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Redeemed {Spring Giveaway!}

by | Mar 19, 2012 | blogging, Decorating Inspiration, giveaways

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Redeemed {Spring Giveaway!}

Hello there! How about if we do a Spring Giveaway? YAY?

I have so much fun puttering around my house in the spring. I guess I have fun puttering around in every season, this is true, but there is something eggstra special about spring puttering, don’t you think? Yes, I was trying to be funny. Eggstra, get it? OK. That is a lame joke.

Redeemed {Spring Giveaway!}

You might remember me talking about Saul over at DaySpring (a sponsor of The Inspired Room) and how he likes to give us presents from DaySpring. Lots and lots of presents.

So when I got an email from Saul saying he wanted to give away lots of presents from the new Redeemed line this week, I thought about it for two seconds and then I said YES, of course we could give away a dough bowl and clock to one winner for every 100 comments. The more that enter, the more chances of winning!

And  as if that wasn’t enough, he offered one grand prize winner their choice of 10 items from the new Redeemed line! YOWZA I love that.

Redeemed {Spring Giveaway!}

Redeemed has some really lovely new home decor products and jewelry! Definitely something for everyone. I love home decor that is versatile and a dough bowl couldn’t be easier and more flexible with its options for how to use it.

Be amazed at my flair for the original and complicated here, but I just filled mine with the eggs I got from Michaels last year (by the way, I saw them at Michaels again this weekend!). I’ve got plenty of complicated things to do in life, but table decor is not one of them. The dough bowl makes decorating a table or sideboard so easy! Fill it with rocks, candles, sand, moss….the options would truly be endless.

It is a beautiful bowl, I love it! It would be a great for your Easter table!

Redeemed {Spring Giveaway!}

I have a bit of a clock addiction. I will admit it. I have a big clock in four or five rooms of our house. Does this mean we like to be on time? Probably not. But it does mean I love seeing a big clock on a wall.

Redeemed {Spring Giveaway!}

I’m sneaking in a little website pic of this wallet because I forgot to take a picture of my own. But I have to say I love this wallet with all my heart, it is so colorful and pretty. Over the weekend I took out my icky worn out wintery stuff from my bag and replaced it with my new wallet and several of the new little pouches from the Redeemed line to organize receipts and coins.

Redeemed {Spring Giveaway!}

There is also jewelry, and a jewelry tree that I thought were very pretty, practical and adorable.

Redeemed {Spring Giveaway!}

My girls were very happy about this, a sweet little birdie on top of a jewelry table top mirror 

Redeemed {Spring Giveaway!}

I always like ticking … Redeemed Pillow

Redeemed {Spring Giveaway!}

One of my favorite little details are the tags for the products, aren’t they adorable?

Redeemed has perfect gifts for every occasion.


So, it is time for the Redeemed Spring Giveaway! 

Check out the Redeemed line and then leave a comment here telling me what you think about the new line and it will count as your entry! You DO NOT have to have a blog to enter or win (just ignore the field to put in a website in the comment area).


A Redeemed clock and dough bowl will be awarded as a prize for every 100 comments.  The more comments, the more prizes!

Plus, the grand prize will be super fun, too, pick out any ten items from the line! One grand prize winner per post.

This giveaway is sponsored by DaySpring.

Giveaway ends on Monday March 26th 9PM PST.

Redeemed {Spring Giveaway!}


  1. Emily

    I love clocks (and being on time).

  2. Anne

    Beautiful things!

  3. Bethany

    I love the new line! Especially all of the home decor items.

  4. susan bourgeois

    Love the dough bowl. Heading over to check out all of the Redeemed line now.

  5. Janet

    Love the colors on each of the products but most of all love the message on each piece.

  6. Lindsay

    Love the lantern…and the pillow…and the cage photo holder…and the vinyl art…oh, I hope I win the grand prize cuz I would have no trouble choosing 10 things!

  7. Tara

    What a sweet line! So many unique and thoughtful items. Love the dough bowl too!

  8. Mary

    Love the clock, vase and pillow. The jewelry is beautiful!

  9. enilyn

    love all the new home decor items..

  10. Julie

    It’s very hard to choose what I like best! I love the I am His bracelet & the Trust ring. But I also love the Everything Beautiful Lantern. Decisions, decisions!

  11. Beth P

    Love the ticking pillow!

  12. Gina

    Oh! Everything about it is great – so beautiful. I love the jewelry tree and the tabletop mirror. I can picture them on my daughter’s dresser. What a beautiful giveaway!

  13. Emily

    Everything in the new line is so pretty! I love the jewelry and bags especially, the colors are so ME!

  14. Michelle

    Wow! Cool, feminine, vintage, useful, AND inspirational. Doesn’t get much better!

  15. Brooke

    thank for introducing me to this line…LOVE IT! I really love the Grace earrings and Ring and I might have to get the insulated lunch box..who knew lunch boxes could be so chic?!

  16. Jennifer

    The new line is great! Thanks for the giveaway.

  17. Molly

    I love it! Looks like a beautiful line!

  18. Mary Frederick

    all of the pieces are beautiful but I particularly love the Grace collection.

  19. Sherri

    Wow! Thanks for letting us know about Redeemmed! I love their collection and find it to be a great new resource for gifts!!

  20. Stephanie

    Just Lovely! Hoppy Spring! {LOL}

  21. Shannon

    Oh my what a gorgeous new line!!!!

  22. Heather

    It’s so hard to choose as it’s all so lovely. But my choice would be the vintage glass vase – simple elegance.

  23. Randi S

    Oh my goodness…this would be such a great prize, because honestly I love it all…the jewelry tree and mirror first caught my eye, but the home decor is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the blocks, lantern, blessed mirror, calender, clock…whew, the list goes on and on (and on and on). This is by far my favorite Dayspring collection. Thanks for the chance!!!

  24. Elizabeth G.

    Lovely collection.

  25. Nanadoll

    the bowl and the clock–lovely, the pillow–yum! really lovely collection!

  26. Cheryl B.

    I just love their new collection. I love their clock and all of their vinyl wall phases.

  27. Lisa

    love the message! and its a beautiful collection that would look great in my house. Especially the clock

  28. Anne Marie

    I really love all these items – great variety – love the clock.

  29. Sharon

    I’m obsessed with clocks too. I’ve been looking everywhere for a clock for my basement and the one you posted is so perfect. I, too, have a clock in almost every room. Daylight saving kills me… I keep losing track of which clocks I’ve turned back! I love the jewelry tree and bowl too! This new line is elegance at its best!

  30. Carolyn Maves

    I love the new Redeemed line, especially the home decor and the purses. Lovely, lovely. Thanks.

  31. Heather

    I love these new products from Dayspring! BEAUTIFUL!

  32. Andi T.

    Everything is so pretty – LOVE!

  33. sandra mosolgo

    Love the home decor, especially the vinyl wall art verses
    sandy m

  34. Heather

    LOVE these new things!!

  35. AJ

    What a wonderful line of products. I would love one of the Beautiful in Its Time – Vintage Glass Vase for my mantle. Thanks for sharing such a fun giveaway. [email protected]

  36. Liz

    Never knew about Redeemed and their amazing products. Will probably own one of those purses soon. The jewelry is beautiful. Also, Love both the clock and bowl, either one would look smashing in my new kitchen. Thanks for having the give away.

  37. Teressa

    I love the dough bowl, and how you used the eggs…so cute!! I am such a fn of your blog, you help take the scary right out of decorating! You have inspired me to think outside my “box”, YAY!

  38. carolyn bryant

    I am a dough bowl and lantern nut, so I love these. Really like all the home decor.

  39. Sunday Burquest

    I can’t decide which one I like better the clock or the He Is Everything pillow, it’s all really cute!

  40. wishinfortexas

    So many things to love. Love those purses!

  41. SHARON

    Love the vinyl wall art and the wooden cross. Vintage glass vase too. What a great new collection.

  42. Angela Bailey

    I really love that bowl! How different…beautiful.

  43. Kim Woods

    Everything is so beautiful!

