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Raised Garden Bed Inspiration

by | Jul 8, 2014 | Decorating Inspiration, Gardens & Outdoor Rooms, My Backyard

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Raised Garden Bed InspirationBHG

I love the look of raised garden beds. They add such a charming layer and help to define the different zones in a yard. There are so many lovely ways to create these raised garden beds, whether it’s with wood, metal troughs, stone, bricks…the list goes on. I’ve gathered up some inspiration today that I’m keeping in mind as I continue to make progress on my backyard! Enjoy!

Raised Garden Bed InspirationBHG July 2012 Issue

Raised Garden Bed InspirationFound via Apartment Therapy, by Flickr member kckellner

Raised Garden Bed InspirationBHG

Raised Garden Bed InspirationBHG

Raised Garden Bed InspirationBHG

Raised Garden Bed InspirationMeadowbrook Farm

Raised Garden Bed InspirationBHG

Raised Garden Bed InspirationBHG

Do you have any raised garden beds?

For more inspiration, catch up on my backyard progress, follow my Gardening board on Pinterest, and see some of my Favorite Gardening Books and Favorite Gardening Tools in my online shop!


  1. Deanna

    The only raised beds we have now are our strawberries. Several years ago we wanted to expand our garden so we got rid of the raised beds. I regret that. We had great success with our fruits and veggies. Since then not so much. We are working on amending the soil, so hopefully each year will get better.

    I miss my raised beds. These ideas are very clever and the galvanized containers are wonderful!

  2. Faith

    I made my first raised bed – a keyhole garden – this year with old logs (I had an abundance) standing on end as the outer walls. I came across keyhole gardening on the internet and was smitten. Its a technique taught by missionaries as a way to provide one’s own food. Its a unique and clever concept using compost as the center “hole” so that sustenance is right there at the garden’s center. I’m learning a lot about vegetable gardening as I go. No measurable bounty yet but I’m looking forward to learning and having fun in the process.

    • chris aka monkey

      faith thanks for posting this i looked up key hole gardens and this is exactly what i am looking for xx

      • Faith

        You’re welcome, Chris. Best of luck with your gardening endeavors!

  3. Cristina F

    I have raised beds in my garden. They do great, since my soil has a lot of clay it’s not great for drainage. I plant, flowers, zucchini, eggplant, tomato, peppers, pumpkin, and basil. We have to fence in the garden since we live in NJ and our area has deer.

    • Donna@MoreThanHungry

      I’ve never heard of this before. I can’t believe it isn’t more well known. I’ll be checking it out. Thanks!

      • Donna@MoreThanHungry

        oops! I was referring to the previous comment about Keyhole Gardening.

  4. teresa

    We had raised garden beds at Catheys Valley…I love how it kept things in order.
    Thanks for inspiration

  5. Barb

    Just love these inspirations. The metal containers are adorable and add a touch of modern to the landscape

  6. chris aka monkey

    melissa thank you for this post key hole gardening is what i have beeen looking for never heard of it before…also i so love the trough garden i want one so bad lol maybe next year xx

  7. Kay

    I go ga ga for galvanized, + I mean it!
    That BHG garden with the stone + wood rustic arbor has me reeling, it’s so wonderful!
    No raised anything for us, sadly — seems we’re moving from a shady yard to an ever shadier yard!
    I came home with about 9 Japanese painted ferns the other day. It’s all good!

  8. Denise Z

    Are those stakes from a croquet game at the ends of that first raised bed?!? I love that idea–a little fun and whimsey!


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