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Fall Favorites {Fall Mantel}

Fall Favorites {Fall Mantel}

Fall Favorites {Fall Mantel}

Fall Favorites {Fall Mantel}

Fall Favorites {Fall Mantel}
Impossibly soft.

Irresistibly squishy.

Delightfully textural.

A yearly fall favorite.

Perfect for a simple Fall mantel without all the fuss.

Fall Favorites {Fall Mantel}

Fall Mantel shared with Thrifty Decor Chick.

Welcome a set a plush velvet pumpkins into your home!
They come in LOTS of colors to suit every style and color of decor!
10% off through September 15th on anything in LoveFeast Shop
Promo Code is:  IRPUMP13
Visit the LoveFeast Shop!

Fall Favorites {Fall Mantel}

*All the velvet pumpkins are meticulously hand stitched and handcrafted out of natural organic stems and luxurious velvet fabric. LoveFeast Shop exclusively carries the entire line of the exquisitely handmade Plush Pumpkin Velvet Products.


Don’t forget to follow along with my annual Fall nesting series starting September 16th!
PS. You can do your own Fall series or posts and link up to the linky that day!


  1. Karen

    I would love to win these beautiful pumpkins!

    • Jemney

      These are beautiful. A boutique where I live carries them. They are so unique and well made. I would love to have a few in different sizes and colors.Thank you for the chance. Happy Fall

  2. Bella

    Those are so gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Tabitha

    Love, love, love!

  4. Connie Thornton

    I love these , the green one is to die for . Reminds me of Scarlett O’Haras dress she made out of her mothers curtains .

  5. Lori

    These are so beautiful! They would make me start decorating for fall!

  6. Mary Joy

    So beautiful! I love them! I am excited about reading your Autumn inspirational articles! I need to start thinking about what I want to do with our house this year. I am beginning to feel inspired again! Thank you! Just what I needed! Would love to win the trio!

  7. Heather

    What lovely luxurious pumpkins – they really look like fall!

  8. Terri H

    Love the pumpkins!

  9. Lisa Wilson

    I would love to win one of these. I had never seen one before today. They are real pretty. [email protected]

  10. Rhonda

    I looked at some similar to these today, but did not buy…would love to win!

  11. Karen

    Love them!!! Want to win!!!

  12. maureen

    The are soooo pretty!!!

  13. Jessica W

    I would love to win some pumpkins! Maybe the light blue, orange, and white set :)

  14. Kelly

    Lovely giveaway. These pumpkins would be so happy to be prt of my home decor because I put a lot of emphasis on my fall decor! Thanks for the chance……

  15. diane

    These pumpkins are stunning!

  16. Eileen H

    I love that they look like fall but available in non-traditional fall colors.

  17. Joan Clapp

    I would love to win these! Thanks so much for the chance!

  18. Nicole

    Those are gorgeous – would love to win those!

  19. Wendy

    Your mantle looks beautiful! The plush pumpkins really complete the look so perfectly. I have wanted a set for so long! :)

  20. Lyndi A

    We love to decorate for Fall! These look irresistible ;)

  21. Linda

    These pumpkins are absolutely beautiful!! I would love to win them :)

  22. Katie

    I love these pumpkins. They would look so good in my house.

  23. Yvonne M

    The Great Pumpkins for sure! Thank-you for a give away chance!

  24. Emily

    Ak! I love those things! Fingers crossed!

  25. Natalie

    Pumpkin spice lattes and velvet pumpkins! Ready for Fall!

  26. Laurie

    Those are gorgeous! Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

  27. Keri

    These velvet pumpkins are soooo breathtaking! All the colors are amazing!

  28. Sarah

    Eek! They’re so cute!

  29. Stephanie

    These are too cute! I’d love to win them.

  30. LeAnn Peterson

    Love those pumpkins! Just the thing for fall :)

  31. Shana

    These are simply stunning! They would make a great addition to my mantle. They would complement my new flooring that I’ve been waiting 10 years to install. Thank you for your beautiful inspiration.

  32. julie

    Love that velvet!

  33. Sallie

    I would love to win this! Love velvet pumpkins. Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. Abby

    Love them!! Thanks for a fun giveaway!!

  35. Nikki H

    Those pumpkins are gorgeous! I’ve been coveting them for a while now.

  36. Patty Easterwood

    Love these velvet pumpkins!!

  37. Joanne

    LOVE the velvety fall pumpkins……perfect for MY mantle :) Love following your blog too .

  38. Jodi S

    These are gorgeous!

  39. Amy K.

    “Oooh, oooh (waving hand in the air), pick me! Over here! Oooh, ple-EEE-ease, pick me!”
    Seriously, though, autumn is my FAVorite season, and I’m a big fan of your fall nesting series every year. I would just love to win those adorable pumpkins, thanks for the opportunity.

  40. Mary Lee

    I’m so glad I saw these. What an absolutely perfect birthday gift for my autumn-loving oldest daughter!

  41. Kathy

    I have loved these for a couple years!

  42. Shelia

    I’ve been in love with these since you showed them last year! I would love to squish their little innards!

  43. Lindsay

    I’ve loved these for a long time. Would love to win a set!

  44. Kathy S

    I love these pumpkins and would love to win a set!

  45. Brenda

    These are so pretty. Would love to win some. Thanks for the opportunity

  46. Amy C

    Hoping I win this year!

  47. Jennifer

    Beautiful! I would love a set for my home.

  48. Anne Marie

    I am dreaming of having these pumpkins for my mantel – thanks for the chance at making my dream come true!!

  49. Cassidi

    Those are beautiful!! I love them!! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  50. Erin

    Ooh, I have loved these since I saw them on your site last year! I even tried to make one myself but it was pathetic to say the least. I would put them everywhere! I hope I win!

  51. Lillian

    Oh my! Now I finally have a mantel, it is crying out for these squishy beauties!

  52. Jennifer Ciniello

    I want, so badly, to put those on my mantle!

  53. peggy mazzuca

    Am just making my first pumpkin/zuchinni bread of the season! Would love to start my fall decorating with those adorable smooshy creations!!! Thanks for all you do, I am always inspired by your blog!!!

