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Spring Brunch in the Dining Room

I‘ve been CRAVING sunshine (and believe it or not it was warm like SUMMER here today! My wish came true!). In honor of more SUNNY DAYS AHEAD I’m excited to share my dining room all ready for a Spring or Easter brunch! I love just switching out a few accessories to bring in a new mood. Mixing and matching what I already have with a few new little goodies to make a room feel brand new again is one of life’s little joys!

Spring Brunch in the Dining Room

Remember my little succulent gardens for the kitchen? I think they add a perfect natural touch of green to the table! It’s fun to try a twist on the traditional bouquet once in awhile.

Spring Brunch in the Dining Room

Recently my friend Saul at DaySpring sent me a few new plates, so I got totally inspired to pull together a Spring brunch. Brunches are my favorite. Well, that and dishes. And sunshine.

Spring Brunch in the Dining Room

These sweet plates (and the small pitcher, the chalkboard signs and the four part server) are from the Daily Grace line at DaySpring. They are a fun whimsical addition to the springy theme. Winter can feel so serious and I like to see a little more lightheartedness in my home when the sun comes out! A colorful and happy home can chase away all the doldrums of winter.

Spring Brunch in the Dining Room

Spring Brunch in the Dining Room

The dining room got a fresh coat of Dove White paint (mixed by Glidden, but a Benjamin Moore formula from my trim and cabinets) last Fall. It was an interim step on my way to my dream of white paneled walls. But meanwhile, I’m inching my way closer to the cheery casual dining room I envisioned all along.

Spring Brunch in the Dining Room

Since our house is informal and overrun by the pups and activity all day long, it’s fun to entertain in a way that makes sense for our day to day life. And our dining room is the location of our only table so this room has to do double duty as a place to hang out as well as a destination for meals or entertaining. Our girls are more likely to be here on the weekends, so a fun casual brunch is a common theme when we get together!

Spring Brunch in the Dining Room

Spring Brunch in the Dining Room

Spring Brunch in the Dining Room

Spring Brunch in the Dining Room

All the items from the Daily Grace line are fun to mix in with my other plates and serving dishes.

Spring Brunch in the Dining Room

It’s the little things that remind me to live a grateful life!

The THREE winners in this giveaway (sponsored by DaySpring) will each pick any 10 Daily Grace items, so check out the options and then leave a comment below! Tell me what your favorites are and one way you live a grateful life to be entered to win! Winners will be chosen on Saturday 10PM PST.

The three winners for this giveaway are:

Sharon McGuire
Kathleen Grace of Kathy’s Cottage
Diane of An Extraordinary Day

Congratulations to all of you!


  1. Hedy King

    I love the Graceware, grace is my word for living. Your dining area is so friendly. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Shannon

    Oh my goodness I love all their products! My favorite is the platter “all that God gives” that is absolutely beautiful. Over the last year I have been keeping a Gratitude Journal where each day I jot down several things I am grateful for and it has completely changed my outlook on life. Good luck to everyone entering!

  3. Ashley B

    I love the ‘All by Grace’ dessert plate. The line is adorable! Gratefulness doesn’t come easily to me, but by God’s grace I try to thank Him as much as I can!

  4. Eileen

    Such a happy space! Dig the mix of furniture and pops of color! The graceware is such a fun and heartwarming addition to the setting… so grateful for a reason to set a pretty table (like my husband and I getting to spend time together before we head off to work)

  5. Lorrie

    I love the Graceware serving bowl. So pretty with fruit stacked in it. Your dining room is a cheery place to be. One way that I try to live a grateful life is to pay attention to the moments that fill each day.

  6. Cheri

    Wow, such a lovely room and the grace collection is beautiful. I love those mugs and saucers. A perfect reminder of His grace each morning, of which I am ever grateful for. :)

  7. Brandi

    I LOVE the coffee mugs! They would look so cute with my mini coffee station! I thank God everyday and am most grateful for my two beautiful girls and my wonderful husband! They are my everything!

  8. Barbara

    I love the divided serving dish….your muffins are inspiring! I am grateful everyday for my wonderful husband and children.

  9. Sally

    I love the cake pedestal and also the memo chalkboard! One thing I do to help live a grateful life is to start the day with a word of thankfulness to the Lord

  10. Southern Gal

    The Great God, Grateful Heart pitcher is my favorite. I’ve been keeping a list of gifts for three year. It makes me grateful for the little things. Thanks for the chance.

  11. ileana

    i love this setting! so cheery! where did you get the wooden t ray?

  12. Angela Betlewicz

    I love the graceware mugs! Grace grace Gods grace, grace that is sweeter than all our sins!

  13. sydney85

    Love the Teapot and cups. So delightful. I live a grateful life by volunteering at the Blind Society by reading audio books.

  14. Gayla

    Love your Spring dining room! So bright and cheerful.
    Thank you for the opportunity.
    I really like the Grateful Heart pitcher.
    I am thankful my wonderful husband and children who do the funniest things, you just have to laugh!
    One of my favorite songs….Bless the Lord oh my soul….I’ll worship His holy name…..let me be singing when the evening comes!

  15. Stephanie

    I am beyond obsessed with everything in this room! It’s gorgeous! And the plates and cups make it so perfect!

  16. Donnie Kean

    I think the little pitcher is precious, also love the “all by grace” plate. I have chosen a word to live by this year, grace. I try to incorporate that thought and tone in all my interactions throughout the day. It’s the focus of how I am trying to live and be.

  17. Cathy Mapesclan

    Oh where do I begin to say which items are my favorites. I love the 7″ vase for wooden spoons in my kitchen, and the vinyl chalkboard wall decal to write my daily menu :) I also love the large bowl, and the cake stand. I could go on and on. I am soooo blessed !! I have all my needs, and contentment too…

  18. Jeri

    I love your dining room. It is perfectly decorated and so cheerful! I thank God everyday for all the blessings He has bestowed on me. So thankful for a wonderful husband. I love reading your blog. Keep up the good work. You are so inspiring. I love the sugar bowl and creamer.

  19. von

    hard to choose only three :-)

    gratitude is (sadly) something that I have to give much thought and effort into. recalling the past, seeing God’s faithfulness in all things, helps me to be grateful in all things present. so thankful to have an all-knowing Father!

  20. Catherine

    I just love that creamer. The plates with that scalloped edge are just adorable also.

  21. joanne

    I love the ‘All by Grace’ platter, well that and the cake pedestal and oh, everything that Dayspring offers! Your dining room is so pretty, made me think of the wonderful sunny day we had today and looking forward to some fantastic sunny days ahead. Love the pop of colour!

  22. Laura O.

    Hard to choose but the muffins looks great in the divided serving dish so that’s my favorite one.
    I live a grateful life by teaching my children to be grateful for the small every day things.

  23. Rachell

    Today was beautiful, wasn’t it?! (I live in Washington too.)
    I love the serving dishes, the platter and the divided serving dish.
    I am grateful for my husband and three kids. I remember how God has always provided for us.

  24. Elizabeth

    I love the cups and saucers and the creamer and sugar bowl!