  44. Erin W

    I don’t think I can decide, but i love the clock as well.

  45. Megan

    I love the dough bowl and the pillow is my favorite.

  46. Jennifer

    Beautiful!!! I love the bowl and cage frame!!!

  47. Carol S

    Such beautiful items, especially the home decor. Thank you for the generous giveaway being offered and for directing us to the Dayspring website!

  48. Catherine

    I love the bowl!! But the clock is gorgeous too!

  49. Shannon

    The “Grace” earrings and ring set on the website are SO pretty! What a fun line – I love the vintage vibe and the way that Truth and inspiration are tucked away in every piece.

  50. Cindy R

    I love all of it and its vintage look! The clock, vintage vase, and lantern are just a few of my favorites! :)

  51. Catherine

    I love them all! What a beautiful collection and giveaway!

  52. Meredith

    Their jewelry is so beautiful with antique charm and feminine daintiness.

  53. SueAnn

    I love the blue ticking 16 x 16 pillow…Beautiful in its own way.
    He made everything. Love love love it.

  54. gigi kennedy

    THANK YOU so much for sharing this shop!!! OMGOSH! so many beautiful (& affordable!) treasures!! those gorgeous mugs with the beautiful scripture verses are now going to be my go to gift :) but my favorite item as of this second is the everything beautiful jewelry tree. I’ve been looking for something like that forever!
    thanks again for the giveaway & the tip-off to the great site :)
    gigi kennedy

  55. Bonnie

    I love the dough bowl and the jewelry tree.

  56. Kim {ShopKim on Etsy}

    So many great items! The prints on the bags are adorable.

  57. Laura

    Really love the home deco items…burnished metal, birds, antiquing…just the way I love to decorate.

  58. Amie

    I love the vintage glass vase and treasured bracelet.

  59. Cathy

    Love the vintage vase that I just Pinned! My favorites are the home goods!

  60. Helen Wiard

    So many uses! Great Collection.

  61. Anita Gambrell

    Beautiful! I love it all , my favorite would have to be the Everything Beautiful Decorative Lantern.

  62. Melissa

    I have been looking for a clock and this one is perfect….as is everything!!!

  63. Abigail

    I really like the vintage feel that the “Redeemed” line has – so pretty, and it’d fit perfectly in our home.

  64. Elle

    A beautiful collection! I’m partial to the dough bowl at this moment.

  65. Lisa

    I also love clocks in every room. :) So of course the clock is my favorite. I also love the lantern and the ‘I am His’ mug. That would be a great morning reminder each day! It is a very beautiful collection.

  66. Rosann

    I love everything ! Love the bird cage photo holder, jewelry tree, decorative lantern.

  67. Carolyn

    I have the perfect spot for the dough bowl, but the clock is fabulous too! Thanks!!

  68. Eryn {mamahall}

    Its all so beautiful! The basket of eggs is gorgeous. The wallet and pouches are pretty. Thanks for the chance to win. I love DaySpring!

  69. DebbieRN

    Lovely items for making our home a welcoming B&B!

  70. Karen DeSantis

    I really like the dough bowl and the clock. The wall vinyls are nice, too.

  71. Christy

    I’m loving that dough bowl! Such pretty things , I’m loving the new line!

  72. Amanda J

    I like the I Am His – Pillar Mug. what a sweet morning reminder everyday.

  73. Paula

    I love the new line! Very lovely!

  74. Arianne

    Love the new Redeemed line!

  75. cheryl b

    They are absolutely beautiful. All of us need inspiration on a daily basis or I do anyway. Things like this line sprinkled around the house are beautiful reminders of of our blessed God.

  76. Mrs C

    I love it all! But especially the dough bowl, that would look great on our big table we built for ourselves. And I really like the clock too, w/ the scripture reminder. I love to use things in our home that show our love for God and His Word, this line is great!

  77. MDG

    Love the line…my favorite piece is that vintage inspired flower vase.

  78. Laurie

    what a great line! I love the clock! and the jewlery and the bags and wallets! thanks!

  79. Bethany

    Such a great line!! They use some fabulous fabrics! I love the vintage reprints!! And even if I don’t win, I might buy that jewelery stand! I’m in desperate need of one!!

  80. Melissa

    Some really lovely products! I especially like the vintage glass vase and the jewelry tree (maybe because jewelry is always getting tangled up on my dresser!). Thanks for the giveaway!

  81. laxsupermom

    Beautiful collection! I love the lantern in the home collection and the jewelry is beautiful. Thanks for hosting this terrific giveaway!

  82. Ginnie

    I absolutely LOVE the collection! Especially the pillow, photo holder, etc.!!! I had no idea Dayspring had such great this for our homes that speak His word!

  83. Julie

    I love this line. It is trendy, vintage, and inspirational all in one! How exciting for this giveaway!

  84. Kristin

    Love all the pieces especially the mirror and love focusing on the concept of how God redeems us!

  85. mary

    I love the collection! Especially the bowl. Giveaways are so much fun. Thanks guys!

  86. Michele D

    Wow. Thanks for sharing them. What beautiful merchandise. I love the Found & Treasured bag, the bowl, the clock, the birdcage photo holder and the “Truly Blessed” mirror to name a few. ;-)

  87. june calender

    Thanks for sharing, looks like I have a new site to find lots of cool things. Love the bowl, but the clock is too cool too.

  88. Betsy

    I just started following your blog. I am getting such great ideas from it. Thanks!

  89. Nena

    Oh my word this whole collection is so so so cute! I love the bird cage photo holder. I am so glad for this giveaway do I can discover all these cute little things I must make additions to my own home! Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity to win!

  90. Julie R

    I love the clock!! It would look beautiful in my house and be a great reminder.

  91. Joell

    Love, love, love everything in this line! Thanks so much!

  92. Daphne

    Love the whole Redeemed line,esp. the dough bowl.Oh decisions, decisions! Love your site and thanks for the great giveaways.

  93. patricia

    All of the items are adorable. I love them all.

  94. Jamie

    How could I choose?! I love the jewelry, especially the cuff and the ticking pillow, as well as the REDEEMED letters. Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  95. Gwen

    I love the Redeemed collection and this new Spring line is so beautiful! I love the bowl and it would look perfect on my dining room table! I love your website!

  96. Vanessa

    This new line is totally me! I love it! I would def. choose the clock and bowl (also featured in your post). Gorgeous.

  97. Jennifer R

    Love this new redeemed line! I really like the jewelry (the necklace with the crown is cool!) and the home decorations- the mirror that says Blessed and the ticking pillow, Love it all! Thank you!

  98. Meg S

    Love it! Everything is so lovely.

  99. Lisa Shovlin

    Oh, My! Love the bright colors! Perfect for spring. The wallet is perfect!

  100. Karen

    Love the home decor items. Beautiful!

  101. Christy Cannon

    I like the vintage look to some of the pieces. Especially like the dough bowl :) and the blue ticking pillow.

  102. Brenda M

    Love the Redeemed line. I especially (really, really) like the Redeemed – Found and Treasured – Large Purse and Makeup Bag Set. Boy do I like that. I do also like the jewelry items, but for some reason that purse just “gets” me. Thank you!

  103. Loretta

    The clock is so rustic and beautiful. Gives it so much character. And the mirror, is so different and interesting. Lots of creativity there and vintage looks with both. Look at your website every day.Gives me a little perk or boost for the day and makes me smile or drool or dream. :-)

  104. Owieking

    LOVE the Redeemed line. These items totally fit how I decorate. I struggle with wanting to honor God and my love of decorating. What a great way to combine the two!

  105. momof5

    Awesome and encouraging decor. Thanks for your blog!

  106. Jennifer

    I love the home decor section and the “beautiful”
    phrasing : )

  107. nancye6

    I love clocks. I have an empty space just waiting to be filled w/some of the lovely items in his collection.

  108. Meg D.

    Love the new collection! I especially liked the perpetual wooden calendar and some of the other home decor items!

