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Statement Lighting {New Light for the Dining Room}

by | Apr 18, 2016 | Decorating Inspiration, My Dining Room, My Seattle House

Statement Lighting {New Light for the Dining Room}
Amanda Nisbet Design via House of Turquoise

One of my main goals in creating a home we will love is to start by getting the lighting right. Not only because I want to create the right ambience, but because the right light fixtures can help set the personality and style, which is definitely what I’m really excited about!

Statement Lighting {New Light for the Dining Room}

Right now the shell of our new dining room is kind of a blank slate. Other than hardwood floors and a large window toward the backyard, it doesn’t have a lot of architectural pizazz. But that’s ok, we can work on it and soon enough it will have its own unique look.

If you missed the post about our vision for a “classy breakfast room vibe” you can find the ideas and inspiration here. I can show you the new chairs and a bigger bench soon, too. They are going to look great!

While we will eventually be opening up the doorway to add interest, more light and better flow between the dining room and kitchen as well as adding other architectural elements like molding and refinishing floors in time, one of the first things we can do to improve this space (besides the new chairs and painting the room) is to install a statement light over the table.

Statement lights should do just that, make a statement. Light fixtures should either just blend in and support the rest of the decor, or they can stand out to bring a distinct and fresh personality to a space. I’m kind of partial to making a big statement with a dining room light.

Unique light fixtures can become a part of your signature style (check out the post on signature style!), so pick something special that speaks to you. It doesn’t have to be expensive, you can find statement lights anywhere on all budgets!

Statement Lighting {New Light for the Dining Room}

Case Indoor/Outdoor Copper Lantern in my old dining room

So what statement should a light make? How do you pick a fixture that can become a part of your signature look? Consider the house, your style and the actual space it will go in!

A light doesn’t have to be any particular style to be a statement, it just needs some personality. The first thing we did in our old dining room was to add a statement lantern! I loved that light so much, the copper on top really gave it a unique look and made the room feel memorable.

You might not even remember what our old dining room looked like when we first moved in, but just for fun, check it out, below.

Statement Lighting {New Light for the Dining Room}

Crazy, huh? The swine walls with the carpet color…eek. Seeing it how that dining room was right when we moved in gives me hope that my new home will come together eventually!

So back in our new house, we have a new light fixture for our dining room that will help play up the vision of our home, which will be our own blend of a modern farmhouse coastal/island style with a touch of casual glam. :) The light we found seems perfect in every way to set that unique “look” for our home.

I’m pretty excited to already have it sitting right here in my house ready to be installed! Yahoo!

Statement Lighting {New Light for the Dining Room}

After extensively searching for the right light for us, we found this one (at RH Teen!) and knew it was IT. It is SO GORGEOUS in person! We love the gray and white ombre wood beads that make it feel fresh and the size and shape is perfect. It is big enough to be a beautiful focal point, but not too heavy for the space. The price was more than I originally wanted to spend, but I justified it (ha) in my budget by saving on other elements in the room (and by discovering it was a lot less than many other ones I loved!).

It is a statement piece that is definitely going to play a big part in the look and ambience of our house.

This light will make the room more memorable as well as set the right mood, which definitely qualifies it as a perfect statement light in my book!

10 Great Resources for Statement Lights:

Wayfair, Joss & Main, OverstockBirch Lane, Pottery BarnWorld Market, Lowe’s, Home Depot, WisteriaBallard Designs, Barn Light Electric

What light fixtures would be so YOU? Think outside the box and find statement lighting that can set your own look and style.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Cathy

    I’m so glad you found that beautiful light fixture! It will set a lovely tone for your dining room.

  2. Cristina Festa

    Love, Love the light fixture.

  3. Terri

    Love your ideas and choices and your home is looking beautiful! How many times I wish for beautiful ceiling light fixtures. But, living in SW Florida, we need ceiling fans in every room, bleh!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Oh, I can imagine! We don’t have them as much here, but I can say that I had two ceiling fans in my old house and they were wonderful! Especially loved the one in our bedroom. I dreamed about a beautiful chandelier in my bedroom but as unpopular as fans are visually, a ceiling fan in an upstairs bedroom was too divine to take out! We will miss it in this house.

