts shoes on my kitchen island)!

  39. Christine

    How do I get my husband and four-year old to follow suit? I keep thinking we need a bigger house. Maybe we just need less clutter.

  40. Lindsay

    Hands down, the kitchen. The counters are cluttered with mail, school work, purse, keys, phones, etc…oh, and not to mention the things that actually belong in the kitchen and just haven’t been put away.

  41. natalie

    The hardest room for me is the utility room. It has a chest freezer and a dryer and a shelving unit and it just seems to be a magnet for things that need action taken. Things that need fixed, half done projects, etc…it is a very frustrating layout and the clutter makes it stressful to do laundry or find shoes.

  42. Teresa cates

    My hot spot is my desk in the den. When I am in a hurry, everything gets plopped there.mmeven though I have file folders, files, etc. everything becomes a pile. Instead of 5 hotspots, I thing I am going to focus on this one, it’s a biggie, and it’s been a albatross around my neck for years! Thanks for this post, and the giveaway!

  43. Jeanette Simpson, ASID

    Definitely the office is my biggest challenge. Need more storage containers. The stacks seem to grow overnight!

  44. Susan

    My craft room (AKA my “stitching room”) is the most difficult room to keep clean and clutter free. Not so much clean, per se, but definitely clutter free. When I get on a “tear” with finishing a project, or trying a new technique, I rifle through my closet, storage, drawers (anywhere, really!), looking for the perfect fabric or finishing materials, and the room ends up looking like a bomb hit it.

    It’s in such a state right now, as a matter of fact!

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity for this wonderful giveaway – I’m addicted to both Target and the Container Store!

  45. Vicki I.

    Our front room is the hardest room to keep clutter free. When everyone comes home at the end of the day, they just dump their stuff on any available surface!

  46. Shana

    My kitchen is definitely the most difficult to keep uncluttered. My kitchen is visible from my front door (honestly, who designs that?) and is our cooking, eating, and hanging out spot. And not to mention the occasional lab (for science fair projects), office (for bill paying), and salon (for my boys’ haircuts)! I feel like it is my joy and nemesis at the same time:) Thank you for the opportunity…I think I need a hundred storage containers!

  47. JennyA

    My Kitchen is the area that continuously creates clutter and if my husband cooks…”Forget about it”…lol. The bathroom is a close second!

  48. Kathleen Welch

    My kitchen island is my mini office and where the laptops, cellphones, mail, school papers etc. land when we come in the house. I am sure that I clear it off several times a day. My laundry room is the other place where things end up when there is no other place for them. I feel like I am always editing and reorganizing to make sure that everything has a place. I have no problem going through the house with a bag and filling it with donations for the Goodwill…I’m pretty ruthless! If I could get the grandparents to stop buying so much for the kids that would help greatly!!!!
    Thanks for the lovely give-away!

  49. Jenny

    Our kitchen, hands down, is the hardest room in our house to keep clutter free. It is clean, but it is used! We are homeschoolers with four children at home. Somedays I feel as if I never get out of there!

    And by the way, I have never commented on your site, but I love your blog! I have followed you for a couple of years and refer to your advice often.

    Thanks for the opportunity! Target and The Container Store always have something I like, want or need!

  50. Lori

    The kitchen is by far the hardest to keep picked up!

  51. Vicki

    I have the most difficult time keeping the kitchen counter (located just as you come in from the garage) clean. My husband uses it as his “pile place”. So frustrating AND hard to keep clean.

    I hate to be a nag, but it is really hard to look at that pile and not get crazy!

    I would love to win the gift cards as I know I could put them to good use for the one thousand containers I need (probably).

  52. Diane

    My bedroom, hand down. I’m always stashing things in there from other areas of the house, thinking all I have to do is close the door. I have literally had dreams about getting better organized, lol.

  53. Geri

    My office seems to be the room that gives me trouble. It is the room that everything that doens’t have a home goes to and things just add up.

  54. Heidi

    The back door by the laundry machines, shoes, hats, sweatshirts, broom, dirty laundry, and backpacks

  55. Renae

    Lately it has been the master bedroom — dumping ground for laundry and everything else. And with a newborn plus two busy boys and two exhausted parents, it just rarely gets attention.

  56. Becky

    The kitchen counter almost always has piles! I’m feeling inspired to go clean it off!

  57. Theresa

    The Kitchen

  58. Edwina

    The mud room-thank God for it but….. :)

    AWESOME giveaway-thanks for offering it!

  59. estie

    the kitchen. we cook most of our meals in our li’l apartment, and cooking always gets to be a big fiasco.

  60. Brittany

    Our bedroom is the hardest to keep clutter out of. Everyone’s stuff ends up in there & if something doesn’t have a place, it seems to end up in our room. It’s very frustrating.

  61. Sara McCutcheon

    My clutter hotspot is my bedroom! I live by myself and have people over often, but they know they are not allowed in my bedroom. haha Because of this, it gives me a license to throw clothes everywhere! If I win the gift card, I will use it find a way to declutter my closet so my clothes and shoes will fit again!

  62. sandra mosolgo

    kitchen island, back porch & bathroom-consistency is the key but I let it get out of control!

  63. Adrienne

    Definitely my dining room where my desk is…yikes!

  64. Michele Laramay

    The kitchen counters, of course.

  65. Jen

    I’ve actually figured out all the areas that are really bad. But our bedroom still seems to be a problem. My nightstand gets cluttered every night, and when we wake up I just feel like a bomb has gone off. I decided to have less stuff on the clear surfaces so our master feels more relaxing, but it just tends to be an empty place to put whatever we have in our hands. I need some help for sure with that room.

  66. Lisa Duncan

    The kitchen counter – it becomes the the place for all of the mail that needs to be opened, read thoroughly, put away, thrown away, shred, etc.!

  67. Gina

    The most difficult spot has got to be the den, with it’s giant sectional sofa and coffee table that attracts glasses, food, socks, and other yuck. After a weekend, it looks like a frat party happened in there. And it smells. I need a storage ottoman and some Glade plug-in’s to start…thanks for the great giveaway!

  68. Leanna

    The kitchen. no contest.

  69. Heather

    The most difficult area of our home to keep clean and free from clutter is definitely the kitchen! Its the first room you walk into through the back door and where everything is dropped. I would LOVE to win the giftcards!

  70. Kim walker

    My laundry room has a counter that serves as a catch all. I can clean it today and tomorrow it is crazy.

  71. Danielle D

    The dining room table is where the mail pile and anything else I carry in from my car lands until I sort through it.

  72. JoAnna

    This post was great!! Thank you!
    My most difficult area to keep organized is my closet. Because it’s small and i don’t have good systems it’s the one area i am always organizing & de-cluttering!

  73. Jennie

    Kitchen. Definitely the kitchen counter. I have two piles of “important” papers AND a file box that I started to clear up the piles in the first place! Well that didn’t work…

  74. Heather

    I have a built-in desk in my kitchen, and it’s like a dumping ground for mail, magazines, catalogs, kids’ papers, etc. I’ve made great strides in keeping it organized with magazine holders & file holders from the Container Store, but it still needs a once-weekly overhaul.

  75. Melissa

    Our little dining nook between the kitchen and the living room is definitely our clutter hotspot. With my husband and me both working full-time and being in grad school, the dining room table is more often used for papers, books, bills, and mail instead of eating. The little bench in the dining area becomes a pile of purses, jackets, lunch bags, and more books. With little storage space in our condo, a Target gift card would go a long way towards more efficient organization. :o)

  76. julie

    The family room! We use it so much and the kids leave lots of “stuff” laying around.

  77. SueAnn

    The living room!! A constant stopping place for mail, papers, magazines and the forever present DUST!!!
    What a fabulous giveaway!!

  78. Betsy

    Definitely my kitchen. We have a peninsula that seems to be a clutter magnet. It’s a place I work hard to keep clear and the 5 guys in my house work hard to fill up…constant battle!

  79. Lina

    Our Family Room because we are in a challenging “season”…our son, daughter-in-law and their two children (ages 2 and 3 months) are temporarily living with us and WOW, you can’t believe the clutter that came with them. Yes, pray for me ~smile~

  80. Sarah S

    My dining room…when we walk in the house it’s where we drop everything!

  81. Amanda S.

    I’m struggling to get organized in my whole house as I just moved into my first home just before Christmas. The one spot that seems to be an ongoing area is my sunroom as it has the main entrance door and the garage door. I’d love to win the gift cards to help set up and organize that area!

  82. Jennifer K

    The kitchen counter! We even have a mudroom right when we come in the house from the garage but it seems that there is always homework, or school papers, or the newspaper, or food, or something that is on the counter. A clean counter makes me calm. A cluttered counter makes me a wee bit agitated.

  83. Monika

    I have the hardest time keeping up with my kids’ playroom! They can trash that room so fast!

    • Sara

      That is so hard for me too! I try to get them to help clean it up and teach them to put things away as they go but I blink my eyes and it’s impassable. Frustrating!

  84. Heidi

    It’s really a toss-up between our dining room and our office. Things like newspaper and mail tend to get dumped on our dining room table and left for a few days. Then, when that table gets cleaned things make it to our office and get stuck there. It’s a vicious cycle!

  85. Sunday Burquest

    The hardest room for me to keep clean and organized is my mud room – ugh! It’s super small and doesn’t have a good “system” – 2 adults and 4 kids worth of shoes – it’s totally horrible in the winter! Love these easy ideas!!

  86. Joy Crile

    I think the hardest to keep clutter free is my office but the hardest to keep clean is the kitchen. That may not make sense but the office is usually clean, just will get cluttered on the desk top but with three boys in the house the kitchen is always in full service and it is hard to keep clean!

  87. Jennifer G

    The kitchen counter and the kitchen table is everyone’s unloading zone. We have a tiny ‘mudroom’ when you first walk in the house that could use some organization to keep the messes in there.

  88. Crystal

    Our living room is the most challenging to keep organized. More specifically, our coffee table! I swear the second I clear it off, it’s piled again with toys, mail, dirty dishes, etc. Our living room is also the “play room” for our little one, so now we have the added challenge of keeping our things organized and all the accessories for our 4 month old :)

  89. Sara

    The dining room! The only reason the kitchen counter is clean because it all gets moved to the dining room table. I truly need to figure out a way to manage all the school papers. My oldest is only in K so I have a long road ahead of me!

  90. Della

    guest room… when void of guests, it becomes the storage zone for everything that has no place…

  91. Beth

    the “study” (SMALL room off the kitchen) where we keep the computer, extra freezer and a catch all for everything. When I clean the house, every pile to deal with later ends up there. It’s so cluttered I need to use the kitchen table to do my work :(.

  92. Alicia

    Kitchen, it is the hub of the home! Backpacks, shoes, papers, everthing seems to find its way to the kitchen table and countertops. UGH!!

  93. jenn

    Wow.. Just one room? We have 4 children and I homeschool, so we are always home. It seems that every room gets cluttered and hard to keep clean. I would have to say Kitchen because we have all our homeschool stuff in there. That is where we eat 3 meals plus snacks, do all the school work, play things like playdoh, puzzles. Me and my sewing machinge i am trying to learn how to work. You name it.

  94. Andrea

    Our playroom is the hardest to keep clean! Too many toys and not enough organizational pieces to keep them contained!

  95. Heather Duren

    My living room. We ‘live’ in their and so does all of our clutter. Even though it would probably take only 10 minutes to de-clutter it, the overwhelming truth that in a day it will be cluttered again keeps me from taking advantage of my next 10 minutes to do it.

  96. Tina

    Right as you come in the front door wher it is easy drop things. So many ways to get organized. What a great giveaway!

  97. Stefanie Hartman

    This is my challenge at this time .. organizing .. controlling the clutter .. I have a big family .. what to do with shoes/backpacks/school stuff/all the papers … ahhhh .. thanks :)

  98. Kim

    Our office! Not just office things end up in there, which is the main problem. I’m hoping to change that this month, beginning with a paint job and then some reorganization.

  99. Lisa

    My Kitchen is the 1st place I come in to when I come home so all of the mail, receipts, magazines and other items usually end up on the countertops. I need to make an area where I can place everything other than the countertops – I end up not having room for anything else besides the clutter!

  100. Erika

    For me it is our kitchen! It seems like mail and other junk is always piling up in there!

  101. elizabeth tischer

    My Closet!! becuase my weight is like a yo yo, I have so much clothes and different sizes. I always keep the bigger stuff in there for a “bad day” and when I start to shrink, I get the smaller out… but it just ends up on the floor and a mess! Every day I dread going into my closet to get dressed becuase it is a mess! it needs help and I need direction on how to fix it……

  102. Shonda Hall

    Most definitely my kitchen counter. Everyone drops all items there for mom! Lol

  103. Deidre

    I have a hard time keeping my kitchen counters/table clear of clutter. It’s the catch-all place for school papers, mail, etc. I try to clear it off every night before I go to bed, though that doesn’t always happen.

  104. Brenda

    My daughters’ room. My two girls share a room with one closet and one dresser. It is difficult to keep up with the clothes, the toys, the little things that are oh so special to them. I have my fingers crossed for this!

  105. Lisa S.

    What a great giveaway!! For me, the hardest room would be the family room.
    Thanks for the ideas.

  106. Amanda

    My bedroom! It is the last place that gets tidied up.

  107. Jessi

    My kitchen counters are the most challenging area in my house to keep clean. Everything seems to pile there.

  108. Alaina

    My kitchen is the worst spot because it is where everyone walks into the house and sets their stuff on the kitchen island. The next worst offender would be my office. I really enjoyed this post and I am going to start working on some hot spots today.

  109. Caroline

    Definitely the kitchen counters! I can’t seem to find a good way to keep organized all the stuff (mail, kids’ important papers, bills, etc) that comes into the house each day.
    Also I would like to be able to have fewer objects and appliances on my counters so my kitchen would look “neater”. It really stresses me out when things are messy & cluttered but I’m no good at setting up a good organization system!

  110. Lori

    For me… definitely my kitchen. It is the dumping ground as our backdoor enters right into it. My husband and I are the biggest offenders with mail and paper.
    Would love to win!!!

  111. Kelly

    The Office! Can never keep the desk cleared off.

  112. Therese

    The kitchen counter..mail and newspapers pile up. It never stays clean for very long.

