My Small Backyard Deck Makeover {Before & After}

My Small Backyard Deck Makeover {Before & After}

I t  seems like every summer I do a little sprucing up of both my front porch and back deck. Both are very small spaces (the deck is especially tiny), but roomy enough to use and enjoy. Both are pretty visible from the house, the front porch is where you enter the house and the back deck can be seen and accessed from the kitchen.

When we first moved in the back deck was totally exposed to our neighbors so it wasn’t really very pleasant to be out there.

My Small Backyard Deck Makeover {Before & After}

Besides being in full view of our neighbors, the deck was really ugly. I mean, honestly. It was bad. We didn’t want to spend a fortune on redoing it, so temporary measures have been all we attempted. Maybe someday we’ll redo it entirely, but it’s just not at all on the top of our priority list. And, my preference whenever possible is to make the simplest choice, which for us has been trellises, deck paint and plants! My before was several years ago, but it evolves a little bit more every year!

My Small Backyard Deck Makeover {Before & After}

A few years ago we had the idea of attaching a few nicer home improvement store trellises (we found ours at Lowes) to the deck and they turned out to be a really attractive and cost effective addition. We have Wisteria and evergreen vines in pots to offer more privacy year round. Plants seem to thrive on the deck so that makes me very happy!

My Small Backyard Deck Makeover {Before & After}

I love the view out kitchen window in the summer time when all the plants are so full!

My Small Backyard Deck Makeover {Before & After}

The vines do a pretty good job of greening up our deck with minimal fuss.

My Small Backyard Deck Makeover {Before & After}

Last year we added the indoor/outdoor rug from Overstock (you can see last year’s deck updates here) and lots of plants, but we took all of our deck furniture to the lower yard area for the gravel patio. The teacart ended up on the front porch (you can see the front porch makeover here.)

My Small Backyard Deck Makeover {Before & After}

This year we wanted to create a much cozier little nest for ourselves by adding furniture that comfortably fit the small space.

We found four slipper chairs on sale (part of a sectional) when we bought the front porch chairs at World Market. The slipper chairs are very versatile, so they will be great both for this deck and any other future outdoor area. We can use any number of chairs in whatever configuration we want. The cushions have removable covers and they are made out of outdoor fabric so they easily wipe off. The throw pillows and garden stool are from Target. Then we ordered two of the cutest little five foot wide umbrellas (also from World Market). The umbrellas are the perfect size for our teeny deck and offer just the right amount of sun protection.

My Small Backyard Deck Makeover {Before & After}

Now we have the perfect comfy spot to hang out, drink coffee or even work on the laptop!

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  1. Taberah Carter says

    Thanks, wonderful cost-saving ideas…just lovely!!!

  2. I’m drawn to the symmetry of your arrangement. Those petite umbrellas couldn’t be cuter! I love your topiary houseplant on the kitchen window sill — I always end up killing those things, so kudos for yours being so healthy!

  3. So pretty. Love that mat.

  4. I love your deck update! What a nice oasis you’ve created. The sectional chairs and umbrellas are a great idea. Looks like Bella likes it too!

  5. carol jane says

    I have a small ugly deck too. Yours looks beautiful now. Love it. All the potted plants are lovely, but what do you do with them in the winter?

  6. I Love it, The chair are just perfect and to have two umbrellas is also perfect. It really looks so pretty and I am sure you are really enjoying it.

  7. I currently only have a balcony for a “yard”, also. I can understand you wanting a little privacy, and it looks like you have achieved it wonderfully, at the same time creating a lovely space for a few friends and family to gather, or just to enjoy all by yourself!

  8. Melissa, you have created a lush oasis. I would love to sit there and have a nice long chat with you,
    Happy Sunday,

  9. Totally charming and so inviting. Can I join you and Kathysue for a cup of coffee or a glass of lemon tea?

    I find Lowe’s have a very nice offering of trellises and outdoor fences and they’re not expensive. The chairs are so perfect for the space, the mini-umbrellas from World Market are brilliant. That’s my inspiration for the day. I share the portion of my patio that is screened with my 3 fuzzballs (it’s really a catio) but the other portion is open and, though I’m allowed (in an HOA) to erect a lanai, don’t have the expendable bucks but do want to create some shade for plants during the Arizona summers. Even one mini umbrella sandwiched between two plant tables similar to your setup with the chairs could do the trick. And I, being vertically challenged and not particularly strong, could probably handle a mini umbrella. I’m checking World Market next.

    Particularly love your pop of orange (puppy) – just the right touch!

    Happy Sunday!!!

  10. Love what you have done. We are in the “planning” process to achieve privacy and to block “ugly” view on our terrace which IS our view from Great room ! We started with a large roll up shades from Lowes and will build planted boxes along the edge with year round shrubs scattered with seasonal flowers…..At least it sounds good! It’s 18′ x 8′ with the view of the house next door meter boxes and air conditioner!