  54. Crystal Montgomery-Yantzie

    Thank you for the chance to win these pumpkins!

  55. Lisa

    Those are gorgeous lush pumpkins….cream and turquoise and spice….so nice!

  56. Maria Cristina Loumiet

    I would love to see these on my mantel! They are so pretty. Since I live in Miami, Florida I try to get pretty creative decorating the inside of the house during this time of the year since our Fall usually looks like our Summer!! Really enjoy your blog. Thank you!

  57. Deanna

    These are so lovely! I would love to win these!

  58. Jill C.

    These pumpkins are so pretty. I am really itchin’ to break out the Fall decor.

  59. Sarah

    So cuuuuuuute!

  60. Cindy

    Linus: “On Halloween night, the Great Pumpkin rises from his pumpkin patch and flies through the air with his bag of toys to all the children.”

    And the children will always remember.

  61. Grace Nielsen

    LOVE these velvet pumpkins! So much fun and perfect for fall – thanks for
    having the giveaway!!

  62. Randi

    This would look great in my new home!

  63. Carolyn

    So adorable! I’d love to show these off in my home! Thank you for hosting!

  64. Erin

    I love the white pumpkins… and the teal ones too.

  65. LindaSonia

    Have always loved these velvet pumpkins! Thanks for the chance

  66. Emily

    Love these so much!

  67. Val

    I love these little pumpkins! So cozy and perfect for fall decorating! Thank you!

  68. Cynthia Pronovost

    Fall is my favorite!!! These are just beautiful!!!

  69. Lori

    So lovely!!

  70. Wendi

    Love these velvet pumpkins, so glad to see it is that season again. Just wish it felt like it out here in AZ. Triple digits, dust storms and air running all the time still cry out summer to me.

  71. Linda T

    Love the velvet pumpkins. Thanks.

  72. Betsy P

    Pick me! Pick me! I would love to win!!

  73. Julianne

    These pumpkins are just gorgeous! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  74. Nadine

    Lovely, please enter me into the giveaway. Love your mantle display!


  75. Leanne

    Those are gorgeous! I would love to win that beautiful set! Your mantel is adorable!

  76. Sandy A

    All of the velvet pumpkins are just beautiful–of course I would love to win some…

  77. Rachael C

    These are gorgeous! Would love to win Some!

  78. Molly Severtson

    They’re beautiful! Pick me!

  79. Marie Valum

    Would love to have these beautiful pumpkins at my home!

  80. Karla G

    Those are great! I would love to be entered to win!!

  81. Marina Klima Goldberg

    I would give these to my parents to remember all the dinners and fall parties we had together.

  82. tara davis

    These squishy velvet pumpkins look just like chubby baby cheeks! And who can resist squeezing chubby baby cheeks? Not me :) They just make me happy, happy, happy!

  83. Bonnie M

    Nothing says holiday like velvet and these pumpkins are, well, smashing!

  84. Cynthia

    Love it!

  85. Jenna

    I just bought some fall candles to start getting in mood for fall! Would love to add these to the decor :)

  86. Monica Miller

    I would love to have these pumpkins for my newly renovated home!

  87. Sherri F.

    I’ve loved these pumpkins for so long! Would be great addition to my collection.
    Thank you.

  88. Lauri McIntosh

    Fall is my favorite time of year. My birthday, my anniversary, my first grandbaby due. I would love to win!

  89. Lisa P.

    I love the white pumpkins!

  90. Lyndsey

    I just wanna squeeze ’em!

  91. wendy

    Pleasepleaseplease let it be me this year?? So lovely.

  92. Renee Richardson

    I am in love with these and have been since I saw them for the first time last year. Thanks for the opportunity to win them :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  93. liz l

    Gorgeous! I would love to win.

  94. Jasmin

    Heirloom pumpkins!

  95. Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    I am totally smitten with these lovelies! And Melissa…your mantel is the most perfect ‘back-to-school’ mantel ever!! I don’t know if that was your plan….but you go to the head of the class. [wink]

  96. Katherine S.

    Oh my… I think I need some of these!

  97. djo

    Love these pumpkins!

  98. Christine

    Love these! So pretty!! Thank you for sharing!

  99. Louesa

    Love these! Just beautiful, & a perfect fall accent. And the stems are as cool as the pumpkins!

  100. Jackie B

    I think those pumpkins are so beautiful? Love them!

  101. JULIE S.

    Love them!

  102. Sassy

    Those are gorgeous!

  103. Anne

    Just looking at these pumpkins make me smile! :)

  104. Cathy

    let the fall season begin!

  105. Lynn M

    I adore these velvet pumpkins. Thanks for the chance to win.

  106. Cindy

    I can practically feel the texture of that velvet on the other side of the computer screen!

  107. MB Bruder

    I have the perfect spot for these in my home! They are gorgeous!

  108. barbara

    Ohhh fun!!! I was just thinking…. sure would be nice to have a velvety soft pumpkin…or three.

    Welcome Fall (soon please, it’s too hot out here in So Cal) :)


  109. Teri

    How cute! They’d go wonderfully on my hearth… which I just tonight decorated in pumpkins!

  110. von

    Lovely! would look gorgeous with my other fall decorations.

  111. Jen welton

    My mum and I were just talking about these pumpkins…love the texture as well as the color!

  112. libby


  113. Hillary M

    These are absolutely gorgeous! I’ve never seen these before. As a fan of all things pumpkin, I love them!

  114. Shannon

    I have always wanted these adorable pumpkins! They are so beautiful!!

  115. Melanie

    Thanks for a chance! They would add that perfect Fall touch to my little apartment!

  116. mary anne

    I’d love to win! These are so beautiful.

  117. Debra McCarthy

    They would look soooo pretty sitting on My Ivory Mantel here in New York!!

  118. Nancy W

    I love them! Dramatic and fun statement for my mantel!

  119. Judy

    These are beautiful! I’d love to win!

  120. Sherry F

    Oh those pumpkins look amazing.

  121. Laura

    Those are so amazing! Would love to decorate my house with those! Maybe it will make fall come to LA if I start to decorate for the best season of the year!

  122. Diana Thompson

    i love these velvet pumpkins….can’t wait to decorate for autumn!!!!!