  113. Kelly

    I have a 3 year old and it is so hard to keep the house tidy sometimes. We recently started one toy at at time and that helps!
    Kelly B
    Mrskbj (

  114. Mandy L.

    That would be a toss up between my kitchen and my bathroom. Neither one has enough storage space for even just the necessities.

  115. Madeline

    My bedroom! I have lots of clothes and not enough closet space, so putting clothes away is a struggle. I end up throwing them onto my armchair (the pile is now mammoth) or hanging them on my over-the-door hooks. My nightstands are always cluttered with cups, books, glasses, earrings, etc.

  116. Jessica B

    Definitely our bedroom. With three kids 5 and under, it has turned into laundry central, naptime headquarters, and dressing room for all. It only takes one day of doing laundry to un-do all progress I feel like I’d made only a day before!

  117. Michelle

    The kitchen! The mail gets piled on the microwave, the table and / or the counter. Not to mention the kids school papers!

    Close second is the spare bedroom / craft room. Everything gets stuck there because it’s not used every day!

  118. Laura

    I have been working at decluttering the house for a week now, so this came at just the right time!!! I would say the most difficult room to keep clean would be the kitchen. Our kitchen is VERY tiny, so even a little mess (and it’s rarely little, but anyway….) makes the kitchen look awful.

  119. Stacey

    You mean I have to pick just one? Well, I’m going to say our school room. It is a place of constant creativity which I love – and constant mess.

    I think it because I have not set it up to be an organized space that works for my entire family.

    Love this post Melissa! So helpful!

  120. Mimi

    Melissa, this is a great idea. Breaking these tasks into bite-sized pieces is doable for me at the end of a long and tiring day. Thanks for including my pocket book as a part of this process. It gets so full of junk by the end of the week that I can’t find anything.

  121. Dana

    My dining room table. I have a beautiful solid wood hand made farm table. The table becomes the dumping ground for schoolwork that needs to be filed and leftover books and supplies from the day’s homeschool. It becomes a place where laundry waits to be put away. It’s so beautiful when it’s bare.

  122. Nicole

    I have many hot spots for clutter in my home, but I am going to start with my kitchen. It is the one guests see right away when they come into my home.

  123. Andi T.

    The living room and our extra bedroom are hard to keep clean and un-cluttered. We just dump everything there and carry on…

  124. Laine

    Our foyer is probably the worst. Thats where we dump things when we come in, the mail, coats, shoes, things that have no home. Though my office is pretty bad too, I just see it less. Actually, I tend to scoop up stuff from the foyer and dump it there, so its sort of all part of the same problem.

  125. Cindy

    My guest bedroom. Started out pretty, but I keep stashing “stuff” there.

  126. Erin W

    Great ideas…my kitchen table quickly becomes a nightmare catchall!

  127. Amy B

    Our mudroom – its a collection spot and also main entrance for our family of six.

  128. Jessica Havens

    My kitchen counters are the worse. The kids do their homework there, all there various school papers land there as well as the mail and of course if you don’t know where it goes…stick it on the counter…mom will take care of it.

    Thank you for the give away!

  129. Becky

    My bedroom–it’s where we stash clutter from the rest of the house and since company never sees it we’re never motivated to clean it!

  130. Megan S

    Our kitchen counters are the hardest to keep clean by far, but the steps above will really help! Thanks for the giveaway!

  131. Amy B.

    The kitchen! I’ve found tackling it bit by bit throughout the day helps. :)

  132. Harmony

    The front foyer! As soon as someone walks in the house whatever is in their hands gets thrown right there on the floor.

  133. Pat

    Our kitchen is the most difficult to keep clutter free. When you enter our home it is from the garage into a long hallway with a coat closet. there is no place to put anything down so it all winds up in the kitchen since that is the first room you enter.

  134. Cathy

    Our home office/study. We have a large desk that is constantly covered with papers. I am always behind in my filing. And I always have books that need to be put away on the shelves. Overwhelming!

  135. Christi

    The most difficult room in our home to keep clean & clutter free is our homeschool room! The life constantly going on in there is worth it!

  136. Jessica

    I have to say the most cluttered part of my house that drives me nuts is the dining room table. It has long been a dumping ground for ALL things besides what should be there…plates, cups, silverware. We have to clean off the table before we sit down and eat and most of the time it’s just scoop everything up and put in on the kitchen island which is right beside the table. So, second in line would be the kitchen island. We are a family of 5 with 2 dogs and a cat, so it certainly is difficult.

  137. Sandi

    Dining room table…. Hands down. And it is chronic. Worse yet? I am single!! Sheesh!

  138. Lia

    The o’hana room! (That’s family room to those of you not from Hawaii.) I work from home and the room doubles as the playroom as well as my office. I don’t mind picking up the toys, however my one-year-old has figured out how to open the desk drawers, pull out the contents and toss them everywhere! I’ve tried all the child-proof stick em’s and even packaging tape, but he’s a clever guy and gets around it all. I don’t want to drill into the desk, and have piled furniture up around it. As a result – papers are stuffed in the drawers or stacked on top and it has become unorganized chaos!

  139. Margie

    Any flat surface, but the worst are the kitchen countertops. It’s where everything ends up.

  140. Tammy McKenzie

    Makes me a little crazy trying to decide what the worst hot spot is.
    Would have to be the main entrance that take you through the enclosed
    porch. Yikes.

  141. Julie in IN

    The kitchen since it is our entry way, cooking center, organization station and so much more!

  142. Jessica Reyes

    The hardest place for me to keep clean & organized is my bathroom. Thanks for the chance to win!

  143. Amy N

    Definitely the kitchen…a dumping ground for everyone’s junk.

  144. katie

    I stuggle with our bedroom, it ends up being where all the laundry is piled and by the time I have cleaned the rest of the house I don’t feel like tackling it! I shouldn’t save it for last but I would rather have the main living areas clean, so they always get done first.

  145. Kristi Reneau


    My most difficult area to keep in order and clean is my office/craft room. Without a doubt I need to take control over it and make it work for me!!


  146. Rachel

    Always the kitchen, it’s the hotspot for all four of us!

  147. Jennifer

    The kitchen/ family room. Where else should every family
    member dump their stuff? : )

  148. cathy z

    The kitchen, hands down

  149. Denise

    My laundry room! I’ve managed to conquer the clutter in every room in the house except for this one. It’s where I “temporarily” stash all the stuff I don’t have a home for, like random tools, broken things, and clothes that belong to other people’s kids.

  150. Chrissy

    My kitchen!! I’ve tried a million different things but cannot get a handle on the papers!

  151. Tina Baker

    Believe it our not, it is our bedroom, not that it is totally out of control, it is just so easy to dump something in there, thus, out of sight out of mine, then at the end of the night, there it all is………so…….if I win the giveaway closet organization here I come!!!!! And a welcoming good nights sleep.

  152. michelle

    Definitely the dining room table. It’s the one room we don’t use that often, and it’s often a walkthrough between the front door and the kitchen, so things tend to get dropped off there and forgotten!

  153. Susan G

    The most difficult area of our home to keep clutter-free is the kitchen.
    The countertop is a clutter magnet.

  154. {darlene}

    the kitchen!

  155. Robin

    That would be the dining room (table). Each time I clear it, somehow it gets cluttered again!

  156. Jennifer

    Our bedroom because no one really ever sees it, and it is a catch all spot from laundry to children’s toys.

  157. stephanie trask

    We have a 2yr old…she has a TON of pink toys that are consistently making their way out of her lovely pink bedroom and into the remainder of our tiny apartment- I would LOVE suggestions for organization in her bedroom; that don’t include the color pink. the end.

  158. Elle

    It is an unending challenge to keep cur kitchen table clear!

  159. Jen S.

    The most difficult place to keep clean in our house is the kitchen. Everyone seems to dump their stuff in there…

  160. Anne

    The kitchen! The table specifically! Why is it that everything migrates to the kitchen table?

  161. Nann

    Kitchen Counter…no doubt! Incoming mail, outgoing mail, magazines, bills, xoom, kindle, camera, pens, pencils, note pad, phone, purse,chargers, AND hubby drop site etc, etc, etc

  162. Melissa C.

    Ugh – I am going to have to go with my tiny kitchen. With an almost-toddler at home and no dishwasher it is always cluttered with dishes, papers (mainly recipes)and other assorted stuff my husband sets down on his way through. It is also the only room in our house that has carpet which makes it feel in need of cleaning most of the time.

  163. nancy

    sometimes i feel like it”s my whole house!! but thinking this way really defined the worst areas for me & i noticed that the rest are spawned from there! i strugged with CHAOS….Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome!! :)

  164. Joan w. Moore

    The kitchen counters are always a “hot spot”.

  165. Kris Dollerschell

    For me, it’s always our FRONT FOYER and it’s anyone’s 1st impression of our home! It’s amazing what ends up there! Shoes, backpacks, boots, hats, mittens but not to mention all the random things I find just “dropped” there! It’s literally a “drop zone!” ugh. My nightmare is when I get unexpected company that have to manuever through our pile of shoes or mess as they enter our otherwise organized and clean home!

  166. Anne Marie

    The bathroom – it is hard to control all the items used in the bathroom – tends to become a free for all room!

  167. Claudia M

    My worst cluttered spot has to be the desk in my kitchen! It seems to be a catch all for everything!!!

  168. Angie

    At my house everything ends up in the kitchen and office. The are magnets for clutter.

  169. Eileen

    I live with adult children and a grandson, very difficult to keep the kitchen table, dining room table and living room sitting areas clean, also, my boyfriend is a serious hoarder of things, the outside of my house looks like a dump and it is so embarrassing, he gets very angry when I try to get him to clean it up, not sure what to do about that, I do use your strategies on the tables and LR, I just get so tired of doing it and not having cooperation in the matter. But great article it is, I feel the same as you!

  170. Linda Thenhaus

    One specific area of our kitchen counters. It drives me crazy. I have tried all kinds of methods, but by the end of the week there never fails to be a pile of papers stacked up again.

  171. Lisa

    The counter top right next to the kitchen sink! It seems there is always some hand-wash only dish pilling up there. Grr!

  172. Kim Obert

    I struggle with the kitchen – how do I keep the mail, papers and this and that from piling up?? I don’t know where to put the “stuff”. If I put it away in another room – I forget about it and miss out on things. Help!
    Of course, if my office/craft room was organized, THAT would be the perfect place for all the papers, etc! As it is, I don’t really like to go into that room because all the counter space is piled high with (wait for it…) PAPERS!!!

  173. brandi

    The family room! So much goes on in that room. I would love to have it more organized and clutter free.

  174. Shannon

    Ugh. The kitchen counter. I keep papers that I need to tend to within the next day or so laid out in this one part of the counter, and I understand it but it makes my awesome, totally amazingly organized and tidy husband CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

  175. susie

    My most difficult room to keep clutter free is the kitchen. We have a long island and it has become my dumping ground. When the kids get home from school, we go through their backpacks and the school papers end up in a pile. When I come home, the island is the first place things are placed. Everything ends up on the island.

  176. Martha

    Kitchen – heart of the home, but like our own hearts often filled with clutter that makes us grumpy!

  177. Tara

    Our office just off the kitchen – it isn’t a room that we go into often and we all tend to dump all our extras in there until there is usually barely a pathway between the junk to our computer.

  178. Carolann

    my kitchen…the island is a clutter magnet, and we have a desk in the kitchen which has piles of paperwork which never seems to get smaller.

  179. kate

    Hands down the kitchen island. It’s where we eat, put stacks of mails and to-dos, save important papers…and there’s a huge fruit bowl in the middle of it all! Gotta get a new system going there!

  180. Jamie

    Definately the bathroom…..From germs to all the toiletry items….How do they get there and what do I do with them???????

  181. Sarah R

    The loft! It’s right outside the laundry room and our bedroom which means it is a staging area for clean (unfolded) laundry, things I need to take downstairs, things that somehow never make it to the bedroom, etc.

  182. Jennifer

    My kitchen is so hard to keep clean since it is the place everyone walks into and dumps everything. Backpacks, papers, mail and lunch boxes seem to clutter the area the most. I need all the help I can to get organized. Great giveaway!

  183. Mary

    It’s gotta be the kitchen counters! They are a magnet for junk mail, keys, pencils, pads, and just STUFF! We spend most of our time in the kitchen and so does the clutter! Those are inspiring tips, though. I’m tackling those counters tonight!

  184. Drue

    Kitchen counters- always piles of junk!!!
    I need to work on it. Great post.

  185. Amber

    Just one spot?? ;) It would have to be the kitchen island! All mail, homework, flyers and just plain junk seems to end up on it!

  186. Sally

    My bathroom! Ugh! Can’t seem to keep the counters clean for more than the day I put everything back in it’s place!

  187. Melissa

    My kitchen table is the WORST to keep cleared of clutter! I am soo going to try this tip.


  188. Susan E

    It’s always my kitchen counters, conveniently located so that everything lands on them. They’re not exciting counters in and of themselves, just boring old laminate–but when it’s a clean expanse of boring counter, the whole house feels better.

  189. Catherine

    My office/art studio is the hardest to keep clutter free because that’s where I work all day. Paperwork, mail, receipts, etc. seem to pile up everytime I turn around.

  190. DebbieRN

    Unfortunately my kitchen. All the meal prep and mail on the counters,etc. I probably have too many things on the counters to begin with as well. It’s the last room in our home that we have to redo.

  191. Melissa

    The clutter hotspot that bothers me the most is my desk in the kitchen. We keep the kitchen counters clear, but things most often just get piled on the desk instead. School papers, newspapers, stuff to go to the garage or basement, random art supplies…

  192. laxsupermom

    Without a doubt, the laundry room. Our living room is a dumping ground for the kids, because it’s the first room past the foyer, but there are no doors on it, so it’s picked up frequently. The laundry room on the other hand, is usually a disaster. People tend to open the doors, fling random things in there and quickly shut the doors. Thanks for hosting this generous giveaway!

  193. Jen Borden

    Family Room…especially the computer area…papers galore!

  194. Karen

    My worst clutter spot is my office. There are so many papers, books, cds, etc that I just don’t know what to do with them all. It also seems to be the dumping ground for all the items I don’t know what else to do with them. HELP!