  4. Linda

    It’s fun to hear that you found your light in RH Teen. That’s a new store to me, but I had noticed that when I discovered Pottery Barn (I was helping my granddaughter re-do her bedroom) their teen items seemed to fit my own home and our style better than the “adult” things. I just love the cheerful colors and the quirkiness and the size and scale of things. You really are helping us figure out our signature style–it’s okay to buy teen stuff. Your home is such a revelation to me, and I eagerly await each post!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Isn’t that funny? Yes, you really can find signature lights ANYWHERE! On any budget. But it is true, they tend to be less stuffy and often a better size and price for a “normal” house I was happy to discover that my light was still a great size and scale, I feared it would be tiny!

      Thank you, Linda! I’m glad you enjoy the posts! I love sharing them. :)

  5. Therese


    This is a statement light I like.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Yes, Lowe’s is a great place to look for lighting! Glad you found a beauty you love. The home improvement stores have come a long way in recent years in offering some great styles. The chandelier from my old house that was in the entry was from Lowe’s and I loved it! I’ve also found great lighting at resale type stores.

      • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

        Actually my new bedroom light in this house is from a home improvement store, too, they really do have some cute and affordable lights! : -)

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Yes, it is GORGEOUS! And probably only like $8,000! :) I think I would have to bead that one myself.

  6. Rebecca Turner

    I love the turquoise inspiration chandelier! And the beaded chandelier you chose is very nice for your space! An improvement over what is there, eh, (which is nothing, right?!) I have been wanting a wooden beaded chandelier for my dining room, (which is open to our great room) for several years, but I have not found the correct scale yet. The room is a little small, especially in comparison to the great room that it adjoins. The fixtures that I have seen are not the Empire shape that I prefer, so I’m seriously thinking of making my own. Speaking of statement lighting, I would actually love to have the “statement chandelier” in the greatroom, instead of the dining room, because it would make a bigger impact, and underscore the British Colonial/coastal vibe that I have going on. However, the builder installed the electrical box smack dab in the center of the room, but to one side. It sort of makes sense (if you saw the room) but it would’ve been so much better to have TWO boxes. One on each side of the room. We’ve separated our greatroom into zones, one for TV viewing, and one for reading/entertaining, and currently there is a ceiling fan overhead that seems to visually separate the two spaces. It bothers me so much! But my husband won’t give up the fan (we are in Texas and it’s hot) and he balks at anything that requires going up into the attic. (Because he installed insulation up there that is like a very thick blanket.) He either doesn’t want it disturbed, or else he’s worried that someone will fall through the ceiling. Either way, he seems resistant to the idea. We had our living room ceiling retaped, and floated a few years ago (in a pinch before the new floors went in, so there wasn’t time for new electrical boxes) and the ceiling looks so beautiful that I hate to mess with it. But it really would be better if the practical fan were over the TV viewing area, and a gorgeous beaded chandelier were on the opposite side of the room. Feeling frustrated. Maybe I need to work a little magic. Wink. Wink. Do you encounter resistance to your decorating ideas too?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Yeah, I would guess an Empire shape would be generally pretty large and clunky for a small space with regular height ceilings, which we have. My light is still pretty huge, but visually will be much more pleasing that something bigger top to bottom. The scale is really important, you can’t just get big for a statement in a small room, you’ve got to have it properly scaled to the size of the room, so I know the hassle of trying to find what you want!

      My husband always has opinions and often good ones, but he doesn’t always get the big picture. And he also doesn’t usually want to participate in the projects :). lHe didn’t see what the big deal was with our swine walls in our old house, but one by one, he did paint them mostly himself. :) It took him six years but you know, I was grateful he would go along with me.

  7. Christie

    Great choice!!!

  8. Joanne Taggart

    It is so true that the right lighting can make all the difference. I really loved the lantern light at your other home, but I gotta say I really love your new light fixture. The beads with the variegated colors are awesome. You have such wonderful taste! Thanks, Melissa, for showing us the photos.

  9. Jenn @ Loveland Lodge

    Gorgeous! The wood bead fixtures are so beautiful and bring a great casual but formal (does that make sense?) vibe. Have to laugh at your swine walls. Ours were the same color in the living room, bathroom and kitchen and were horrible. Unfortunately, I had to make a rush decision on paint colors and went too far the other direction (way too dark) so am correcting my mistakes! Live and learn :)

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      So true, we just have to LIVE and LEARN! :) And yes, the casual but kinda formal vibe is what I think too. I like that mix. Thank you!

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