  25. meredith

    I love the wall art and the divided serving dish… I live gratefully by staying humble. I dont let my accomplishments cloud the fact that I still have alot of things I need to personally accomplish. im grateful for my hubby and son

  26. Karri

    Love these pieces! Grateful for the never ending grace I’m given, despite my many imperfections. Grateful grateful for this single day despite all it’s imperfections. :)

  27. Teresa

    Sweet giveaway …I think the divided server is perfect.
    Thanks-Living is our motto. All that we have all that we are… is to be thankful for .

  28. Jen

    These items have such a peaceful look, so inviting! I like the bowls and the vases. Thank you for a new day! are the words I speak upon awaking.

  29. Antony Bearpark

    The Divided Serving Dish and Teacup and Saucers are adorable, I love them!!
    I am grateful I’m living a happy fulfilling life. Things are looking up, and looking forward to the summer, am grateful I’ve finally found someone to share my life with and am looking to our future.

  30. jenn

    Now I am inspired to have a spring brunch for friends now! Also I like the white & navy…cobalt blue design pop! Grace dishes…yes please.

  31. Heidi

    I love the divided serving dish, the tall serving bowl and the cream and sugar set. Mine and my husband’s families have had some very trying times in the last five years. I think this has made us appreciate our family so much. Our love for each other is that much sweeter!

  32. Rachel

    I love the serving bowls, and am grateful to have food to fill them with.

  33. Henderson

    I love white dishes so this line is my favorite-thanks for introducing me! I love the bowls that say open my heart I am new to the blogging world but I love love interior design and your blog! One way I live a grateful life everyday is by trying to remember that every single good thing in my life is a gift from the grace of God! How wonderful!

  34. Lisa B

    Love your dining room! So many great pieces…I love the divided serving dish and the ‘live a grateful life” cups. I am grateful for my beautiful sons and my family. xo

  35. Lisa Cooper

    I love the Daily Grace 3 piece place setting.

  36. Deb McKathan

    I love all these pieces, but I am definitely a cake plate collector. A battle with stage 3 melanoma, radiation and 1 year of weekly treatments, daily grace and thankfulness are my standard. Thank you for the opportunity and I so enjoy your blog.

  37. Leanne

    I just love this brunch table you created! So clean & fresh!
    There are so many great pieces, I especially love the plates & creamer piece!
    One way I try to live a grateful life is by being positive in every circumstance {easier said than done!}, I have it so much better than so many people in this world, and for that I am grateful!

  38. Kim

    I love the coffee mugs -grateful mugs!! Such a sweet reminder!!

  39. Anne Marie

    Love the grateful life cups. I am grateful for my four little grandbabies.

  40. Jeanne W

    I love the live a grateful life teacups and blessed and grateful vase. It all looks great in your brunch setting. I try to write in my journal and take time to meditate each day as part of my gratitude practice.

  41. kathy

    Love the 3-piece place setting! We belong to Grace Church (www.dovergrace.or – Dover, MA) and this would be a perfect addition to our fellowship on Sunday mornings!

  42. Melissa

    oh my… the whole collection is outstanding… I love collecting creamers, but the chalkboard memo board and place cards are just too cute.

    I try to have a list of at least 3 things a day, I’m thankful for… it’s harder than you think, especially when you try not to duplicate your list everyday!

  43. Devon Caldwell

    I LOVE the serving bowls and pitchers with the chalkboard labels. How fun that would be for small gatherings. However my favorite is the chalkboard wall banner. My family could write down every night what they were grateful for and help to make bedtime prayers a breeze. Lol

  44. Shelia

    Such a simple, beautiful collection! The simple act of saying grace before we eat is a way to remember how blessed we are.

  45. Faith

    Beautiful brunch! I love the butter dish and the 9 inch pitcher. I keep a scripture/prayer journal and each day I write a specific blessing for which I am thankful.

  46. Linda

    Hi! I love the “Live a Grateful Life” tea cups. Early mornings I have some quiet time with my tea or coffee and think how grateful I am for all the beautiful things of my life. I am a newly retired, 63 year old grandmother who dearly loves her husband, daughters and grandchildren. They have all had their struggles and two of my grandchildren have had serious health issues. They are thriving now and I am so grateful for them in my life. There is nothing like watching people you love grow and develop into very special human beings.

  47. Katie

    Daily Grace – Grateful Heart – Memo Chalkboard is cute! I am so grateful for my 2 sweet little girls.

  48. Amy B

    These are sweet dishes – I’m in luv with the Grateful Life cups and saucers! When I stop comparing my life with others and put my focus on God, I am thankful for all he has done for me!

  49. Sara

    Such a lovely line of products to choose from! I think my favourites are the teapot and cups, as well as the sugar bowl and creamer set. My neighbour often drops by for tea, and it would be lovely to use these!
    I have an old glass canister that holds my daily “something to be thankful for” thoughts. At the end of the year, I pull out all the papers and take a read through them. It’s a good reminder that’s it is the simple things in life that I am thankful for.

  50. Darla

    I really like the ceramic write on place holders, the cake server, and the divided server. It’s all so whimsical. Memorizing Scripture and remembering that without thankfulness and humility, we can’t glorify God really helps keep perspective in life.

  51. Doris

    Love them all, but especially the teapots and vases.

  52. Lacey

    I like the “Great God, Grateful heart” pitcher and the teapot best. I try to live a grateful life by looking for ways to bless others. Also by reading the Psalms to remind me of the way the Lord takes care of us and never leaves us… His faithfulness leaves me ever so grateful!

  53. Jessica

    I love everything about this dining room! Where are the placemats from? I love the platter, dinner plates, chalkboard place cards. Basically all of their items!

  54. Stacie

    LOVE the plates with Daily Grace affirmations!! I work at a college and have student workers – I make a point of telling them all every day how thankful I am for their help, and that I would be lost without them! I think it’s important to be specific in thanking people, to let them know you have really considered how they enrich your life, rather than just a generic “Thanks.”

  55. Sandra

    This is a beautiful and cheery room!

  56. Alicia

    That line is seriously the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I didn’t know Dayspring had dinnerware. It’s nice to have daily reminders of living a grateful life and in such a cute package…who could ask for more! Thank you for sharing them.

  57. Mary Frederick

    I love the grace teapot. It would help me with my daily ritual of getting my coffee or tea, taking a seat and reading my book that is a page for reflection for that day. All of the items are beautiful, but the Grace teapot does it for me. I love your dining room, so chic! I’ve been voting for you. Good luck!

  58. Dotti O.

    I love your dining room for Spring. I think you have achieved your goal! It is cheerful, pretty and so inviting! Also loved the wares from Daily Grace. My favorites were the pitcher, the mug, the place cards and the platter……….pretty much everything. Best, Dotti

  59. Gwen

    I love it all especially the teacups that say live a grateful life. I believe that is the key to a happy life. Many times I just stop and think how grateful and blessed I am. It is always lovely to have a reminder

  60. Heather

    I love both the “blessed and grateful” small pitcher and the “all by grace” platter. Your description of their items being “fun” and “whimsical” is spot on. They are perfect for Spring when we are making a grace garden and preparing to celebrate Easter. In addition to being a daily reminder when on display, I think these dishes would be great prompts to celebrate a grateful life in our prayers and discussions at meals. I love your design’s colorful and eclectic feel. It’s a look I’m trying to embrace and seems perfect for your family’s lifestyle this Spring. Thanks for sharing.