  195. Candy Reese

    Hardest room to keep organized for us is the walk-in master bedroom closet. Too many clothes, shoes, shopping bags etc.

  196. {shannon}

    the kitchen counter is our biggest offender. it’s just so convenient to drop stuff there!!

  197. Danielle

    With 2 little ones and a mom who likes to cook, the kitchen is the hub of our house and therefore, the hardest room to keep clean. I feel like we’re always sorting piles of mail, piles of dishes, etc. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  198. Mary Joy

    The kitchen counters. I love your ideas Melissa! Getting started today!

  199. Staci

    I have to say that my dining room is the most cluttered spot in my home. Everyone comes in and lays their stuff on the table or floor and hangs jackets on the chairs.

  200. Lisa

    Home office is the worst, but master bedroom is pretty bad (weight fluctuations cause closet clutter).

  201. Tammy

    My son’s room! In particular, his desk! It fills up with books, pencils, legos. It makes me crazy!

    • Jana Hunter

      It would have to be the kitchen. Since I was 12, I started the “never ending pile” of to do’s that always end up on the kitchen counter!

  202. Mandi

    My bedroom is exploding with teetering towers of books and papers. Mail, magazine clippings, polaroids, strips of watercolor paper, receipts, clothing tags, and post-its protrude from under precariously stacked magazines, journals, catalogs, brochures, galleys, novels and comic books. To say that I must tiptoe around my room for fear of these monstrous clutter collections tumbling down is not an understatement. Can organization save the things that inspire me so I don’t have to just black bag everything??

  203. Heidi B.

    Do I really have to pick only one?! There are so many. :( I have to say that my kitchen island is the most challenging hot spot since it is a drop-all area for everyone and everything and the first place you come to up the stairs. Looking forward to my 5 daily habits. Your post has challenged me. I do work FT so I may reduce to 3 daily habits and start from there. As long as I have an attainable goal and achieve success, only up from there. Thank you.

  204. Cookie

    It’s my kitchen! I’m going to apply all 5 spots to my kitchen and morning room — 1 big open space that’s the most heart of our home. I’ve printed out your plan and will tape it to my fridge. Thanks so much for coming up with this for us. You’re a Peach!

  205. kris with a k

    Definitely my bedroom! Not only does my closet live there, but the bedroom is the place where the daily miscellaneous items (purse, etc) that don’t seem to have a real home go when company comes :)

  206. Maureen

    The room that seems to get the most clutter or where we end up “just putting” stuff is the spare room or office where we have our computer. It is the place where our bookcase is and a sofa sleeper and where our “gift” closet is located. Things just happen to get put there and sometimes forgotten about.

  207. sangeetha

    my kitchen – first room when you enter the house

  208. Sharlotte

    The kitchen is the hardest for me…always clutter!

  209. Joanne

    The kitchen is the most difficult room to keep clutter free in our house. Its where everyone gathers, the mail gets dropped. Phones and chargers, newspapers, UGH!

  210. TracyDK

    We live in a very small duplex and I have a toddler, so can I just say everywhere? *L* The worst offender probably is the coffee table or the kitchen table. It seems that no matter WHAT I do or how often I do it, they seem to be constantly covered in something.

  211. Sallie Baker

    My most difficult area is the long bar in our back den that is the first place to DUMP things when you come in the back door. My calendar ” center” is there, and while I try to keep it organized the area is always full of junk! WhY do I do that!! Hoping your new plan will help!

  212. linda (burlap+blue)

    This is a hard one! I’d say the kitchen, though. Counters and the table seem to be a magnet for clutter!

  213. Marguerite

    The kitchen of course!

  214. Kari

    For me, it’s hard to choose! But, I’d say the one room that drives me crazy is our schoolroom/craft room. Right now, it’s in the front entry room of our house, because that was the only place to put it. So, it’s the first thing people see when they walk in the door. It’s put together with mismatched bookshelves we’ve gotten free or cheap, and there are so many books and craft supplies. I try to go through it all often, but I just can’t seem to get it where it’s a pleasant room for me to be in. :) It just seems “thrown together.” I homeschooled for eight years, but my oldest girls went to school this year for the first time. I still have my youngest son at home, so we still need most of the stuff. But, the girls come home from school and drop off their backpacks. Oh, did I mention it’s also our mudroom? Our shoes and coats are all in there. It’s a sore spot for me. :)

  215. joy

    I have a hard time keeping the kitchen counter cleared! My sewing room is also a trouble spot. There are more projects piled up then I seem to have time for.

  216. jen

    the island in our kitchen-it collects everything

  217. Linda

    Our kitchen is the hardest room in our house to keep clutter free! The kids dump all of their school papers and sweatshirts all over the kitchen when they get home from school.

  218. Marjorie

    I would have to say that our kitchen is the most cluttered area in the house as is becomes homework central for two teens (eating the whole time) and my 5th grader. This introduces three back packs whose contents are routinely disgorged covering the counters and floors. Add the regular charging of electronic devices, collection of keys, tissue boxes, lunch boxes, bills, telephone, and a laptop and it is disastrous. Now make dinner :-) I love the sense of connectivity and community, but it needs to be tamed! (Don’t even mention the upstairs on going laundry saga…..)

  219. Olivia

    I will be honest. With six children (all girls!), I can not imagine my house EVER being completely “clutter free”. I try my best to maintain something that resembles less than utter chaos! My most difficult room to keep clean and clutter free is my bedroom, unfortunately. All the mess from the rest of the house gravitates to our bedroom to hide behind closed doors. My biggest dream is to be able to actually WALK again in my walk-in closet, a craft area that is ONLY for me and a clean and inspiring sanctuary for my husband and I.

  220. Julie C

    The homeschool room!

  221. Angela

    It’s our bedroom. We only have one dresser for two adults and the rest of the stuff sits in laundry baskets. It drives me nuts!

  222. Susanne

    My hotspot is the kitchen. It has alot of counter space and surface space. Which for my husband who was raised in a house that almost never had an empty surface space. of course it didn’t mean it was dirty it was just never clear of clutter. I however came from a home where everyhting had a place and it was never on the counters. Needless to say I can almost never keep the counters and kitchen table free from clutter. Sometimes it seems easier to fall into laziness than fight the everyday battle. I thought this was a never ending battle but what I am finding is that my whole family not just myself feel the effects of a this cluttered room. Which is why your post inspired me so much. I am ready to tackle and defeat with a 5 new habits and hot spots and believe me it does extend further than the kitchen. We won’t even talk about the laundry room thank you for the inspiration.

  223. Franki Parde

    The kitchen table/counter/island!!!! Why, oh, why!!! AND, BTW, I use disinfectant wipes ALL THE TIME. franki [email protected]

  224. Karen Lucas

    The absolute worst area is my husband’s office – you can hardly open the door and he is so unable to throw anything away so the entire room is filled with things he never uses so that the desk has literally not been used for a couple of years. Instead he uses the desk downstairs which is regularly covered with ‘stuff’. I know all of the clutter is difficult for him to deal with but not as difficult as it is for him to clear out the clutter. I’m not sure what plan would help since when I try to help it does not work unless he is not at home!

  225. Melanie D.

    My kitchen. I have a desk in there that is always DEEP with papers, mails, etc.

  226. Debbie McFarland

    My kitchen table seems to be a magnet for the entire family to drop the mail, the newspapers, the backpacks, the homework, a stack of books, lunchbox, anything and everything. It makes me crazy and I am so afraid we will lose important mail or papers. I have tried lots of different systems, but the table is STILL where it ends up. UGH!

  227. Kala M.

    I think the living room is our most cluttered. You walk right into when you come in the door. So mail and other items get dropped on the end table and the coffee table.

  228. Jo

    My dining room table is the worst. I personally do not place anything on it, but my husband and daughtrer leave mail, newspapers, and anything the do not know what to do with there.

  229. Bobbi

    I am a firm believer that if you ignore most things long enough, they just go away. So most things I want to ignore I put in my bedroom (this only sometimes includes my husband). A stack of papers on my bedside table…uugghh…. It never goes away….

  230. Elise

    Oh my goodness, it is definitely our kitchen. The kitchen table ALWAYS ends up as the catch all for things that don’t have another home!

  231. cynD

    I have a whole house issue. you walk in through the front door and you see the kitchen and living room. Go in to either place and you see th edinning room. an Open L shape of the three spaces. I need to get rid of stuff to make it all fit. This is our down sized home, more stuff to find another home for. It my not be in this home…

  232. Jess

    My living room! I live in an fairly small apartment, and I constantly struggle with NOT turning my living room into a collect all for anything and everything that gets used!

  233. Valerie J.

    The guest room is the major clutter magnet in our house! Maybe need to repurpose this room altogether.

  234. Casey

    My kitchen is IMPOSSIBLE! I honestly run my dishwasher three times a day and the sink is still overflowing with dishes at all times. The kitchen table is a dumping ground for all the random junk I didn’t even know we owned, and the floor is in constant need of a sweep and mop. Needless to say, this is also the space where everyone tends to congregate when they come over, so it’s the most visible mess in the house!

    • Sarah

      Haha, yes I would echo every word you said! We started only keeping one mug, bowl, and plate out for each member of the family and putting the rest away (my mom used to use coloured tupperware for each person)…that way instead of grabbing another bowl for soup you HAVE TO wash your cereal bowl from this morning! It’s a thought, it seems to help a bit!

  235. Julie

    Sad to say my toughest room to keep organized is my bedroom and it really stresses me out sometimes. I feel it should be the most important room to organize and create a sense of peace and yet because it’s a room most people don’t see it’s easy for me to stash stuff in there quickly and then it ends up staying there!

  236. Barb - The Empty Nest Mom

    My home office – definitely my home office! piles and piles of papers, magazine tear outs, bills, incoming checks, journals, sewing bits and pieces, patterns, correspondence, my camera, calendars, business cards from here and there….. You get it – clutter.

  237. JD

    Wow…I could so use this prize! My kitchen seems to be the worst area to keep clutter free. Everyone likes to “deposit” stuff on the counters.

  238. Emily Anne

    I find my kitchen pantry to be the most difficult area to keep clean and organized. It’s so frustrating to not be able to find what I’m looking for when I need it and yet it’s so easy to close the door and not do anything about it! I try my best to do a weekly pantry clean out to make sure I know what I have. It helps avoid wasting food and makes me a better meal planner. :)

  239. Pamela

    The kitchen! It is the first room you come into when you enter the house. The table gets filled, bookbags and purses get hung on the backs of chairs, and the island counter gets buried. It is not uncommon to have to clear the table to eat dinner, or even to cook dinner! I keep working at it, but my husband likes to put piles — and post it notes — on the end of the counter to remind him of things. We need to find a better system!

  240. Lauren

    The living room – jackets, mail, cups, blankets.. they all end up there!

  241. Danielle M.

    Thanks for the give-away!

    I find that my dining room is the toughest room. The table becomes a collect-all. The buffet drawers are stuffed to the gills and the buffet shelves continue to gather a vast array of things.

  242. Amy

    It used to be my kitchen counter. Then we moved to a different house and I was able to designate a room “the office.” Now it is so easy to put things on my desk and the shelves in the office! My kitchen counters have become clutter-free but don’t look in the office! :)

  243. Sharon

    My bedroom! It has a lot of light so I spend most of my time in there sewing, painting, doing DIY stuff… The problem with being crafty is that that whichever room you use seems to explode with clutter. I’ve got acrylic paints, canvases, my sewing machine, fabric, my drill and tool box, etc. all piled on one table! Add to that one big hyper dog who not only chews everything in sight, but is also a total klutz (and likes to deposit her hair everywhere) and you have one messy room!

  244. Laura

    My kitchen! We all come in through the back door, so our keys, bags, etc. get dropped on the kitchen counter along wtih all of the normal kitchen clutter!

  245. Anne

    That would be my office/guest room. It’s the go to space with all the clutter picked up from other rooms.

  246. Whitney

    I was going to say my kitchen because my counters seem to be a catchall for everything! (Plus, I HATE doing dishes!) BUT, I think I’ll have to say my bathroom. I leave stuff out on the counter all the time…not to mention I shed like crazy!! My long dark hair ends up everywhere. I know it’s gross but it’s so hard to keep up with…I hate it!

  247. Sarah

    Definitely the bathroom. It’s organized-ish but very small and I really don’t even notice til I come home at the end of the day (because my husband and I are flying out the door in such a hurry!)that you can’t even see the counter (literally!) and the bathmat is on the floor with the hair dryer…its one of my goals for this year!!

  248. AlexisAnne

    I also find that my dining room table is the first place to collect junk and the last place to actually eat dinner!

  249. Paula

    I would have to say my kitchen. It seems to be the place where coats, bags and books pile up.

  250. Beth Hughes

    Definitely my bedroom! I tend to use it to keep the ‘other’ rooms clutter free, then find myself every couple of weeks losing my mind over things piling up in there. And the irony is I know how important having an uncluttered bedroom is to getting restful sleep and being stressfree in general – definitely my number one inside hotspot!

  251. Tatum

    Entryway. It all gets dropped by the door.

  252. Sarah

    Dining room table – it’s right in the path between our kitchen and our bedroom and living room, so it seems it’s the collecting ground for anything and everything!

  253. Lyn

    the kitchen!!! Hands down!!

  254. Sharmin

    My kitchen seems like a magnet for clutter – especially papers!!! Thanks for the cool giveaway. :)

  255. Julie

    My kitchen counters are the biggest clutter magnets in my home! I don’t have an office area anywhere in the house so everything ends us piled in there. UGH!

  256. Bonnie Jean Fulcher

    The most difficult room in my house to keep clean is my kitchen. First, of course, there are the dishes… then the pantry… the fridge… the counters… and instead of a table because our house is so small I have a work table with my computer on it in my kitchen and shelves and filing cabinets !!! We eat in the dining room adjacent to the kitchen. So, the counters and sink are always full of dishes drying or waiting to be washed… or they have food on them thawing or something I am in the middle of baking or cooking… and the fridge and pantry closet always need “weeding out”… and the computer area is the dumping ground for all school papers… the mail… anything that needs to be typed or filed… what a huge mess !!! Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  257. Jessica

    Our dining room table has become a drop spot for everything – jackets, drying laundry, dog toys, etc.