  109. Holly F.

    I REALLY like the new line. There is a nice touch of whimsy in the bags and accessories. I also really like the pillow that matches the clock. Fun stuff!

  110. linda (burlap+blue)

    LOVE this whole line! First discovered it when I saw the wallet on Pinterest the other day…so lovely!

  111. Robin

    I love the mirror with wooden frame. Love it!

  112. Danielle M.

    Well, I like a lot of them, actually! I like the pillow, the jewelry tree, some of the jewelry. REALLY like the idea of the scripture decals.

  113. Traci Niese

    Beautiful home decor – love the vintage style. The wood desk calendar is beautiful – well, everything it!

  114. Christine Keene

    Wow, so many wonderful things. I love the clock, though. It’s very antique looking.

  115. Jere

    I would love tho have this prize, we are building a new log cabin and they would look great in it!!!!

  116. Elizabeth V.

    This is such a great line…so much to love!! Thanks for offering the wonderful prizes!

  117. Nicole

    I love this new line! Especially the purses and home decor. And, it’s very reasonably priced :)

  118. Michelle

    Oh dear…I thought I was the only one with “clock issues”. When we had to spring forward (for Daylight Savings Time), I counted 17 clocks in the house!! Four more in the garden…then the cars. Yes, I am ALWAYS on time. LOVE the clocks. Nice new line.

  119. Joanne

    Be still my heart…….so many beautiful things!

  120. Rebekah

    Oh, these are a beautiful, tangible reminder of our redemption in Christ! I love the dough bowl the best! :)

  121. Valerie J.

    Very nice!I like their jewelry selection. And since my issue is “birds”, I might have to get the bird jewelry tree or the mirror.

  122. Laura

    I love this collection!

  123. Lisa

    Swooning love this newline, the { Beautiful} vintage glass vase…soo me!

  124. Rebecca Thompson

    What a nice collection. All the blue pieces in the jewelry really pop. I love the clock though!

  125. SueDee

    I love ticking too–clocks & fabric!

  126. Michelle

    SPRING! Is my favorite season!! I am in serious need of some decor!

  127. Debbie

    Love the new line, especially the dough bowl. I’ve been looking for something just like that for my coffee table.

  128. Katherine S.

    I loved the Redeemed Grace Fashion Cuff and the Grace Necklace. Beautiful stuff in the Home Decor also. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway and keep up the great work with the blog. It is indeed inspiring.

  129. Stephanie Craven

    Omgoodness, I love this line.. THe clock, the dough bowl,the scripture decals, the jewelery, the blue they use…where do I begin…

  130. Teresa S.

    I love the redeemed pillow!

  131. Julie

    What a sweet line-the lantern is lovely and oh the dough bowl want it

  132. Missy

    Love the clock as well, But my fav in this post was the little bird jewelry holder. So cute!

  133. Des

    I really love all of the home decor & jewelry, & overnight bag! It’s all great :)

  134. Tammy

    Home Decor is very nice….Love the Clock!

  135. sallie

    love the jewelry and the padfolio’s! have already picked out several for Jesus girlfriends that have birthday’s in May! A wonderful line! Thanks, Dayspring and thanks Inspiring Room for helping with the giveaway!

  136. holly

    what a great new line! I love the jewelry tree and tabletop mirror, as well as the scripture wall decals.

  137. Wanda

    Wonderful!!! I could so use a pick me up!!!!

  138. Ronnie

    This is a great line of decor! I’d love something for every room! LOL!

  139. Sally

    oh…. I can’t decide. I love EVERYthing in the whole home decor line!!! Seriously. I love to have things in our home that speak of our faith, and of how blessed we feel. I want people to know love lives here! Love the pillow. Love the bird cage… (Thanks for the chance to win!)

  140. Teressa

    A beautiful new line of items for the home! The clock is beautiful. Welcome Spring!

  141. Rebekah

    I love the new line – so cheerful and inspiring!!

  142. Julie

    Love the Redeemd Line and especially like the home decor items. I like having things around my home that remind me of God’s love for me as I can get so distracted by life.

  143. Leslie M

    i love the home decor collection, specially the wall clock

  144. stacy

    love the new line, those bags are so adorable

  145. Andrea

    LOVE the new Redeemed line! Day spring just keeps getting better and better!

  146. Jamie

    Beautiful! I especially like the jewelry tree, I’ve been looking for one and it looks perfect!

  147. Jennifer

    I love the vintage look of the jewelry, the clock, the pillow, and especially the purple “Everything Beautiful” items. My favorite color!!

  148. Lisbeth

    between your blog(and all the million other places the links take me!) and Pinterest, I have a hard time getting work done here in my home office! Now all the Dayspring stuff? Stop, you’re killing me!(in a goood way, of course!)

  149. stef

    Wow, beautiful line of product that really captures the truth of redemption; esp. that clock!

  150. stef

    made a mistake on my twitter name…sorry..not an additional entry…

  151. Blythe M.

    I really like it all! I love the Vintage Glass Vase and the He Has Made Everything pillow. :)

  152. Robin

    Thank you for introducing me to the Redeemed website! Beautiful products…I’m starting my Christmas wish list early!

  153. Julie

    Wow! Love, love, love the Home Decor!

  154. Deborah

    Love the clock, it is beautiful.

  155. Deborah

    I am a newbie at browsing blogs and wondered, are the contests only for people who have blogs, or for anyone. I noticed it asks for a website in the comment section

    • Melissa

      You do not need to have a blog! Just ignore that field in the comment box! :-)

  156. Dale

    I really love the bags and jewelry. The line is inspiring and uplifting.

  157. kimber

    I would get the As for me and my house vinyl quote. Have the perfect place for it. BUT I would have to paint my entry first. Gah. Two stories high, but it would be so worth it!

  158. V. Higgins

    I think my favorite has to be the clock, it’s so nice and should go with most decor (including mine! ;-) ). I love the use of Scripture and it’s such a wonderful reminder to have around the house.

  159. Cindy

    I agree with you on clocks…most of mine are small, but that large clock is fabulous! I think I may just have to buy it if I don’t win :)

  160. M.Simonsen

    I love the clock. It would be a lovely addition to our family room. I also love your westie, Winston. I too have a westie. I’d love to hear more Winston stories.

  161. Marilyn

    Thanks for the giveaway, Melissa! I like the Redeemed – Truly Blessed – Bird Cage Photo Holder. It’s cute, and has a great Scripture: From the fullness of His grace, we have all received one blessing after another. John 1:16


  162. Kari

    Love it love it love it!!!! It’s just exactly the type of thing I want to purchase for my home…each item so filled with meaning and truth! Thank you!!

  163. Kristi

    Love it! Loving the orange toiletries bag and feather necklace.

  164. Becky W.

    I really like the pillow you featured and all the coffee mugs on their site!

  165. Adrienne

    What a great product line! I love what they have put together. Count me in – this is such fun!

  166. Sara

    Love this all and love the reason for Easter too! Thanks for letting me know about this line.

  167. Marchelle

    The Redeemed line is entirely edifying… I especially appreciate the reminders on the “Truly Blessed” mirror and the “Found & Treasured” large purse! Thanks for introducing this line to me!

  168. Aileen

    Love these items….love the little keychain that is so simple yet a big message…. “Grace” printed on the back!!

  169. Tammy

    I love the clock…love clocks anyway especially old fashioned ones. I so enjoy reading your blog.

  170. Patricia Folk

    I just found your site on Saturday. And have loved reading your blogs and looking at the pictures of your house.
    The Redeemed line is fabulous! I love the dough bowl. It can be used so many ways, including for bread at a buffet. Hope I win!
    have a blessed day!

  171. jane

    I love the lantern and also the jewelry holder.

  172. laura p

    I love this line! I have been just browsing through it and cannot come up with any one favorite item. I love it all!

  173. Bonnie Martin

    LOVE IT ALL!!! My favorites keep changing!

  174. Mary

    I have never been to DaySpring before. Love the clock and the vintage glass vase.Lots of beautiful things. Thanks!

  175. jen

    Lots of beautiful things to choose from!

