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5 Takeaway Tips from a Lovely Home {Sawyer Berson}

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Decorating Inspiration, Style Tips, Takeaway Tips

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5 Takeaway Tips from a Lovely Home {Sawyer Berson}

Inspiration photos from designer Sawyer Berson

1) Be Brave.

This green trim is so unexpected, but isn’t that what makes a room memorable?

Do you ever consider a decorating idea and shy away from it because you’re afraid? To me, being “brave” in decorating doesn’t have to mean doing something unusual or crazy just to be shocking or different. Being brave in decorating is daring to do something that YOU are excited about, regardless of what other people will think! You might love the idea of wallpapering your hallway, or painting your kitchen cabinets a different color, or purchasing something that has been labeled unpopular right now (or even something that’s been labeled too popular and overdone).

Different decorating choices will be considered “brave” to different people because decorating is so personal! It’s your house after all, isn’t it? Make decorating choices that inspire you and make you happy to live in your own home.

5 Takeaway Tips from a Lovely Home {Sawyer Berson}

2) Add layers of comfort.

This room is full of layers that add comfort! The furniture is upholstered with a variety of fabrics making the room look and feel soft and cozy. The room features a comfortable and conversation-friendly layout. Lamps are placed appropriately for warmth and light. The curtains soften and warm the windows. The paneling adds an additional layer of texture and interest to the walls and ceiling. The rug pulls together the conversation space with a textured layer underfoot.

5 Takeaway Tips from a Lovely Home {Sawyer Berson}
3) Make An Impact.

Can you just imagine this same room with only 4 of those botanical prints above the sofa? It would still be beautiful, but the impact of so many prints on a wall is what makes this room special and memorable.

5 Takeaway Tips from a Lovely Home {Sawyer Berson}

4) Maximize Space with Style.

Less is really more when you maximize the space you have with style! Imagine this room with four beds, it would take up all of the floor space. The built-in bunk beds make this room functional for multiple people and purposes, but they also make an impressive design statement. Win-win!

5 Takeaway Tips from a Lovely Home {Sawyer Berson}

5) Make Your House a Home.

This hallway would be beautiful empty. Architecture can stand alone and be gorgeous! But beautiful empty spaces are not likely to be as warm and inviting, because they are missing the personal touch of the owner’s presence in the space. The eclectic placement of the art to delight the people who live there, the collected wood furniture and pieces placed for their comfort (a bench in an entry), those are the elements that move a house from a gorgeous structure to a sanctuary for the people who live there.

Find more inspiration from the designers at Sawyer Berson!

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  1. Lynn Marie

    I just LOVE the wall above that couch with the 21(!!!!!) botanical prints but not sure I would have been brave enough to try it–that is why these photos you post are so inspiring to us–the possibilities are endless but we sometimes need help in imagining them.

  2. Deanna Rabe

    I spent part of the afternoon yesterday being inspired online looking at photos of Helen Ballard’s home in Atlanta. I wouldn’t do everything she did, but I was inspired to look at things with ‘fresh eyes.’

    It is easy to get into a rut with our homes.

  3. june

    Your photos are great inspiration! I have been deformalizing a bit – took out my heavy window treatments and lace panels. No more off white carpet and all upholstery pieces gone. Opened a wall to my kitchen.
    I struggle with what to do for window treatments – I like the look wovens like in picture one but I also have a patio door on the same wall about 6-8 feet down from the living room windows. Any ideas?

    I have all Ethan Allan Country French case goods from l989 and still love them. Do you think I can pull off a comfortable room?

  4. Debbie from MountainMamaOnline

    Beautiful inspiration photos! I love the gallery wall of botanical prints – I’d love something similar in my house but if just one print was crooked it would drive me nuts! :)

    • Carolyn

      I wonder if you could hang pictures with 2 hangers on each to keep them straight.

  5. Margaret Ryall

    Making your home unique and personal to your family is the main aim of decorating as far as I am concerned. All the design guidelines exist to be layered with your personal inspiration. It is never about how much money you have to complete a reno or update. Developing confidence to do your thing is inspired by blogs like The Inspired Room/Home. Kudos.

  6. Lauren

    This was lovely inspiration. Thank you so much! I also really loved the picture wall with the floral prints and just the lovely pastel shades.

  7. Kari

    I totally agree about layers of comfort. I want people to leave my home feeling like they were comfortable and had a good time!

  8. Debbie

    My favorite room was the hall that went on forever. The outdoor porch lights in weathered copper or just painted to look that way provided a continuity as well as the windows over the doors (my mind went blank, I have them in my home and can’t think of what they are called!) It appears that there are windows to the outside on that walkway and I can imagine someone walking by and seeing the table and decor or the bench…just lovely!

  9. Lauren Thomann

    Those built in bunk beds are great, and the navy color definitely makes an impact.

  10. Jamie B

    I love all the rooms. For me being brave means being true to myself. I like what I like and truthfully others seem to like my brave-most of the time.

  11. Carolyn

    I, surprisingly to myself, love the top VERY green-and-white room. Would never have thought of painting trim like that. Which is why it’s so fun to look at other people’s rooms, and keep an open mind! Thanks for the ideas/inspiration. What an excellent curator you are!

  12. Cindy Hoffman

    Hi there Mellisa, I really love the different decor designs that you have shared here. Those bunker beds really look nice and the space utilization there is just perfect. Thanks for sharing.


  13. Beth

    Love these ideas! And the looks you’ve put up are absolutely beautiful and inspirational. Great stuff.

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