  61. Diane McKeon

    We are in the midst of a major kitchen renovation. There have been numerous set backs and problems along the way. Rather than letting the stress of it all get to me, I have found being grateful and mindful of the fact that I am fortunate enough to be able to do this renovation diffuses my angst and disappointment. I am grateful to have the means to have a new kitchen and mindful that so many others have very real problems they contend with daily. I am blessed.

  62. Pam

    I love the Platter. I am grateful for all God has given me…a supportive husband, 3 wonderful sons, and the gift of being able to share my Faith with our parish youth by teaching Religious Education. I look forward to your blog and the subtle ways you interject that gratitude into your decor. Thank you.

  63. jo wyrosdick

    I love the grateful teacup and saucer. I would like to give some for gifts to good friends. I would love to drink my coffee each morning in this cup. A reminder to always be grateful.

  64. susie lavender

    I love the teapot. I have a soft spot in my heart for all things tea related. I like that the items are simple but carry a big message.

  65. Jennifer Black

    I of course love all of the grace-ware pieces, but the one that caught my eye is the creamer. I have been on the hunt for the perfect simple creamer and loved this one. We’re in the process of downsizing our home so that my husband doesn’t have to work such long hours, and these pieces are a reminder of what’s important. I’m grateful for the time my daughter and I will have with my husband. It’s sad to leave my dream home, but people definitely matter more.

  66. Rachel

    All of the pieces are lovely, but my favorites are the big serving bowls! I try to wake up and go to bed each day with a grateful heart, these would be such wonderful reminders to be thamkful everyday.

  67. Jen G..

    What a great line of products! I really love the cake stand! Praying daily helps me live a grateful life.

  68. Carol

    Love the butter dish, so cute! I am grateful for my family and blessed to live in this country.

  69. Sarah W

    I love your dining room! I love the memo chalkboard. I try to take time to appreciate the little things during my busy day. Thanks for the giveaway!

  70. Sharon McGuire

    I love the “live a grateful life” cups. I have an 18 year old son with autism who will be graduating high school this year. We are both SO grateful to his aide who has helped me for 6 years. Two of them would be awesome gifts, one for the aide and one for my amazing boy.

  71. Laurie

    I have just the spot for the 5×7 Open Your Heart art print. It will go along with my other “self-made” inspirational photographs I have taken and added words and displayed, i.e. Walk the road to joyfulness.

  72. Kelly Reber

    I kinda love them all! But I adore the creamer and sugar set and the square salad plates and bowls!!

  73. Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    What a sweet table setting, Melissa!

    I’ve been seeing this lovely line featured a few places and have been totally smitten. I think the little chalkboard stands are wonderful. How fun to write little reminders on them and stick them around the house as well as the table.

    Gratitude is a part of my DNA…by choice…a long time ago. I’ve been having fun getting others to count their blessings with me every Sunday on the blog with my Joy Day! posts. Joy really does come from sharing our hearts of gratitude in community.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!!

  74. Marissa W.

    I love the living a grateful life tall serving bowl and the daily grace teapot. I love the chalkboard on them! We moved into our new home a year ago. We had a ton of things that seemed important at the time of purchase. In the end they all added up and clogging our house and keeping us from truly living in the space. Now that we are in our new home I am grateful for our new space and my loved ones who fill it. My focus now is to keep it simple, enjoy my kiddos and a whole less is more attitude!

  75. Teresa

    So many beautiful and inspiring choices. The coffee mugs would be a great reminder to start each day with gratitude in you heart. I am truly blessed in so many ways.

  76. manda

    Love the cream and sugar set or the tea pot set. Too cute.

    I am grateful for family, friends, and a wonderful husband.

  77. libby

    Love them all, but especially the cake pedestal, I am grateful everyday to be blessed with a large family and they are all healthy

  78. Nicole

    I love the mugs, pitcher and plates! Ever since reading One Thousand Gifts several years ago, I keep a “grateful” journal and the family and I write in it daily.

  79. maria

    Oh I love the little vase, and the sugar/candy bowl and the salad plate and the pitcher. And that is just to start! One way I try to live gratefully, is to be conscious of my blessings surrounding me at the moment – some seen, some not and especially, when I get worried or sad, I will make sure I purposely turn my mind toward my blessings and the One who blesses us each moment!

  80. Rachel Lillard

    I love the teapot as well! I guess it’s a popular item :). And also I adore the sugar bowl. I’d probably use it to collect change or jewelry instead of sugar, but it’s beautiful! Anyway, the way I try to live a grateful life is to be in a state of constant prayer. I know this sounds crazy religious, but being in constant communication with God helps me to see His hand in everything. I am not successful at doing this most days, but I try, and He always shows me His sovereignty and goodness!

  81. Jessica @ Hello Little Bungalow

    Oh, I love that Grace line of dishes so much! In particular the sugar/ creamer set, dessert dishes, and even the wall decal! Your dining room looks gorgeous for spring– so much inspiration! (I’ll be pinning a bunch of those lovely images!) One way I try and live a grateful life is by noticing the details (and often photographing them)…the way light moves in my house, or even the messes my kids make. Finding joy in those helps me be grateful for all the little parts that make up our glorious lives. xo

  82. Heather

    Thank you for the creative ideas! I like the teapot, so simple.
    Today I am being grateful for the sun and that we are nearing 60 degrees, the first time in a long time!

  83. Susan

    I love those coffee mugs with saucers – they are adorable and would be so fun to have!!

  84. Theresa

    Thanks for the chance to win! I am partial to anything tea related so the mugs “speak” to me. I love the 4 part server and the chalkboard stands.

    I am 55 and was able to retire this past January. Boy, am I ever grateful! This year I am doing a FaceBook page on gratitude: One Thing, Each Day and every day I post something different that I appreciate or am grateful for.

  85. dawn@joyfulscribblings

    All of the items are adorable. I love the little teacup and saucer. It would be the perfect gift for my Bible Study leader. Thanks for sharing this adorable line of entertaining items. I journal every morning and try to list things I’m grateful for. I also share simple joys on my blog and started blogging as a way to be more present and grateful for the little things in life.

  86. Debbie Schmitt

    I like the coffee mugs. Such a cute line of dishes. I am grateful for the inspiring blogs, like yours, available today to help us improve our home and lives.

  87. sandra mosolgo

    Am always encouraged when I am reminded to be thankful and grateful for the blessings of life.
    sandy m

  88. Teresa s.

    My favorite is the butter dish! I follow along with Ann Voskamps gratitude journal!

  89. Tina

    I love the coffee/tea mugs that have ” live a grateful life”. What a wonderful way to start and end a day! The table looks beautiful ! Thanks for sharing!

  90. Michelle

    Love the butter dish!! I talk about gratitude frequently with my two little boys, which reminds me to stay grateful too!

  91. Cathy

    The Daily Grace line touches my heart. How inspiring it would be to enjoy these every day! Love all
    the products and would love to share them with my family and friends. Thank you for this opportunity!

