Teacart Plant Stand {and a new finish on the deck!}

Teacart Plant Stand {and a new finish on the deck!}

Awhile back I bought a teak teacart at our local flea market. It was the perfect piece for our backyard ice cream party and drink station. I knew it would also make a fun backyard plant stand, so it was a great flexible purchase!

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to bring the teacart up to my deck and try it with plants. But FIRST we needed to give our deck a little spruce up. Right? Hahaha! Does that ever happen to you? You simply want to move something around but then you feel compelled to do an entire project first? Gah. We have issues.

Teacart Plant Stand {and a new finish on the deck!}

For the past few years the finish on our decks have been wearing down to bare wood and it was looking pretty shabby. It was a project I was dreading because it seemed like so much work.

But not only did I want to bring my teacart to the deck, now I had the ultimate deadline. Better Homes & Gardens was coming to photograph our kitchen, so I felt like the time had come to put a fresh finish on at least the back deck (you know, since you can see it from the kitchen sliding door). So motivated by the BHG deadline and wanting my teacart up on the deck, we got busy on this project.

While my ultimate dream was to tear this deck down and create something bigger and more beautiful, the reality is that kind of project just isn’t a priority in our budget or our time right now.

So, making the deck “better than it was” was the goal. It was really quite a simple fix. My husband found a product he wanted to try called “Deck Over” by Behr. There was no sanding involved, just a quick clean up to remove dirt. Then he rolled the product on like paint and it turned out great! We didn’t do the railings, just the surface of the deck itself.

Unfortunately before I could set it up and take any after photos for you of how the deck turned out, THIS happened:

Teacart Plant Stand {and a new finish on the deck!}

Lily was unattended for a few moments and tipped over a plant. She had a blast digging in the dirt while spreading it all over the previously fresh and clean deck and brand new rug. And then she came in the house and did the same. Yay.

Teacart Plant Stand {and a new finish on the deck!}

There you go. That is life with dogs! Never a dull moment (if you follow their Facebook updates you know they are always up to something silly!).

Teacart Plant Stand {and a new finish on the deck!}

Good thing she is cute, right?

My sister says she looks like Fozzie Bear from the Muppets.

Teacart Plant Stand {and a new finish on the deck!}

Anyway, I’m happy to have a nicer finish on the deck even though it already has that lived in look and I am not in the mood to clean it since the dogs will likely get it all dirty again right when I’m done, ha! It’s still better than it was!

We took all the furniture down to the back yard when we did the deck. We decided the furniture would be great for conversation areas in the yard, so eventually I’ll put a gravel patio down below. And I decided I actually really like the deck with less furniture since it is such a small space, but I’m thinking about adding just a small cafe table and chairs so I can sit up here with my morning coffee when the weather is nice.

We got the rug on overstock and I love the splash of color.

Teacart Plant Stand {and a new finish on the deck!}

But back to the teacart story (don’t you love how I get off on rabbit trails?). I brought the cart up to the deck and I think it looks really cute with all the plants on it! I love having it right off my kitchen.

Teacart Plant Stand {and a new finish on the deck!}

The succulents on the bottom shelf are still in their original plant tray (I believe they call it a succulent carpet or something like that) so I didn’t even have to plant them. Eventually I can plant them in the yard. All the other plants are just in pots so I can change them around as needed. I just love the cart with all the plants on it.

Teacart Plant Stand {and a new finish on the deck!}

Teacart Plant Stand {and a new finish on the deck!}

In plant news, my wisteria in the corner is growing a ton! While the vines are attached to the privacy screens for stability and it seems to be doing OK right now, I’m thinking they are going to need to be moved to our lower area by the fence this fall or at least by next year. They will eventually need stronger support and I would hate to have them rip my trellises of the deck! I love how much privacy they offer up here though!

Teacart Plant Stand {and a new finish on the deck!}

Teacarts are so flexible!

Do you have a teacart that serves another function besides for serving tea?


  1. Thanks! I dragged my husband off the comfy sofa so he could check out your post. We’ll keep this in mind! Thanks, Melissa!

  2. Can you tell me more about the Deck Over? Our deck is MY next project and I’m considering the Deck Over.

    • It was just really easy to use! Cleaning the deck was really the only step outside of painting. And we just used a regular hose, a light detergent and a broom. We did two coats and that was it! I will report back more as we see how it stands up to the weather and daily use! So far so good though!