  176. Meg

    I like the handbags. The site had some really great things I could see purchasing as gifts. But I’m a handbag chick. I like the slightly vintage feel of the bags.

  177. Staci

    Thank you for sharing the Redeemed products. I am anxious to go in and look around myself.

  178. Wanda Saurer

    I love the new Redeemed products! Thank you for sharing. I am really going to enjoy looking through the whole site when I get home from work tonight!

  179. Amy

    I love, love, love the purses and pocket books! The whole line is amazing, but I am hoping a new pocketbook will “redeem” the sad inside of my purse:)

  180. Carol Ann

    I LOVE the bags!

  181. Linda

    What a beautiful website! I collect dough bowls and that one is gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway!

  182. Rena Perry

    I just stumbled across this blog looking for decorating ideas. Love the blog. And I love the Redeem Line. Very beautiful stuff.

  183. Amy

    beautiful items! Thank you for the link… I have never heard of them before. I love the doughh bowl, and also the pedastal and the carved wood tray, and the glass dome…I could easily find 10 things I am certain!

  184. Jennifer

    What a beautiful new collection! It’s feminine and classic, great colors and typography. Most definitely need that crown necklace and bobby pins!

  185. Etta

    I don’t need to look at the products,(though I will,)because as soon as I saw that bowl, I knew I wanted it!!!!! The other products are fabulous, too. (Love the pillow!

  186. Angelika Rauth

    Are those eggs hollowed out first before being used as decor? Are they hard boiled? haha, they are cute, though.
    I love LOVE LOVE the clock.. I may have a clock obsession too. They just look so great in almost any room. The one you posted a picture of, I certainly wouldn’t mind owning!! ;)

  187. Kat Moss

    The new Redeemed line is beautiful!

  188. Marlene

    Love the Redeemed line, I want one of everything :). In particular I like the big purses and the home decor products.

  189. Clara

    Beautiful things!!!

  190. JessW

    Amazing items, I love the inspiration they provide! :)

  191. Maribeth

    so nice! Time to start buying some gifts :)

  192. Vj

    Everything is extremely beautiful! I am thinging of getting some of “I Am His” jewelre for my Granddaughter. She is going on a church mission again this year and that would be perfect!! Thank you for letting us know about Redeemed!

  193. Dawn

    The clock, the vintage vase…oh oh oh…so lovely – all of it!!! The dough bowl is such a basic piece. Thank you both so much for a chance at some lovely items :D

  194. Bev P

    That dough bowl is just the thing I’ve been looking for!

  195. Anita H.

    What a lovely product line! Thanks for introducing me to it.

  196. Lisa

    I love the vintage glass vase.

  197. Teresa

    Its all wonderful!

  198. Joan Clapp

    I love the birdcard for memos! THe entire line is unique and that is for me!

    • Renee

      I love the dough bowl. The style of this line is so simple ~ I love it!

  199. sheila roarks

    I’m in love with your bags they to die for!!!

  200. Karen N

    All I can say is WOW! Great products and I can’t wait to start making my list! :)

  201. Dayna

    I’m *dying* over that clock!

  202. Kayla

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    It’s all fabulous!! Just like your blog Melissa! Thank you for all of the wonderful inspiration. I was so inspired by your Spring Mantle that I have been busy recreating my own version of beauty for my home as well. I’m with you…I just LOVE the Springtime! Gods beauty is so evident in this season! And all of the Redeemed pieces reflect that too! Have a blessed day!

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    • Rene

      It’s manufactured to look like old anique dough bowls that were probably not finished with any harmful chemicals because they were actually made for dough to rise in. The new “old” looking dough bowl DaySpring is offering is just for looks.

  217. Debbie Kingham

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    Judy :)

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  234. Lynsey

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  247. Sallie

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    Thanks for the giveaway~

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    Beautiful line!

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  260. Kim I.

    So many beautiful items… how’s a girl to choose just one?? I adore the dough bowl, have wanted one forever, and can see this one on my table. Keep up the great work Dayspring {and you too, Melissa!!}

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    Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  285. Donna Allgaier-Lamberti

    I’m delighted to be introduced to the Redeemed line. It is delightful!

    That home decor line clock made my heart beat faaster…the black metal candle holder/lantern made my heart skip a beat…The necklaces, and the jewelry tabletop mirror…sigh…

    I’d love to win the dough bowl. Please enter me in the contest and thank you!


    Small House/Big Sky Donna

  286. Stephanie

    aaaahhhhh big clocks! i have had my big clock for about two years and it just doesn’t look big enough anymore, so i’ve been meaning to upgrade to….BIGGER CLOCK! also love the jewelry mirror, its so ladylike.

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  292. Tamara

    What a fun and creative collection! What a great way to be reminded daily that we are REDEEMED: “we are not our own, we’ve been bought with a price!”

    Love the jewelry!

  293. Ami

    I like the antique look of many of the pieces and the happy colors of the bags. My favorite things were the bags and the beautiful quotes on the vinyl wall art. Thank you DaySpring for such a generous giveaway!

  294. Dilaina Imandieva

    Thanks for this giveaway! Rdeemed is great – utterly dreamy and after my heart, especially Fullness of Joy Collection!

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  304. darcy

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    throwing my name in the hat – thanks Melissa and Saul for the chance!

  305. JennyA

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  306. Barbara Phillips

    Love the inspirational mugs and water-bottles to keep me inspired throughout my day! The jewelry mirror would be great in my teen daughters room for a reminder that she doesn’t have to be perfect and organizes her jewelry besides! I almost didnt look at all the jewelry but so glad I did! Some great pieces there! Thanks for sharing this website with us.

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  317. Roma Adams

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    Thank you.

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    The new line has many beautiful pieces. I am especially drawn to that amazing Beautiful wall clock… then the Lantern… the Stainless water bottle… the pillar mug… the I am Found teacup & lid… and a few other precious pieces! the pillow… and so on!
    Cathy B pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

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    Love the free giveaway!!!

  335. Holly S.

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  336. Meredith

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  337. Marie

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  338. Crystal

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  339. Mary

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  340. Robin

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  354. Beth Blake

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  355. MeLissa R

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  363. Becky

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  364. maria & Cameron who loves Jack!

    I have checked out a few times already and have to say it is lovely – I love it all!! And I welcome the chance to win the clock and dough bowl – love your beautiful egg decor, especially the colorful one against the rest. Dayspring is so generous – thank you Saul! And thank you too, Melissa, you already know we think you are wonderful and that we love Jack!! Soooo hoping…

  365. Lillian

    Oh my! I love the home decor very much. The clock is inspirational, and I can imagine Proverbs 3:6 above the front door! Thank you.

  366. Jennifer

    the Line speaks the truth….we ARE redeemed. Praise the Lord! :)

  367. Amy B

    The Redeemed collection is very pretty. I especially like the lantern! The jewelry and stationery have very nice designs.

  368. Maureen C

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    bee blessed

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  386. Jan P.

    Great combination of beauty and inspiration. Lots of fun possibilities.

  387. Cynthia Smith

    I just LOVE having things in my house that reflect our Faith!! These are so awesome!!! Going to head over to their site and really check it all out.

  388. KO

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  389. kristal

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  390. Melissa

    The redeemed wallet is too sweet! Those colors are perfect for spring!

  391. john

    This blog is content amazing information about Easter craft which is very useful for me. It very important information about Easter festival.
    Thank you very much for this great information.
    Easter Decoration Ideas

  392. Lora W.

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  393. Laurie Snyder

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  394. Melissa Mashburn ~ Mel's World

    Love, love, love this whole line…I was just on the Day Spring website yesterday looking at it. Thanks for sharing a little bit of it with us too my friend! Have a great day! ~ Melissa

  395. Shelia

    So pretty! And such a great reminder of our Saviour!

  396. Treva Westmoreland

    Beautiful decor items. Thanks for the opportunity.

  397. Tamara Arce

    We love Dayspring products in our home and this line is absolutely beautiful- stylish & inspiring!