  92. Jillian

    The Daily Grace teapot and teacups set is so cute! I am grateful for His grace every day.

  93. Holly F.

    I try to begin my prayers with everything I am grateful for, before I ask for anything for anyone. Sometimes when things are hard I try to only pray with gratitude. I love the cake plate and the sugar bowl and creamer! Such a cute line of products!

  94. Linda@Creekside

    LOVE some juice in an old mason jar.



  95. Molly

    Love it all! Especially the espresso cups. Great giveaway!

  96. Kathy S.

    I love the Daily Grace line. Each one is a reminder to be thankful. My favorites are the serving bowls, the teapot, and cream and sugar.

    Thanks for offering this giveaway, Melissa. Your dining room looks so cozy and inviting.

  97. Dana

    Love the cake pedestal, dessert plates, all of it!

  98. Heather Dundore

    The whole line is lovely, but I love the place cards and the mugs the most. :) Honestly, the way I lead a grateful life is to continue to fill my mind with WHO God is (through His Word) instead of constantly coming to Him with my needs. The more I see who He is and what He’s done for me, the more grateful I become!

  99. Erin

    The cake pedestal!

  100. Cristi Carpenter

    First, let me say, you’re dining room looks so happy and uplifting! The Daily Grace dinnerware really adds to that! I enjoy your blog and all of your creativity (it makes voting for you easy!).

    I headed over to DaySpring and checked them out. I absolutely LOVE the redeemed pillow and mirror, as well as the Life of Christ gift print.

    Now, how do I live a grateful life? It begins by being grateful for the loving family God has given me! In addition to my parents and siblings, I have a couple of aunts and uncles that are like bonus parents and cousins that are like bonus siblings. The love they show me is just amazing and I can’t imagine what my life would be like without them. I live a grateful life by passing their values and unconditional love on to my kids, little cousins, and nieces and nephews. :0)

  101. Sandra MacGinnis

    The way I live a grateful life is worshipping the Lord and praising Him for who He is. The is the King of Kings the Almighty Powerful One and the Prince of Peace. He holds us in His Mighty Hands. All the Glory is His. Couldn’t live my life without Him. Heaven here I come.

    The entire line is great and would be fun to serve with.

  102. carla

    the teacups are ADORABLE! I work with ‘middle school’ aged girls, trying to guide in a Godly way. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  103. Kara

    LOVE the tea cup and saucer set.

    Lately I’ve been trying to live a grateful life by slowing down in the mornings and really looking at the faces at my table, talking to each of them, before breakfast is over and we are all launched into our days.

    thanks for the giveaway!

  104. Catie @ Catie's Corner

    I am always grateful for the things. They are the things that make life good. =) The Daily Grace line is soo cute. The teapot is my favorite!!

  105. Shannon

    What a beautiful dining room! I hardly ever comment, but I read your blog religiously. You’re such an inspiration!

    I love the dinner plates and the mugs. How I imagine using them is incorporating them into our dinner table, where we talk about all the great things that happened for the day with our three boys, and get a run-down of everything they are thankful for. We then we Give Thanks for all of the wonderful things we hear.

    Your blog inspired me to create my own. It’s not done yet, so my landing page is a construction page, but I’d like to take this opportunity to give thanks for YOU.


    Shannon in Michigan

  106. Betty Anne

    I really like the cake pedestal. I try to practice grace by serving others.

  107. Betty Anne

    I like the cake pedestal. I practice grace by serving others.

  108. Tammy

    I love, love, LOVE the platter. I live a grateful life by loving our Lord as He deserves.

  109. Dianne

    I particularly love the teacup and saucer as well as the little creamer! Delightful dinnerware. You dining room is so bright, cheerful and so welcoming. I’d love to come for Brunch!

  110. Taylor

    I really like the platter or the chalkboard print, but I can’t resist a lovely tea pot, so that would have to be my favorite. I try to show I’m grateful by appreciating theses days I have with my babies and telling my husband how much I love being home with them full time.

  111. Erin

    The one way I live a grateful life? Wow, I try to give thanks for my three kids. Two of them are autistic & for the longest time, I tried to heal my daughter, when I finally realized that I couldn’t, it made it easy, to accept when my youngest Sean was diagnosis. I am so grateful for them & that, I know, my world would be dimmer without them. Oh, I would pick the sugar and creamer set, I think. :)

  112. Pamela

    I LOVE the vinyl wall art. That would be something I would look at everyday as a reminder. But actually all the pieces are so pretty. I try to live a grateful life everyday by keeping a grateful journal…every morning before my quiet time, I write a brief description of things I was thankful for that happened the day before. It only takes a few minutes but is an amazing reminder. Love your blog.

  113. Dede jackson

    Love your dining room!!! Where are the curtains from?? Thank you for the giveaway- I’m loving the divided serving dish, the chalkboard and the place cards!

  114. Jennifer C.

    God is so good and I try and give him the praise for everything that He brings into my life and that’s how I let Him know how grateful I am! I love the Urban Soul products!

  115. Bethany K.

    I love the memo chalk board, would love to make lists of what I am grateful for on it each week. This week it is sunshine, my kids smiling faces and snuggles with my husband.

  116. Jane Huey

    Love the little four part server!

  117. Florence Q. Frick

    Wow! There are many adorable, awesome items to pick from the DaySpring’s Daily Grace collection. Here are just a few of my favorites: Teapot & Teacup Set; sugar/creamer, butterdish, the pitcher and how about the memo chalkboard and place cards–I love it all! I would be hard to pick 10.
    One way I live a grateful life is by saying these verses every morning: Today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it–Psalm 118:24 and “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord-Psalm 150:6. I am grateful for His Word.
    Melissa, thank you for this opportunity.

  118. Diana Bachleda

    I am grateful for my family and friends. My favorite items are the platter and cake stand. PS: My birthday is Saturday. :)

  119. Rebekah

    I love the teapot and teacup set! I live a grateful life by remembering that God is my Hope in every situation, and He knows what is best for me!

  120. Jacqueline

    Oh, how lovely. Spring brunch! And I visited the DaySpring website for a chance to win any of the Easter for Children items. This Easter, I’m the proud great grandmother of not one, but two, little great grandsons! They are the new joys of my life. (I never thought I’d “live” to be a great grandmother, since I never knew any of mine, but obviously this is what life is all about!) Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the giveaway! Love your site.

  121. Laura Hinckley Burghorn

    I love ALL of the Daily Grace line, but, especially the teapots and serveware pieces! I am most grateful for the joy of my salvation. The joy grants me the power and strength to things for His kingdom and in His kingdom everyday- through physical struggles and daily busy-nesses! I am truly blessed and grateful!

  122. Wendi

    Adorable. I like the divided serving tray, the chalkboard and place tags, and the wall art is great. Thank you.

  123. Meg

    I like the chalkboard placeholders, would use them to identify different dishes at large buffets. I am grateful to be able to spend time with my elderly mom and play music each day.

  124. Anita

    I love the theme of thankfulness and grace and the shapes of the bowls and dishes. I really like the sugar and creamer. I’m also thinking that I’d love to take my contribution to Easter dinner in a bowl or serving platter and then leave it with the hostess; how fun would that be?

