Organizing the Office {& BHG Top Ten Decorating Blogs!}

Organizing the Office {& BHG Top Ten Decorating Blogs!}

I have some news at the end of this post, so don’t miss it! :)

Slowly but surely, I’ve been making progress on my office! Not too long ago, I added a flea market rattan bookshelf that I’m totally in love with! And then I also showed you my flat drawers, the Alex system, from IKEA. I finally got them all organized and I’ve been LOVING them!

Organizing the Office {& BHG Top Ten Decorating Blogs!}

They are SO handy for small crafts, paper, art prints, and office supplies. The only trouble I had was having was knowing what was in each drawer (you know, when you open every drawer and don’t find what you’re looking for until you check the last drawer). So this week I hand wrote a label for each drawer with Martha Stewart gold and white label stickers. EASY PEASY!

I kept putting off labeling them, thinking I should order some fancy labels. But finally I realized I was procrastinating far too long and it was hindering my progress of organizing, so I finally just used some stickers I already had. And you know what? Handwritten stickers work just as well as fancy ones! And better yet, NOW THAT TASK IS DONE!

Organizing the Office {& BHG Top Ten Decorating Blogs!}

I still enjoy having my Nespresso coffee station in the office. I’m kind of living off of coffee these days, trying to get ready for my book launch and all the other fun things I have going on which I’ll be sharing with you all soon. :). Thank you for all the kind words on my post about the book and the cute little print (seen above). I’ll have a download of that print and lots of others, including a special art print of the book cover, available for YOU soon! Pin it for later and I’ll share a link to get the downloads soon!

Organizing the Office {& BHG Top Ten Decorating Blogs!}

That little guy on the wall above my light? My husband loves deer heads and antlers, but he thinks my little deer head is the most ridiculous thing he’s ever seen. Ha! If it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right. Quirky animals are the best. No shame. No regrets. Sometimes you just need a little laugh!

Organizing the Office {& BHG Top Ten Decorating Blogs!}

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this lamp yet! I actually bought them in a set of two for my bedroom but accidentally ordered the wrong color. Before I sent them back, I decided to try them out in the office and they’ve been here ever since so I guess they are staying! They’re a great substantial size and I love the swirl/marble pattern, too. We got the pair on a great sale at Overstock.

Organizing the Office {& BHG Top Ten Decorating Blogs!}

So now for the news, I’m so excited to announce that The Inspired Room is again one of Better Homes & Gardens top ten decorating blogs for 2015!! I’m so honored!!! Thank you to those of you who nominated me. Last year you all voted in this contest and BLEW ME AWAY when I was voted as the top Reader Favorite Decorating Blog at BH&G. WHA? I still pinch myself. Thank you for that. From the bottom of my heart.

So this new announcement means the voting is open again for Reader’s Favorite, and you can vote as often as you’d like! There are some great blogs on the list in the Decorating category and all the other categories too so have fun looking through the lists and voting on your favorites! I love you no matter who you vote for. :) You are all my favorite. I adore blogging here and without you, it just wouldn’t be the same.

Click HERE to vote as often as you want! (voting ends on March 30th!)

Organizing the Office {& BHG Top Ten Decorating Blogs!}

**UPDATE!!!! Wow! Thank you all so much for voting me as the Readers’ Favorite Decorating Blog for 2015! You all have blown me away with your support. See my full post sharing the news here.


  1. Kirsten Fuchs says

    I see you like faux taxidermy. My daughter is winning awards with her faux taxidermy needle felting. You can see her animal heads on Etsy. Her store is called Nocik. Maybe you will see something to add to your deer head. Lol

  2. Did I miss a post about you repainting the office? I remember thinking, “Oh no, she is going to change the color” and you said it would still be navy. It looks beautiful – is it the “new” paint? And congratulations for this year’s nomination!!

  3. I love this room and the drapes are terrific!!

  4. I hadn’t thought of using Alex drawers for crafting supplies and it feels so silly now. I’d always seen them used for cosmetics storage. And, I have voted for your blog and will do again!

  5. I too love those embroidered drapes. They are sensational. Would so love to know where you found them??

  6. Karen on Bainbridge Island says

    Your office is the perfect blend of sophistication and charm. I could spend all day there. Those lamps are spectacular. Smart girls always buy lamps and chairs in pairs because you never know how you’ll end of using them.

  7. I love the new navy paint color, and also your drapes. Congratulations on being nominated again!

  8. This space is amazing! Love it!!!

    The Office Stylist

  9. Your new book sounds so exciting ,I preordered for a birthday gift for my daughter..

  10. It looks great!

  11. First of all, Congrats. And secondly I love that little chair with the multi-colored tufting and lastly, your husband would really be appalled by the cardboard moose on my wall! Quirky animal lovers unite!

  12. Congratulations on your ranking with BHG! I’m putting my new office together now… I wish I had a coffee maker in there! What a good idea :)

  13. Hopefully no one has asked this before (I looked through the comments and didn’t see that anyone had), but could you tell me what paint you used? I love that navy. It’s not too blue or too gray!

  14. Love the dark walls with the white furniture- good surprise for the eye. I did that here at Seahurst in Seattle in the daylight media room in a similar blue color with the whitewashed pine walls but used dark furniture elements since it is a room used for movies, etc.

  15. Love the dark walls, they looks so crisp and ‘clean’ against the white, the Alex drawers look very tempting too. Congratulations on the book.

  16. I love the raised embroidery and colours in your drapes. Great office space! I’ve just posted my own office update today. Very exciting;-). Congrats on your blogging award – so amazing!

  17. Hi Melissa! Recently discovered your blog and have really been enjoying all your posts! Your home office looks great, love the addition of the little coffee maker, a must for all offices!

  18. I have the same secretary, would love to paint it white! What type of paint did you use? Gloss, Semi-gloss, spray? Brand and color please! Any photos of the process would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Jessica S says

      I also have the same secretary and would love to paint it white. Wondering about paint choices too :)

  19. I love the hardware on the armoire in your office! And I love all your blogs and pics. Where can I find
    some cool hardware like that for a client’s painted cabinet?


  20. Excellent ideas. I always have to have my coffee. Not sure why I never thought of bringing it into the home office to save myself a trip. Thanks a ton!

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