  3. That’s lovely! I’ve always been a failure when it comes to potted plants. I forget to water them! I have had success this year though with succulents in my barn window boxes–the no-water alternative!

    Wisteria grows so incredibly fast here. I can’t believe how big and heavy they get. Another vine that stays much more delicate but gives great coverage is akebia vine. Their purple flowers in the spring are so pretty and they have a luscious scent. There are white-blooming varieties as well. I have both and love them.

  4. Melissa,
    The tea cart looks great. What a good idea! I really like the color of the rug…does it seem to be holding up with your pooches?

  5. What a pretty deck. I love how cozy all your plants make it feel. And the tea cart is such a pretty addition.

  6. Your plants look so lush and green. Beautiful!

  7. I love the finished look of your deck, with the rug and all of the different potted plants. Such a great idea to use a tea cart as a plant stand!

  8. Teresa Gholson says

    Looks amazing. Lily is a doll. What breed is she ?

  9. the rug! this is the rug i’ve been looking for…do tell Melissa :-)

  10. I’d have have dirt with dogs than life without.

  11. Congrats on the kitchen photo shoot! Looking forward to seeing it! Tea cart is perfect on your deck and the dog, well — she’s definitely a keeper — dirt and all!

  12. What breed of dog is she? Sh eis so very cute. Does she shed? Deck looks great by the way.

  13. Looks great! Quick question, if you don’t mind: I’ve been looking at the Deck Over to use on our deck. Did you guys power wash the deck first (or do you need to?) Wondering if I can just paint the stuff right on our deck or if it needs to be power washed first. Thanks!

  14. I have absolutely loved seeing your deck progress! It’s styled beautifully and that tea cart is to die for! I hope to have a beautiful outdoor space much like this one day!

    And Lilly is so sweet, I have loved all your pups too ;)

  15. The deck turned out great and poor Lily. There was no hiding her guilt. She got good and dirty with that mishap. Congrats on the photo shoot!


  16. So when I thought Lily dug a hole…well…I guess she just took the easy route. [wink] Guess it was tubber-time for her. Good thing she’s so cute.
    You tea table garden is lovely and the transformation of your deck is truly dramatic, Melissa. I’ll pin this to remember what you did. I may need the info for my next house, wherever that may be. Right now I’m packing and everything goes in storage on the 30th and we drive off on a new adventure. Hopefully there’ll be a sweet deck, patio, porch or other sweet outdoor space in my future. In the meantime…I’ll enjoy yours with you!! :)
    Hope your day is Extraordinary!!

  17. Very cute. My husband loves plants. I bet it would look great inside the house as well.

  18. So love the dog picture, toooooooooo cute!!!! He couldnt get out of that one! Lovely patio!

  19. Love your tea cart garden and your deck but Lily is priceless, so darn adorable!

  20. Love the deck! Could you share the color you used on it?
    Thanks Nicki

  21. I agree, I just love tea carts! I have a white, metal one that I adore, but I’m currently drumming up ideas to give it a little makeover. I want to do something more creative than just spray painting it… Anyways, your deck looks wonderful now and I love the rug. The tea cart for plants would be perfect for a little herb garden on top! :D

  22. I love Lily’s innocent little face. The tea cart garden looks wonderful. It’s so great when we find unique pieces that can be incorporated into our homes in so many different ways.

  23. Love all the plants you have surrounding the tea cart and the container garden as well. Quite lovely

  24. What a pretty deck and Teacart Garden, I have always thought I wanted a flower cart, but that would also work!

    You have motivated me to get more variety in the styles, shapes, and colors of plant containers, and I really like the bright rug on the deck.

    I enjoy all your garden ideas!

  25. Melissa, that is the cutest picture of Lily with her grubby face and paws. And she does look so apologetic. She is just gorgeous. I LOVE your deck makeover and your teacart. I feel inspired to look at my small outdoor area to see what I might do……

  26. love it.
    our deck is on my list, too.
    it needs a finish on it baaaaaad.

    i’m amazed at how much better a deck full of plants looks.

  27. Oh, great. Now I want a tea art for my deck! After rehabbing it, which it desperately needs. Thanks for the inspiration, and convincing me it’s not too hard! What makes a Labradoodle Australian? Does she have some Australian shepherd in her? She didn’t look very sorry — good thing she is so cute!

  28. Lisa Robinson says

    Where can I get that plant stand? It rocks!

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