  258. Laura

    My biggest spots are the kitchen island, my office (the whole space – desk, floor, chair!!) My laundry closet shelf (the area over the washer and dryer that is supposed to be for folding clothes!) and My bedroom. Spring cleaning has started – maybe they will be vanquished this year!

  259. Flower Patch Farmgirl

    It used to be our island, but now that we’re in a rental, it’s the (very tiny)kitchen counter. I’m forever dripping sauce or squeezing lemon juice onto the junk mail/important mail/homework/grocery lists that collect there!

  260. Amanda J

    That would be my bathroom- drawers to be specific. My 1 year old finds all sorts of perfect bottles and tubes that fit perfectly into his little hands. He methodically whips them out as fast as he can. ;-) Love that little man.

  261. Sara Fitch

    Our office for sure…it’s where we dump everything that doesn’t have a place so we can keep the rest of our home clutter free and clean.

  262. jennifer

    The hardest room to keep clean in my house is the living room. The table seems “catch” every random thing that exists!

  263. Jennifer DeMaio

    thanks for the inspiration! I love the focus steps you provided. Makes it so much easier when a overwhelming task is broken down into small steps. ONe big area of clutter is our shoe bench. Nice size storage for shoes, though instead of IN the shoe bench, they are all on the floor IN FRONT of the bench. The other BIG clutter spot is my kitchen table. Everything ends up there. My sweet family does not seem to understand that the little cleaning fairy does not stop at our house. Sure wish she did!!

  264. AJ

    I must say it’s the kitchen counter – There is this one special corner that’s always stacked and crammed with stuff that doesn’t belong. Drives me crazy! [email protected]

  265. Michelle

    The kitchen! The heart of my home–and the heart of my frustration. (Most horizontal surfaces are in danger of clutter in my house. I keep waging the battle.)

  266. Emily

    It’s so hard to keep my kitchen telephone area clutter free. It fills with mail, homework, and items that need to go upstairs. It’s a daily battle!

  267. kathy from ct

    office – junkyard of the house!

  268. Teresa K

    Ohhh, pick one area that is most cluttered and needs attention daily?? My kitchen island! I dump my mail, recipets, newspaper, all kinds of junk.
    Starting today…I will try to keep it clear and clean! Looks so nice when it is cleared off! Thanks for motivation!

  269. Janesa

    The worst place for clutter in our house is the counter between the kitchen and the living room. The mail automatically gets stacked there along with keys,change,receipts, and anything else related to emptying your pockets. I’ve tried organized baskets but they were quickly ignored. I must prevail and try something new.

  270. Jessalyn

    The most difficult room in our house to keep clean and clutter free is the master bedroom. There’s nothing master like about this room. It’s become the toy and laundry dumping ground. I definitely need to get this under control.

  271. Hanna

    Our Kids room is by far the hardest to keep clean/organized. I have buckets set up, but still toys and stuffed animals are always on the floor.

  272. Sara

    The Kitchen!! It’s in the middle of everything and always becomes a dumping ground.

  273. Lisa

    My worst room to keep organized is my bedroom! I tend to just throw stuff in there from other rooms before people come and than don’t look at it again until I need something!

  274. Bridget

    Back hall. Dropping zone for jackets, backpacks, shoes and whatever else comes through the door. Never stays tidy for long.

  275. Suzan

    The desk in my office is the dumping ground for papers, mail, books and anything else that doesn’t seem to have a home.

  276. Jennifer from WI

    The office. It is mostly used by my husband, so I don’t want to move things around/throw things out without him being there. I think it needs files/totes etc so that at least same goes with same. It depresses me every time I look into it though. Sometimes we have to use it for guests and then I move into panic mode and end up throwing everything into a box and hiding it in the closet :-) Not the solution, I know!

  277. Lindsay

    I would say my kitchen is by far the hardest place to keep clean. It’s a constant battle for sure!!!

  278. Stephanie

    Our bedroom is awful–it is a collecting spot for all the clutter, folded clothes, and other junk that we move in there “temporarily” to make the rest of the house more presentable. :-)

  279. Kim Bolzenthal

    Thanks for all the tips. I intend to start using them. As far as what room is the messiest? My kitchen! Everyone uses the back door, so everything gets dropped on the kitchen counters or even the stove top. It’s not that big a kitchen!

  280. Jennifer

    The dining room. The table is everyone’s dumping ground!

  281. Becky T.

    The kitchen! Between junk mail on the counter, clean dishes that need to be put up, and the kitchen table currently serving as a gift wrap station for spring baby showers and birthday parties, it’s a wonder I ever cook!

  282. Amanda

    Mudroom/entryway – I’ve got hooks, cubbies, shelves but it’s no use! Stuff accumulates and breeds…’d I end up with 3 soccer balls?!?!

  283. Terry

    It would be my desk area in the kitchen. Clutter drives me crazy too and adds to my overall stress. I’ve learned I can live with dust better than I can live with clutter. The best decluttering tip I ever heard is to go around your house with a basket picking up all of the clutter. Voila! The house will look so much better, and you can put away the things in the basket at your convenience. With 5 children, this has been a sanity saver.

  284. Sarah

    The dining room table! Everything ends up there mail, clothes, shoes (under the table) anything I have in my hand as I walk by gets set there.

  285. Aimee C.

    The kitchen counter’s and closet for sure, major family dumping ground!

  286. Blythe M.

    My car is a HUGE junk magnet. Whenever we don’t know what to do with something, we stuff it in the glove compartment/door pocket/trunk…it drives me crazy, and I get embarrassed whenever we give people rides, or when the bag-boy at the grocery store carries out the groceries!

  287. Patti

    My master bedroom closet would have to be the hardest room to keep to organized.

  288. Ashley

    Our kitchen desk is always covered in a pile of papers.

  289. Natalie

    kitchen!!! We just move messes from one counter to the next and it never seems to get put away! DRIVES me NUTS!!! BUT, today… you’ve inspired me!!! Day 1 of 30 begins!!! Hoping to create good habits!

  290. Kathy

    Our kitchen is the family dumping ground! A cleared surface does not stand a chance for more than 24-hrs or the next school day… which ever comes first :)

  291. Karen

    Definitely the kitchen. I get tired of nagging everyone to put their dishes into the dishwasher. I swear if you put 2 plates and a cup in the sink, they will multiply like rabbits!

  292. Diane

    My ” office ” ( spare bedroom ). It has become the “dumping ground” for any and everything that has no home! I don’t even know where to begin!!! It was supposed to be my little sanctuary, for creative projects, but is a jumbled mess. I have to close the door when we have company! So embarassing :/

  293. Jenn

    My husbands home office is the hardest room to keep clean.

  294. ellen klassen

    Our desk in the den. Keys, purses , mail . Dumping ground for stuff.

  295. Jenni

    the bar is the kitchen/dining area is most certainly our clutter spot. its close to the front door and its where all mail, keys, newspaper, and other random junk are put. sometimes i have a hard time cleaning it because i dont even know where some of that stuff goes!

  296. Heather

    The most difficult room in the house is definitely our office/gaming room. My husband creates piles of papers and doesn’t sort them. My side is tidy, his a mess. Started an “in box” for him, now it’s 2 feet high.

  297. Cindy M.

    First of all thanks so much for the tips! They will come in handy this spring when we start our spring cleaning!!
    The most difficult room to organize and keep clean is the living room! We spend most of the day in the living room and we have laminate flooring so I have to sweep at least once a day, sometimes 3 or more because the kids ALWAYS make a mess and there are ALWAYS toys everywhere!

  298. Diane

    My ” office ” ( spare bedroom ). It has become the “dumping ground” for any and everything that has no home! I don’t even know where to begin!!! It was supposed to be my little sanctuary, for creative projects, but is a jumbled mess. I have to close the door when we have company.

  299. jessica

    My kitchen!!! It is the biggest dumping ground for my husband! He walks in and just drops everything. To the point where remodeling to add a mudroom with doors so I can through all his crapola in there and shut it! :)

  300. Dede

    My kitchen… ugh. Laptops, ipads, headphones, paperwork. Don’t even talk about my kiddos and all their cutesie cups and plates, toys, tricycles. Yep.

  301. jen

    Definitely my laundry room! I have two teenage girls who never seem to remember that they have laundry in the washer and/or dryer, which then gets wrinkled and they have to wash over again (vicious cycle). Not to mention the hundreds of pairs of unmatched socks. I’m forever griping at them about this room. I am inspired by your blog, you have such great ideas. Thank you!

  302. Denise

    For sure my dining room!!!!! It’s the center of our home and a pathway to get to every other part of our home…..

  303. Kaethe

    I’m going to go with the den: everybody uses that door and dumps stuff in there.

  304. Margie

    Our office! Everthing seems to land there.

  305. Randi

    Daughter’s playroom!! I’m pretty good about picking up small messes before they make big ones but that is one room I try to stay clear of ;) and she hasn’t formed the habit of picking up when she’s done playing. Still working on that one!
    My 30th bday is March 22, what a great gift winning this giveaway could be :)

  306. Lisa

    My desk….everything gets piled there, with the best of intentions!

  307. Stephanie Hanes

    The living room is ALWAYS the hardest to keep clean because, as a stay at home mom, it is where we spend most of our days and, with two toddlers, there is ALWAYS a mess to clean up.

  308. Gina

    The kitchen! We wind up with so many piles and lists in there, it’s crazy!

  309. Cherie

    The playroom!

  310. Jennifer Restine

    The kitchen counter is so hard to keep clean!!! It becomes a dumping ground for bags, school work, bills, broken toys, and a million other things. Would love a organized spot by the garage to put up bags, shoes, etc. Love your blog!

  311. Nancy L.

    The laundry room – it’s the entrance. My tiny sewing table is the dumping ground for all things, I-don’t-want-to-put-this-away-right-now. It’s extreme narrow size doesn’t help either.

  312. Beth

    It’s my kitchen! It seems that we always congregate in the kitchen…and always leave it a mess!

  313. Megan LaFollett

    My living room. It’s where we live — “we” mostly being me, a preschooler, a toddler and a new baby. So it feels out of control most of the day.

  314. Anita H.

    The kitchen!

  315. Janie Slater

    The kitchen table and floor is our catch-all when we come in the door. It’s always the room that is the first to be cleaned and de-cluttered when tackling the household cleanup.

  316. Julie

    Our kitchen is the clutter hotspot. Thank you for the great & practical tips. :)

  317. Mandy S.

    My living room. We have a separate playroom upstairs that I thought would be amazing when we bought our house, but my 4 year old just drags the toys downstairs to the living room. Every day it’s like a Lego bomb exploded in there!

  318. Karen

    Torn between the kitchen and my sewing room! At least I can close the door to the sewing room whereas you walk into the kitchen when you enter my home!

  319. Destiny

    I would say my office! I need some major help in there! We call it the tornado room. Take it as you will:0) Thanks so much IR, Target and Container Store!

  320. Emilie

    Our office area…its the first area seen when someone comes in the backdoor.I could really use some ideas.

  321. Annie

    The office area, which is in my living room. The desk collects random things way too fast!

  322. Patti H.

    My home office! It is a disaster! I am a “pile it” type person and the piles have taken over. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway! My office could sure use it!

  323. Rebekah Gunnels

    My bedroom!!! It’s always the last room to be cleaned because it’s so overwhelming. I always have clothes and shoes everywhere and I HATE hanging them up!

  324. Paula W.

    In our house, easy, the dining room table. Right now: newspapers, homework, American Girl catalog, cookbook and weekly meal planner, daughter’s latest art school project, parachute from a party favor, daily calendar of activities, laptop and a ginormous cup of coffee! Beginning step 1. . .NOW!

  325. paula rae

    Kitchen Table. :/

  326. Tina B.

    The computer nook.. Mail, books, magazines, odd pieces of paper, pens.. It all piles up and it does so quickly!!

  327. jennifer

    My bedroom because I offer child care in my home and my room turns into the queue for everything. It’s like a big closet. I would love to have a nice space for myself. It’s terrible!!

  328. Kathy

    Entryway – its a dumping ground!!!! Where I am working today!!!

  329. Alisa Beavers

    Kitchen Counter! It makes me crazy how much gets dropped there in a day!

  330. Sarah

    Oh, my word. Target + The Container Store = heaven. My kitchen counters are a catchall for everyone in the family. I feel like I spend more time cleaning clutter there than I do cooking!

  331. Lindsay

    My bedroom, we spend the least amount of time in our room and yet it’s become a dumping ground. I want it to feel more like a sanctuary and less like a locker room!

  332. Susan Hill

    The corners of our kitchen counters. For some reason they seem to attract…stuff. lol!

  333. Alisa Beavers

    Kitchen Counter! The most random things end up there!

  334. Angie

    The kitchen counters-UGH!

  335. Leigh Ann N

    The kitchen counter (closest to the mudroom) and the first two steps in the staircase (kids’ clutter to return to their rooms). HELP!

  336. ileana

    Our kitchen table and island! Ugh! It’s where we do almost everything and where everything gets dumped off. Homework, mail, dirty dishes from snacks, etc. We really need to work on it. Thanks for the reminder, and for the chance to win!

  337. Christine Cantu

    My kitchen counter! Mail, bills and other stuff piles up there. Definitely the trouble spot in my home.

  338. Heeather S

    Definitely our playroom!

  339. NanaDoll

    Definitely my kitchen counters: that is where recycling gets dumped instead of in the bin, or the junk someone needs to take to the basement, or the mail, or groceries someone doesn’t bother to put away, or or or…it drives me nuts! And I think I am the only one it bothers!

  340. nova c.

    right as you step into our apt. shoes are put there cause we don’t wear any inside and backpacks, etc. also end up there. trying to figure out what to do since we can’t mess up the walls by making any large holes in them…

  341. Jessie C.

    Living room. It’s impossible to keep it clutter free.

  342. LaToi

    And the winner is the Kitchen…My kitchen space issue, has now turned into a clutter issue, everything is butsting at the seams…dishes, tufferware, cleaning products, pantry items, there’s mail and key and rugs…It’s a true clutter magnet, because cook the food and they will come!

  343. emily

    always the kitchen/dining nook. Between the bar, the table, and the spare pantry, there are always piles to declutter.

  344. Amy

    The most difficult home in the room for me to keep clean is…THE KITCHEN. My toddler and 10-year-old, God love them, seem to get more food on the floor than in their mouths!