  125. Susan

    The Graceware is beautiful. Love the name, since our family says grace before each meal. It reminds us to be always thankful for what we have.

  126. Heather

    My favorite are the little grateful mugs without handles. So cute! Love everything though. I live a grateful life by saying lots of “thank you for…” prayers as I go about my day.

  127. elizaebeth

    Ilove them all, The blue is so calming. YOur dining room is fab as well!

  128. Karen

    Your dining room is beautiful…simple and fresh! Love it. The dish collection is wonderful I love the Grateful mugs!

  129. Kathleen

    Everything is to lovely. I like the small vase and the sugar and creamer. I always try to help people in need in small ways and I challenge my children to do the same.

  130. Pam Ballard

    What a lovely giveaway. Without Gods Grace I could not live such a wonderful life. I am so very blessed for my faith. I enjoy sharing and giving each day! I love the chalkboard and place cards.

  131. Stephanie S

    There are so many great product in this line. I think the teacups and butter dish are tied for first :)

    I remember to thank God constantly for the things He has provided. Especially when things don’t seem to be going my way it’s a good reminder that they are going His and He is always good.

  132. Colleen

    I love the teacups and saucers. I try to live a graceful life by living a grateful life.

    • MJ Thompson

      Simply put and well said. :)

  133. Catherine in MI

    I live a grateful life when I remind myself to stop asking for/waiting for “more”.

    From the collection, I really like:
    Blessed & Grateful – 7″ Small Vase and the Live a Grateful Life – Teacup & Saucer

  134. michele gaydos

    these pieces are beautiful….and a great way to remember lovely thoughts everyday!

  135. Meemaw

    I love all things Dayspring. I just got the goblet and plate for having communion here with friends. I think the cake pedestal and memo boards are my favorites. I feel like I know you through your blog and am thrilled we are sisters in Christ.

  136. VHiggins

    I love the serving dishes! I’m somewhat newly married and still building my collection for entertaining, these would be so cheerful in our home.

  137. kathleen grace

    I love the whole line, but those cups and saucer sets are such a beautiful way to be reminded to live a grateful life. I want some and I can think of people I would love to give these to as a gift! Thank you for a lovely giveaway. Even id I don’t win I am glad to have found these products. I have made it a habit over the years to stop and thank God for every blessing throughout the day. I am grateful for the beauty of nature and the love of family. I give thanks all the time:>)
    Your dining room looks beautiful, clean bright white on the walls means you can mix things up all the time!

  138. KatieV

    I love the cake pedestal and butter dish!
    I find ways to be thankful for living in a small house instead of wishing for a bigger one!

  139. MJ Thompson

    I am grateful each and every day for my husband and my kids. Family is the greatest blessing… and sharing time together. ♥

    I adore the little Blessed & Grateful small vase. It just makes me smile. Of course the tea cup and saucer, sugar bowl and creamer, and teapot and teacups set are also all full of cuteness and happiness. They just make you smile. : )

  140. Lisa P

    I love all the pieces that say “Live a Grateful Life”

  141. Mindy

    What a lovely table setting – looks so happy and inviting. From the collection I especially like the tea cup and saucer. I have two close friends and, despite full lives, we try to get together for tea or lunch on a montly basis to share, pray, catch up with one another. I try to live a grateful life on a daily basis and for the past year have been doing a Giving Thanks post most Friday’s to focus on things (big, small or even silly-seeming) that I am grateful for.

  142. Lauren Hail

    Ummm, in love with that website now! My favorite is the pitcher.

  143. Sheila

    I love the simple style of the Daily Grace items but I especially like the Daily Grace – Grateful for All God Gives – 16″ Platter. I try to live with the Attitude of Gratitude daily. I try to think what if God took away the things I am not thankful for and that makes me want to give thanks for even those little things in life.

  144. Patty Goodman

    Love the 3piece plates…so many different ways to use them. I like the way you mixed the dinner plates and salad plates on your charming table! I like that the line is white so you can mix them with other dishes easily. The chalkboard detailing is so cool!

    Since reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp and doing the video study, I am keeping a journal where I write down things I am thankful for. God and his beauty and goodness is all around us!!

  145. Erin Buchanan

    What a cheery environment you live in, truly blessed! Sorry, can’t choose, love them all.

  146. Ruth Lutz

    What a great way to start your day! I can just imagine a stack of the Open your Heart bowls on the breakfast table! I also loved the Teapot and Teacups set and the Divided Serving Dish. In our home we look for ways to be grateful every day – for each other, for the love of our Heavenly Father, for our family and friends and even for the many challenges we face in life!
    Thank you for your dedication to write such a wonderful blog and for this wonderful giveaway!
    Warm regards,

  147. Kalli F

    I enjoy this message and your post today! Everyday I try to reflect on positive moments and thoughts in the morning while drinking my first cup of tea. For this reason the Teapot and teacups set really speak to me.

  148. Shannon Whalen

    I love the coffee cups and the dinner plates!

  149. Lisa

    It is easier to live a grateful life when you realize that all things come through God’s hands.

    I love the little chalkboard signs. :)

  150. Kathy

    It’s wonderful to see your array of gracious objects to enhance a dining experience. Thank you for showing me how to make my home a haven for relaxation, rest and peace.

  151. Casandra

    Hi! I love the serving bowl.

  152. Terry

    Loving the cake pedestal. One of the ways that I live a grateful life is by giving back. I volunteer at my church and in our community where needed. And as we all know, people are always needed to do good things.

  153. Jennifer Jackson

    I liked the Grace teacups. Saying thank you Lord for Your saving Grace is part of my daily life.

  154. Rebecca

    I love this line – the teapot, and the memo board are my favorites, anything with the chalkboard that allows you to personalize. A gentle reminder for all that we should be grateful for is something I need to see every day; given the stresses of our everyday lives, it’s nice to be brought back to His grace. Thanks for your beautiful blog.

    Rebecca P

  155. Deborah Pentland

    I love the Tea set. I work at a hospital and frequently bring in items for our patients who are indigent and may not have personal care items at home.

  156. Brandy B.

    I love all of them. I especially love the chalkboards. I think it would be great to use the chalkboards at dinner every night and everyone could write what they are grateful for that day. I try to live a greatful life by looking around me at everything God has blessed me with. I have a wonderful family and could not ask for more.

  157. Susie

    I love everything! So cute! One way to remember to be grateful is to thank God each night for all the blessing bestowed up on me. The blessings are there even on a not so good day. Every cloud has a silver lining! Love your blog…thanks for sharing with us!

  158. Cheryl Floyd

    I especially love the Teapot and Teacups! I have several friends (and myself) who truly enjoy tea! This would be so lovely to share with my friends!

    I also love the Oh, How Grateful and Thanksful I am To The Lord – vinyl wall art and All The Grace, Blessed and Thanksful!

    I am so grateful every day for the health of all of my family and close friends! We’re all so fortunate.

  159. Mary Jane

    Lovely, lovely dishware! I would be grateful with any of the tableware. I do like he small pitcher and the chalkboard. I have so much to be grateful for these days. I have been very sick the last few years and I’m so grateful I have a wonderful husband who has gone above and beyond for me. He is my gift from God and I thank God every day for him and HIM.

