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{Inspired By} Beautiful & Charming Kitchens

by | Sep 22, 2015 | Decorating Inspiration, Kitchens

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{Inspired By} Beautiful & Charming KitchensNew England Home

Fall is the time of year when we start turning inside and spending more time in the hub of the home, our kitchen! Whether it is fancy and luxurious or simple and homey, the kitchen is an important space in our home.

Right now I’m in the “observation phase” with my new kitchen. I’m learning how we live in this house and how the current kitchen functions for us. When we feel well-acquainted with our space and how we live throughout the rest of our home, we will be confident to move forward with appropriate design updates. I’ll be sharing some of my observations and inspiration for my kitchen in an upcoming post!

Here is a much over-due round up of kitchens that are both beautiful and charming, a perfect combination if you ask me! Enjoy.

{Inspired By} Beautiful & Charming Kitchens
House Beautiful

{Inspired By} Beautiful & Charming Kitchens
New England Home

{Inspired By} Beautiful & Charming Kitchens

{Inspired By} Beautiful & Charming KitchensNew England Home

{Inspired By} Beautiful & Charming Kitchens
New England Home

{Inspired By} Beautiful & Charming KitchensLonny

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  1. Ms. Maggie the Elder

    Thanks for the consideration of the kitchen; I have been in that “observation phase” for over 20 years as I contemplate the bigger changes for ours at our city home. I have the best appliances but the cabinets are not dream level nor are the floors or countertops. But is the payback worth the hassle and expense? Now we are considering it but still we think: maybe move to one already done and with other features of a home we also want: less square footage and more neighborly feel the community. But the pretty pictures do help me see what we want, no matter what we decide. I like the gray since it blends with our PNW attitude; maybe a mix of gray on the bottom and white on the top cabinets???

  2. Manuela

    Amazing post, amazing blog!
    Hugs from Portugal,

  3. Lilly

    I just love that you bought a new house! I loved, loved, loved your kitchen reno in your last house so I am very excited to see how you slowly make this new house your own. We need to do redo our kitchen ourselves later down the road so I love soaking in all the inspiration.

  4. Debbie from MountainMamaOnline

    How could you pick just one??? I think I am most drawn to the white cabinets and wood counters, very cottage style. How exciting for you to be dreaming of what your new home may become in the future! Same here. The kitchen is somewhere down the road, however.
    Keep dreaming, keep nesting!

  5. Dori

    I loved the pictures of the kitchens but, I’m sorry, I just don’t “get” the white kitchen trend. Our new house came with white cabinets and they were impossible to keep clean. I couldn’t wait to get rid of them! It probably didn’t help that they were builder grade with an almost textured type finish. I still think the white kitchens make a pretty picture but am glad to be rid of mine.

  6. Sheila

    Oh dear. I do fear for your cool-as-heck stove that these are all updated country farmhouse designs – nothing that relates to the era of your house. But of course, it is YOUR house and I’m sure it will be lovely, you will love it and I look forward to seeing it.

  7. mdn

    Oh, yes…all of these are gorgeous! There are a couple I might be willing to “give my eye teeth” to have…

    I’m here in my own place, though, endeavoring to love what I’m in (and mostly do!). It seems that more and more blogs place such emphasis on HUGE kitchens, tho. Some of these kitchens appear to outsize the footprint of my rowhouse’s entire first floor. Am I that out of touch that I have a place with a 10 X 13 kitchen (including pantry and cabinets? I’ve always considered my kitchen to be reasonably sized, but seeing these, as well as those shown on so many blogs leads me to a bit of kitchen envy. The last (Lonny) pic seemed to be the closest to normal size for me. As an aside, so many restaurant level stoves/ovens are shown that they look routine. Do that many people really cook home meals at a level to justify these? (I would like to get a standard sized stove/oven combo with induction and convection combo some day. But spending a couple of grand to replace something that works well is difficult to rationalize.)

    Also, numerous design ideas are shown, giving lots of ideas; but why is everything so darned neutral? White [understandable] and grey…grey and white. While beautiful, I’m becoming to desirous for more use of colors. (These colors could be pale, but just have them play a more prominent role. Or, maybe, a bit bolder with the colors the beach…or perhaps even stronger – Provence?) Must be my mood today. Sorry. Think it’s that I lived through the (also long) mauve (similar to swine) schemes.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Well my own new galley kitchen is pretty tiny so when I look at these images I take bits and pieces of them to inspire me. Certainly mine could fit in a small corner of most of them! I love neutral for the backdrop and most of the built in cabinets of my home, but I always add liberal doses of color and pattern when I can, so I hope my house is never boring! Each house will have its own personality and sometimes color makes sense. I went out on a limb several years ago and used a dark blue/gray for my cabinets in the old house and I love that combo with the white (still do, even though so many have followed suit), but I’m excited to see what this house wants to be. It may still be neutral but sometimes I just prefer that for a kitchen because it feels clean and uncluttered. But who knows, I have to wait for this house to speak to me! :)

  8. teresa

    I’ve been gathering kitchen inspiration for our new build….praying I have made the right choices….thank you always for your tips and inspiration…they have helped a lot.
    Happy Day

  9. Orianne

    Melissa, as someone who has happily created a successful heart-of-the-home kitchen more than once for her family and who is in the processing of doing it again, I would like to ask about your thoughts on open shelving for placing dinnerware, glassware, bowls, serving dishes, cups etc. Although they make lovely ‘kitchenscapes’ and photos, the reality of everyday is that there is quite a bit of dust floating around, not to mention the odd insect or fly (or even pet hair for that matter) that will settle naturally on the shelves and the items they hold (just look at any kitchen bookshelves a couple days after dusting them). Personally, I would feel the need to wipe every glass, dish, bowl and cup free from any dust particles before using it, which seems a bit impractical to me. I would be curious to learn from your experience or from any of your readers if they feel like commenting, if I’m in the minority with this dilemma or if others have the same concerns.

  10. Deanna

    My kitchen and living room are completely open to each other. We will be changing things around once my parents move in with us and will actually build a kitchen and a mudroom/laundry room with a small half bath. I love the kitchen in the last photo. I’ve been pinning wooden countertops for a while now. I like the all white too, but love color so I am unsure of whether to do white with color accents or go for color with some of the cabinets! I love to design and decorate so this is fun for me!

    I love your inspiring photos!

  11. Stefanie

    What is the name of the floors, brand/color in the grey kitchen? Also, could you tell me where the gray cabinets are by? This is a beautiful kitchen.

  12. Kristin Jessup

    So many beautiful kitchens but the tile black splash and then the live edge stone mix took my breath away. I love that idea, so different then just solid one color tile. Adds texture and dimension, plus I love the color of the cabinets.

  13. Liz

    Any idea what paint color the gray cabinets are?


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