  345. Emily Hood

    My kitchen is the family dumping ground for daily papers,pocket clutter,keys & water glasses galore( for some reason my kids cant use the same glass for the entire day, errrr!) I like the idea to start with just 4 areas…seems completly “do-able”! Thank you for a clutter free week ahead!

  346. Delayna Guenther

    I have a buffet in the dining room that gets covered with all the kid’s school papers, markers, mail, seed packets, etc etc etc. It drives me crazy and Im not sure what do do about it.

  347. Marnet McCann

    My craft room ! Im usually working on more than one project and tend to let things get stacked up around me…and before you know it I’ve got a cluttered mess ! Of course I know where everything is, but it sure doesnt look pretty !

  348. Megan

    My computer room. I still have boxes filled with crap sitting on the floor that have been there since I moved in . . . a year ago. I just can’t (or won’t) find the time to find all that stuff a home since I don’t spend a lot of time in the room.

  349. Amanda Anderson

    Our office! It turns into a catch all room for everything. Plus the desk we have doesn’t have any workspace so paperwork ends up on the floor and sometimes doesn’t even fit in the filing cabinet!

  350. Melissa B.

    A better question for me is which space doesn’t stay cluttered? :) Seriously, our bedrooms are pretty bad, and so is our patio/shed.

  351. Wendy Y.

    Embarrassingly enough my master bedroom…there is little storage and it is just easier to pile things up instead of finding a solution to the madness of it all.

  352. Cindy L

    Our dining room is the most difficult. It’s right inside the door from our garage, and since my husband owns a small business, it has become a work space for him. The table and sideboard are both covered with papers that he needs to keep track of. Since he’s an “out of sight, out of mind” person who also won’t write anything down because he can’t keep track of notes, I struggle with helping him find ways to organize the stuff. If I put something in a filing system, it’s like I’ve thrown it away. Biggest problem – the dining room is open to the living room (L-shape), so no matter how tidy I keep the living room, it looks like the entire house is a mess. Second biggest problem – no other available room in the house to use as his work space.


  353. d

    The kitchen island is the worst to clear the clutter from-almost impossible. Its right in the path of everyone when they come home and everything gets dumped or forgotten there and it drives me crazy.

  354. Vanessa

    Definitely the kitchen!

  355. Fiona

    The most difficult room to keep clean is definitely the living room. Between my son’s toys and random clothes that get thrown around, it’s a nightmare!

  356. Carol

    My kitchen island is a mess regularly – my kitchen is original 1925 (drainboard sink/shallow cupboards/etc) and NO DISHWASHER – so I have to pile everything on my island until I do the dishes it is a mess…it is also the place I put my mail to sort and magazines and newspapers that I read while having a cup of tea. I love it when it is cleaned up and I am certainly frazzled when it is discombobulated.

  357. April

    The bar in my kitchen is our catch-all and drives me crazy! This is a fantastic giveaway!

  358. Sara T

    It’s a toss up between my bathroom and the kitchen! I think the Kitchen will win, though!!

  359. Julie

    Our bedroom for sure! We don’t have a lot of closet space (or any space for that matter) so the floor becomes a catch-all for clothes, shoes, laundry, dog toys, etc…

  360. Diane

    I’m doing better than this than ever before. I think it helps to move to a new home and begin new habits. BUT, why is it that the breakfast table always seems to be the place that collects whoknowswhats? I’ve got to figure out the ‘why’ so we can break the habit.

    Thanks for the opportunity. And for all the fabulous tips!!!

  361. shaka

    Definitely our homeschool nook. There are so many papers and so many art supplies and books, I can’t seem to get it together there!

  362. Lindsey

    My closet. Most hated chore, putting laundry away. So it always piles up in clean stacks until I can’t take it anymore. One day I will break this habit.

  363. Tara

    Our bedroom! Its the room no one sees so it tends to be a free for all.

  364. Sharon

    The kitchen! Everything seems to land on the kitchen counter or the kitchen table!

  365. Heather Carraway

    The kitchen table!! It collects mail and old papers, the chairs collect coats and belts. I love this post…I am going to make a conscious effort to keep the kitchen table clutter at bay :)

  366. Casey

    My bedroom! It’s the dumping ground for everything. Papers, magazines, clothes, shoes, you name it and it’s in there! No wonder I feel tired in the morning, just waking up to all that is overwhelming.

  367. Elizabeth

    How did you konw my purse was such a mess? ;)

  368. Lucie Hale

    My most cluttered room is my home office. I work outside of the home,so when I come home, last thing I want is to spend more time at another office, so my mail and magazines and lots of receipts get tossed into many piles in my office and I definitely do not have enough proper storage for all that stuff.

  369. Vickie Waltrip

    I would have to say my kitchen since everything lands on my island and stays there until I figure out what to do with it all.

  370. Linda Klinger

    Perhaps the best idea on the list is the one regarding cleaning out my purse! I have found that to be totally liberating, and the little post-it notes with lists and ideas actually get filed or done!

  371. Pam B

    Master bedroom takea the hit every time! Laundry/utility takes a close second.

  372. Elizabeth

    My kitchen counter needs this! And, my bedroom…I’m the worst about hanging up clothes.

  373. Tammi D

    My worst place is my kitchen, particularly the top of my microwave!

  374. Heidi

    My bedroom is the dumping ground. I keep up pretty well in the other rooms, but it’s so easy to just close the bedroom door and ignore the piles.

  375. Melanie

    My open floor plan makes it very difficult to keep my kitchen clean, since my kitchen is basically IN the living room! Wouldn’t it be nice if new home builders would design all of us the perfect “sitcom” kitchen…you know the one that has the swinging door, but is open to the living room with a “window” if you so choose to look at your family!?! BUT with that said, I would have to say my mudroom is THE WORST CULPRIT. Its disgusting. nothing else to say about that. Thanks!

  376. Kim

    My bedroom is definitely hoarder central. But my dining room table is a close second.

  377. Jeanine Kuhn

    Out bathroom is the most challenging to keep clutter -free.

  378. Patty Hicks

    I love the tips! And the timing is perfect for me as I am working to get our home back in order before the busy spring/summer season. My challenge is paper…I hate paper and it seems to hate me. (lol) But the bigger challenge is my husband’s fix-it projects that have taken over our dining room. He’s one of those that fixes anything and everything…a gift that has gotten out of control a little and I am hoping be able to help him get organized so the prize would really go a long way in helping me do that.

  379. Nancy Mehrpad

    The Dining room. I have a huge Dining room table when you first walk in the door and everything tends to end up there. Mail accumulates, things brought in from outside. It all starts out so innocently and becomes a monster that you want to ignore in no time!

  380. Melissa

    My Living Room/Kitchen since I live in an apartment they are pretty much connected and its almot impossible to keep it organized or decluttered. And considering I have a limited cabinet space in the kitchen most things get put in a corner of the living till we can find room.

  381. Kerry

    Desk in the kitchen is everyone’s dumping ground, especially mine!

  382. Jen Husz

    Definitely my basement…it seems everytime I clear clutter from the main floor (which is often, b/c clutter drives me crazy), I dump it down there until I can deal with it. Then I go on a basement purging binge, but a month later there is more clutter down there. I still don’t know where it all comes from, b/c I’m so careful about not bringing stuff into the house! Maybe it has something to do with the 3 small children…

  383. Mary Ruth

    Clutter is attracted to my desk. I’m trying to “go paperless” and organize the rest. Wow!! What a chore.

  384. Nicole Warren

    My home is my haven, and yes I totally agree! Helpful article, constant battle getting organized and the gift cards would help so much! I already know exactly what I’d want to do with them, thanks for the opportunity!

  385. Dianna

    it is definitely my bedroom. Because without a spare room or basement I tend to pile things up there when I don’t know where else to put it.

  386. Andrea cotter

    Master bedroom. Easy to blow off since no one ever sees it but us!

  387. Cynthia

    The kitchen, without a doubt! That breakfast bar is a constant battle.

  388. Lori Taube

    Our master bedroom is definitely the most cluttered! We run a home-based business so our room doubles as an office, and since “no one ever sees our room anyway” it’s always the last on my cleaning priority list..

  389. Gabrielle Martin

    Our bedroom is the hardest to keep decluttered. It is where I do laundry and because it is out of sight, I frequently use it as a dumping ground when I frantically clean before company comes.

  390. Kathleen K

    The kitchen–it isn’t that big and we all use the space all day/every day!

  391. missy june

    My most difficult room is the children’s bathroom … I have three who share a small space and the counter gets filled with tooth brushes and hair brushes and tooth paste splotches. The mirror gets sprayed, the tub has multiple toys. It’s a bit chaotic!

  392. tiffany sexton

    My master bedroom is the worst! Everything that doesn’t have a place ends up in there.

  393. kara

    counters cleaned off in kitchen & dishes done in the evening.

  394. Brenda

    The kids’ play room! But, it is well used. :)

  395. Susan

    OH boy, the kitchen for sure! It is the dumping ground for the entire family – they don’t understand that it is my office and that I need some order!! It is a constant battle.

  396. Jae

    Hmm..that’s a good question. I think it’s a tie between the laundry room and kitchen!

  397. Stacee T.

    Our bonus room! This ~500sf room serves as my office for my graphic design and photography business, portrait studio for said business, media room, home school room, library, guest room, play room, laundry room and also is home to my husband and kids’ computers as well. 3/23 is my husband’s birthday and what a gift it would be if I could tell him I won this amazing giveaway!! <3

  398. Ginny J

    Without a doubt the kitchen! It seems like everything gets dumped on the island.

  399. Elizabeth

    We enter our home from the back door through the kitchen. Therefore, the kitchen table and counters(which you run into first) are almost always covered with mail, bags, groceries, and random STUFF that we don’t know what to do with. I could really use a better system! The Container Store and Target are my “happy place” and I would love to win a shopping spree!

  400. Katherine

    The Kitchen is the worst spot for me!

  401. Beth Groce

    It has to be the kitchen – specifically the island.

  402. Becky

    My kitchen counter tops are the worst. They collect everything. Very depressing.

  403. Kelbi

    My bedside table !! YIKES! My BF and I love to eat snacks in bed and watch tv that plus all the remotes, laptops and chargers leaves my nightstand a disaster I carry cans and food to the kitchen daily and hide electronics only to have them all reappear hours later ….. Is there such thing as a hida-table?? Cause I would for sure invest in that !

  404. Melody

    Definitely the kitchen counters… I end up cleaning those every day.

  405. Deb

    Our bonus room is impossible to keep clean. It’s a multi-purpose room used as my kids playroom/TV room and our home school space. It’s a fabulous spot, it just needs a plan and some organization.

  406. Rachel Langston

    Our worst area is either the kitchen or right outside the back door. Those seem to be the places where everything (backpacks, sports equipment, etc. gets dumped on the way in or out the door. Amazingly enough, my husband is the one who CONSISTENTLY takes his stuff straight to our room when he gets home!

  407. Patty Coleman

    Definitely my kitchen counter and table. If I put one thing there it just grows until everyone puts stuff there.

  408. AmyLynn

    Our home office. Every book, scrap of paper, mail, etc. that needs to be dealt with “later” gets piled in there. Seems it’s always a disastrous mess of cords, files, and “to be done” items. It’s overwhelming. Ugh!

  409. fiona

    My Kitchen, everyone is our family enters our home through the kitchen. So, we have shoes, purses, backpacks, snow pants, mittens, hats, keys, school books, grocery bags, coats, mail and anything else that has no real place …

  410. Lisa

    The kitchen bar area, it’s a catch all for everything! Also the black glass under the grates on my gas cook top is so hard to keep looking clean & shiny, I am constantly cleaning it.
    Great giveaway!

  411. Kara

    My bedroom because things that don’t have a spot in the rest of my home end up there.

  412. Meghann

    The master bedroom! If guests come over I stuff things in there and then leave it.

  413. Meg D.

    For us, our master bedroom proves to be the dumping ground for all of our clutter. It tends to collect all of the projects, items to go to the attic, problems that need fixing, and paperwork (since our computer is on our bedroom).

  414. Kim Cowden

    My kitchen….It seems that as soon as I clean it someone decides to make a snack. Ugh. =)

  415. allmandcclark4prez

    The kitchen. 3/5 of my hotspots were in the kitchen. The island, the desk, and the kitchen table. We have 4 boys, and everynight at dinner one of them has to move a pile to the floor to set their place. I often eat next to a stack of JUNK.

  416. Lisa

    Our kitchen. Clean? Not a problem. Clutter free? Problem! First room in the house as you enter so it is the dumping ground for keys, mail, papers and anything that needs to be set down. We also end up with piles of homeschool books and supplies, laptop and papers. {sigh} There has to be a solution! :)

  417. Kristi

    Kitchen counter hands down. Everyone just piles all their stuff on it all the time. Thanks for the giveaway!

  418. Bonnie Martin

    the kitchen…not enough counter space and things get “dropped” as we enter the house and then don’t get taken to where they belong

  419. Fairfield House

    The room that is hardest to keep clutter free is currently the dining room. It presently serves as a wrapping station, craft room and office. In fact, we use it for everything BUT eating in and it drives me crazy. :/

    Your Friend,

  420. Brooke

    My bedroom for sure! If seems like I’m always doing laundry and it never makes it back into the drawers and instead in piles on the floor.

  421. Michelle

    The most difficult room for me is the kitchen. It’s everyone’s drop off point and I have to work hard to keep the clutter out. School books, car keys, mail, work stuff all try to gain an entrance into the hub of our home.

  422. Amy

    My kitchen! With 6 children, we get a daily pile up of homework papers, after school snacks and breakfast dishes! I clean my kitchen several times a day in order to keep it tidy. And there is rarely a day where I don’t do two loads of dishes. I remarked this morning to my husband, after a particularly busy day yesterday, how quickly the house gets messy if I’m not on top of it every second. *sigh* But I’m pretty sure the Container Store could provide a few solutions for organizing some of the hot spots in my kitchen, heh?

    • Katherine Marshall

      The Kitchen countertops are the worst clutter spot for this house!

  423. Mehgan R

    I have a heck of a time keeping our kitchen/eat-in dining area un-cluttered. The table always ends up full of receipts, mail, purses, coats, and other junk because it’s the first large surface available when we walk in the garage door. There is a separate 3-foot counter by the refrigerator that is the designated “office space”, it also ends up cluttered with more receipts, paperwork to do or remember, etc. Every week or so I go through and clean it up but somehow over the week it just gets cluttered up again!