  123. Heather

    I love them!

  124. Emily Gracen

    What a wonderful giveaway! :D Those are simply gorgeous.

  125. Roxane

    Love the cozy feeling that decorating for the Fall brings!

  126. holly

    I would love to win these awesome squishy pumpkins!

  127. Yvonne

    Love these pumpkins!

  128. BeckyB

    They are sooo pretty and I love the colors. Thank you!

  129. Kristi@Chatfield Court

    Hi Melissa. Love the pumpkins and your mantel! Thanks for hosting the giveaway.


  130. Krissy


  131. Wendy

    Awwwww, those pumpkins always make me so happy!

  132. eileen marie

    Love these adorable “punkins”. They really add a little spice to your mantel! (Love the brass apples [?] too!) Thanks for the chance to win! Can’t believe Halloween is around the corner!

  133. Suzan

    Love these.

  134. Danee

    I have been drooling over velvet pumpkins like this for several years. I would LOVE to have them in my house but I think I might buy some for the MIL for her birthday. What a gorgeous gift.

  135. Janet

    So beautiful! They remind me of throw pillows my grandma used to make :)

  136. Aleksandra

    White combo looks delicious!

  137. Jennie

    So pretty! I love them!

  138. Pat F.

    These are so beautiful and elegant looking! I would love to have these in my house! Thanks for the opportunity to win these gorgeous pumpkins. Happy Fall!

    Pat F.

  139. elle

    Dear Melissa,

    Well, that’s what one could call “(healthy) eye candy” and also the perfect way to welcome fall into the house.


    Elle B.

  140. Heidi

    These are so cute!

  141. Lynne

    These are beautiful! Thanks for all the great decorating ideas.

  142. Kim

    Those would be perfect for my newly painted entry this fall. If I can stop touching them.

  143. Phyllis McDougald

    Beautiful velvet pumpkins. Thanks for the chance to Win!

  144. Christine

    I’m not sure of which ones (if I won) I’d pick, they’re all so cute! Thanks for the chance to win :-)

  145. Babette

    Those are just amazing! I would love to have the turquoise ones or white. They are out of this world.

  146. Phyllis

    Beautiful pumpkins! Love All!

  147. Myra Mitchell

    I have one, would LOVE more!!!

  148. Stephanie

    Simply lovely!

  149. Laura Cox

    These are georgeous…would make a lovely addition to my “No Budget” Family Room Makeover…Hope I win!

  150. Wendy

    After reading your description of these scrumptious looking/feeling pumpkins my hands are just itching to squeeze them! Fun give-a-way…thank-you!

  151. Judy P

    I love them! They make me want to start decorating for fall!

  152. Patricia

    Love, love, love!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  153. Maura

    Oh I have been eyeing these for two years now. I love that you cant find them everywhere. Thanks for the giveaway!

  154. Terry

    Scrumptious (and delightful). I know that’s 2 words, but I couldn’t pick!

  155. Southern Gal

    I see a trio that would fit perfectly in our family room. Thanks for the chance!

  156. Carolina

    I never thought velvet served a purpose, but those pumpkins are adorable!

  157. Mary

    Love these pumpkins. I have a perfect place for them.

  158. Christine

    I saw these on so many blogs last fall and I snoozed and *poof* they were gone. I would love to win them. Fall is my favorite season and i just love things that bring it inside my home. WOW….so many entires….everyone must love these cute little guys…come on little miracle….it’s been a really bad week.

  159. Donna

    Love these velvet pumpkins!! The colors are so rich and yummy!,

  160. Tracy

    Love me some soft, squishy pumpkins!!

  161. nicki

    Those are so adorable. I need some!

  162. Missy

    I’d love to win. Thanks for the giveaway.

  163. Sue

    They would look perfect right here! Thank you

  164. DeeDee

    Please add me to the long list of “I would love these at my place” .

  165. Mickey Newman

    The perfect fall eye candy!!

  166. Betty Anne

    Thanks for the opportunity to win these pumpkins.

  167. Kim V.

    I love these, now how many do I want?

  168. Denise

    LOVE these pumpkins!! Have drooled over them for a while :) Would love to have them! Thanks Melissa!!

  169. Barbara

    I am in love with these velvet pumpkins and need some to add to my Fall Decoe!

  170. brenda dubois


    Thank you for the great giveaway!

  171. heidi

    These plush velvety pumpkins are eye candy…just stunning~have peeked at their shop for a few years now~would love a win!

  172. jo wyrosdick

    Oh, just lovely. They would be beautiful on my mantle. Thanks for the giveaway!

  173. tracy

    Gimme. Gimme. Pleeeeaaaase……..

  174. Kellie

    My fiancé and I just bought our first home and I have already begun picking out fall decorations for the new place! I love these pumpkins! They look great on a mantel!

  175. Kathy Florian

    These are just beautiful! Love the fact that I can get them in colors to match my decor!
    Melissa,I love your home and look forward to your posts!!

  176. Janet

    I absolutely love those sweet pumpkins!!

  177. Leigh Ann

    Those pumpkins are too cute! I love the colors!

  178. Suzanne MacRae

    A tasteful fall decoration- really like those.

  179. Cindy

    I hope I win!

    • Judy

      Love these pumpkins. Maybe this will be my lucky year to win.

  180. Phyllis

    Love velvet pumpkins! Thanks for the chance to win!

  181. Betsy Allen

    Love these velvet pumpkins especially the blue and white ones. What a joy it would to have aome of these.

  182. Amanda

    Those are so lovely! I’m excited for fall also.

  183. midwestgirly

    Super cute and you don’t have to carve them!! Love the teal one its my accent color!

  184. Jennifer

    I have looked at these beautiful pumpkins for a while! I love how classy they look! They would look so nice on my mantel!

  185. maureen mcgraw

    The blue and white velvet pumpkins are my favorite, but I love them all. Redecorating my house using blue so these appeal to me the most. They are all so unique. I would love to win a set.

  186. Jennifer

    So sophisticated! LOVE!!’

  187. Sandra Mosolgo

    Stunning!color,texture, everything I want.
    [email protected]

  188. Michelle Holland

    I would take them home and call them squishie! Love them, they are beautiful!