  160. Kenna

    Oh my gosh – I love them all! I think my favorites are the everyday plates though – what a great way to give yourself little reminders throughout the day.

  161. Leanna

    My favorite products are the Live a Graceful Life Divided Serving Dish and the A Grateful Life is Blessed Cake dish but it was so hard to choose! Everything was so cute and beautiful.

  162. JESS

    Love the cake pedestal!!!!

  163. Truly

    The grace for today plates are my favorites. And lately, I have intentionally been living a grateful life by immediately stopping myself whenever I get discontented and saying “thank you” for what I have.

  164. Ginger

    I love all the items, but I would choose the cream and sugar set. this way I know I would see it every day. Ways I live a grateful life is but thanking God for all the “little” things in my life, and being grateful for all that I have.

  165. Wanda

    I love the chalkboard signs and the vase. I make a conscious choice nearly every day to be thankful for all of God’s good gifts in my life, instead of focusing on the parts of life I wish were different. I also model this attitude for my kids, since I want them to learn to be grateful and content people, not unhappy.

  166. Ann

    Love the DaySpring Daily Grace platter and place cards!

  167. LHelen

    I love the “Live a Grateful Life” square salad plate, or anything that says “Live a Grateful Life.” I am trying to be out-loud grateful in our grace before meals and the plate would be a great reminder.

  168. Elizabeth

    I love the cunning little cream pitcher! I live a grateful life by remembering to teach that to my babies. Thank you for the giveaway!

  169. Mari

    I love the divided serving dish, creamer, and tea cups. I am so grateful for my girls being on the same Continent for now!

  170. Jaime Lopez

    what a sweet brunch table… inviting and cozy! i love the Daily Grace – Grateful Heart – Memo Chalkboard, it would be perfect as a menu board to to welcome guests into my kitchen!

    – Jaime

  171. Heather Bivins

    My favorite item is probably the vases; however, my favorite saying is on the Grace for Today candy bowl. I love that! It can be easy for me to fill my mind with worries and what ifs, but this little bowl is a great reminder to be thankful for God’s grace on this day and to focus on that. Thanks for the chance to enter! Love the white walls! So cherry and bright!

  172. Jennifer

    My favorite are the mugs…you can never have too many mugs! One way I live a grateful life is by keeping a list of all the things I’m thankful for (I know, not original but it works) anything from the squirrels playing in my backyard to overhearing a sweet conversation between siblings.
    We have the same dining table…I now have the overwhelming urge to paint it white :-)

  173. Chelsea Traver

    What an adorable chalkboard tea pot! Pretty much anything having to do with tea has my vote for favorite:)

  174. Kelly D

    I like the Daily Grace – Sugar Bowl and Creamer Set and the Daily Grace – Live a Grateful Life – Divided Serving Dish. I live a Grateful life by going to church every weekend so I can reminded of what the important things are in life.

  175. mil

    it is a blessing to have the Daily Grace – Great God, Grateful Heart Pitcher! i just got my creamer and am using it as a vase- so dainty to have it with yellow spring flowers :) we are truly blessed and ever grateful to God.

  176. Shannon

    I love the daily grace coffee mug, looks like a fun way to drink a cup or two :)

  177. Janet

    First, thank you. I had two near death experiences from a recent surgery in January and at the age of 50, life flashes before your eyes too quickly. Grace has become a word that My family is now using regularly and starting my own blog has been a dream that is time to make happen. Your site has “inspired” me everyday. I have a lot of black and white in my home, so the chalkboard pieces are very endearing. My kitchen, which has been waiting a redo because of pipe leaks for five years, has been inspired by yours and I want to show in my blog. Thank you for being there and after looking at all the options for the blogger winner, hands down, it is you!

  178. Maryann

    I love the divided serving dish and the pitcher. I try to live a grateful life by thanking God each and every day for life and I know how precious it is as a cancer survivor. I also do the card ministry at my church to encourage the shut ins and sick.

  179. Cynthia

    I love this idea! I try to remember to pray a prayer of gratefulness each and every day! My favorite items would be the cake pedestal, divided tray and teapot. Thanks again!

  180. Portia smith

    I love the divided serving dish and cake pedastool

  181. Darlene

    I love the blessed and grateful creamer. The idea of a family gathering celebrating Jesus resurrection and celebrating spring – the new season’s God gives us are most precious. I thank you for sharing such wonderful ideas with your place settings. The muffins look so delicious . . . :)

  182. Denise

    I love the place cards, plates and pitcher! The way I show a grateful life is by giving myself back to the Lord each day before I put my feet on the floor. After all He’s done for me, how can I do less than give him my life?

  183. Bridget

    I’m on a green tea kick so am totally smitten with the Daily Grace – Live a Grateful Life – Teacup & Saucer! Just the inspiration needed to keep me on track with my goal of drinking less coffee and achieving wellness. So very grateful for my memories–my mother has Alzheimer’s and watching hers slip away has fortified just how precious they are.

  184. Julie S.

    I love the grace ware! The small vase to so cute too!

  185. casey

    I just love the feel of your dining room. Beautiful and yet cozy, homey and so charming. You have such a talent!

  186. Teresa

    I love the little cups, so cute but all of it is so cheery. Loving the spring weather!

  187. Colleen

    I love the Daily Grace sugar bowl and creamer. I’m such a sucker for cream and sugar sets and these are so sweet with the lovely reminders! I love your spring setting. I’ve pinned your light fixture for inspiration for my breakfast room. Thanks for a fun, uplifting post :-)

  188. jane

    I am in love with the blessed and grateful creamer. That is exactly how I feel—-blessed and grateful for everything God has given me in my life.

  189. Michelle

    Love the sweet plates! And I live a grateful life by constantly expressing thanks for all of the things that I am grateful for in life.

  190. Carol

    Your dining room is so fun and inviting! You just want to hang out with family and friends there. I am very grateful for my family and friends and for working with our preschool for 13 years!! Love the little ones and I learn something new from them daily, sometime too much info, HA! Daily Grace items are beautiful & easy to mix with anything, especially like the chalkboard touches to label or leave a special message:)

  191. amelia

    first of all – i love your blog!! thanks for providing so much home design inspiration to me :)

    where are those blue curtains from? they’re beautiful.

  192. Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm

    wow! that coffee machine looks like it could take off and fly! the handless mugs, “live a grateful life” are aaadorable. I’m a firm believer in keeping uplifting and motivational sayings and verses all around me.

  193. Regina

    I love the tea cup and saucer. Such a sweet giveaway.

  194. sally

    Your blog is amazing.
    I love the large vase, although the whole line is beautiful for its simple clean lines.
    I’m grateful for having retired. I’m enjoying being home and using my time to produce artwork for the biggest blessing I have received…my granddaughter that was born in Nov. And in May I will have a second granddaughter. My timing for retirement was perfect. My cup runneth over. I am also grateful for my yoga teacher. She does not charge us for classes and has improved the quality of life for so many students. God bless her.

