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Color Inspiration: Coral Pink

by | Aug 4, 2015 | Color, Decorating Inspiration

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Color Inspiration: Coral Pink

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I love coral. It’s always been one of my favorite colors, but you might not believe me if you think about the colors I use in decor. We do have a guest bedroom with orange-coral accents, so I do have a variation of coral in one room of my house. In spite of how little coral I have in our house right now, I think it is such a fresh pretty color to use in decor. Especially in spring and summer!
Do you have a favorite color that you don’t use much (or at all) in decorating?

Color Inspiration: Coral Pink
Katie Rosenfeld

Color Inspiration: Coral Pink
With Heart

Color Inspiration: Coral PinkPretty Prudent

PS. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in projects lately, stay tuned for some updates on what’s been going on around our house!

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  1. Seana Turner

    Oh, I love this color too. It just says “summer” to me, and with those pretty turquoise accents. I have a nail polish in coral and it is my favorite!

  2. Lynn Marie

    Turquoise is my absolute favorite color but I don’t decorate with it very much. There are a few touches of it in my kitchen in some antique dishes in my hutch but that is it.

  3. Lisa D.

    WOW! That first photo with the coral door is beautiful! yet I would not think to do that!! I love periwinkle but don’t have it anywhere in my home… ;-)

  4. Adrienne

    I love soft pink (like a blush) with gold. But I don’t think I could get anything pink by my hubby. But since he’s fine with pretty much anything else I can’t complain, I like other colors too, as long as there is a lot of white :) LOVE that herringbone throw! But i’d probably get it in a gray or a navy.

  5. Debby

    I also love turquoise–but I have very little of it in my home. I don’t know why! I think it’s because I take my accent colors from my Oriental-style area rugs, and they rarely have turquoise in them. Unfortunately, coral is one of my no-no colors. It’s a color I can’t wear in clothing–it looks terrible with my hair LOL! So I’ve extended the coral ban to everything in my home. But I am trying to figure out a way to sneak some soft turquoise in somewhere …

  6. Alexis Duffy

    I am LOVING the door, chair, and art tie together in the first photo. It makes the space feel cohesive but still subtle. I’d never think of using this color in my home, but you make a good case for it!

  7. Jordan

    Absolutely lovely! The coral pink door is amazing – I always love boldly colored doors like that. Plus coral pink is so cute!

  8. Michelle Mortensen

    It is fun for me to wear coral because I often get compliments. *wink I have never really considered it as a color for decorating, but I love your examples. That front door is so pretty.
    Michelle from

  9. Kris Billings

    I love coral, too! Sadly, I have never used this color in my decor (just on my nails, lol). I will definitely be adding some coral accents throughout my home!

  10. Kate R

    Pink can be a difficult color to pull off successfully I think, but this shade is absolutely gorgeous and so well done. I particularly liked the doors!
    Thanks for sharing this

  11. Maiken

    Absolutely! Love coral. Don’t use it much. But some of my favorite colors which I rarely seem to incorporate into decor are citrus colors – especially a lemon yellow and clementine orange. I have a robins egg blue (which I also love and DO decorate with a bunch) colored serving bowl that I fill with clementines every now and then and it’s one of the prettiest sights in my home.

  12. Tracy Delton

    These pictures are beautiful! Great ideas and love the colors!!

  13. Kim

    Do you know what color and brand paint you used for the front door? Love the coral! Thanks.

  14. Jo Jo

    I love coral and I wear a lot of coral as I’ve been told it really looks nice on me, Aqua/ turquoise too, whichnI absolutely love! Guess which two colors I don’t use in my decorating ever…coral and turquoise! lol. Love those colors, but I am always drawn to navy or periwinkle, cream or white with pops of greens.


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