  189. susan bourgeois

    Would love a set of these! I have been drooling over them for a long time:)

  190. Britney Andress

    Since this is my first fall with my own apartment I’m on the hunt for fall decor to liven the place up. I love the colors of these velvety beauties, not too orange-y nor too dull, just what I’ve been looking for!

  191. Jennifer

    The pumpkins are too cute! And you could use them from now until Thanksgiving.

  192. Cherri engle

    I adore these pumpkins. Thanks for the give away opportunity.

  193. Donnamae

    Oh, they are lovely! They are so different from the usual fall decor! Thanks for the opportunity! ;)

  194. Lucy

    Oh, how I love velvet pumpkins! We tried making them as a craft project for children last fall. Those are cute, but not as gorgeous as yours. These make me excited about fall decorating!

  195. Amy

    I’ve been coveting these pumpkins for over a year and would love to win them!

  196. Ashley Rupp

    I love those pumpkins! I have a growing collection of pumpkins that I can’t wait to set out every fall. I love your blog and I especially love Jack and Lily! We have a Westie and Goldendoodle puppy (Coconut and Lady!)

  197. Niki Tipping

    Let the Harvest Season begin at my home by letting me win these BEAUTIFUL pumpkins.

  198. Faith


  199. Autumn

    Your sweet little softies beckoned me to your blog last year, and now I have anxiously awaited your Fall Nesting ideas! I’m cleaning house today so I can welcome fall decor! So inspiring!

  200. Karen VanderMey

    Love, love, love everything Fall, including these velvet beauties!!!

  201. Tricia @ Simplicity in the South

    So beautiful! I love the colors! I went shopping yesterday for things to use for fall decorating and left empty handed. These pumpkins would be perfect!

  202. Tonya Broddle

    Would love these to add to my fall decor!

  203. Jeannie

    Those little pumpkins are velvety, fall, happiness! My favorite time of the year.

  204. Dana

    Absolutely adorable pumpkins. Favorite colors, favorite time of year. What a treasure these would be!!

  205. Leslie

    Those pumpkins would make my life complete!
    (Ok, not really, but they are really beautiful!)

  206. Lisa

    These have been on my wish list for a very long time. Love them!

  207. Julie G

    Beautiful….Thank you for the chance to win these lovely pumpkins.

  208. Lori Hall

    Love those pumpkins! Beautiful! I tried growing some but the cucumber worms wouldn’t leave them alone…..maybe they wouldn’t bother these! : )

  209. Alison

    My favorite fall accent!

  210. Deb

    My FAVORITE time of year! I just bought a Nordic Ware pumpkin loaf pan to start the season right … Love those squishy, plump pumpkins ~

  211. Molly

    I adore these beauties!!! Thank you for showcasing them!

  212. Kathy

    Would love to display these. Beautiful!

  213. Rosemary

    So beautiful! I love a good DIY project!!

  214. jaelyn simmons

    I love the fall colors!! And your blog!

  215. carla

    these are beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  216. Sarah

    Ohh those pumpkins are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the giveaway.

  217. Tania

    Is it weird that they make my mouth water? *g*

  218. Denise Hurley

    Love these squishy velvety fun balls!!!

  219. Melanie

    Velvet pumpkins?! They are gorgeous! I would be thrilled to win these. :-)

  220. Katie

    These are so beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win!

  221. Meg

    I have a mantel just waiting for these!

  222. Catherina

    Yes please!!!

  223. Thea

    Gorgeous! These make me want to pull out my sweaters and make hot chocolate. I love Fall!

  224. Karen

    I love, love these velvet pumpkins! I would be thrilled to win them!

  225. Christine

    Love those pumpkins!! I would display them all year round.

  226. Janet

    Those are so beautiful!

  227. MoeWest

    I love them! They look so soft and the colours are wonderful!

  228. Mary

    Super cute! Definitely love!!

  229. Sue

    Forever Pumpkins! I love them!

  230. Jeanne

    Oh Pumpkins! Fall is in the air again!

  231. Jacqueline

    Oh, my. I have been dreaming about the teal pumpkins since you first presented them! I’d love to have them to use in my new home, which I am moving into in October. Thank you for the giveaway, and happy Fall!

  232. Regina

    Too cute for word and would look great on my mantle.

  233. Dana H.

    You have created the most gorgeous velvet pumpkins I have ever seen — in yummy, luxurious colors which would add elegant whimsy to any home — especially mine! Thanks for this lush giveaway.

  234. janis

    I adore the pumpkins!

  235. Sharon

    I saw these last year and wanted them! They’re beautiful and it would be wonderful to win them!

  236. Barbata Argabright

    A delightful decor addition – thank you so much!

  237. Lori

    The perfect fall decoration! I love them.

  238. Rhonda Lee

    Could you please send these pumpkins to Ramsey Bay? Thanks

  239. kris with a k

    I have coveted these for a while now :) LOVE them!

  240. Alysia H

    These are gorgeous! Love! <3

  241. Susan

    Oooohhh. I love these pumpkins!!

  242. Erika W.

    These are so cute! I would love to display them on my mantle!

  243. Elise

    Adorable! I love the colors.

  244. Wendy

    Love! Renting while we are building so these pumpkins would be a small personal touch to make this feel more like our home.

  245. Beth

    Love them! Pick me! Thank you.

  246. VHiggins

    The blue ones are like a Fairytale!

  247. Kathleen

    I have the perfect spot for them!

  248. Marty Philpot

    These pumpkins are works of art! I’ve been in love with them since I first saw them on your blog last Fall! How I would love to give them a loving home!!! :-)

  249. B

    How do I enter to win the pumpkins? I fell in love with them since I saw them on your blog last year!

  250. B

    I would love to Win! I’d share with my daughter.

  251. Kim

    Gorgeous!! Would look marvelous in my home.

  252. Lisa

    I love decorating for the holidays!!! Fall is my favorite. Love following your blog:>)These pumpkins rock!

  253. Jeanne


  254. Joselle

    The pumpkins are gorgeous! such pretty colors.

  255. Elizabeth

    Love these!