  424. Christina Bailey

    The kitchen! No matter what I do….cant keep it clean. There is always a spill, dirty plates, and just mess after mess!

  425. Adria

    The play room in our home is a constant battle for me. I desperately need some better organization for the endless amounts of toys, crafts, books, and dress-up clothes!

  426. Denise

    Definitely my kitchen!

  427. Jessica

    The hardest room to keep clutter free for me is my dining room. It’s one of the first rooms you see when you enter my home, and it’s where school papers, my purse, groceries, etc. get dumped when walking in.

    This is a wonderful giveaway! Thanks!!

  428. Amy Elder

    There are so many choices. Currently,however, it is our office because it is being used by my husband for his job search, 3 teenagers for their homework and as storage for my homeschooling stuff. Ughh! And did I mention that it is open and visible to all who walk in? Pretty sure we should just put a door on it and call it good.

  429. Lisbeth

    Great post! I made my husband read this because I am always telling him that I need ORDER in our household! We run our business from our home, so my house is my office-when work requires a 10-12 hour day from me, the order in the house gives me a sense of control over my domain. Other stuff we cant control, but the hotspots we can!

  430. Lindsay

    My office. It has become the dumping ground for anything without a home. It’s out of sight, which is a blessing and a curse. We recently got married, so that room is even more out of control than normal, with wedding gifts, and an influx of my husband’s things. Eeek!

  431. Dawn Gahan

    You’d think as a single mom with a daughter away at college, I’d be living clutter-free and clean 24/7. Not. I have a small area on my kitchen countertop that collects things needing to find their home, everything from “what needs to go out into the garage” to “heading to the craft room,” to “please file me.” I’m forever getting things to where they need to be and creating a new pile at the same time.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  432. Stephanie

    The garage entry into our basement – it’s been on my “mission list” to create a mud area there for a while now I am just struggling on the look I want. But without it, coats, backpacks, briefcases, shopping bags and shoes all tend to pile near the door and on the table in the center of the area. It is the first thing I see when I get home and instantly unsettles me! I have to be careful to clear it out so the chaos doesn’t creep throughout the house, but it would be great to have solutions there that would keep the inevitable dumping under control!

  433. Courtney

    Definitely the ledge/bar area of the kitchen! It’s not exactly the counter top so everyone somehow feels like its more ok to dump there. It’s out of control with mail, school papers, toys, nail clippers, medicine, coasters,etc! You name it and it’s probably on there!

  434. Lissa

    My kitchen seems to be the worst. Too many papers from school and too much junk mail!

  435. Gail Kieffer

    I find my kitchen the most cluttered. The kids book bags, coats, shoes, mail, electronics, toys, magazines, school papers, and more papers all seem to find a landing spot in the kitchen. I’m convinced that papers are asexual and multiply all on their own when no one is looking! I’ve created several organizational items to help over the years (ooks for the kids coats, cubbies in the coat closet for their shoes, baskets on the stairs for each kid to collect all those lego peices and other items that don’t find their way home and a basket on the counter for mail). I’m off to a good start. Now it’s time to put the steps into action.
    Thanks for the reminder that it’s never to late to get organized and I accept your 30 day challange.
    God Bless

  436. Rachel

    My home office!

  437. Amy

    Our dining room. I work from home and our dining room table is my desk during the day. Unfortunately, the papers usually stay there, pushed to the edge of the table, or moved to our other clutter hot spot: the built in buffet in our dining room. Thanks for the opportunity to enter and win some help organizing these spaces!

  438. Sinae Kim

    Probably my closet.. I try on a bunch of clothes in the morning, and then pile them up on a chair (since I always seem to be running late..) and then when I come home from work, I tell myself I’m too tired to clean it up. By the end of the week, I find a mountain of clothes in my closet and feel overwhelmed and stressed-out(!). I couldn’t agree with you more about making these little things a habit and not letting it get out of control.

    I can do this!!! :)

  439. Meg

    My craft room is a hot mess 900% off the time! Just when I make a little headway in organizing it, my husband finds something else that needs to live there, a have a project that needs to be completed quick or whatever. That room needs help!

  440. Joy K

    It’s a pretty common problem, but I am going to chime in here with my Kitchen, specifically my peninsula countertop. It’s like a magnet for everything that does not belong in the kitchen. I am excited to implement your ideas and make them work!

  441. Cindy Riley

    It used to be the kitchen counter when the children were the children have grown, but are in transition and all their ‘extra’ stuff gets left behind. So I will have to say that their old bedrooms are the most cluttered spots. My husband and I have been working on them-containers,labels and the attic are our best friend right now. This giveaway would certainly be a lifesaver!!

  442. Lorraine

    The Kitchen!

  443. Joell

    As with a lot of the other women’s comments…kitchen, kitchen, kitchen! I love the fact that it’s a great space for my family to be together, but it is impossible to keep it all neat and tidy like I would love to see it!

  444. Dana

    The kitchen, mainly because it’s the “drop-off point” right when we get home. All the mail, bags, random take-home items end up on the kitchen table or floor. I would really love to reclaim my kitchen table as an actual place to eat!

  445. Nicole

    Our kitchen, for sure. We usually use the rear entrance into the kitchen for our main entryway, so everything gets dropped there before being put anywhere else. Mail, kids school papers, bags of athletics uniforms on the way to the wash, the dogs leashes, etc. I really need to find a way to organize the mass of school papers that comes into our home!

  446. Shauna Crandall

    The kitchen… for sure. Its the main gathering place for my family. Between meals, dishes, homework, and mail, I find it tough to stay on top of it all. We bough our house 2 years ago and the kitchen had been updated and is gorgeous. That’s my motivation. It cleans up real nice!

  447. BarbaraNJ

    With no garage or mudroom, the kitchen becomes the drop zone.

  448. Joanne Hodgson


  449. Naomi Wetterstrom

    The dining room. Its the first room that everyone walks into when we enter the house. So everything gets dumped there, whether on the table or the floor. It’s also being used as my husband’s music studio right now, so there are guitars, speakers and all other kinds of music equipment around the room.

  450. Raquel

    Laundry room and paper.

  451. Wendi

    I am excited about this post because 1) I have clutter hotspots and 2) we just moved so I am still trying to figure out how to organize certain areas. I get overwhelmed by the amount of things and how to organize them

    I definitely want to win the prize!

    My worst hotspot is our kitchen counter. The mail and recycling gets cluttered up easily and it’s annoying

  452. Pamela

    My kitchen island just invites all kinds of clutter. My whole family tends to use it as a dump spot for anything they don’t know what to do with!

  453. Donna McBroom-Theriot

    My office is the hardest place. Paper seems to come in faster than I can throw it out. It is kind of a drop off point for me for my purse, the mail, etc. I run our business from my home office as well as write. I could really use some of the organizing products from The Container Store or Target to help with this. Thanks for a wonderful give away!

  454. Michelle

    My side of the bedroom closet = disaster!

  455. mary timmers

    Thanks for the great post! My worst area is the kitchen, especially coutertops. The kitchen is a walk through path to the rest of the house. It’s also a “dump everything” place too! Time to get busy!

  456. Teresa

    The hardest “room” to keep clean is my huge dining room table. It’s the largest flat surface in the house and is definitely a clutter magnet.

  457. Rachel

    Our office is such a disaster. Papers are everywhere and sometimes we’re lazy and don’t even bother to open the mail. Oops.

  458. Adrienne

    The kitchen table…The dining room table…The coffee table…all flat surfaces in our house seem to be “hot spots” for all of the junk we accumulate in our busy lives! I will definitely use your post as my boost to clean something up today! :)

  459. Carol Ann

    My pantry! Constant pain in my backside.

  460. Heather Brandt

    The kitchen is the most difficult for us. We are there (or in adjoining living room) all day and there are so many dishes to wash and papers to file and toys every where :(

  461. Jessica P.

    Our dining room table is always full of junk. Good thing we have a coffee table to eat at!

  462. M J Wilson

    The master bedroom is the dump place for everything that doesn’t have a “home”, especially when company is expected! :(

  463. Beth

    The messiest spot and hardest to keep clean is the kitchen table. It’s basically the “drop off my stuff spot” when walking in through the garage.

  464. Megan K

    The dining room & dining room table are the hardest to keep clutter-free. We end up plopping everything down right on that table, and we spend lots of time there!

  465. shelly

    My children’s room or the kitchen! I’m always fighting to keep their clothes organized or my kitchen counters/table cleared. Sometimes it feels absolutely endless!! Ahhh . . . giftcards to these stores would be perfect therapy at the moment. :)


    My bedroom, it is the last room down a very long hallway and it is easy to leave it to the last or not at all. Actually it is my closet in my room, Thrown in shut the door!! out of sight out of mind. Inside my home I keep everything pretty tidy at all times, I am like you, can not stand stuff all around me, but in the hidden areas, like the garage and closets, I am a mess!! Great giveaway!! Kathysue

  467. Kara

    Our kitchen is the toughest room to keep clutter free. Our back door opens to the kitchen which means shoes, coats, and bags land on the breakfast nook. Mail and paperwork stay on the table too. And I swear my husband is allergic to doing the dishes! I would love to find some methods to keep this room clutter free. Thank you for the great column!

  468. Michelle

    Definitely the kitchen, our most used room in the house!

  469. Kristi Rose

    Definitely the kitchen! My drawers are full of useless items that take up space and I can never keep the counter tops free of junk, i.e. schoolwork, mail, endless piles of papers, etc. Help!

  470. Heidi

    The bedroom – tucked away from the eyes of visitors, it’s easy to let our mess and dirty clothes pile up in there.


    Ooops I don’t think I can enter, my son works for The Container store, but I don’t have any relatives at Target!! KS

  472. Jodi

    My kitchen island is impossible to keep uncluttered. Everything lands there including backpacks, mail, homework, stray tools or toys. It’s a constant battle.

  473. Shannon L

    Our “laundry stop”…The little room in between our garage and the kitchen that holds our washer, dryer, and everything we need to leave the house. A CONSTANT mess!!!

  474. Kristin F.

    The bedroom, where we have our desk. It always seems to accumulate papers and mail faster than I can keep up.

  475. Carrie Wachowiak

    My Kitchen island for sure!

  476. Linda Stoll

    the kitchen counter …

    currently in residence:

    1. electronic picture frame

    2. four books to go to the post office

    3. a vintage crock filled with kitchen utensils on an old round cutting board

    4. a tin filled with pencils, pens, nail files, highlighters, arts & crafts made by grandchildren

    5. husband’s glasses

    6. today’s mail

    7. my cell phone

    8. a brand new book

    8. basket of cough drops

    9. lip balm

    10. vintage bread box filled with photos, receipts, recipies, and a tissue box

    I know that I just need to Take 15 to get things in shape. But … I’m too busy blogging!

  477. Kirsten

    Our living room is the clutter magnet in our house. The front door is located there and everyone in the family gathers there, so it collects a lot of stuff!

  478. Dayle

    So my husband and I are newlyweds and new homeowners, and our habits are awful considering there are still boxes everywhere from our move. Our worst though is probably the desk in our family room/office. EVERYTHING gets piled there, mail, junk, important papers, all mixed together. I figure 90% of the time that sucker is covered and very obviously unorganized!

  479. Lisa Frank

    It appears I’m not alone in saying this…my kitchen counters! I’m lucky to have quite a bit of counter space, but it always seems to end up housing piles of recipes/papers, bowls of produce, and all the random items that are “in transition” to their actual home. It seems I’m always on the lookout for a new system to keep it clear and organized.

  480. Rory W

    I think for me it’s the kitchen. Stuff just tends to pile up and I never want to do anything about it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  481. Andrea Solano

    Definitely the kitchen counters! No matter how hard I work on keeping it clean and clutter free (I’m a bit OCD), my husband will find the way to leave something…whether it’s food, groceries, or dishes!
    Thanks for the giveaway…Awesome post!

  482. Anne

    The kitchen!! Especially the counters….everyone dumps papers there.

  483. Melissa

    The kitchen!
    Art projects, the paper-trail of life and of course food!

  484. Cassandra Hess

    My livingroom/diningroom/office…it’s all the same room. When I have company, I have to figure out where to stash the office so we can sit at the table and not look at my piles of work while seated in the sitting area. I may win a prize for most items (of use)squeezed into smallest space. I like the clean slate idea though, and permission to bag it until it can be dealt with. xo

  485. nikki

    Easy…my kitchen. The counters are a holding station for everything that walks through the door. Love your tips!

  486. Julie Gonsalves

    the MOST cluttered? such a hard question! I think the most cluttered/frustrating spot in my house is the kitchen desk. It’s a dumping ground for 6 people and all of our junk/treasures/bills/art projects, etc.

  487. Sarah

    Surprisingly the most difficult space to keep clean is our master bathroom! The whole house will look amazing and our bathroom is like this mini disaster zone!

    I think it has to do with the fact that no one else will come in to use it except us and that it’s easy to just shut the door and ignore it…

    Gotta work on that!

  488. KO

    the kitchen counter- it becomes the catch all for mail, kids papers home, just about everything….

  489. Cindy aka Sealion

    The room that is the most difficult for me to keep clean and clutter free is my kitchen.

  490. Jennifer

    My Kitchen is the hardest place to keep clean!!! Everyone hangs out in the kitchen and/or is the place to put everything…it is not only a family gathering space, a place for the “cook”, but also holds our mail center and the pet food and dishes….so many messes!! Counters are cluttered with papers, mail, water bottles, magazines…need I say more? haha.

  491. Andrea

    Oooh… my apartment is tiny and only three bedroom, but the room we seem to have the biggest problem with is the family room- where we spend most of our time. It’s just little things, but I start to notice shoes, sweatshirts, magazines, books, and blankets slowly collecting in weird places a few days after I’ve de-cluttered. We’re looking to buy a house soon- that gift certificate sure would be great!! Love the 30 day habit-forming idea!

  492. Sheila Smith

    The kitchen countertops have become the drop zone for the entire family. We have a small house and the kitchen is where we all come together. It’s a total clutter zone!