  398. cj

    greetings of peace and love

    the collection is as you described that is simply plain and beautiful with a touch of GOD’s love, inspiration, motivation and upliftment. the collection is for all, especially for those seeking CHRIST for who HE is and for those who already know what HE has to offer to all of HIS children.

    thanks for sharing the value of what GOD is about!

  399. Barbara Barnes

    That clock is beautiful. What a great scripture verse to get to look at everytime you look to see what time it is.

  400. lisa

    I love this collection. You could do so much with the bread bowl. Have always wanted one. I do need the purse items. Every time I pull something out of my purse a receipt from the grocer falls out!

  401. Shelly Rene

    I love the Redeemed line! So nice! I keep looking at their items and wish I could have one of each. Ha! Redeemed – that one word says it all.

  402. Amy Kirchhoff

    I love this collection! There were several things I want in my closet & home:

    Redeemed – Beautiful in Its Time – Vintage Glass Vase
    Redeemed – Lovely by Design – Overnight Bag and Toiletry Bag Set
    Redeemed – Found and Treasured – Large Purse and Makeup Bag Set
    Redeemed – Everything Beautiful – Jewelry Tree
    Redeemed – Everything Beautiful – Phone Cover and Wallet Set
    Redeemed – Antiqued Gold Finish Necklace
    Redeemed – Grace – Fashion Cuff
    Redeemed – Truly Blessed – Bird Cage Photo Holder

    They’re all going on my Amazon Wishlist. :)

  403. Sue Nofziger

    I’ve rarely seen such a great combination of faith line products with such practical and workable decor and usable items and accessories. Wonderful,and blessed by the Lord ideas!

  404. Mary

    All the items are lovely!

  405. Jamie

    That decorative lantern has me written all over it! I love the classic lines of this collection – you could easily incorporate it into any style. :)

  406. Krista

    I love the found and treasured large purse and make-up set! So pretty!

  407. Mary

    Redeemed. A word “that communicates forgiveness, hope, encouragement and grace.” What a joy and what a word to build a collection around. Wonderful idea, inspired by heaven, no doubt!

  408. Hope Palmer

    I just loved everything. It put a smile on my face this morning and I sure did need it.

  409. Lois

    Love this line! Will be stopping by frequently for ideas and of course purchases. Day Spring has made shopping for gifts and so easy…the only hard part is deciding on what to select from all the beautiful items and what to add to my wish list!

  410. AA

    I love your new REDEEMED COLLECTION!!

  411. Renate

    Lovely collection, and wonderfully fresh ideas for spring decor!

  412. Claire

    Wow! The collection looks very natural chic, and is just my style. I would consider using some of the pieces as decor and they would be functional at the same time. The jewelry tree is my favorite. Great work, and keep it up! God has given you a creative and artistic gift! Blessings!

  413. Linda

    I really love the new line. It will certainly work in my decor! Hint, hint.

  414. Debbi

    I bought the bread bowl back when it was on sale in January and I love it! The clock would be a great addition to our home, too. Lots of beautiful things in the Redeemed line!

  415. Debbie

    very nice items, like them all!

  416. Carmen B. McCall

    I love this line, especially the vinyl wall coverings. I have been looking for unique ways to combine pictures on my wall and this is the added touch I need. Thank you for such a beautiful collection.

  417. Bonnie Everett

    I’m fa

    I’m facinated with the collection. Very different and goes with any other collection.

  418. Caroline

    The Redeemed line has such comfort and softness for the eye and heart! It is beautiful.

  419. Deb

    Oh my…what’s not to like about these items! I wanted to reflect Christ all over our house so that all those who enter will know that it is a Home centered on Christ! Thank you for making these items available and all that you are doing for Him! Blessings to all of you!

  420. Becky Potts Baker

    Thank you for sharing this Redeemed line! This is the first time I’ve seen it and all of the pieces are beautiful!

  421. Gloria

    Am always looking for ways to let my home be a witness to those who visit. These items would do that and beautifully.

  422. Diana Dunham

    Easter is my favorite time of year!

  423. Lori Taylor-Schulte

    I love a couple of items in the “Beautiful In It’s Time” series of Redeemed new line! I can just see women everywhere looking into the reflection of the Beautiful In It’s Time Jewelry Tabletop Mirror and seeing the amazing reflection of what God says is beautiful – Them!! No more settling for the world’s standards, but His!

    I also adore the “Beautiful In It’s Time” Wall Clock. Life passes us by quickly and what better reminder to spend time with Christ daily, than this amazing time piece? Random Timelessness is the vital ingredient to every successful relationship, especially our relationship with Christ…I love the imagery this clock places in my heart…”Don’t let time (or your important relationships)slip away from you…” Time…the most precious gift we can give to another, to God and to ourselves. Thanks so much for sharing this line! I’m truly inspired by what they’re doing over at Redeemed! :) Blessings! L.T.Schulte

  424. Erika

    Love the bowl and the clock! Can’t wait to check out the website! :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  425. Cathy

    LOVE the REDEEMED line!

  426. Julie

    I LOVE the variety of the new line. As an interior designer I think there are an abundance of items that would soothe an individual’s design aesthetic.
    I am a fan of the bowl as well as the ticking pillow!

  427. Julie

    (First time didn’t work so I’ll try it again!)
    I LOVE the new line! As an interior designer I believe these items will find their places into many homes.
    My favorites are the bowl and the ticking pillow.

  428. Diana

    Wow, I love so many of the Redeemed items! The decorative lantern, the ceramic coasters, the perpetual wooden calendar, the “everything beautiful” clock and pillow, the bird cage photo holder (for my robin egg’s blue bedroom :)), the wooden mirror…

    I can see so mnany of those items in my home. They are all simple, but beautiful, and I love the message they each convey. The messages would be a reminder not only to me, but to everyone who visits my home. Thanks for the opportunity :)

  429. Nancy

    I have been redeemed! Praise God!
    I love the clock and am so glad to see that it is in the giveaway!
    Everything here is beautiful!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  430. mary

    great collection!

  431. Jan Smith

    A true shot in the arm, positive, upbeat and perfect at a time when gloom and doom seems to prevail. We NEED this positive, happy, bright, perfect to set the stage for improvement and restoration.

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  435. Debbie

    I’m so glad I discovered ‘Day Spring’ through your blog, recently I’ve purchased items for my girls as gifts. I would love being picked to received these items from the Redeemed line… it would be a treasure to own and display!
    Thank you, Debbie from the Northwest

  436. Tracey

    Wow! I love this new line. What beautiful things! Can’t wait to place some of these beautiful pieces in my new home. I think I’ll just let Dayspring be my decorator. :)

  437. Kim

    Have had 1 Blessings home party already…..and LOVE, LOVE this line. Sure wish some of these items had been available through the home party. Will be sure to order some on my own though.

  438. Jill B.

    Well, thank you! Dayspring keeps churning out these pieces that minister to the heart and soul as well as the eye! The Redeemed line seems especially fresh and vintage at the same time.

  439. Rose Powell

    I think the Redeemed – Inspirational Wooden Blocks are beautiful as well as the vintage vase :-)

  440. Jennifer W.

    I love Dayspring and all of the new and exciting things they display. I am especially attracted to the Redeemed line. I love the vintage clock. It is an especially beautiful item. I would love to replace the broken one I have now with this one. I haven’t purchased a new one because I haven’t found one I liked until now. Thank you for sharing!

  441. Ashley L

    I am new to DaySpring but the more I learn of their products, the more convinced I am that I’ve been seriously missing out! Everything is beautiful and I’d be too excited to win the giveaway! Thank you for this opportunity to bring some of these wonderful products into my home. :)

  442. Karen

    I must confess I hadn’t been paying much attention to
    the Redeemed line at Dayspring until I say the giveaway
    e-mail. Then I looked at the Redeemed line of home
    decor products and saw what I was missing. I love the
    idea of decorating your home with Scripture. What
    better way to be reminded constantly of God and His Word.

  443. diana christie

    The clock is my fave, and the wall words, I have to do them in a room.Im thinkin somewhere at church too!