  256. Karen on Bainbridge Island

    I am ready to embrace fall….but only if we get the promised sunshine all next week. Fall is my favorite season of all because of the colors I think. I am a rust/orange/golden yellow kinda girl.

    Those velvet pumpkins are so impossibly beautiful…if I never win any, I may have to figure a way to make some.

  257. Marla

    How in the world can one choose a specific color? They are ALL so beautiful and luxurious looking.
    What a great addition to lovely home décor!
    One can even use them for summer décor with those lovely light colors!

  258. Jackie R

    So beautiful! What an elegant fall decoration.

  259. erin marie

    These are beautiful! I would love to decorate our entry with these!

  260. Erin Buchanan

    They are irresistible!!!!!!!

  261. Erica

    Love, love, love!

  262. Jessica @ Dear Emmeline

    so pretty! love the pop of the gold apples on your mantel too!

  263. Christina

    These are just darling! Love your blog!! Thank you for a chance to win! Have a great weekend!

  264. JulieD

    I LOVE your mantle, it’s so pretty! I suddenly want to find some antlers. Never thought I’d say that… ;) The pumpkins are lovely too. <3

  265. Vicky

    These are adorable, love them!

  266. Jeanne

    I LOVE these pumpkins!!! Would love to win them!

  267. Ruth Lutz

    I LOVE the rich look of these velvet pumpkins! I like my seasonal decor to be sophisticated and these pumpkins are just perfect! I especially like the versatility of the white ones. What an awesome giveaway – thank you!
    Warm regards,
    Ruth Lutz

  268. Donna O'neil

    I adore those pumpkins! I have been coveting them for years!

  269. Carissa

    Loooooove these pumpkins!

  270. Diane

    These are beautiful! I have just the right spot for them.

  271. donelle

    these velvet pumpkins look so squishy, huggable and yet elegant to spruce up a holiday table or create a warm centerpiece. i decorate with pumpkins every fall and create pumpkin bread from home made pumpkin puree every year! thanks for the chance to win :) !

  272. Mary Stewart

    So cute! Thanks for the chance to win this set!

  273. Andrea

    I have long admired and wished for these velvet beauties….my fingers and toes are crossed! Thanks for the give a way!
    [email protected]

  274. Nancy Genova

    Lovely! If I do not win them, I’ll be hurrying over to the site and buy a trio of my own!
    Nancy Genova

  275. Marie

    Oh gorgeous! What a great way to start the decorating! Thanks for the wonderful blog. Keep up the great work.

  276. Jennifer

    These are beautiful. I would love to win them.

  277. terri mitchell

    Sage! Dijon! Curry!
    These pumpkins have me in a flurry.
    Beautiful. Soft and squishee
    Oh how I wish you would pick me!

  278. GinaE

    I love all things pumpkin, but these velvet pumpkins are just so fabulous! I would leave them up all year round if I were lucky enough to win. Many thanks for the give away!!

  279. carol clark

    these are so cute would love these

  280. Jess

    Very nice… Love pumpkins, fall, mantels, coziness… The turquoise/teal one is my favorite…

  281. Sara

    I love those pumpkins! Thanks for the giveaway!

  282. Britni Haynie

    Love these pumpkins and how you have them placed on your mantle! You always give me great ideas!

  283. Rebecca

    LOVE these beautiful pumpkins!!

  284. libby

    So pretty, have never seen anything like these pumpkins!

  285. Leigh T

    Oh my goodness LOVE these — autumn is my favorite time of year! Would love to win, but in any event give Jack & Lily kisses from me!

  286. Dawn

    Very pretty! I love the organic stems.

  287. Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates

    Love these pumpkins – soooooo pretty!! What a lovely giveaway! And glad I saw the reminder about Fall nesting! :)

  288. Lisa

    Love the white pumpkins. Saw these up at Port Townsend a couple of weekends ago.

  289. Anna

    Love these things! I just want to squish them!

  290. Kelley B

    Love the lovefeast punkins!

  291. Lorrie

    These are such gorgeous creations. I would love to win. Whoever does win is a very lucky person.

  292. Melissa R

    Love these! So soft and fun!

  293. Teresa

    These velvet pumpkins are beautiful. Last year our family began Thanksgiving as our annual family get together and these would add a perfect touch to my decor as I prepare for the holidays. Love to WIN!

  294. Sally

    Beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win!

  295. Aileen

    Love these! Fall is my favorite time of year – these would look so cute with my Fall decorations! Thanks for the chance to win them.

  296. Heather Bivins

    These are so fun! Love the velevetiness (it’s a word.). ;) Thanks for the chance to play!

  297. Cathy Reeves

    I would give these beauties the very best place in my home!
    They are stunning

  298. Kim


  299. Jannette

    I recently moved to a home that has a neat fireplace and mantel. I would LOVVVE to win one of these. Especially the turquoise one!!! I hope I get picked!

  300. Michelle

    These are beautiful! Fall is sort of my favorite time of year- winter would be, but we get next to no snow where I live, lol! I was just eyeballing these in a magazine, so no matter what, I must get my hands on some!!

  301. Sandi Allen

    Love your pumpkins, so Sweet!
    Would Love to win these!

  302. Sarah

    They are adorable!

  303. Sarah

    Love them they are adorable and non breakable whoo a must with toddlers !

  304. Kathy Caplinger

    Would LOVE to win these! Like I would die!

  305. Julia Foy

    I am in LOVE with these yummy little pumpkins. Your have such style. I love your blog M. I would love this little “inspired” trio!

  306. Wendy Hayden

    Gorgeous, love them.

  307. Kim Bond

    Would LOVE to add some of these cuties to my collection! I just die over the turquoise ones!

  308. Kristin Smith

    I have always loved these pumpkins…so pretty!!

  309. Kristin

    A lovely way to welcome Fall!

  310. Patty

    These are just beautiful. I love fall decorations and these are really special.

  311. Colleen

    These are adorable. I’d love a set!

  312. Brenda

    These would look fabulous on my new mantle!!

  313. Stacie

    Oh, those stems…

  314. ileana

    love the trio with blue, orange and natural!! adorbs! (just learned that from my teenage neighbor).

  315. Beth Moore

    I would love to Welcome a set a plush velvet pumpkins into our home!