  493. D'Ann S.

    The only place worse than my kitchen counters is my DINING ROOM! That big empty table just attracts clutter like a magnet! It’s such a nice, flat place to put something on and closer to the back door (our main entrance) than any of the rooms those things are supposed to live in. The chairbacks make perfect places to ‘hang’ a jacket or sweatshirt; no need to go BACK to the coatrack at the back door, or ALL THE WAY to the bedroom closet. Mail just naturally accumulates there. Laundry likes to make an unscheduled visit, either on the way to or on the way from the laundry room. Unfinished projects take up residence for weeks at a time.

    Funny. The dining room is never used for dining!

  494. Rene

    Without a doubt….my laundry room! Ironing, washing, folding, ugh!

  495. Rhonda Kay

    Kitchen. Although there is a lot of clutter in the TV room aka Mamaw’s rathole.

  496. Stephanie Adams

    The most cluttered area in our home is our bedroom. We spend so much time in the common living spaces. We like to keep those areas clutter free, but if something doesn’t have a spot it always ends up in our room. The door can be closed and there is non the wiser about the mess. I love to be in there when it is clean, so I can’t wait to use these tips!

  497. Melissa

    Definitely my Dinning room table! It is right by the front door and everything gets dropped on the end of the table or the two chairs closest to the door. Drives me crazy! Thanks for doing this giveaway! Awesome!!

  498. Betsy

    The laundry room! With a family of 9 it is impossible to keep it from piling up laundry and a bit of everything else!

  499. Terri

    The living room! Magazines, homework, shoes, socks, books the clutter never ends!

  500. Sarah

    My study, because it’s the only place I can keep paper away from my paper-eating cat, but he meows incessantly when I’m in there without him so I tend to stash stuff there and not spend much time dealing with it.

  501. Kathy

    That’s an easy one! Our den is the most cluttered room in the home. It’s where crayons, papers, coloring books, markers, books, video games, random toys, clothing that gets thrown around, etc finds its home. It’s a nightly routine to unclutter the area just so it can go right back to junky the next day!

  502. Staci

    My office area! It is located right when you walk in the door. I put everything there when I don’t know what to do with it and is the spot where personal and professional papers are supposed to go. I also put all of my craft and decorating projects there to finish later. What a mess, wish I had a door to close!

  503. Jennifer

    The kitchen is the biggest clutter hotspot in my house! It’s right off the front entrance so the kitchen table is a dumping ground for coats and school stuff. Mail gets piled onto the kitchen island and dirty dishes pile up in the sink. I don’t have enough food storage so there’s always something sitting out on the counter – extra bags of chips or snacks. It’s by far the biggest mess and causes the most stress!

  504. Sarah S.

    The kitchen is easily the most difficult room to keep clean in our home. The counter tops double as art tables and homework/mail drop zones. Plus any cooking that supposed to be going on in there. It gets crazy fast!

  505. Gladys

    I would have to say, my bedroom. Since it’s the room people don’t get to see, i end up leaving clothes,makeup and other items laying around. Also our closet is very small and not organized at all so it makes it diffcult to find other items which add to the “clothes everywhere” issue when getting dressed.

  506. Lindsay

    I am a pretty organized person, but it never fails that our kitchen area is the most disasterous area in our house. It only seems to stay clean for about 5 mins then things start piling up on the counters. It doesn’t help that it’s the main entry and exit points to our garage and outdoors.

  507. Chrissy

    Without a doubt our worst clutter-spot is our kitchen table … but then when we sit down for dinner we pil it all up and move it over to a buffet table nearby. The end result is that 90% of the time there is junk in both places! Drives me batty! Two spots identified, three more to go!

  508. Allison C.

    My kitchen island is the worst!!!! Papers there everyday, no place to prepare food….ugh.

    I am so going to do this challenge, spring break PROJECT!!!!

  509. Jessica

    Most definitely my kitchen! I get the counters all cleaned off, and then have to start all over again! Booo. :( Would love to win!

  510. Nicole

    I have a peek through (I guess I’m not sure what it’s REALLY called?) window from my kitchen into the living room. The counter on that thing is ALWAYS a hot mess. Mail, keys, scarves, purses, etc…it’s really the dumping ground for anything and everything. Yikes! Thanks for the great tips. Here’s hoping I can do this! :)

  511. Liz

    Our office…between the desk piled with papers, my husbands dresser piled with stuff, and the window seat that gets laundry dumped on it all the time, this room makes me crazy!

  512. Roshni

    the master bedroom! It seems to be a dumping ground while the sitting room and other visible areas remain fairly pristine!

  513. Kerie Albano

    We just moved and my clutter spots are appearing already! Biggest spot is on the kitchen counter by the computer area…kids school papers, mail etc. I am trying to make a goal of clearing it out every night, now I just have to get organized on where to put everything and not lose track of where I put it!

  514. Bethany

    Sigh, my family room thwarts me. Also my kitchen. They both need some better storage for just a few small items.

  515. Nicki

    Dare I say it? Kitchen counter! Yep, me too!

  516. Kenna

    My kitchen table – we eat at the countertop every night, so now the table is a dump spot for the kids and their stuff. I am almost tempted to take the kitchen table out for this exact reason.

  517. Sarah Moore

    I am an organized person and I thrive when my home is clean and clutter free but for some reason my 2 boys (3 1/2 & 2) are less than organized. Clutter inevitably piles up around here! Bring on the spring cleaning!

  518. Jenny Lindner

    The Living/Family Room!!! It is the one room where my family all loves to hang out together in and because of that it gathers all sorts of stuff like; toys, clothes when we change the kids for bed, shoes, books and dishes when we eat around the coffee table. Fun times, but oh the messes!

  519. Brenda

    Great post!

    We tend to have little hot spots all over the house, but by far the one that fills up the quickest is the kitchen peninsula. Not really an island, but it separates the DR and kitchen and it’s always the first surface we all dump on. :(

  520. Erika

    Definitely my kitchen! I have a bar-height peninsula counter and it gets covered in papers the kids bring home from school, bills, kids’ half-finished art projects, magic markers, small plastic toys, elastic hair bands, books, magazines, the newspaper, napkins, half-finished snacks, coins, friendship bracelets, coupons, scotch tape, and I could go on all day. Even the bar stools gather junk! Whenever I have company coming, de-cluttering this area is a top priority. My husband sometimes de-clutters the kitchen bar area on the weekend, but by Monday afternoon it gets cluttered again! I desperately want to stop the kitchen clutter!!!!

  521. michele m fry

    Great ideas, thanks for sharing!! I would have to say my dinning room table and buffet, it seems to collect all things from mail to toys….have to unclutter it daily!!! Hoping to win a gift card!!!

  522. dawn

    i’d have to say my kitchen island and desk-it’s just way too easy to plop stuff down on them

  523. Marcie

    The kitchen counter is the worst! Everything from mail, recycling, clean dishes (that no one likes to put away), crumbs, food, empty plastic bags, receipts, lunch boxes, etc. It’s the first room as you enter the house, so everyone is guilty of dumping stuff on the counters.

  524. Annie

    oh mylanta! MY OFFICE!! it never seems to be straightened up and it has become a pit of despair. {me melodramatic much?} :) winning this would go a long way to making headway in this place. thanks for the opportunity to fix it all!

  525. Teresea

    The most difficult room to keep clean and clutter free would be my kitchen. Everything coming and going lands in this room and seems to take up residence. I make it a point to leave the sink empty every night, but there is a lot of clutter that has accumulated that isn’t kitchen related.

  526. Tara

    Our basement/office — the top of the desk is constantly a mess. It totally drives me crazy!

  527. Margie Pousardien

    My clutter is the kitchen counter/bar area, it’s a hang out for the family to drop off their stuff!!!!! I feel overwhelmed when the counter is stacked and it’s not food.:)

  528. teresa

    My desk computer area- seems it is the dumping ground for everything….at least twice a week I have to dig out. {it wouldn’t be so bad if it was just my space but I share with my Husband =)
    Great tips

  529. Robin Walston

    The bar that separates my kitchen from my living/dining area is always a disaster. It gives me a headache daily.

  530. Arianne

    It would definitely have to be our garage. We have a 3-car garage and currently only space to put 1 car in it! Tisk tisk!

  531. Becky W.

    Definitely the kitchen counter! Everything gets dumped and left there. Help! :)

  532. Jaimie

    My mud room and laundry room are my hot spots. They drive me crazy! They are always full of shoes, coats, school papers and clothes that need to be folded.

  533. Stephanie Walker

    My Garage! We just moved into a new house. Between storage containers, piles to go to good-will,boxes that we still need to go through, and my husband being too lazy to put things back where they belong, this is the room in my house that I am currently most frustrated with. I think I am going to really take a good stab at this room as soon as the weather warms up. :D

  534. Dreda

    Kitchen. I don’t keep up with it.

  535. Erin Mixon

    We moved recently and so I have new clutter areas that are driving me crazy! Right now, my worst area is my laundry room. We come in the house there and shoes, backpacks, and lunch boxes are dropped. I put a short book shelf in there, but it is filled and overflowing with shoes. Not to mention the dog crate, food, and leash are in there, as well as our recycling bin. Ugh! it’s so much clutter and stresses me out first thing walking into my home. I would love to win the gift cards so I can get it organized. {crossing my fingers} :)

  536. mo

    My daughters room. I get her to clean it but she hates it of course.

  537. pamela

    I am not what you would call a “keeper.” I have a small home, with four kids and two dogs, so there is no room in my life for clutter. For some reason though the area between my kitchen and family room, specifically the counter area, seems to ALWAYS be riddled with clutter. I guess there will always be the one “catch-all” spot, as my mom called it. But I’ll never stop trying to keep it clean!

  538. Laura

    There is one corner of our kitchen that is ALWAYS a mess. It’s right by the door where we come in and tends to be the place where everyone just drops what they are holding. Everything from socks and shoes, to hair bows, to sippy cups, the mail, books, little toys, keys…you name it, it all ends up there! I can clean it three times a day and it would still be cluttered!

  539. Charlotte

    My kitchen is definitely the most difficult room in the house to keep clean and clutter-free. Thanks for the opportunity to get some help with straightening it up.

  540. Libby

    My kitchen is a clutter magnet. I think it’s because we come into the house through the kitchen (dumpling zone) and the kitchen table generally has more clutter on it in a day than food. Thanks for the helpful ideas!

  541. Shellise Rogers

    Although I’ve only just begun to really organize myself and my home, especially as a student I still find that my office area is ALWAYS the most cluttered. No matter how many times I seem to clean it and put things into a place, I always end up having another pile of clutter on my desk and around my desk daily.

  542. Elisha

    The master bedroom, seem like it’s a dumping ground for us.

  543. Rachael Davis

    My kitchen counters! I have a wonderfully large kitchen, but then there are so many surfaces that pile up daily.

  544. sarah

    kitchen counters. our non-existent garage means we park nearest our kitchen door. we come in, bags go on the counters instead of into the remaining parts of the house where they belong. i have visions of a bench & coat hook behind the kitchen door for these things, but as of yet haven’t gotten to it w/ my 2 under 2.5.

  545. Beth

    At our house it’s the master bedroom…easiest place to dump stuff and close the door whenever someone is coming over! Plus it’s not visible all day long so you tend to “forget” about the mess.

  546. Stephanie

    My kitchen is by far the most difficult room to keep clutter free. It’s tiny and dosen’t offer alot of storage.

  547. Ashley

    Our kitchen and back porch – so hard with all our diy stuff, cooking, papers, etc etc etc!

  548. Laura

    When my house isn’t cluttered it feels peaceful. My problem area is my kitchen desk, everything seems to get dumped there. And the items are usually important so it takes time and thought to place them where they should be. And that is easily put off, especially when I know that behind the doors and drawers of the desk lies space that has gotten filled and needs to be cleaned out too!

  549. A

    Our basement rec room – it’s where we have a TV, table and is the walk-through to the laundry room. It’s always cluttered!

  550. Brooklyn

    The place that seems to be the hardest for me to keep clutter free and clean is our master bath. I can scrub it until it shines and a couple of crazy hectic morning days later it looks so messy…(again!) sigh. I would love some nice basket organization for our built in shelves that currently display everything! I want to love my bathroom, but it just makes me want to abandon it =}

  551. Kristal

    toss up between my bedroom and the dining room

  552. Billie Jean

    The Kitchen is the one full of clutter in my house. Especially since we homeschool and spend most of our day in the kitchen. My counters are a never-ending battle!

  553. Colleen in Dallas

    My home office. I’m a pretty organized person, but everything seems to end up on my desktop.

  554. Cheri

    Kitchen island, for sure.

  555. Rose

    My main problem is the main living area, which includes the living room (TOYS!) and the dining room table and some other surfaces that keep getting cluttered with random papers, toys that shouldn’t be on the floor, medicine, charge cords, library books, Netflix videos, snacks, you name it. Drives me batty.

  556. Michelle

    HOnestly it is the kitchen counter! It seems we all walk in the door straight to the kitchen and dump everything on the small counter by the fridge! I need to find a way to organize all the misc small stuff!! Love your blog!

  557. Bev G

    Our constantly cluttered area is kitchen/dining table. It is central to everything and things stop there (and never get put away). We end up eating on one end….nice.

  558. Lorna

    The living/dining room is the most cluttered.

  559. Amber J.

    Mine would be the kitchen. It’s the place where everything from school gets dumped. I’m ready to tackle it!

  560. Kim

    definitely my desk area!

  561. Stephanie C.

    It’s our family room, kitchen area – it’s all one big space and where we are all the time. We have twins due in April and a 2.5 year old….and it’s always so hard to keep neat and organized. Between toys, mail, day-day-tasks, etc. I can’t imagine what it will turn into when the babies come!! I have to get it in order now and use your great tips to try to find a new way to do things – so it can be habit! Thanks for the chance!

  562. Courtney Mac

    Definitely the kitchen..the bar especially seems to attract mail, toys, you name it!!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  563. Jennifer

    Our playroom which also functions as the office and “catch all” room. Drives me nuts!!! I have really been wanting to organize and clean it out.

  564. Liza

    We have an open dining room between the front door and kitchen that is my unofficial home office, mailroom, homework center, coat closet and sometimes, a place to eat!

  565. Gwen

    Our bedroom. It’s where all the laundry piles up, where all my decor mishaps go, and where my husband keeps his work duffel bags!