  444. Michelle Sciortino

    Thank you for being so thoughtful to share the blessings. This is a beautiful, graceful line. Very tranquil.

  445. Lisa Miller

    I love this idea, I love the idea of making God the center of my home and have been changing over lots of decor in my home to reflect this. Also, as a witness to those who enter my home who may not know the Christ as Savior.

  446. Marlene Westcott

    Every time I give a Day Spring gift–there are so many nice comments from the receiver and everyone else too. Thank You Day Spring

  447. Janet F Broyles

    I especially like the pretty blue colors in the new line of jewelry.
    I too have lots of clocks in my house and I’m not always on time either. Don’t know why that is.

  448. mil buenaventura

    it is a blessing to get encouragement myself as well each time i send out my dayspring cards as part of my ministry… the home decor and tote bags/jewelries are such inspiring encouragement:)

  449. natalie

    Love it! The wooden wall cross and the Mr. and Mrs. Mugs need to come live at my house! ;)

  450. Barb M.

    I really love this Redeemed line of home decor; esp. the clock! My child, in a fit of anger, recently knocked down my precious (but honestly not expensive) clock that my father had given me while he was still alive, and knowing it was from her grandfather whom she had never met, cried…I comforter her instead of being angry. The clock could not be repaired and we threw it away. The spot on the wall looks empty. That beautiful clock would fit right there!! Just sayin’, Lord…

  451. Bonni

    Would love to win! A great company, beautiful products and an inspirational title!!!!

  452. Live4eternity

    Ohh, these things are lovely, so many great ideas to help a home look welcoming and elegant. :-)

  453. von

    Well, I now have something else to covet :-)

    I like (can I say “LOVE”) the whole collection, but like you, have a thing for large clocks. Since I don’t own any large clocks this one is a favorite and oh, my(!) I love the scripture wall art, too!

    And, of course, given enough money to do so, I’d definitely want a piece of the jewelry!

  454. Kristy Lynn

    I absolutely LOVE the new Redeemed line at Dayspring!!! I haven’t had the chance to order anything yet but love the colors and the retro vintage vibe that the pieces have to them. Its hard to pick what my favorites would be. I love finding pieces that inspire us to keep focused on God and how He sees us! Thank you for this opportunity to win something special from this great line!!

  455. Susan S

    The Redeemed collection is a wonderful addition to DaySpring product line. I love the vintage look of the products and how they reflect Christ!

  456. Carol

    Again, anything and everything Dayspring brings out is absolutely beautiful. In fact, Dayspring has become my favorite place to shop.
    I love, love, love the dough bowl. One could write an article on how many ways to use the bowl. It is simply stunning!!!
    Bless you today.

  457. Hallie

    Loving the clock!! Thanks for the chance to win such great gifts.

  458. Jody

    I absolutely LOVE Dayspring products, have a few here and there and love to give as gifts! Inspirational, functional, and beautiful! Would LOVE to win!!!
    Always Experiencing Him,

  459. Brenda

    Love the entire line – the necklace with the crown reminds me that I am the daughter of the King of King.

    You have a gorgeous website and I am so happy I found you through Dayspring!

    God’s blessings to you!

  460. Jessica G

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  461. erica

    i love the clock and pillows!!

  462. Kayli Kettman

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  463. sangeetha

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  464. Claudia

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  465. Claudia Guardado

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  466. Sherrie Phillips

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  468. Jo Ane

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  469. Jenni Saake "InfertilityMom"

    I’m really struggling with “feeling” beautiful right now after six strokes. I love the reminder that God makes everything beautiful in its time! My favorite product from the Redeemed line is the Redeemed – Truly Blessed – Bird Cage Photo Holder.

  470. Patti

    I really like the Redeemed line. I especially like the clock and cross.

  471. Linda Bates

    Oh WOW the whole collection is beautiful. I especially love the wall scriptures, the pillow, the bird jewellery holder, the clock the bowl…….well just everything really, lol! I don’t know if I’m eligible to enter, living in the UK, but at least it will bump the numbers up if I’m not ;) Good luck everyone!

  472. Linda Bates

    Oh WOW the whole collection is beautiful. I especially love the wall scriptures, the pillow, the bird jewellery holder, the clock the bowl…….well just everything really, lol! I don’t know if I’m eligible to enter, living in the UK, but at least it will bump the numbers up if I’m not ;) Good luck everyone!

  473. Becky J.

    I purchased a good 1/4th of my Christmas presents this year for the gals in my family from Dayspring…I have been very pleased with everything..including customer service…oh wow, I could fill some Easter baskets from these goodies…thanks so much!

  474. mil buenaventura

    the clock is a treasure:) it will be perfect in my card ministry room:)

  475. Rhonda Baker

    I have been subscribed to Daysprings for quite some time. Love shopping for gifts! I am now subscribed to Redeemed…great site and I AM redeemed!

  476. Rhonda Baker

    It will be nice to have a site that gives ideas for the challenged! Most sites have projects or ideas that are too complicated.

  477. Sherry D

    I really like the purses (and am in need of a new one!) The clock is also very lovely.

  478. Tawnya Van Nostran

    I LOVE THIS LINE!!!! It’s so cute and has a message all in one :)

  479. Veronica

    The new Redeemed line is wonderful!! Dayspring home decor is always just my style!!

  480. Cathi Cantrell

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  481. Janet Sprinkle

    What beautiful reminders of GOD’s love all around us; so comforting to have in my home. Keep up the good work in your designs!

  482. Lana Leigh B.

    I love the look of the new products, simple yet beautiful. DaySpring is awesome…what a blessing you are in all of our lives! I’m a Blessings Unlimited Consultant, so I’ve received extra blessings from DaySpring! You all should check it out! Thank you for the chance to win something anointed with our Lord’s word, love, grace.

  483. Corinne Holmes

    Beautiful beyond description <

  484. Sharon

    The collection is lovely. If I HAD to choose my favorite items, I would say they would be the Everything Beautiful lantern and the Truly Blessed insulated lunch bag. Oh, and the pretty Beautiful In It’s Time tabletop mirror that your daughters loved. I just love birds. I also really like the vinyl wall art.

    Sigh. I guess I just really like it all.:)

  485. Julie Reynolds

    I love the whole line!! I especially love the tote and makeup bag but each item is something i would love to have in my home! Thank you for giving us this chance!

  486. Sally Gee

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  488. Marla L.

    Honestly, I like it all! Thanks for the chance to win something!

  489. Kim Chadwell

    That one word pretty much sums it all up…REDEEMED!

    • Kim Chadwell

      BTW, the wooden cross is one of my favorites because it is so symbolic of the word redeemed..

  490. Kelley

    I will just take one of everything!!!!!

  491. Denise Wilson

    I love items from Dayspring! Our house is decorated with quite a few Biblical items, and I’m really loving the REDEEMED line. Beautiful!
    Would love to win! :)

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    Dayspring carries such beautiful decorations! Thank you for the giveaway! The Redeemed line is so nice. I really like the Redeemed pillow. It would look perfect on my couch.

  493. Robert

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  494. Tracy Autry

    Love the collection! Would love the bread bowl to put on table and keep continually refilled with apples that my kiddos love to eat! :)

  495. carolyn Styles

    This collection is fabulous! Love Day Spring and being able to display my Christian beliefs in such a elegant manor. The price helps in being a good steward with what God has provided.

  496. Hollie Arnold

    I love the vinyl wall art scriptures. I would love to have one in every room of our house…that way every time you turn around or go in to another room…the Word of God is right there. I also really like the padfolios.

  497. Maxine Gonzalez

    Thanks for your wonderful review and pictures! I have always enjoyed receiving a box from DaySpring… when I open there is much joy inside and all the products are better in person for sure! I do have a perfect spot to hang the clock you are showing!! Blessings All and thanks for your review!

  498. Patti M.

    My thanks to those inspired to create the “Redeemed” line of products. Nice to find some classic vintage looking items for the home. As a collector of clocks, that will be one of my first purchases, if I don’t win it. Blessings to the many that are using their creative talents for God’s glory!