  316. katerina

    I want these….pick me please!

  317. Jenny

    These are beautiful! I love the natural stems.

  318. deezie

    Hi there
    Your pumpkins are just so beautiful. I hope I win. Your mantle is fabulous. Love your blog

  319. Tracy

    The colors and velvet material are so beautiful…would love to win them!

  320. Nancy Meehan

    I looked at the heading on this email and was totally turned off by “velvet pumpkins” I live in Boston and the thought of these were worse than scratching on a chalk board. I WAS SO WRONG!!!!!! They are truly beautiful! Help me change the New England tradition of following tradition!!!


  321. Amy Woodward

    Love love love! Such a treat if I get to win them!

  322. Memaw 0624

    Please put my name in for a chance at these for sure. – I would be the envy of the neighborhood if not the whole town- to have such wonderfully unique pumpkins.

  323. Leanne

    So pretty . . . can’t decide which colours I like best.

  324. Heather Findley

    These are so beautiful and classy! I admired them last year, but lacked the cash flow to order any. Would love to win , thanks!

  325. Susan


  326. Sue McKechnie

    Love, love, love!!!

    • Sue McKechnie

      These scream fall!

  327. Debbie

    Love the dark rich colored ones!!! So beautiful!!!

  328. Laura Luyt

    these are just about the sweetest lil things I’ve ever seen! would LOVE to win a set!

  329. Jessica w

    I love the Velvet Pumpkin LoveFeast Large the best

  330. Belinda R.

    Love the many colors of your beautiful plush pumpkins. How gracious of you!! CONGRATS to the lucky winner!!

  331. Becky

    Super cute!

  332. jezz

    I would love my very own velvet pumpkin!

  333. Nicole Bowen

    Fall-tabulous! I’m obsessed with these!

  334. Cindy Lynch

    I’m in love with these pumpkins! Fall is my favorite time of the year. I’m inviting the cooler weather with open arms!!!!

  335. Mindy

    I love pumpkins and I love velvet fabric so the combination is perfection!

  336. Karen B

    I would love a chance!

  337. Lisa Burnes

    These are ADORABLE!!!!

  338. Jana

    Love, love, love these pumpkins!!! I saw them last fall and would love to have several!!!

  339. Lynn

    This is my 1st time commenting, but I love your blog! You are an inspiration in so many ways!! Thank you for the chance to win these delightful plush pumpkins! I know they would be one of those things that makes whoever sees them smile. Happy Fall!!

  340. Pam Ballard

    Thanks for such a generous giveaway. Count me in! I love the pumpkins…

  341. Cindy Aiton

    I love fall! Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway.

  342. sarah

    every year i drool over these cuties. would love to win them finally!!

  343. Peggy dlugos

    hope I win.

  344. michele fry

    Would love to win perfect for my fall decorating.

  345. Stacey

    These are super cute!

  346. Allison Eberhard

    I wanna win!

  347. Bonnie

    Hot Squash! Love them! I recently downsized from a 4K sq. ft. house to a 560 sq. ft. condo (yes, I know!) so must be certain my nods to holiday décor are minimal, classy, perfect! These are!

  348. Joy

    So beautiful! I have trouble finding knick knacky things that I love without feeling like they’re too cluttered or kitschy… these are AWESOME!

  349. beth

    Love,love, love ! Thanks for the chance to win

  350. Emily Seow

    Velvet pumpkins; yes, please!

  351. Leah: )

    These are so much fun – Love them!!
    Thanks for the chance, and welcome Fall!!!: )
    Leah: )

  352. Nann

    Absolutely delightful and would oh, so lovely in my family room.

    • Nann

      Would LOOK
      … oh, so lovely in my family room. So excited I’ve lost my ability to type!

  353. Kristen

    So, so pretty!

  354. { lydia }

    They really are fabulous. I love people with good taste who are willing to share their talent. Thank you!

  355. Zolane

    So many places these beautiful pumpkins would add a cozy touch of fall. Thank you for the opportunity!

  356. Kori

    I had my eye on these last year!!

  357. tara

    So pretty! I can think of a million places to put them…

  358. Michelle

    Beautiful!! Just beginning to plan my Fall decor would very much love to see these on my mantle. Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  359. Glenda Childers



  360. Rene'

    Would love to win those beautiful pumpkins!

  361. Eileen Williams

    Not to mention simply elegant and oh so homey! Love them!

  362. Melissa

    Love these! So beautiful!!!

  363. joy

    I love those pumpkins! Fall is my favorite season. These will suit my decor so well!

  364. Lynda

    I fell in love with these when you posted them last year. So I thought, hmmm, can I make these myself? Just let me say that it’s not as easy as you might think!! So, I’d be so happy to win these gorgeous pumpkins!! Here in Southern CA it’s still so hot, but I can still have Fall indoors!

  365. Rebekah

    I LOVE these pumpkins! I would love to decorate with them in my home…reminds me of my Oct. wedding. They would be so special to me!

  366. maggie

    I love those velvety little pumpkins!

  367. Eve

    Would love to win these luxe pumpkins!

  368. judianni

    Marvelously elegant perfectly posh punkins. I love me some velvet punkins!

  369. Shannon Combest

    Fall is my favorite season! I’m so ready to start decorating. My husband and I just bought our first home, and these velvet pumpkins would look so good up on our fireplace! Would love to win these!

  370. Erin

    I saw these last year, when someone used them in a beach setting. Love them. So sweet.

  371. Shanna

    I love love love these!

  372. June Pope

    They look so pretty and soft! Would love to win them. Thanks!

  373. Natasha

    These are just adorable – I would love to have these for this Fall season!

  374. Ellen

    Desperate for these!

  375. Johnna Fussell

    It has taken me some time to get where I am right now. Grown children, grown grandchildren and now lots of little people. We (the little people and mommies) have started a Craft Night at Grandma Johnna’s. I find all of my fall things have been through three generations and they are getting pretty grim. I would like pretties for when I have Craft Night and these are certainly pretty and could be touched by little hands with no harm coming to them. I would love to have the velvet pumpkins.

  376. Jane

    Oh My! I cant remember being so viscerally affected by such a beautiful, simple design.