  195. Jannette

    I LOVE, LUV, LOOOOVE the Tea Pot!! I thank God everyday for my salvation in Jesus Christ. If it weren’t for Him saving me from myself, I would have been dead or in jail. The Lord has blessed me ubundantly above all I could ask or think. I count my blessings everyday. Although I struggle with medical problems, I praise God everyday for the opportunity to stay home with my kids. Most people with my medical condition have a hard time conceiving. So even though the house gets turned upside down having four wild children, I pour my tea (stress reliever tea) and praise God I have them and my life. I can go on and on about why I try to be greatful for all that I have but I’ll limit it in this comment to my children, my wonderful husband who works hard for me to stay home, and for my faith in Jesus! Thanks for sharing your beautiful dining room and the opportunity to win a gift from Day Spring!

  196. Ginny

    Love the grateful life cappucino cups. Your drink station is fab!

  197. Trudy L

    My favorite of these delightful pieces is the “blessed and grateful” creamer. Two things I do to remember to be grateful are: reminding myself daily of the gospel. It’s truly awesome news every time I hear it, and I’ve heard it a lot, been a Christian for a long time, but when I stop and think about the good news of Jesus, it is still mind-blowing, and puts everything else in perspective! The other thing I’m fond of doing is lifting short phrases from hymns, choruses and even scripture, and just repeat them throughout the day. Today’s phrase was from the hymn Jesus Paid it All/O Praise the One who Paid my Debt, and this part from John 11:25: ” whoever lives and believes in me will never die.”

  198. Ginger

    I love your drapes..and the plate wall. So full of color!

  199. Danielle Addimandi

    Hello! I just love that I’ve recently discovered your blog. It’s so inspiring! The chalkboard mugs, pitcher and tea pot are darling! As a busy mom of three young kiddos, blogger and chief cook and bottle washer, I would be GRATEFUL to enjoy a cup of coffee in my new mug while it’s still hot!

  200. Andrea E.

    I love the “open your heart” bowls – thanks bunches!

  201. barbara

    I love your curtains with the blue ikat design. ..I love dishware with words on them or quotes…as a retired english teacher wotdss and quotes are my bread and butter…love the sugar bowl and creamer…simple things I think are the most pleasing

  202. LeAnn Peterson

    They’re all so pretty, but especially love the plates! Love your style.

  203. Grace

    Lovely! My favorites are the divided serving dish and the teacup. I’m grateful for God’s daily blessings! I started writing down my blessings at the beginning of the year. It would be fun to read them at the end of the year to remind myself how blessed I am.

  204. Calli

    I love the cake stand!

  205. Cynthia Nessel

    What a great line of products! I can’t wait to spend some time checking out their stuff. I loved that tall serving bowl and the place cards and the cake stand and the divided serving dish and I could go on and on, but I will stop with all the loves. Except so grateful for life and YOU and my chance to run into your website. I also take cards or quotes and put them in my kitchen so I will remember to pray often and be grateful for Gods presence in my life, but the dishes…..what another nice way to be reminded…nice! Thanks for sharing!

  206. Madeleine Ward

    Love the Daily Grace – Grace for Today, as I am grateful for ever sunrise and sunset, but still cannot wait for warmer weather

  207. Tonya Aragon

    The teapot and teacups! Adorable. The one way that I live a grateful live is to fully embrace the changes that come our way (and lately they numerous) and by choosing to focus on the blessings I have instead of focusing on the challenges…

  208. Tammy Sargent

    What an inspiring way to make us mindful of all the blessings God has given us. Being grateful each day takes the focus off ourselves and keeps us focused on what is important . I try and do this by being aware if what I am reading or watching on TV. My favorite pieces are the sugar and creamer. It is what caught my eye on your beautiful, inspiring table. Thank you for sharing. God bless!

  209. MelanieB

    I love the chalkboard place cards. They would be great for marking buffet foods along with sit down meals.

  210. Terry

    Thank you for the opportunity to win! Your blog lives up to its name as it always inspires me. Today I am inspired to put a fresh coat of paint on my dining room walls and to start planning a brunch! I inherited some pretty dishes from my mother-in-law a couple of years ago and have not used them once. Brunch with a few friends would be the perfect opportunity!

  211. Cheryl

    I love the pitcher, blessed and grateful! What a pretty table setting-looks so warm and inviting.Thank you for sharing some wonderful ideas!

  212. Susan M.

    Oh my, there’s so much to love … the tall serving bowl, the divided serving tray, the cake pedestal… I’d be happy with any or all!

    A dear friend recently lost her first-born granddaughter to a 3-year fight with cancer. I spend a lot of time with my grandchildren (ages 2.5, 3, 5 and 5.75) and even when they are at their worst, am reminded how grateful I am that they are happy and healthy children.

    Great giveaway and thanks so much for the opportunity. My fingers are crossed!

  213. Patty

    I love the pitcher that says “Blessed and Grateful” Sometimes I need a reminder that I have been blessed and that I have so much to be grateful for.

  214. Cheryl

    I love the “live a grateful life” coffee mugs. Good to have a reminder every morning!

  215. Judi Spears

    I love these Springy dishes from Day Spring! My fav is the sugar and creamer. I am part of a movement in our town to open a non-profit Christian coffee house, so anything coffee or tea catches my eye! You can check us out at! Thanks for your inspiring posts.

  216. Dawn Rene

    I recently just found your blog and you really do a beautiful job. For me, Grace is all encompassing. It is gratitude, thankfulness, being blessed and being able to forgive all displayed peacefully at once and given to me from a power much greater than I could ever imagine. Being Graceful is calming and physically and mentally healthy. And see the words (on a mug or a plate) in front of me every morning is a great reminder of all that I have been given. Thank you for your sweet blog.

  217. Kathi

    My favorite is the Daily Grace – Blessed & Grateful – Creamer. One way I live a grateful life is by thanking the people I love the most for even the small daily things and not taking them for granted.

  218. Kristine

    Oh how I love your blog! My fav today are the coffee cups! I try to live greatful by living ‘intentionally’ when I meet/greet people thru out my day!

  219. Carol T

    I think the chalkboard placards with your menu items listed are adorable!

  220. Brandy Eganhouse

    I love the place settings and the mugs, but the whole collection is beautiful. I try to remain grateful by spending time with family and focusing on experiences over things.

  221. Naomi W.

    I like the pitcher that says Blessed & Grateful. I remind myself that all of my blessing come from my Lord and Saviour. I am so grateful for that.

  222. Victoria

    All of the items are so nice. It is hard to choose a favorite! I really like the teapot and the cups with the chalkboard on them. I give my girls tea parties so this would come in handy to let them know what tea is in the pot. I also really like the divided dish – so nice for condiments or things like peppers/salts etc! OOH then there is that bud vase.. soooo nice! See I can’t choose! Thanks for the post. These all look great together….

  223. Katerina

    I always enjoy reading your posts and I love your home. I always try to teach my family no matter what blessings and struggles we are faced with each day, we are always so grateful to have another day. I really love the 9″ pitcher and the place cards. They are all wonderful. Thanks for the giveaway.

  224. Courtney Maffett

    Where can I find those plates and bowls? I love the writing on them! So sweet.