  499. Katie

    Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway. I LOVE the “beautiful in its time” clock.

  500. Miriam Arrighi

    New for a few weeks now to your website and just love the DaySpring Devotions I receive every day, so inspiring. I love the two Spring giveaway; both the bowl and clock would be such treasure in our home.
    I so enjoyed browsing thru your Redeemed line and all of your items are so beautiful. I especially like the Redeemed Found & Treasured large purse, the Love the Lord Your God vinyl wall art and the Redeemed Everything Beautiful decorative Lantern. Not only beautiful to have but great Easter gifts to give. Thank you for such lovely and inspirational products.

  501. Courtney

    LOVE the entire line… SO precious! :)

  502. Rhonda Madsen

    I love butterflies! They represent transformation to me. I was transformed when I gave my life to Jesus. So I am loving the Romans 8:28 wristlet. Day Spring is one of my favorite on line stores.

  503. Annette West

    Just love the new line! Especially the dough bowl, thousands of uses :)

  504. Jess

    I love the bird cage photo holder. So cute!

  505. Kim Moore

    I love the many Dayspring products, especially the birdcage photo holder. But the price went up about 30% by the time handling and even the cheapest shipping were added. So my $30 purchase went up to $44.44 and I cancelled the order. I bet I’m not the first. Thanks though.

  506. Teresa

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  507. Faith

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  511. Michele

    I just happened upon your blog after googling home decor blogs … I am thrilled to find your site and learn about Dayspring >>> will be clicking to them shortly! Gathering ideas for my daughter’s chic country/shabbish ;-D outdoor wedding next October … again, so happy to learn about you and Dayspring!

  512. LindsayB

    Wow – what an amazing collection – homespun feel to it – my favourite item is the cushion cover – although I really think the vinyl Bible verses are amazing. Well done

    (why don’t I live in America!!)

  513. tracylynne

    The bowl and the clock are both perfect for my decor.

  514. susan turner

    Redeemd! What a perfect name for this collection.
    I love the country look of the items.
    Like so many, when I received an order from Dayspring, it is like opening up treasures. I have given many items as gifts and they are loved.

    Thanks for your great newsletters and updates.
    There is not a Christian book and gift store close to me so I do a lot of ordering from you.

  515. Gail M. Ross

    Thank you so much for introducing me to Dayspring! I’ve found so many wonderful things for gifts (and myself, too!)

    thank you, thank you!!

  516. Carol S

    I love your line of products and appreciate that it’s the simple things (simple lines, shapes) and multiple use things that I am really attracted to. Thanks for hosting the event.

  517. Lisa DeHaan

    What a beautiful line! I am REDEEMED, and love to fill my home with evidence of God’s grace in my life! Thank you!

  518. Marsha

    I love the Redeemed line! There are so many wonderfully crafted items that would easily fit into any decor. What a wonderful way to ring in the spring season, gifts and decor that remind us what it means to be truly REDEEMED!

  519. Ellen

    I just want to thank you for refreshing me on Dayspring…everytime I receive a card that just stands out from all the rest, I look at the back for the publisher and, just as you guessed, Dayspring! I plan on shopping with them on line from now on! The Redeemed line is just as terrific as you described. Thanks again!

  520. Marla

    Melissa, don’t you truly appreciate Dayspring as a beautiful option for gift-giving?! Everything they do is so lovely, with such God-inspired messages. You just want to ‘pass-it-on’.:)

  521. Mackenzie

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  522. Phyllis Burris

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  523. Jolene Alexander

    I love the whole Redeemed line and the inspiration behind it. Every piece speaks to me, and calls my name (could be addictive). They are inspiring to me.

  524. Susan

    I love all of day spring products, and the Redeemed line is just as precious. Thanks for this chance to win, I will probably get something anyway. I love the dough bowl of course, but I also like the pillow and the wall sayings. Proverbs 3:5-6, is one of my favorites. Thanks again for quality stuff.

  525. Monica

    It is just so nice to have new things to use and/or decorate with sometimes! I would really enjoy some of these products! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity and the simplicity of entering!

  526. Claudia Bertrand

    I am with you. I just love the clock especially. The whole Redeemed line is beautiful!!

  527. Nora Larsen

    I always order from Dayspring, enjoy the Redeemed jewelry.Thanks for all the inspiring messages we can send or give to share the Lord’s love.

  528. Darlene

    I love the jewelry in the Redeemed line. We have been redeemed by the love that Christ has for us!

  529. kim

    I love it all! they make me want to sing,Redeemed, how I love to proclaim it!”

  530. Gena in Texas

    Love the Redeemed pillow or the clock. Thanks for the giveaway!

  531. Heidi

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  532. jules p

    Holy cow…this stuff is beautiful. I love it all. And that clock…WOW~

  533. Marilyn Dunham

    I enjoy my Day Spring emails! Keep them coming and I feel so blessed to have all of the decorating advice that you include in messages. The Inspired room is an added blessing and love the Redeemed line,also. I would dearly love to receive any item but the big clock receives a ‘5 star’ vote. My big clock just went to sleep and I can’t wake it up. I have left it’s spot open on the wall but may not fill it soon. I have 3 members of my immediate family going on a mission trip to the Philippine Islands this summer and I’m using my extra $$ to help them get there…then I will reward myself with the Beautiful clock…unless I am one of the ‘blessed’ winners! :)

  534. Ashley

    What a fun new line! I really like the toiletries bag and the ‘I am His’ necklace.

  535. Amanda Renaud

    Love the jewerly, all the blue tones and each piece unique and whimsical!!

  536. Cindi

    I adore DaySpring…The new Redeemed Line is gorgeous!
    The Home decor; like Everything Beautiful Outdoor Lantern,
    Beautiful in its’ Time Clock, He Has Made Everything Ticking
    Pillow are all favorites of mine.
    The Found and Treasured Large Purse is fabulous, too!
    Many thanks to you and Saul,

  537. Martha

    Love the verse, “He makes everything beautiful in His time” on the clock and other items. The bags and jewelry are just beautiful and send a great Christian message to all that would see them.

  538. Sharon

    The Redeemed Collection is beautiful and inspiring!! We have a Cross wall and the wooden cross is unlike any that we have
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  539. Mary

    Love, love, love the dough bowl with scripture. In fact, this entire line, tugged at my heart strings! When I first looked at the post, I wondered where you found that incredible bowl, so I was glad to discover the links to the whole Redeemed line! For anyone else looking for the bowl (it wasn’t listed in the “Redeemed” collection on DaySpring’s Site), I found it by searching on “Dough Bowl” in their search box. It is called “Blessings of God Dough Bowl.” Thanks Melissa for all you do!

  540. Sally

    Dear Melissa…thank you so much for hosting such a lovely giveaway. I have to tell you I went and checked out the new line and fell into the land of bliss with so many things!! I’ve made my list! The clock and dough bowl are fantastic! Do I even begin to list the lovlies I found?? OK….maybe one or two or three and that’s it I promise! I loved the wooden wall cross, the He has made everything pillow, the found and treasured large purse and so much more. I love your blog and love Dayspring so much. I feel so blessed to be connected to two such beautiful websites. Thank you for the gift your blog brings to my life each and every day Melissa. Sally.

  541. Marie W

    New to your site. One that I will enjoy the beautiful inspirations. Love getting as much of this in my life on a daily basis. Lovely things from many great ideas. Thanks for the opportunity of the giveaways.

  542. Gloria

    Love the dough bowl, the lantern, vintage vase…it is all very lovely. I truly love Dayspring and the items are even nicer when we receive them than what we expected as viewed. Thanks, Dayspring and may God Bless you all.

  543. Mechele Johnson

    The Redeemed line is redeeming….beautiful, fresh, inspiring, and perfect! I love every item! Something that stood out for me was the Everything Jewelry Tree. Gorgeous!!!!!
    [email protected]

  544. midwestgirly

    I would be grateful for any of the beautiful items at his site. I really like the bowl and pillow though.