  377. Terry

    The white trio set would transition so well from fall to winter!

  378. KatieQ

    They look so soft, it makes me want to reach through the computer monitor just to touch them. The colors are beautiful.

  379. Jennybc

    Love. Love. Love. I adore all things fall. These make me happy!!

  380. Dawn

    I’ve adored these pretty little pumpkins for quite some time now. Winning them would be sweet.

  381. Tif

    I remember these from last year! Simply gorgeous. I’m looking at the very spot on the mantle where they should live!

  382. Mary S

    We are almost finished up with a family room kitchen remodel that has been going on since May. These would be lovely additions to our updated space!

  383. Kerry

    I adore fall, and double adore these pumpkins!!

  384. Julia

    Every year I drool over the velvet pumpkins. Last year I finally caved and decided to place an order. It was too late. They were all gone! Fall is my favorite season and velvet pumpkins would make it that much special!

  385. Rachel dG

    I love these… what’s not to love about pumpkins or velvet! Beautiful.

  386. Sandy

    As George Costanza on Seinfeld said, “I would drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable.” lol. Love everything about fall and love velvet! These would be an awesome addition to my fall decorating collection.

  387. Merri Jo

    I would love some of these scrumptious pumpkins!! The rich velvet with natural stems is such a perfect combination!

  388. Michelle

    I would love to win these pumpkins. I have just the right table in our front foyer for them! Fall is right around the corner here in California. Thank you.

  389. Emily Anne

    These are simply luscious!! So hope I win!

  390. Beth

    These are so cool looking! What a great way to decorate for fall!

  391. Pati

    Halloween is my birthday, need I say more?

  392. Nevelyn Schooler

    Fall is my favorite time of the year and I would love to decorate with the pumpkins.

  393. Mary

    I have been in love with these pumpkins since last year. I adore them and would love to win them.

  394. Lila


  395. Ali collison

    These are gorgeous, do you know if they’re available in the UK? I’ve never seen anything like them over here but I’d love to stock them in my shop!

  396. Cathy Farmer

    Beautiful, love the turquoise and white.

  397. Gina

    Thanks for the chance to win these beautiful pumpkins! Love them!

  398. Kellee Miller

    Oh my – These are so lovely – Please, please, please let me win…

  399. Laurie

    Velvety, plushy, LOVELY. I want them all!

  400. Soiledrotten

    I mean…these are just a necessity : )

  401. Dona

    Ohh, inspired is the right word! They simply exude the warmth and comfort of fall.

  402. Kelly

    beautiful! I am loving the aqua ones…they would match my house perfectly!;)

  403. lisa

    These pumpkins are beautiful and so unique! They make me long for cooler weather. It is still so hot in Texas! Thanks for the chance to win!

  404. Shannon

    I’ve already found a home for these…please and thank you! :)

  405. Shelbey

    Beautiful and rustic!

  406. Elizabeth G.

    I love these! I would love to win.

  407. Tina

    I have love these pumpkins since I first saw them a couple of years ago. I would love to win a set!

  408. Julie

    Fall is my favorite time of year. I looove decorating for it. These pumpkins look great with the antler!

  409. Christy File

    Love these!! I am so ready for fall. Thanks for giveaway!

  410. Maureen

    I adore these! They would look perfect on our mantle for Fall!

  411. Katy

    I would love to have these in my living room!

  412. Bonnie thompson

    These are so lovely. Would love to have a set

  413. JoAnn

    These are very elegant looking pumpkins but would look great anywhere. I like that they are so different than the traditional pumpkins. They can decorate the home for a long season and are a real conversation piece. I would love to win these because I am all about having something that can be reused instead of having to buy new every year. Thanks for the oppurtunity!!

  414. Julie Joy

    I love fall and everything about it – smell, colors, cool air, crunchy leaves. These pumpkins are beautiful! Thank you for the chance to win a set.

  415. Karen Scott

    Love the pumpkins, your blog, and Fall!

  416. Jennifer

    Pumpkins are warm reminders of fall! My husband and I just moved to FL to take a pastor position at a local church, where there isn’t fall. We miss it so! We are from KY and SC where fall is so fun! How lovely it would be to have these pumpkins!

  417. antiquechase

    Oh these pumpkins are fabulous!! What an exciting giveaway! Marcy

  418. Karen

    Love the velvet pumpkins!

  419. annie @ annie hearts

    I remember these from last year. I fell in love and I’m still mooning over them!
    Annie XO

    p.s. I’m having a giveaway on my blog too for a gorgeous turquoise necklace. You might like it…

  420. Rebecca M

    I would love to win a set of those!

  421. Melissa L.

    oh Melissa…

    *swooning*I remember these from last year. Gorgeous! I tried to make something like it myself, and let’s just say…the LoveFeast shop ladies nailed it. We should leave the velvet pumpkin-making to them :). Mine were, umm, not looking so much like pumpkins! Would love to own the real thing.

  422. Martha

    Love these!! Thought about buying these last year. Thank you!

  423. erin

    thanks for the giveaway! I hope I win!! I’ve been coveting these pumpkins for years but can justify spending $100 on faux velvet pumpkins

  424. melle@feathered ruffles

    love these! i loved them last year, too. just never found time to make any. maybe i’ll win some!

  425. patricia

    THESE ARE SO CUTE! they will make someone very happy.

  426. linda

    These pumpkins would look beautiful on my gate leg table . Thank you for this opportunity. My grandchildren will love them!

  427. linda

    These pumpkins would look beautiful on my gate leg table. Thank you for this opportunity!

  428. Darla

    These really bump it up a notch. So luxurious looking! Thanks!

  429. Elee

    I love these pumpkins, such beautiful colour and texture!!

  430. ColleenH

    Pretty Please I want these!

  431. Bonnie

    I love the putty, lagoon, and spice trio… perfect for my home. :) Clever idea.

  432. Lisa

    They are so plush looking! Thanks for the give away!

  433. Johanna Garcia

    Those are seriously the best things I have ever seen!

  434. Sharon

    I remember these pumpkins from your blog last year. I had just started following you when you posted about them and I thought (and still think) that they are so cute and creative.

