Drive By: Queen Anne, Seattle

Drive By: Queen Anne, Seattle

Drive By: Queen Anne, Seattle
hile I was on my little working vacation last week, my daughter Courtney and I had a momentary lull in the activity so we decided to drive around one of our favorite Seattle neighborhoods, Queen Anne, on our way to the next event. Queen Anne is really great community full of beautiful houses! Some areas in the neighborhood have amazing views of the Space Needle or look out over the water so as you can imagine with views like that, many of the homes are really spectacular.

Drive By: Queen Anne, Seattle

Courtney is claiming the one above.

Drive By: Queen Anne, Seattle

I’m kind of partial to the unpretentious picket fence on this one.

Drive By: Queen Anne, Seattle

While some of the houses are really stately, they are also very charming, too.

It’s an especially fun neighborhood to walk in on a beautiful day, but this time since we were kind of in a hurry and just passing through the neighborhood, we stayed in the car for a true “drive-by” experience. I wish I had been able to stay longer to take more photos because there are so many beautiful homes, but I’ll go back again next chance I get and even take some close ups. You all know how I love to climb over fences and crawl under the bushes to give you a closer look. :)

Drive By: Queen Anne, Seattle

Even from the car window you can tell there are a lot of gorgeous homes here. Every few houses we would stop right in the middle of the road and gasp! I mean. Honestly. I wouldn’t be mad to live in any of them, but for a couple of million dollars I think the chances are slim. Ok, more like no chance. Well, maybe if we all go in on one together we could make it happen?

Drive By: Queen Anne, Seattle

You don’t see palm trees very often here in the NW. Kind of makes you feel like you are on a tropical island, no? Nope. We are still here in Seattle.

Drive By: Queen Anne, Seattle

This time of year it’s especially fun to look at all the pretty yards. A lot of the houses have really nice landscaping.

Drive By: Queen Anne, Seattle

Drive By: Queen Anne, Seattle

Drive By: Queen Anne, Seattle

This house has always been one of my favorites, I think I might have show it in a past drive-by. Maybe someday the owners will invite me in so I don’t have to just stand outside the gates looking in.

Do tell me. Do you brake for charming houses in your community? Feel free to snap some drive-by house pics and share them with us on Home Love Stories! I’d love to see your neck of the woods!

Drive By: Queen Anne, Seattle

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  1. Living in Denver now, I miss walking the streets of Queen Anne (where I grew up).

    It’s so fun to see and recognize some of those homes you posted today. Makes me want to grab a cup of coffee and walk on over to Kerry Park or Parson’s Garden with a great book! xo

  2. Patricia says

    I love a good drive by myself. Or a walk by so you can see more details. On third Ave NW in Fremont a few blocks off Leary, there is a house completely surrounded by palm trees. Chinese windmill palms grow very well here, along with a few other hardy palms.
    You expect fir trees and get palms … kind of surreal.

  3. What pleasant memories! We have areas in Houston with homes likes these, along North and South Boulevard near Rice University and in River Oaks, among others. Before I moved from Houston (both times to the Phoenix area), I was lucky to rent an apartment in a small and older complex in each areas close enough to walk through these neighborhoods. Oh how I dreamed!

  4. These houses are so lovely!

  5. Had a friend in college who grew up in Queen Anne and I loved his house. I’m still partial to Magnolia but Queen Anne has awesome views. Thank you for posting these and reminding me of my college years :)

  6. I enjoy a good night time drive by :) When you can see the beauty of the inside of peoples homes. Creepy? Definitely..but I’ve seen the most beautiful light fixtures and really get a feel for the coziness of the houses I can see inside. Don’t worry…I stay in the car lol and have never actually taken any photos. There is one house that I love the most. They have a two story glassed in room on the back side of their home and at Christmas there is a giant tree all lit up for the whole neighborhood to admire :) It’s fun to think about what the rest of the house looks like! P.S. I am almost finished reading Love The Home You Have and am PUMPED for the challenge at the end! xo Liz

  7. These houses are all so gorgeous! They look pretty big too. I love the one in the first picture. So charming and sweet.

    The Office Stylist

  8. My husband and I attended Seattle Pacific University on Queen Anne. At night we used to take long walks and peak in the windows of the charming homes on the hill! Love it up there!

  9. I drive down the same street in a little and completely and totally charming to the max neighborhood not at all in my route home all the time. I haven’t tried snapping any pics yet, but it’s on the to do list! These homes are equally charming, but in a different way.

  10. Oh, I definitely break for charming homes! My husband and I used to get coffee on Saturday mornings and just drive around fun neighborhoods. Now we’re in too small of a town to do that very often, but any chance we get to the city, we do!

  11. *brake!

  12. Oh thank you for this post. I am living in Texas and I am a little homesick. I brake for cute houses as well. I went to SPU and got to babysit for a few of those amazing homes. They really didn’t need to pay me, I was content with being inside the house and enjoying the “Fraser” view.

  13. Adrienne says

    My husband likes to laugh at me, because I always want him to drive wherever we go so I can look at the houses as we pass. These are lovely! I’ll probably never own anything like them, but there is a cute little brick cottage I have my eye on in our area ;)

  14. These homes are so pretty — thank you for taking us on the journey with you! I love the architecture. We have very different architecture here in Arizona, and although it is pretty in its way, I am really partial to that coastal charm that these homes possess. I love the downtown area of our city, though — amidst the hugely tall office and industrial buildings, there are pockets of old Victorian-style homes that are so fun to look at!

  15. I’ve been in many of these homes as my friends have lived in them. My mom and I grew up on QA with both of us going to West Queen Anne Elementary and Queen Anne High-school. Sadly the neighborhood has become unaffordable….

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