My Decorating & Homemaking Books!

My Decorating & Homemaking Books!


My Decorating & Homemaking Books!


My Decorating & Homemaking Books!


A Lovely Life: Savoring Simple Joys in Every Season

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I have a passion for creating a home, not to be a showplace, but to be a sanctuary in every season. Creating that type of atmosphere at home involves cultivating a deep appreciation for the most ordinary of days. Rather than always striving for more than I have or can handle, I feel the most peace when I am simply present in the here and now, savoring the routines of the day and finding beauty in the rhythms of the seasons.

If you ever feel like you don’t have or do “enough” I wrote this book to remind, inspire and encourage myself as well as my fellow homebodies that a lovely life isn’t an unattainable one! Every day can be a better one.

I filled my new book, A Lovely Life, with encouragement, simple ideas and photos that I hope will inspire you to put on your own “rose colored glasses” and embrace your own lovely life. That kind of life doesn’t mean the house will be perfect or guarantee that there will be an absence of trouble filling our days, some seasons are messy and hard!

In A Lovely Life I share how embracing the rhythms of every season and romanticizing the most ordinary experiences and rituals of our days reminds us to be more intentional, present and grateful for the moments we have.

It’s seeing the little gifts in front of us that make life lovely.

Read more about A Lovely Life HERE.

My Decorating & Homemaking Books!

But Where Do I Put the Couch?

And Answers to 100 Other Home Decorating Questions

This book (by me and Thistlewood!) is full of answers to decor questions sent in by YOU, our readers! :)

Dwelling: Simple Ways to Nourish Your Home, Body, & Soul

Feel Well Where You Dwell

Make small, simple changes to strengthen the connection between your home and body—your two dwellings—so you can live a healthier, happier life.

Read more of my posts about Dwelling:

A Homebody Manifesto
Why Dwelling is the Most Important Book I’ve Ever Written

Dwelling: The Heart of a Home-Maker

My Decorating & Homemaking Books!
My Decorating & Homemaking Books!

Dwelling Well Journal

Live a Different Story This Year

Do you desire to do immeasurable good for yourself, your home, and others, but find it difficult to maintain daily habits that help you accomplish your goals?
Here is your invitation to explore simple and practical ways to improve your well-being every day. Each month, you will be inspired to set a plan of action using the calendar pages, reflect daily on the special moments you are grateful for, and journal your thoughts using guided prompts.
Dwell on blessings throughout your year and discover how the positive mind-set you’re cultivating will create lasting change in your home and body. You will become more mindful of and thankful for your time, your life, and your healthy choices.

This journal is designed to be flexible, customizable, and personal. It can be used together with Melissa Michaels’ book, Dwelling, or on its own. Let it be your companion on this journey. This is your story and your life—savor it, celebrate it, and nourish it.

The Inspired Room

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Your home isn’t a showplace—it’s a sanctuary. You’re invited to forget about the rules and discover inspired ways to personalize your spaces and express your style with texture, color, and your favorite treasures. Room by room, with full color photos, I’ll help you shape a home that is inspired by the people, beauty, and life you love.

“Melissa Michaels’ new book, The Inspired Room, is full of smart, practical advice and packed with inspiration to spare. The photos are gorgeous and accompanied by helpful tips and details, and the writing lifts you up and makes you excited to dive into home decor headfirst!”
— Sherry Petersik, NY Times Bestselling Author of Young House Love

“Melissa shares how to be content and happy in our home, inspiring our homes with the things we love and the people we cherish.”
— Ann Voskamp, NY Times Bestselling Author of One Thousand Gifts

My Decorating & Homemaking Books!
My Decorating & Homemaking Books!

Love The Home You Have

Get a FREE Quote Downloadable Artwork Here

You can create the home of your dreams right where you are. Take the 31-day Love Your Home challenge, declutter, organize, and decorate your rooms with ease, and leap from dreamer to doer with confidence. Dare to see your surroundings with new eyes!

My Decorating & Homemaking Books!


Make Room For What You Love

If you struggle with clutter, I can empathize! Let me offer some insightful ideas for altering your habits while efficiently decluttering and organizing your home so that you can really enjoy living there. You’ll be inspired to create a place for the things you love and the breathing room to pursue your dreams and engage in life with the people who matter most.

My Decorating & Homemaking Books!

My Decorating & Homemaking Books!
My Decorating & Homemaking Books!

Simple Decorating

Jump-start your style and refresh your home with budget-friendly and practical ideas from my book Simple Decorating! You’ll learn to embrace your style, reimagine your spaces, and transform hard-to-love areas into favorite destinations. Full color photos.

My Decorating & Homemaking Books!

Simple Gatherings

Welcoming loved ones into your home doesn’t have to be intimidating when you discover your authentic hosting style, focus on what guests remember most and celebrate people as the centerpiece of any gathering. You can check perfection and intimidation at the door because this book isn’t hosting a Pinterest-worthy party…Simple Gatherings is about creating an experience that will draw people together. Full color images.

My Decorating & Homemaking Books!

My Decorating & Homemaking Books!
My Decorating & Homemaking Books!

Simple Organizing

Getting organized can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Bring order and purpose to every room when you create an orderly vision for your home, design organizational systems to inspire you, and focus on progress, not perfection. Full color images.

My Decorating & Homemaking Books!


The Inspired Room Coloring Book

Have fun experimenting with your favorite color palettes, playing with fun patterns, imagining the possibilities through creative activities, and coloring beautiful pages that bring your dreams to life.

My Decorating & Homemaking Books!
My Decorating & Homemaking Books!

All Books:

– New York Times Bestseller Love the Home You Have, released March 2015 – Amazon // Barnes and Noble

– The Inspired Room, released November 2015 – Amazon // Barnes and Noble

– Make Room for What You Love, released May 2016 – Amazon // Barnes & Noble

– The Inspired Room Coloring Book, released July 2016 – Amazon // Barnes and Noble

– Simple Decorating, released April 2017 – Amazon // Barnes and Noble

– Simple Gatherings, released October 2017 – Amazon // Barnes and Noble

– Simple Organizing, released April 3, 2018 – Amazon // Barnes and Noble

– Dwelling, released April 2, 2019 – Amazon // Barnes and Noble

– But Where Do I Put the Couch, released September 2019 – Amazon // Barnes and Noble

– Dwelling Well Journal, released January 7, 2020 – Amazon // Barnes and Noble

– A Lovely Life, releasing May 17, 2022. – Amazon

– Wholesale Orders: Harvest House Publishers 1-888-501-0160

My Decorating & Homemaking Books!

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