    Thank you for the chance to win a set!! I have my fingers and toes crossed!

  435. Shelli

    Absolutely adore these beautiful, velvety pumpkins!! Love that I have a chance to win them :) Thank you!

  436. Jenna

    Love them! Beautiful and timeless.

  437. Cheryl

    Very pretty. Thanks for the chance to win them!

  438. Carmen

    Beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win

  439. Debbie

    Hi Melissa, yay what a fun way to start the fall celebrations! Count me in and thank you for doing this!

  440. Dakota

    These pumpkins are gorgeous! I would love a set!

  441. Catherine

    I’ve been admiring these beautiful velvet pumpkins for some time now! I would love a chance to win a set!

  442. Joan S

    These pumpkins are so rich, soft and elegant. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the teal!
    Would love these on my dining room table as a centerpiece for the fall.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  443. Megan

    I was just saying to my husband that Fall is was in the air tonight. I love Fall! I’ve adored these pumpkins for a while now. I would love to have a set of my own!

  444. tara

    I would LOVE to win some of these for my mantle!

  445. Sara B.

    I love these pumpkins. I would love to win them for my friend’s birthday.

  446. Carolyn

    The velvet pumpkins are lovely!

  447. kerri

    those would make my day :)

  448. Jen

    I love them…..I have for a few years.

  449. Ashley

    Love these!

  450. Martha Overton

    I know it’s officially fall when you bring out your pumpkins Melissa! Such happy pumpkins too, I would love to squish some of my own here in the beautiful Ottawa Valley, Ontario. Thanks for the chance to win some!

  451. Holly S

    I always enter to win these b/c they are so cute. Alas, I have never won. Fingers crossed, possibly, just possibly this time I may win!

  452. DeNeal

    I love these pumpkins! What a neat way to welcome fall – my favorite!

  453. Sallie

    I’m so excited for your fall series! Yay, Autumn!

  454. Genny

    Love these pumpkins! Love decorating my home for Fall!

  455. Patricia

    Love fall, already have the fall grapevine wreath on the door and pumpkins on the fireplace mantle (regular plastic). Velvet pumpkins would be so much prettier!

  456. Kristina McCook

    love these! I would absolutely love to win!

  457. Pat

    These are the most beautiful pumpkins….would love to add them to my fall decorations!

  458. Katie

    I would love these! Adorable!

  459. Patty L

    I love pumpkins! Thanks for the giveaway!

  460. Mary

    Pumpkins and velvet ! Two of my favorite things together!

  461. Katie

    Love love love these velvet pumpkins! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  462. Colleen in Dallas

    I love those pumpkins!

  463. Nan

    Absolutely adorable! Pumpkin love!

  464. Andrea

    Hooray! Fall is just around the corner, and I am SO ready!

  465. Kristine

    Pick me – – I’d love those Beautiful Pumpkins!

  466. Michelle W

    I love these beautiful pumpkins!!! They’d look great in my house for Fall.

  467. Karen J

    I’ve coveted these pumpkins for sooooo long!

  468. Marilee

    Beautiful! I would love a set to kickstart my fall decorating!

  469. Julie

    Those are beautiful!!

  470. Meredith W.

    I’ve admired these for a couple years. They are out of my budget, but I’d love to win!

  471. Jessica

    I love these velvet pumpkins – beautiful!

  472. shelley

    I have wanted one of these pumpkins for ages! They are beautiful!

  473. Brooke

    These are lovely — I’ve wanted them since last fall! :) Thanks for the chance to win.

  474. Amy

    Lovely! Thank you for the chance to win!

  475. Amy

    Lovely, I would love to add these to my fall decor!

  476. Gena

    Love them!

  477. Juliane at Modern Mural

    Those velvet pumpkins just ASK to be in Cinderella. Love them!

  478. Joanne B.

    I just love these, and have for a few years now! I must hope and wish and pray you choose me to win your giveaway!…

  479. christina hinesley

    Love these! I wish I had the talent to make something like them!

  480. Alyssa

    Love the ivory colored ones! Wish they had them in black.

  481. Alicia Armstrong

    Adore these beauties! Would love to add them to my fall decor!

  482. Louise

    Can it be three years that I’ve adored these? Anyway, if I won, it would mark the First Fall Decorating Act of the year. While summer candles and fabrics are still present around the house, and it’s going to be HHH tomorrow, I’ve been eyeing my fall/winter inventory in the laundry room and know it won’t be long before I feel called to turn the house and mood and outlook to Autumn…

  483. Lori R.

    I have always loved these wonderful beauties!

  484. Kathy H

    Love them!

  485. Hayley

    Those pumpkins are gorgeous! Will look great with my deco.

  486. Jennifer C.

    I love these!

  487. Shanna

    These are so pretty! :)

  488. Pam

    I bet these are hard to put away. I’m sure I’d try some way to work them into Christmas…maybe the white ones could bridge the holidays? Whatever I’m totally ready for autumn loveliness.

  489. Katie

    love these and would L.O.V.E. to have some on my mantle even more :)

  490. teresa

    Perfect little fall giveaway!

  491. Desiree

    I saw these last Fall and thought they were adorable. Would love to have a set of my own.

  492. Judy

    Beautiful! I especially love the white ones! The remind me of my Dad who was a pumpkin farmer.

  493. Colleen

    I would love to add these to my fall collection!! : ) So beautiful.

  494. Jennifer L

    Really like the texture of these velvet pumpkins. I know just where I would display them in my home. Would love to win these!

  495. Courtney M

    I have coveted these for far too long. Thanks for the giveaway!

  496. Lisa

    I love these adorable pumpkins. I could find lots of places to show them off!

  497. Elysa

    These are gorgeous! They would look so lovely nesting on my mantel. Thanks for the giveaway and getting me inspired to decorate for fall this weekend!

  498. Candice S

    I’d love to win them!

  499. Laura

    So, so sweet.
    Those little pumpkins need me.
    And I need them.
    Someone please pass me a tissue.
    Ok…I’m better now.
    Carry on…

  500. Sheena

    I am getting ready to tackle my house for fall. I would love to add these pumpkins to the mix.

  501. heather

    I absolutely adore these!!

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