  566. Robin

    My teen age girls’ bathroom os so hard to clean…. They use so much product on their hair and it gets caked on the bath tub. Shaving cream, soap scum… It is a huge mess!!!! Clorox clean up helps a lot but it is a tough job to stay beautiful!!!! I love my girls but, what a mess!! : ))

  567. Fran

    I don’t know which is worse, the laundry room or our family room desk. Both of these are catchalls, obviously for different types of things. The laundry catches all laundry/cleaning supplies type of things and the desk catches all daily mail, papers to be sorted and filed, receipts, etc. It can be quite overwhelming.

  568. Karen

    Hi Melissa,
    Our kitchen counter, the end where the bar stools are. It catches mail, things we’re trying to remember, etc. I really need a basket or something to catch all of the stuff!

  569. Jenny R.

    My Art Room! It is impossible to keep organized because it isn’t 100% finished. It had 7 layers of wallpaper on it, so I’m slowly getting closer to finishing the room. I have so many creative things and nowhere to put them, so naturally it becomes very cluttered very fast. Plus, it currently is being used as a laundry room as well, so add dirty clothes to the mix and it’s a recipe for disaster. Right now I can’t do creative things because it stresses me out to go in there! I desperately need a method of organization to help turn my Art Room back to my favorite room in the house.

  570. Lesley

    Probably the kitchen island–it’s such a focal point in our kitchen that I always want to look pretty and tidy, but it tends to collect homework papers, half-filled glasses, and backpacks. Right now it even has a package of toilet paper on it that I need to take to the bathroom!

  571. Lorri

    The kitchen is my nemesis! Both the island and the table are sore spots.

  572. Ashley

    Our kitchen island is our clutter hot spot. It is located right when we walk in the garage door, so it collects purses, keys, mail, shopping bags, important papers, dog leash, etc etc etc. I try SO hard to keep that area clean, but it always seems to get away from me.

  573. Cathy

    I have so many areas, but the worst are ones shared with my hubby. The office is the worst.

  574. laurie

    I would say the basement – since nobody (other than my husband and myself) go down there it tends to be the catchall for EVERYTHING. Even the cats don’t like going down there.

  575. Megan

    The most difficult room in our house to keep clean is the kitchen. It seems like that is where everyone throws their things. The most difficult room outside the house is the garage. If I hate seeing it in the kitchen, I put it in the garage. My husband LOVES this. :)

  576. Ranelle

    My kitchen!! The counters are a dumping ground for everything.

  577. Sara Taylor

    It’s the kitchen countertop. Never clean for long!

  578. Jolleen

    My kitchen by far is the most difficult to keep clutter free. Specifically one area of counter top that becomes the dumping ground for all new items brought into the house. Usually the big stuff gets put away fairly quickly, but the little stuff and mail/papers end up stacked. It drives me bananas becasue it is the first are you see as you enter the house via the garage, so I never come home to a clean counter – which makes me grumpt and automatically puts me into clean-up mode. I think I could relax at home a lot more if I could nip that one problem area. Major roadblock to fixing this is the husband though. UGH!

  579. Deborah

    The most difficult room for me to keep clean is my counter by the pone in the kitchen. Seeems like everything lands there, mail, keys, lunch bags tools. Everyone feels this is the drop off point.

  580. Kelly Palmer

    The most difficult room in our house to keep clean is the laundry room. We are renovating our 1939 craftsman style home and all of the materials seem to end up there until used for the many ongoing projects. The most difficult outside would be our garage. We are doing the house projects first before we tackle redoing the garage hence the mess in our laundry room :)

  581. Peggy Dlugos

    I would have to say it is the kitchen.

  582. Kathy Mensalvas

    My husband works out of the home…he has an office and a little portable office…..but his computer, files and PENS end up all over the house. I continue to pick up everything and put it back in his office…on a bad day the pens actually go airborne.

  583. Marty

    Oddly enough, my guest room is my biggest challenge right now. I have a grandbaby, and keep all his “equipment” there when he isn’t visiting….portacrib, high chair, baby gates, playpen, basket of toys, etc. How can such a little person need so many BIG items??? :-)

    Outside the house….our garage, though we have installed kitchen cabinets and a great maple worktop. BUT, my husband is a tool “junkie”, not small tools, but drill presses, etc. We need an annex to house them all! Now if only he would use them on a fantastic home improvement project!!! :-)

  584. Dar

    Oh it’s most surely my master bedroom closet! I have a “sickness’ with shoes…and clothes also, and it shows. I’m in serious need of some storage as my shoes, clothes and accessories are piled atop each other and all over the place. I also currently use those cheapo plastic hangers, you know the one’s you can buy for about $3 for 20! They leave the most hideous wrinkles in my clothes. Oh and I am still using some of those lovely wire hangers also. It’s just a serious mess, so much so that I am the only person allowed in the room in fear someone could seriously injure themself with all the mess and lack of organization/storage! Pitiful :(

    • Dar

      forgot my website…

  585. Debra

    The mudroom inside the house and the garage outside the house.

  586. melissa giese

    I would have to say my closet. It looks like a Store my husband says.I call it my decorating ideas closet

  587. Carrie Nelson

    This is a tough question– I seem to fight clutter everywhere– but I am going to say my diningroom b/c it is the first horz surface in my house, and I dump my things there— so therefore I have a difficult time with that room– the other rooms are cluttered b/c of the other family members– AWESOME BLOG!!!

  588. Theresa

    The most difficult room for me to keep clutter-free is the family room. My whole family gathers there to read, watch TV and hang out. Books and CDs and DVDs piles up. Clothes and shoes get left on the floor. Toys get left all over. It always feels like just as I get it nice and neat, someone is going in there with a bowl of popcorn to watch a movie! And you know those kernels end up in the couch cushions!

  589. Karen

    The kitchen! It stays clean and clutter-free all day until 3:30 – after school! Homework piles, snacks, dinner making, dishes, etc.

  590. Lindsay Puckett

    The most difficult room for me to keep clean is my own bedroom. When people come over, i quickly hide all my clutter back there, and there it stays forever!

  591. The Chatty Housewife

    The most difficult is the spare room. I shove everything into the closet in there and it’s such a mess!

  592. Angel

    The hardest room to keep clean is the kitchen. Everything ends up on the island and the table. As fast as I clear it, something ends up on it. I’m going to do the 30 day habits to help me keep these hotspots clean and clutter free. The hardest room outside is the garage. Like another poster, anything that doesn’t have a home in the house ends up out there much to my husbands dismay.

  593. Sandi W

    My Kitchen/Dining Room/Living Room/Homeschool Room is the hardest to keep clean, mainly because there is so much in one 17’x20′ space. I can’t wait to build my ‘big’ house.

  594. Sandra

    Closets…they are the secret messy spots in my house.I guess you could say- I have skeletons in my closets- lol

  595. Marchelle

    Ugh,… most difficult room to keep clean and clutter-free? Sadly, in our home it’s the room inhabited the least: the master suite. Yes, though I am a stay-at-home-seemingly-never-busy-mom, with three toddlers under three there is rarely moment enough to organize anything in there and no one really ever sees it. I generally say “Good-bye” to the mess in the early morning after a 2-second shower and dress routine, and finally get the opportunity to reunite come bedtime when I’m in a zombie-like state. Who’s gonna clean at that time?! It’s a constant inner-battle to keep up with the space that should be my favorite.

  596. Barbara

    Our bedroom is the most difficult room to keep clean. When guests are coming over, all the clutter from the kitchen and family room get thrown into the bedroom where we can close the door. Don’t even get me started on the garage!!!

    • Susan

      My kitchen!!

  597. Amanda Kurz

    The hardest room to keep clean is my 6 yr old daughters room. She is a collector and artist and keeps everything because it’s “speshul” to her! We could really use the gift cards for more organization tools like baskets and whatnot!

  598. Joanne

    the most difficult room is the kitchen – always dirty dishes and the counters are the catch all for everything – and if its dinner time its like food prep mess central

  599. Beth

    The kitchen is the clutter center of our house. Keys, purse, wallets, dishes, cookbooks, the cats meds, everything is sucked into the kitchen vortex.

  600. Heather

    Hands down my bedroom! It’s my secret place to hide the clean laundry, and misc stuff that I don’t have time to clean. I’d love to have that my retreat room at the end of the day :)

  601. Stefanie Foltz

    The most difficult room in my home to keep clean and free of clutter is the office/play room.

  602. Barbara

    Oh my, where to start??? The clutter spot that bothers me the most would be the kitchen counters and table. If it lands there, it stays there. Got to break that habit (now, how do I deal with the hubs’ habit?)

  603. Heather

    Hands down our bedroom! It’s where I hide all the unfolded laundry and misc stuff. I’d love to have it be my clean retreat at the end of the day!

  604. Gail Hunter

    The biggest issue in my home is the laundry room, because we enter and exit through it. There’s no space for coat hooks, but that doesn’t seem to matter! Everything gets dropped on top of the ironing board.

  605. Katie G

    The most difficult clutter spot in the house is the spare bedroom. Out of sight, out of mind. This really goes x1000 for the basement, but I try not to think about the basement problems ever. :)

  606. Carrie

    At first I was going to say my kitchen island. We drop keys, mail, chapstick, etc, etc, etc there. Also, the sink is in the island so there is almost always a dirty cup sitting there as well.

    But, then I realized that the master bedroom is worse! I leave unfolded laundry in baskets, rarely make the bed, let’s stacks of “I’m not sure what to do with this stuff” stuff pile up on the dressers. This is my biggest problem area because NO ONE but us ever goes in there. But it isn’t a calm and restful place to be in it’s messy state. I didn’t even realize it bothered me so much until I started writing this comment. I think it’s time for a change!

  607. Pat Bowers

    The spot in my house that receives and retains the most clutter is the dining-area table in my kitchen. EVERYTHING that comes into the house passes by that table, and if it isn’t walking, being worn, or isn’t refrigerated “stuff” it gets deposited on that table. And becomes out-dated there. And lost there. Alas.

  608. Katherine

    Definitely the kitchen, specifically the kitchen table…this is where the mail, jackets, shoes, randoms are always thrown upon entering the house. It is a never-ending battle keeping it clear so we can actually eat on it occasionally :)

  609. Jessica T

    I say the dining room is the most difficult to keep clutter free. It’s just too easy to put those random kids papers, junk mail, other random stuff on that big empty table!

  610. Meg

    Currently, my mudroom. All the muddy/snowy shoes tracking through. Not to mention that is the area with the most used of our several litter boxes. CANNOT seem to keep this area clean!

  611. Tracy

    The hardest room to keep clutter free is our kitchen. Papers, backbacks etc. make it a daily stuggle.

  612. Amy Bostwick

    It would be our kitchen. We do everything in there….eat, homework, mail, games. Anyone’s coming over I hide junk in the laundry room! Ugh!

  613. Tehmina Siddiqui

    Talking of identifying one spot that appears cluttered in the house is the washroom – the sight is just so unb:earable and to make matters worst if I had to share hubby dears car – I ask for God’s mercy,literally have to pick up things from the seat to sit!

  614. Marisa

    Definitely my kitchen.. it’s the first room everyone goes to… mail, bookbags, sneakers, etc. all get piled up. It always needs pickup!

  615. Margaret

    Ours is now the attic. We just decluttered the whole house to sell it and hid EVERYTHING in the attic!

  616. Debra Schramm

    Kitchen – first room we come into and first room we drop everything in!

  617. Rachel

    The hardest room to keep clutter free is our computer/craft room. It’s a bedroom but it ends up being a catch all space for us so it really truly hasn’t been clutter free since we moved here and well, that’s been awhile. I really want to get things under control but sometimes I just don’t know how. I’m going to try to delutter 3 spaces today, your post has given me the inspiration!

  618. Kristine G.

    It is definitely the kitchen. Our counters are never bare & rarely is our dining room table.

  619. Michelle D

    The living room! It’s full o toys, backpacks, libary books, and school papers.
    Love your post it’s given me some good ideas.

  620. Doreen

    My kitchen, definitely my counters!

  621. Dee

    Definitely, our cozy little den is in dire need of an organizational overhaul. Mail, packages to return, books, art supplies, Legos, random chachkies, pens, magazines we keep meaning to read but never get to, small tools, boxes of photographs as well as photos without frames, mystery keys and screws, the digital camera & accessories, and other junk clutter the space terribly. We also use several shelves for our DVD collection, not to mention the Wii & games, router and modem are located in this room and there are black wires galore marring the clean white walls. Ultimately, we have sacrificed this room to keep our great room/kitchen area visitor-ready!

    The room has the potential to be gorgeous, with a wall of built-in shelving, lovely hardwood floor and fantastic natural light, but this project just keeps getting put on the back burner! What makes it easier to delay is that the mess can be concealed from company by simply closing the door that is located to the right of our foyer.

    I need baskets, containers, additional shelves, dividers and lots of other little accessories. Just one quiet weekend and $500 in gift cards can help to give this room the appearance it deserves. :-)

  622. Ashleigh

    By far the most difficult room in our house to keep clean is the living room, because that’s where we spend all of our time! My husband and I work from home, and our twin boys play there, but they’re only 8 months, not old enough to learn to put their own things away! I will definitely be focusing our organizing efforts there!

  623. Amy C

    It’s a toss up between the living room and the kitchen. Actually, we have an open concept floor plan so the kitchen is open to the living room. Perhaps that’s why it’s difficult to define where the clutter begins and ends.

  624. Roeshel

    The kitchen is the hardest room to keep clean. I love clean, cleared off counters and no clutter but my husband does the cooking and loves everything within easy reach (he doesn’t see messes like I do either).

  625. Mandy

    The most difficult room to keep clean and cluttered free is my bedroom! I spend the least amount of time in that room which means that is where I dump everything! Especially when company is coming over and I do not have time to clean and organize the entire house. I dump clean clothes out of the dryer, random mail I need to go through, anything that does not yet have a place…everything and then I simply hide it by closing the door!

  626. Whitney R

    The kitchen counters hands down. Between kiddos & all of their school work to be signed & various activity flyers, mail etc. the clutter goes on & on!

  627. Kim c

    Our master bedroom is so hard to keep organized. When I clean the rest of the house I tend to “hide” any items I don’