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{Inspired By} Patterned Floors

by | Aug 4, 2014 | Bathrooms, Decorating Inspiration, Details, Kitchens, Pattern

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{Inspired By} Patterned FloorsNew England Home

A patterned floor makes such a fun statement, don’t you think? I love the energy and personality that a graphic floor brings to a space. I suppose you could grow tired of them, but sometimes I think it’s worth not playing it safe in order to have something unique (especially in a kitchen or bath!)

{Inspired By} Patterned FloorsHouse Beautiful

{Inspired By} Patterned FloorsThe Design Files – Designed by Jasmine McClelland

{Inspired By} Patterned FloorsBHG

{Inspired By} Patterned FloorsNY Times, Designed by Jessica Helgerson, Photos by Lincoln Barbour

{Inspired By} Patterned FloorsMary McDonald – House Beautiful

{Inspired By} Patterned FloorsDesigned by Jessica Helgerson, Photos by Lincoln Barbour

Would you risk adding a patterned floor at your house?


  1. Raquel

    It would depend on the house, its location and our long-term plans for it. But I do love certain patterns–simple ones.

  2. Maria

    I love the first floor from New England Home! I would do a painted patterned floor if the floor was concrete and it was just temporary until I could find a better solution. Not sure I could commit to pattern that’s permanent. Eek!

  3. Wendi

    We have bought a new home in MI that was built in 1957 and needs updating.Original owners. :) Throughout the main part of the house we want to refinish the hardwoods, but I am deciding what to do in the kitchen and bathrooms. I want to do something fun and was thinking about it this weekend, so I am excited about todays post. I want to paint the kitchen cupboards white, we have the original 1957 Westinghouse built in oven (stainless) so I am excited to make this a timeless but creative kitchen and excited to bring this out in the flooring.

  4. Brindusa

    I can like the look of some patterned floors (at least as I see them online), but I think we’d rather go with simple wood flooring. Wood has a natural beauty of its own, it’s a bit less tiresome on the eyes and allows for any changes you may want to make later on. :-) Besides, I love to paint (on wood), so our home has enough colored accessories to add character to it as it is, a patterned floor would be too much for us…

  5. Megan

    I recently replaced our kitchen floor. It was needed since it was INDUSTRIAL CARPET! In the kitchen! (Say what?) Anywho, I did a large checkerboard pattern and it’s exactly what the small space needed. A dose of graphic happiness. And I don’t imagine that I will ever tire of it.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Ha, no!! I would LOVE a checkboard floor. I think so often we try to play it safe and it ends up being boring so GO YOU! I’m sure you’ll love it forever!

  6. Peggy

    Beautiful images. I have toured quite a few historic homes this summer…patterned floors were big over 100 years ago too:)

  7. sharon

    That is so true. We get in that “what if we sale mode” and forget about how we enjoy our home. Love all the floors.

  8. sandyc

    Wonderful ideas for the right home. Even though this is my forever home, when my forever is done (which I hope is a good long time), I expect I’d want my home to be sellable – in a 55+ retirement community with people moving in from everywhere throughout the country, too much creativity doesn’t fly. Besides, my home is very open (foyer to hallway right and LR/D’office to kitchen left) so I need a continuous flooring throughout and my plan is a classic yet sophisticated tile (that alone will be pretty unique). Nevertheless, this post is a treat.

  9. Tamela

    I so love patterned flooring! However, I am afraid of making the commitment…LOL! Reason being , in my line of business, I am always on the other end of helping a client to pick out new flooring to cover up a previous owner’s personal taste in flooring…LOL! I think that once we move into our final dream home, I might take the plunge and do a patterned floor in one of my spaces. Beautiful pictures and thanks for sharing!

  10. glenda

    I have had a patterned floor in my kitchen and hallway for 15 years now. It’s red oak and black diamonds 2 strips of red oak and one strip of red oak with black diamonds. There has never been even ONE day when I have regretted that decision. It’s wonderful! Everything looks wonderful in there and it is perfect to add dimension to my small hallway, not to mention no carpet to wear out! Thanks for the great post. It made me smile to think again of how I enjoy my floors!

  11. Emily

    Now I am inspired! I have always wanted to paint the kitchen floor, but I am afraid. The design files one is gorgeous.

  12. Taberah Carter

    After having redone homes, my husband and I would, in fact, be willing to commit to a pattetened floor if the home would remain our permanent residence. Otherwise, we would just be complicating a potential sale of property.

  13. Taberah Carter

    Apologies, that’s patterned!

  14. Christine

    Okkkkaaaayyyy… When I saw the email arrive in my inbox it had the title (in the email’s subject line) “How to Create a Magical Garden.” Then I looked at the email and it was about flooring. ?? I was a bit confused but realized that some faux pas had occurred. I hope the garden one still shows up sometime this week. That would be fun to see.

      • Christine

        Thanks! Floors were nice, too! And doing a major roll-out of anything computer related is almost guaranteed to be fraught with something going wrong. I know. I’ve seen it happen with corporate software roll-outs. =:-O


    Yes I would and I DID!! I have two patterned floors in my home. One with a black frame of absolute black granite and diamonds on a Carrara marble tile floor. The other is in my guest bathroom using the same materials but the floor is checkerboard and I love it and would do it again and again!! Love interesting floors, especially in entry halls and bathrooms.

  16. Jaime Lopez

    I love this look. I think it could be just the right accent in an otherwise understated room. If I were to do this in my house, I think a long hallway would look nice and/or in the entry of the home. So chic!

    – Jaime


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