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Farmhouse Tour {Hello, Dream White Farmhouse!}

by | May 21, 2013 | Cottage, Decorating Inspiration, Farmhouse, If I lived here... | 67 comments

Farmhouse Tour {Hello, Dream White Farmhouse!}Farmhouse Cottage Featuring: Wendy Posard & Associates

Farmhouse Tour {Hello, Dream White Farmhouse!}

Friends! Have mercy. I think I’ve found my dream farmhouse cottage. What took me so long to find it? I was gathering up more ideas online for our summer projects when lo and behold, this little GEM was discovered.

I think my heart stopped when I saw it.

Farmhouse Tour {Hello, Dream White Farmhouse!}

Could I love this any more?

The scalloped siding? The porch? The lanterns? The slate? The french doors?

I think not. It is perfection. I’m completely inspired.

And of course now I MUST GET CHICKENS!

Farmhouse Tour {Hello, Dream White Farmhouse!}

This entry staircase kills me. BE-U-TI-FUL!

Farmhouse Tour {Hello, Dream White Farmhouse!}
And this hallway.

Need I say more?

Farmhouse Tour {Hello, Dream White Farmhouse!}


Farmhouse Tour {Hello, Dream White Farmhouse!}


Farmhouse Tour {Hello, Dream White Farmhouse!}

I am loving the texture, simplicity and statement of this entry corner!

Farmhouse Tour {Hello, Dream White Farmhouse!}

Farmhouse Tour {Hello, Dream White Farmhouse!}


I’m not even positive if all of these images are from the same house (but they are from the same architect, Wendy Posard).

But they SHOULD be all in the same house. Right?

All of these rooms would definitely all be in MY dream house!

Farmhouse Tour {Hello, Dream White Farmhouse!}

Farmhouse Tour {Hello, Dream White Farmhouse!}

Do you LOVE IT?

You can find MORE awesome from the California architect Wendy Posard on their website!

Here is another adorable white farmhouse!

And…another dreamy one: White Farmhouse Style Cottage

Farmhouse Tour {Hello, Dream White Farmhouse!}


  1. Tania

    Oh my goodness, this house is so gorgeous I was almost swooning! I could move in there straight away quite happily. Thanks Melissa for sharing this beautiful home. Best regards x

    • Nora rivai

      Love this house ?
      Want to move in

    • Scherry Grace

      Just PERFECT….DREAM HOME….thank you for sharing such beautiful treasures!

  2. Brandi St. Clair

    This house could hardly be any more perfect

  3. Liz Marie

    Wow, I’m a tiny bit obsessed! I love all of the wide open spaces in the home & that front porch is stunning! & the dog is pretty cute too ;) xx Liz Marie

  4. Kathryn

    *DZZZZZZZZZTTTTTTT* That is the sound of my keyboard shorting out from me drooling on it… this house could not be more beautiful if it died and went to heaven! I honestly hope my mansion in Heaven looks something like this… (God, are you listening?) ;) I especially swoon over those vaulted, planked ceilings with wooden beams, in that huge, bright living room space! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Okay, Must. Log. Off. Before. Hyperventilation. Occurs.

  5. Tracey

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! All the way down to the chickens!

  6. Diane

    Haha! Right away…I’m loving it and saying to myself…oh yes! I’ll take it…and the chickens too! And then…ditto! Yoiu say the same.
    Can I just move in with you? ;)
    This is hands down THE best ever!!

    • jackie

      YUP! Right down to the chickens!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…..and I too shorted out my keyboard from all my drooling………..siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh!! Beyond the beyond!

  7. susan

    I have just PINNED this to death! LOL

  8. Mindy

    Oh my gosh, I DIE. That is amazingly beautiful. Definitely on the “when I win the lottery” wish list. :)

  9. Lorrie

    I love it. Love all the white, love the blue staircase runner, love the island in the kitchen, love all the windows. I even love the chickens.

  10. Christie

    Melissa, do you think the trim and the walls are the same white? So pretty.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I think it looks all the same to me! I know in our old house when we painted white walls we did the trim in the same white and it looked great that way! :-)

  11. Kristin

    I am SWOONING! We all should have a home like this. Thanks for sharing and inspiring! Of course, your inspiring leads to more work for my husband!!

  12. Jennifer

    It is my goal…to move in. That is all.

  13. Gina

    LOVE IT! I want to move in!

  14. Jo Ann

    WOW!!! It’s perfect (and I don’t use that word often)! You are so right on…down to the chickens. Love it, love it, love! Thanks for the thrill! :)

  15. Hilda


  16. Faith

    Love it!!! Nothing more I can say.

  17. Jennifer

    That is so my style-white woodwork, dark wood floors, hardwood stairs, transoms, and french doors. It’s the look I have tried to incorporate into my home, but on a less fabulous scale, lol. If I ever custom build…

  18. Mrs. C!!! I want to build that little entry table, I am in love!

  19. Vickie

    I cant stop pinning!!! Stunning absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Margaret hackett

    Looks like homes in palmetto bluffs bluffton, south carolina

  21. Susan

    I agree beautiful! I think you are so funny. I saw the chickens and thought the same thing!

  22. Kristina

    That house is lovely, but I guarantee if it was yours, you wouldn’t want chickens on your porch. Nothing wrong with chickens, but they are, um, fertilizer machines.

  23. Deanna

    Love this! I have been thinking of putting slate tiles in my outside entry area leading to the front door. My husband was skeptical until he saw this. The entire house is beautiful. I pinned almost every photo. Thank you for sharing!