  545. Patti H.

    Hello! Thank you so much for this opportunity! I love the line, it is so inspired! I love the messages on the items! I’m so excited about your giveaway! Yay!


  546. Solducky

    I love the Redeemed line! The wooden letter set is really neat.
    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  547. Meredith

    I love it! Love its vintage look and its beautiful words of truth to renew our minds. Especially love the vintage glass vase – so pretty!

  548. Janet

    I love the design of the clock and the Scripture is perfect! Great job!!!

  549. Caren Drink

    I LOVE that wallet, mine is so raggedy. They have such beautiful, useful, and inspirational things.

  550. Brenda Newdiger

    I really like the new Redeemed line of DaySpring. Now, the dilemma is to decide what to order. So many choices and a budget to uphold.

  551. Laura

    I love the Lantern! the clock! the pillow! And then I saw those glass jars – wonderful too!

  552. Debra

    I love the Redeemed Line…so many choices, but one of my favorite from the home decor group is the vintage glass vase. It goes well with antiques, but can add beauty to even the most traditional or modern rooms.

  553. Carisa Wolfgram

    I absoultly love it all! Especially the ring!

  554. Anusha

    Loved the entire line, specially the decorative lantern and even the clock. Thanks a lot for the giveaway!

  555. Susan

    Wow this is fun, wouldn’t it be cool if I won something.

  556. Madeline

    I like the jewelry, especially the Redeemed – Grace – Fashion Earrings.

  557. Lisa

    I love everything, especially the home decor. The Redeemed – Truly Blessed – Bird Cage Photo Holder is adorable, and I love the clock!! Thanks for the generous giveaway!!

  558. Susan

    Thank you for re-introducing me to DaySpring! They have some really nice things; I especially love the lantern and clock. Great give-away!

  559. Lori

    What an amazing creative line of redeemed products! Thank you to Dayspring for making our home a reflection of us by sharing our faith in God w/family, friends, & others….soooo inspirational!

  560. Louise Mulholland

    Love the line… especially the clocks and how everything is so unique.

  561. KarenG

    Love the new Redeemed line…so many pretty things!

    Thanks for entering me in the drawing.

  562. Courtney Taylor

    Wow! I love it all! I definitely need that wallet!

  563. Shiella

    Beautiful products. My heart has been filled with thankfulness this week as I begin to think about and plan for Easter. He has done so much for me when I am so undeserving.

  564. Jalah L

    I absolutely LOVE that pillow! Especially with ticking! What a great line!

  565. Sarah Rose

    I love the whole redeemed line. I especially like the clock and the letters though. Thanks for the contest!~sarah

  566. Kelsey Moran

    Love this stuff! I am a new first time home buyer, and I can’t wait to start decorating for Spring!

  567. Debra

    I love the style of the Redeemed Line. Day Spring is a great company!

  568. Mary Peek

    Great Products!



  570. Mary Peek

    products are great!

  571. Miriam ray

    Love the mix of textiles and scriptures.
    Very fresh and I too love old things and believe our lives show His purpose and He changes us more am
    Nd more into His image.

  572. Dixy

    Quite charming. The featured products (clock and dough bowl) are two of my favorite pieces in the line.

  573. Jill P

    These Redeemed products are so beautiful…hard to narrow it down to a favorite. Maybe a grouping would be nice!

  574. Marilyn J

    Love the vinyl wall art. Beautiful stuff!

  575. Lauren

    Redeemed Crown Jeweled necklace is so cute.

  576. Sherri

    Great giveaway – I quite like the large bag – it would be great for summer!

  577. Nicole Balogh

    What a great line- I saw several things that I love! One thing that really stood out to me was the Redeemed – Grace Earrings and Ring Set. Love that blue color!

  578. Denise DiFalco

    I love the thought of being reminded daily of God’s Grace in our lives with the Redeemed product line. All of the items are beautiful and inspiring. That’s what makes DaySpring so Special! I really love the Redeemed Truly Blessed Bird Cage photo holder and it would make for a precious gift also. I love the “He has made everything Beautiful in it’s time” quote also.

  579. Kelly Wetherholt

    I love to scatter scripture in my home! And Redeemed makes it so easy and it is tasteful and chic! I love it!

  580. Charlene

    How inspiring! I just LOVE these type of decor items – they are AWESOME!Love the bowl and the scripture on handles – and the cushion – as well as the vintage looking clock. All a tasteful way of having scripture visible in our homes & sharing the Word! Love it :):)

  581. christy

    I love this collection. The bags/purses are amazing.

  582. Elise

    I like the vintage glass vase

  583. sarah

    I really like the new line! My favorites are the handbags – love the colors, the redeemed pillow and blocks!

  584. susan

    I am so tickled ;) we like many of the same Redeemed items! And what an honor for my taste to match yours :) I actually already purchased the mirror&jewelry tree,and the Grace bracelet. But there was so much more that tugged at me, and would be so pretty in “momma’s treasures”dining ro iiom when I get it put together! And momma is a truly &deeply spiritual& Godly follower. It would honor her more. She & I both love big ol’clocks and I hve the perfect place for it! The ticking pillow would be perfect in the reading nook on my uncle’s face chair. And I would love a dough bowl in every room! I do need to make dough periodically and they make great “memory holders”and display/protect pieces. I could do more serious damage to my budget than have already done,eek. Thank you, Melissa, and Day spring! The pieces are ALL beautiful…s

  585. susan

    Good grief I do not like autospell or auto correct or whatever it is! Grrr. Let’s see what can be twisted out of two lines. :(

  586. susan

    PS Melissa I keep forgetting (probably because I am aggravated at my ‘device) but I love love love your stained glass windows, and that you have cherished them and made them a part of your home in every home. Love that about you–it is a HOME. :) hugz–s

  587. Suzan

    The Redeemed line has some beautiful pieces. I’m a clock person, too, & liked the the one they offered. I also really liked the jewelry.

  588. Pam

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  589. Marsa McCool-Solis

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  590. Courtney Mac

    Really like this line; could definitely see myself ordering some of the Everyday Joy items as gifts for friends.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

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  592. Judith Sullivan

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  593. Judith Sullivan

    I love the new line. Beautiful items that will be great for gifts and myself!

  594. Sarah Avila

    I absolutely LOVE the new Redeemed line! I’ve already ordered a couple things from it – a purse and vase. I just love all the purses/bags and the home decor things are just beautiful!

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  596. Amy Elder

    I loved the clock. And the verse is a favorite. Not so into jewelry, but of course, love free stuff especially if it helps my house look more beautiful!

  597. diane johnson

    i love this bowl. thanks for featuring it.

  598. Alyson Busch

    I love the vintage look and the sweet verses from my favorite book (God’s Word) on lots of the items.

  599. Chiara

    I love all the things in your shop. Expecially the Reedemed – Found &treasury – Large Purse

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  600. Reeve

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  603. Shonnie Moore

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  605. heather

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    Linda H.

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  612. Bonnie

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  613. Holly

    Love it! Beautiful use of colors, vintage look and scripture!

  614. Jennifer

    I love the “I am His” necklace :) And I could REALLY use that dough bowl!!

  615. laura

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  616. Melanie

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  617. Gailanne

    This post reminds me again one of the reasons I LOVE DaySpring, you guys are AMAZING!
    The Redeemed line is beautiful, it’s going to be easy to pick out 10 things I love, like that clock and dough bowl!

    Thanks, and stay blessed!

  618. tracy

    Love the line, love it all, but the clock is really nice. So love your blog, thanks for sharing!

  619. Bev

    I’m a clock lover too, and I really thought the home decor line was warm and inviting

  620. Lois

    Can see the bread bowl on my table for Easter, Autumn, Christmas…what a versatile, beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing with us!

  621. Nikki

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  623. Wendi

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  627. Doris

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    The mirror is beautiful, as well!

    Thanks for doing this giveaway. :)

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    Dayspring is such a wonderful company…I have ordered several things over the past year and love all the products! The dough bowl is so rustic and timeless in beauty, and the clock (especially the verse) is wonderful! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

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