Beach House in the Hamptons {If I Lived Here…}

Beach House in the Hamptons {If I Lived Here...}Residence in Wainscott by Sawyer Berson

Beach House in the Hamptons {If I Lived Here...} Y‘all. This house. I’m not speechless very often when it comes to homes, but once in awhile I find a little bit of house-heaven on earth. And then I can hardly speak. This house is pretty glorious! Ready for a tour? The architecture, the details, the design, the setting? My heart is all a flutter.

Come wander around this lovely home in the Hamptons by Sawyer Berson with me today!

Beach House in the Hamptons {If I Lived Here...}

Beach House in the Hamptons {If I Lived Here...}

Beach House in the Hamptons {If I Lived Here...}

Beach House in the Hamptons {If I Lived Here...}

Beach House in the Hamptons {If I Lived Here...}

Beach House in the Hamptons {If I Lived Here...}

Beach House in the Hamptons {If I Lived Here...}

Beach House in the Hamptons {If I Lived Here...}


Beach House in the Hamptons {If I Lived Here...} …I’d never need a vacation.

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*See more of this beach house and other projects by Sawyer Berson!


  1. I just love it! The kitchen is awesome. I am a Long Islander and the Hamptons are beautiful!

  2. Good timing. I was looking for picture of ceilings with a slanted section on the end because we will have to do that in our new lounge room.

  3. Are they doing wall-to-wall sisal? Looked like it.
    At any rate, that house is divine.

  4. Just Gorgeous! I love the Mudroom-Hall!

  5. Love the house, not so much the Hamptons, but for me there is way too much WHITE! I love warm colours and all that white makes me shiver…. like all those silly sleeveless dresses (all winter long) on the women of TV!

  6. Oh, the beauty of creamy white! Especially that kitchen! Unfortunately neither this look or that of the wonderful white farmhouses fits the desert of Arizona and this is likely where I’m going to be until I move to beautiful white farmhouse in the sky. So I’m tremendously grateful for the greenbelt we have with grass and many tress (until the XERO-scape dimwits take it away (i.e., surface of Mars with red rock everywhere and an occasional little cactus and maybe one or two orange or grapefruit trees) and all my big dark-framed windows, and I’m delighted I found your post, Melissa, and took your “quiz” on personal style and am figuring out how to incorporate elements of the country and cottage looks I love into my little ever-so-slightly Spanish revival/Mediterranean house (an arch and vaulted ceilings in the LR/DR in addition to the big dark-framed windows). Meanwhile, thanks for the bit of house-heaven on earth!

  7. If I lived there, it would be the perfect location to throw a huge graduation party for my daughter! Unfortunately, we have to rent a venue because our house is not cut out for a large crowd.

  8. Pretty! I love that door…

  9. I absolutely love this home! Every space is so inviting and charming.

  10. I would be happy just to vacation here! Beautiful.

  11. So cozy.


  12. I think that is the most perfect house I have ever seen! It’s like “Something’s Gotta Give”, but it’s real! Going to go wipe the drool from my mouth.

  13. lovely. i’m not sure i’d need another vacation either!

  14. that’s about as perfect as it gets!

  15. A girl can only dream… <3

  16. I just pinned a bunch of images from their site. So gorgeous! I could move into this one in a heartbeat. Sigh.

  17. Gorgeous! But I did look at the kitchen pictures and think, “What a ridiculous amount of glassware.” But I loved the fresh-cut flowers still waiting to be put in a vase.

  18. I truly love the architectural elements that give each room so much charm and character! But like a previous commentor said, it’s lacking pops of color, for my taste.One little plant or vase of flowers isn’t enough for me. I love the cream but would , personally, use warm, muted colors of reds, yellows and greens in the accessories. Very beautiful home, thanks for sharing!

  19. I am ready to move in!! LOVE! and I agree I would never want to leave!

  20. Catherine says

    Just Beautiful! So ready to move in!

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