  24. Autumn

    Love love love it! Ate up all those lovely images! I just have to show you the house I found in my recent home search that did the same thing for me, (not the first, but first that wasn’t already in a magazine!) it’s a circa 1910 Georgian Revival, and without your email not sure how other than to give you the address to look it up on or…..
    1400 Salisbury Dr., Midlothian, VA 23113
    I love your blog, I have found someone with the same eclectic design style I adore and want to have in my own home, keep up all the great inspiration!

      • Amanda Jaramillo

        Do you know what color the beams are? I have white beams, and want to paint them the wood color again.

  25. tara

    Melissa…I join you in saying that this is my dream house.. every single last detail.

  26. Lisa

    That’s my house! Well…in my dreams anyway.


    MELISSA! Oh My!! I am so with YOU on this one, I could move right in, sheer perfection in my eyes. Simple uncluttered, fresh, great details, YES!! YES!! YES!!
    Thank you for sharing!

  28. Carrie

    I love it! What a perfect place to call home…

  29. lexie

    I have a hard time believing people really live like this!

  30. Carol

    Omg, it’s like you found my perfect dream house! It’s so everything I’ve ever wanted in a house, and more. I think I’d live on that porch, and the chickens would be welcome, a garden hose makes quick work of anything they might leave behind.

  31. Juliane at Modern Mural

    Gorgeous, absolutely perfect. This truly is a dream house. Also, I’m adoring the Australian Shepherd. I have a soft soft because of my red tri!

  32. Pam

    Wow. Wow. Wow. Your dream farmhouse is my dream farmhouse. It reminds me of the one from Bing Crosby’s Holiday Inn, updated. It may be my “heavenly mansion.” (The only change for me would be, no brown beams in that one room. White all the way…) There are no words. Thanks for sharing it!

  33. Bulgaria

    I liked it so much. Looks like a dream house for me. Thank you for sharing!

  34. Tara

    Does anyone know where I can find the white pendants over the table in the kitchen??????

    • Laura

      They are the goodman pendants from circa lighting. Anyone know the paint color used throughout the house?

  35. Mindy

    So beautiful! I am ready to pack up our belongings and move right in.

  36. daisy

    Loving this home….and your blog! I am your newest follower on Facebook!

  37. Fitness Girl

    Yes, I am in love. I’m in love with this house, especially that one could search forever for a finding like this here in the UK. In fact I love this cottage so much I’m jealous because it probably won’t be me who’s going to live in this dream house :(

  38. Tammy

    I love this… I have to ask…is the porch tiled? It looks like it might be…from the front of it.

  39. kay

    Sorry you’re feeling so puny! Get bettah!
    I super love this house — and yours, too.
    Your sofa would benefit from a sofa table behind it, similar to what they’ve done here.
    I realize yours is against a window, but I’d like that.
    Maybe you could put a pair of pretty lamps there.
    Just a suggestion from a blogging BFF!

  40. Deb

    Woww! I love this hosue…I want to move right in : )


  41. Michelle Scribner

    I am building and love the dark stone used on the bottom of the the white farmhouse cottage? Can you tell me what color or the name of that stone?

  42. Maggie

    Wow you had me at the front door.Amazing. One thing I would change were the lights over the table. A previous reader loved them. Just don’t think they go with this farmhouse sorry. The landing and stairs.. Dreamy. From the pot faucet to island and tile I loved the kitchen.. Thanks for the post..

  43. Maggie

    It also reminds me a little of Sarah Richardsons country house. Her living room is much the same with the high ceilings and beams. Her foyer in that house is so cute with the red doors..

  44. Diane and Dean DIY

    I am so with you on this! The only other thing I would request was it to be on water so we can jump in our boat to do a little fishing!

  45. Michele

    Where is the sorce of the sofa console table (with the cream table lamps)? Love it!

  46. Richard Mason

    Do you know where to get the blueprints for this home?
    Thanks so much!

  47. Anna

    My kind of house too! I noticed two things I have, and couldn’t live without. A dog (looks like a red and white Border collie to me) and a grand piano (obviously not seen well enough to determine size or make/model). I have 3 dogs and a grand piano…..not a farm house but there’s still a lot of my ranch background that carries over into our ‘city house’. What a pretty pretty house! I’d live here happily.


    Oh yes, I pinned away ♥♥♥ just about every single element in this home as well. White, light and bright, dark floors with blues, that is my love language, thank you for sharing this Melissa!

  49. Sherry

    Oh my golly. I am loving it also. I find lately that I am drawn to rooms with white walls. Not sure why but I have lived with color so long I think I just need a rest for my eyes. This house just confirmed it more and more.
    Thanks for sharing. Love your blog sis.

  50. Peggy

    Di would love to know the colors and of paint you used inside and out. It is perfection!

  51. Meshea

    Do you know if there is a house plan for this house? We are about to build and I cannot find what I want anywhere! But this is perfect!! I went to the website of the name you provided and can’t find it!

  52. Ilene

    Be still my heart.

  53. Debbie Hamby

    Hello….in agreement with all the previous love notes about your home!!
    Wondering please, what is the exterior paint color??? I’ve been in search of the “thousands” of colors of white to repaint our historic farmhouse, which they are priming this week and unless I can find the perfect creamy white…will be repainting it soft yellow, as before!!! please advise!!?? Thank you!!

  54. Deanna Robinson

    Alabaster White by Sherwin Williams…..a gorgeous white and creamy!

  55. Tisha

    What material is the front porch ? Concrete maybe ? It looks smooth ?


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