  11. Excellent solutions, the vines & greenery look so lush and beautiful! Are you able to sit outside in the evenings? Do you have mosquitoes? I’d love to enjoy our deck and yard in the evenings but alas. . .

    • I have noticed some mosquitoes which are very annoying, but they haven’t been terrible. Mostly I enjoy the morning and cooler afternoons! The umbrellas make a world of difference in how usable the space is on a sunny day! :-)

  12. I am assuming that your deck is not covered, as in, having a roof. How do you handle rain, of which I’m sure you have a lot, on all of that beautiful furniture and rug? Do you just let it dry on its own? Does it not mold or mildew? I suppose I assumed that you could not have furniture like this in an open area. Do you put it away in the winter or simply leave it outside? I have an open patio and would not think of gorgeous furniture like this, as I would be afraid it would rot. Also, are the umbrellas on their own stands?

    What you have done looks great and I’m glad you always manage to include the dogs!

  13. I really like,no love the way you did everything. It looks great. The lush greenery gives privacy, but , at the same time doesn’t seal the spot completely. Really great project! :)

  14. Hi Melissa! I think your space is the perfect size, not too big not too small! It looks very cozy and quaint! I’m impressed with your green thumb too! Your plants are doing great! We’ve had almost too much rain and mine are turning yellow! :( Enjoy your patio! Xo Kathy

  15. I love the two seating side by side look & the little umbrella is darling! The blue accents are awesome & gives a nice eclectic modern feel ,so nicely done!!


  16. Very cute makeover Melissa!! I love all your cute ideas! Keep it up :)

  17. The rug adds a beautiful pop of color and I love the way the plants create privacy. You have so many potted plants. What do you do with them in winter? The wooden rolling cart is sweet.

    • Fortunately our winters are pretty mild and many plants can stay outside just fine. I took a few more sensitive ones in to our garage and completely forgot about them. Surprisingly though, they came back this summer when I brought them outside! YAY!

  18. Melissa, I absolutely love it! Where did you purchase your rug? I have a wood deck as well, so I am somewhat concerned about placing a rug on top of the wood. Our deck was built using treated wood so I wonder would that make a difference. How has the rug been holding up for you? Thanks for sharing such a beautiful space once again!

    • I only leave the rug out in nicer weather. I brought it in all winter. It gets way too soggy in the rain and probably wouldn’t be the best for the deck. But it is an indoor outdoor rug so it really is fine this time of year. This is year two of having it and so far so good!

  19. Sparkle Plenty says

    Same question as Carol Jane: what do you do with plants in the winter? I get exhausted from moving them indoors and I don’t have nearly as many as you. Looks great though!

    • Yes, that’s something to consider. Fortunately our winters are pretty mild and many plants can stay outside just fine. I took a few more sensitive ones in to our garage and completely forgot about them. Surprisingly though, they came back this summer when I brought them outside so that was great! I was willing to lose a few in order to enjoy them all summer but I’m glad they survived.

  20. It looks cozy and inviting! Nice work…

  21. Lovely and charming space! I particularly love the leafy and elegant look of it, could spend hours of reading there!

  22. I have the World Market sectional (6 pieces total) going on 3 years now and I can tell you the have held up remarkably well. I wash the covers once a year and vacuum often and the still look brand new…And I live in the dusty southwest! Enjoy your little oasis!

  23. Very pretty. How is the Deckover product holding up? We looked into it for our deck here in Portland, OR but the reviews on their Facebook page were very troubling. Lots of complaints of product failure for something that is supposed to last several years. Maybe you are having better luck????

    • We only did one coat because we were just too busy to do more last summer. Ours needs to be done again, but I can’t say for sure whether or not that was because we didn’t do multiple coats or just because NW rain doesn’t mix well with any sort of paint :-). Once we redo ours with multiple coats I will have a better idea of how well it endures. Our front deck is fine, except for the parts that are exposed to the rain. Again, it only had one coat so I can’t be sure. Still worth it for last year but yeah, I hope with two or three coats it will last much longer.

  24. Melissa I love the color…so cool.
    What a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the outdoors.
    Happy Day

  25. Melissa, It looks fantastic!!

  26. Shari VanHoose says

    Do you keep your outdoor rugs, cushions, and pillows out all summer long? I just bought a new outdoor rug and pillows but I’m so scared about leaving them out.

  27. leigh smith says

    I’m seriously asking this question – what do you do with your cushions on a daily basis? Cover them? Keep them inside? My porch is completely covered in pollen right now and I always wonder how people keep their porches nice looking. Thank you!

  28. Jeanie Carter says

    what a gorgeous transformation. I can picture myself having my morning coffee in a beautiful space like this one. Good job!

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