  225. Holly Poindexter

    I love the “Live a Grateful Life” serving/salad bowl! All of these items are beautiful, as well as your home. I show my gratefulness through daily prayers.

  226. Ashley C

    I adore the Grateful For All God Gives – 16″ Platter


  227. Trisha Toelstedt

    Adoring the coffee cups {& your jura capresso!}. There’s something simple & comforting about the collection. I’m inspired for Easter Brunch now, too, with your springy-sunshiney table setting and post!

  228. Maureen

    I love the creamer! I am grateful for my family and faith.

  229. Pattie C

    The cake pedestal is my favorite. I love the pitcher on your table, where is it from?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you, Pattie! The pitcher is from Anthropologie, I got it there on sale about a month ago!

  230. Sue

    Wowzers! What a great giveaway! I love all of the items! I especially love the Great God pitcher and the cake pedestal.

  231. Susan

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love the Blessed and Grateful pitcher. I stay grateful by spending time laughing with my sons. We volunteer in a children’s hospital and I am always grateful for the health of my children and my family.

  232. Amanda Steel

    I love the live a grateful life teacup! So cute!

  233. Kim

    Love the cups and plates!! I feel grateful everyday for my awesome family!

  234. April

    My favorite item is the “all by grace” dessert plate, but the whole collection is very sweet. Thanks for the giveaway!

  235. Jan

    I love them cake pedestal, A Grateful Life is Blessed!

  236. Elisha Y.

    I have been watching your blog for a about six months and have fallen in love with your design aesthetic. You have inspired me to take more time for little moments for beauty around the home. I am grateful for the joy and peace this has added to our lives. Thank you for inspiring me! I think the tea cups would be a wonderful reminder of being grateful.

  237. Barb

    I live a grateful life by trying to take pause when things are rough and remembering what I have…..simple pleasures. The love of family, friends and a good cup of coffee. The way the sunshine slides across the floor…all good!

    And…love the table. So inviting

  238. monica

    I love the sugar/candy bowl. I give thanks to God everyday for my many blessings.
    monk5 at charter dot net

  239. Lizzie Brooks

    Oh me oh my, I am loving on the Graceful Heart Memo chalkboard–I think I need one in every room of my house! I can imagine the Great God, Grateful Heart pitcher placed atop my table with a bunch of pink and yellow tulips in it, or holding fresh homemade lemonade from our backyard lemons! One way I live a grateful life is through thanksgiving in prayer–glory to God in the highest!

  240. Loraena

    Oh, I love the cream & sugar bowl set, and the teapot & teacups set. And your lovely house, as always. =)

  241. Corissa

    Oh sunshine! It’s elusive here in Alaska for months to come yet. These would be a cheery and welcomed addition. Thanks.

  242. Alice Howard

    loved the creativity of decorating wall with plates. I would like to implement this idea on my dining area.

  243. Nikki

    What a wonderful line! An easy way to remember to be grateful every day. I love the place cards, the bowls and the divided serving dish.

  244. Jenna

    I love the tea set! When I start to feel negative, I try to take a step back to gain some perspective. It always makes me feel better and to remember to be grateful for everything I have.

  245. Meagan

    The pitcher is so cute! Really all of the pieces are. I try to live a grateful life by noticing and being thankful for the little moments I get with my kids. To really see the joy in their faces, pause and enter into that joy with them.

  246. Kristina A

    I love the grateful heart chalkboard. All the items are so nice!

    • Kristina A

      I forgot to add: I try to find one thing each day to be grateful for. Even on the worst ones you can find at least one way you were blessed that day.

  247. Judy

    Really like the Grateful cake pedestal. I need more reminders to be grateful and give grace every day.

  248. coleen

    oh, i have so LOVED this new line from dayspring since they debuted it late last year! it has been on my hoping&wishing list since! our dining area is all about the purples and aqua shades so they blend in B-U-T-ifully! we have, throughout our home many ‘words’ and passages from the Scriptures reminding us of God’s goodness and the right <3 attitude of gratitude. it would be so much fun to DAILY write our current thankfulnesseseach on any of those pieces from the 'daily grace' line with the chalkboards! <3

  249. Angela L

    My favorites are the pitcher and the individual bowls. One way I try to live a grateful life is by doing Ann Voskamp’s Joy Dare… my friend and I keep a running list and e-mail each other with our 3 things for each day. :)

  250. Jacqueline

    This dining room has so many great features! My favourites are the painted ends dining table, the drapes and the place mats. So fresh for the new season!

    The Daily Grace items are quite adorable and fitting, again, for the season. My favourite items from the selection have to be the cake pedestal and the 9″ pitcher. Perfect items to entertain with!

    We always open up again once it comes to Spring time, renewing ourselves and taking stock of what we have and what we are grateful for most. In my every day life, I am grateful for the things that money can’t buy – my amazing family, friends and boyfriend. I am surrounded by amazing people and I tell them any chance I can. I don’t miss a chance to tell someone how much they mean to me and that I am so happy to have them in my life!

    Thank you for sharing this :)

  251. rachel

    I try to write down what I’m thankful for each day! I like the How Grateful and Thankful I Am – Art Print and Bonus Printable

  252. Katherine Donovan

    The teapot and teacups are adorable!! What a fun touch adding a blackboard area :) I live grateful when I see my loved ones. I am truly blessed.

  253. Carmen N

    I love the salad plate and serving bowls. Just seeing my daughter reminds me every day to be grateful.

  254. Melody

    I love the “grace for today” vinyl wall art – I am in the process of redecorating my kitchen and I would love to have this reminder where I can see it every day. I have fibromyalgia and it is only by God’s grace that I make it thru each day.

  255. Darlene Taylor

    Fighting for my life against Stage 4 ovarian cancer! Grateful for each day! I love the teapot and cups <3

  256. Shawnda Dillon

    I love all of the inspirational dish wares from Dayspring! I am grateful for each and every day that I and my family can get out of bed and feel good, as so many are dealing with illnesses and cannot enjoy a normal day! Be grateful for each and every day!

  257. Shawn Dillon

    The inspirational dish ware from Day Spring is a favorite of mine. I am thankful for each day that my family and I are able to wake up, get out of bed and go about our day, as so many dealing with illnesses cannot!

  258. Debbie

    I try to be aware of all the blessings in my life – small and big – which makes me very grateful to God. I hadn’t heard of the Daily Grace line but I love it. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I do love the sugar bowel & creamer set. Casual is our way of life and brunch is a favorite when my girls & son are home, too.

  259. Rachel S

    Love this Grace line! And your dining room is so cozy and sweet!

  260. Rachel S

    I forgot to add that we always thank God at the end of the day for all of his blessings. My favorite book has been One Thousand Gifts, so I’ve made a point to look and watch for the blessings in my life as much as I can.

  261. Annette

    What a fantastic giveaway. I love how you arranged things and your floor is so pretty.

    Some of my favorite pieces are: Divided Serving Dish, 9″ Pitcher, 16″ Platter, Cake Pedestal, and 3-Piece Place Setting.

    Daily, I thank God for the blessings, no matter how small; this helps fill my day with joy. I also make sure to let others know that I appreciate them and thank them for their part in my life.

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