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Healthy Green Juice Recipe

by | Mar 14, 2014 | Decorating Inspiration, Recipes

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Healthy Green Juice Recipe

Hello! It’s Kylee and Courtney here today (Melissa’s daughters) sharing a recipe with you! We’ve had a nice juicer for years that we’ve loved and used on occasion, but just recently we have become a bit obsessed. We always love learning healthy (and easy) recipes, and this month we were inspired to make a tasty healthy green drink in honor of St. Patrick’s Day! We shopped for the ingredients together and made it a sister juicing party. The best kind of party.

Healthy Green Juice Recipe

What you’ll need:

3 apples

5 leaves of kale

1 large cucumber

1 large handful of spinach

About an inch of peeled ginger (or a drop of Young Living’s Ginger Vitality Essential Oil)

1/2 peeled lemon (save half for squeezing in later)

A juicer (we have this one)

*makes about 2 tall glasses of juice

Healthy Green Juice Recipe
(you can get Ginger Vitality Essential Oil here)


We weren’t too scientific about the juicing process. We basically just stuffed everything in, in no specific order, and let the juicer do the work. We did, however, cut the apples and cucumber into thirds so they would fit in easier. We also peeled the lemon and only put half of it in the juicer. The other half of the lemon we saved for afterwards to squeeze extra lemon into each glass! Also, our type of kale didn’t have a thick stem, but if yours does you will want to remove the leafy part from the stem and juice the leaves only.

This recipe makes a deliciously refreshing green juice that tastes like health in a glass. In the best way — it really tastes good! Try it out!

Disclaimer: if you drop your cup as you are taking your first sip…make sure you have someone there to dive down and CATCH that cup before it shatters on the floor. Luckily we managed to do that. But even though we avoided broken glass, we were still left with this:

Healthy Green Juice Recipe

And that’s why we aren’t food bloggers.

We’d love to hear your favorite juicing recipes so we can try more!

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  1. Carol

    I’m always down for some healthy juice recipes, but it’s a plus when they look delicious too. Sorry ladies, but this reminds me of algae. Be honest…it was yucky wasn’t it…lol.

    • Courtney

      In all honesty, it was delicious. And healthy. Win-win :)

  2. Betsy Derr

    Looks delicious! One of my favorite go-to juice recipes is: Carrot (4-6), Apple (1 Red), Beet (1/4) plus the greens (1-2 stems), Parsley (handful). Also, Apple and Lemon makes a nice lemonade! Pineapple juice is amazing. So is Orange juice, and Carrot juice, and Cantaloupe juice, and Grapefruit juice. YUM! There are a million recipes out there. Check Pinterest, follow Drew Canole on Facebook, read The Juiceman’s Book, etc.

  3. Emily

    This looks delicious, ladies! I love the addition of the ginger, I would have never thought to put that in juice. This was probably super refreshing with the cucumber in it. I’ll have to try this some time, thanks for the recipe :-)

  4. Amy

    I, too, like this juice combination, though I’ve never tried both spinach and kale at the same time. Love the juice cleanup pictures! And food blogger comment. Thanks for keeping it real. ;-)

  5. Tanya

    I made one almost just like the about a month ago and wasn’t a fan at all. Way too strong. It needed something to sweeten it up a bit or something.

  6. Melissa @ The Inspired Room

    Maybe you had your ratios wrong? This recipe is delicious, but if you are used to sugar or sweeteners or lots of fruit juice it may seem like you need to sweeten it. Unfortunately sweet is what makes things unhealthy, even too much fruit, so we love this since it’s a good healthy balance that not only tastes good but is good for you, too! Once you are used to less sweet you won’t miss it!

  7. Andrea Cole

    I love green smoothies I make them all the time the ginger and cucumber are great for disguising any veggies you may not like too much. Throw in a little bee pollen and you’re full of energy all day.

  8. Brindusa

    It looks interesting – I love green. :-) I’m sure it was a healthy mixture. If it was tasty too, why not? It sounds great!

  9. Stephanie

    Hi There,
    My family and I have just started juicing. I think we may have the same juicer……do you have any tips in regards to cleaning the filter area?


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