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Farmhouse Sinks: Kitchen Inspiration

by | Jun 6, 2016 | Best of the Best Kitchen Ideas, Decorating Inspiration, Kitchens

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Farmhouse Sinks: Kitchen Inspiration
Farmhouse sink  via Tiffany Eastman Interiors

Today I’m excited to share inspiration for farmhouse sinks! Aren’t they charming? You can find a variety of shapes and materials for farmhouse sinks that would be well-suited for most any type of house, they aren’t limited to use in farmhouses!

If you missed my announcement last week, it’s Kitchen Month here at The Inspired Room and I’m sharing the “best of the best” ideas I found and sources for many items while researching for my own kitchen remodel. My first post on kitchen open shelving was last week! Today’s post is is all about farmhouse sinks (and apron front sinks), so let’s dive in!

Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse Sinks: Kitchen InspirationBHG

Most people (like me!) refer to apron front sinks as farmhouse sinks and they definitely have that same look, but I think technically apron front sinks are called that because they have a slightly different design. The apron front sinks have a finished “front” that fits over the front of a cabinet to create the “farmhouse” sink look. You can see an example of a apron front sink, below.

Farmhouse Sinks: Kitchen Inspiration

Kohler Whitehaven

You’ll need a custom cabinet for a farmhouse sink, or at least a modified one to accomodate it (in our old house our contractor just modified our existing sink cabinet to fit the type of apron front sink we chose) so be sure to check dimensions and ask your contractor to be certain the specific sink you want will work with your particular cabinets. These are HEAVY sinks so you’ll need a sturdy and supportive cabinet, too.

Farmhouse Sinks: Kitchen InspirationJersey Ice Cream Co via One King’s Lane

The best farmhouse-style sink I’ve found (and had in my last house) is the Kohler Whitehaven. It is a cast iron enameled apron front sink. It is an undermount design, which means it goes under your countertop. I much prefer the under mount style sinks for a cleaner look.

I had the smaller profile Kohler Whitehaven, which I loved and it worked in my existing cabinet with modifications, but there is also larger version, so be sure to order the exact size you need and the style that works for your look!

Farmhouse Sinks: Kitchen InspirationMy Domaine

In a previous house I had a fireclay sink and did not like it quite as well as the cast iron enameled Kohler, but it was still a gorgeous sink. You can also get a large cast iron enamel single basin undermount style that doesn’t have the farmhouse or apron front style front exposed (the sink goes fully inside the cabinet) and they are wonderful, I’ve had that style of sink, too.

Enjoy the inspiration pics today and the round up of sources for more great sinks at the end, too!

Farmhouse Sinks: Kitchen InspirationFarmhouse Sink – Stone Apron-Front Sink (actual source is linked!)

Farmhouse Sinks: Kitchen Inspiration
The Inspired Room / sink source

Farmhouse Sinks: Kitchen Inspiration
Sarah Sherman Samuel

Farmhouse Sinks: Kitchen Inspiration

Farmhouse Sinks: Kitchen Inspiration
House Beautiful

Farmhouse Sinks: Kitchen Inspiration
Traditional Home

Farmhouse Sinks: Kitchen InspirationWesterbroek

Farmhouse Sinks: Kitchen InspirationThe Inspired Room Kitchen Reveal / Sink Source / Faucet / All Kitchen Sources

Farmhouse Sinks: Kitchen Inspiration

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // (#1 was in my previous kitchen and it is WONDERFUL!)

Farmhouse Sinks: Kitchen Inspiration

Have you ever had a farmhouse style sink?

Click here to see my new kitchen reveal (with a full source list!)


  1. Christie

    I love the IKEA farmhouse sink too.

  2. Tracey

    Did having a white sink drive you crazy that you could see every little speck of food or stains from drinks in it?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Yep but that’s one thing I love about it, it was always spotless because I kept it shiny! I do love a clean sink. Ours right now is stainless and it always feels grungy to me. :)

    • E Wassink

      We are building a new home and we’re getting a double stainless steel farmhouse sink. :)

  3. Jo Jo

    I never had a farmhouse sink, but I do love a very deep sink, a stainless steel Franke sink, under mounted, which we just put in our new home and also,in our last kitchen tremodel in our old house. Sinks are the work horses in the kitchen and I love your inspiration photos of this farm house style with apron. I particularly love the last one with the hammered silver one! So pretty!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hi Jo Jo! Isn’t that a pretty sink? I have always loved the white sinks but in the right kitchen I could totally be in love with a hammered silver or even copper sink!

      • Angela Henderson

        Hi Melissa, On you ” No sew roman shades. I love the fabric that is shown.. The blue, yellow, grey floral. Can you tell me where i can find this?? Thank you!!!

  4. Melinda Young

    I had a white porcelain sink for many years and it was hard to keep clean. Perhaps because it was older. When designing our new kitchen I fell in love with a deep stainless steel sink. It always looks clean, it’s deep to hide dirty dishes and the cabinet is in full view. I am curious to those who have or had a apron sink, did the front apron part scratch up over time? I do think they are a pretty design element!!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Yes, older sinks are definitely harder to keep clean. The shiny new finish is gorgeous and much easier to deal with than older scratched or pitted sinks with a worn finish. I had no problem with the apron front scratching! :)

  5. Barb

    Boy, I love those curtains in the top picture. (Tiffany Eastman Interiors). Took my eyes right away from the cool sink! :)

  6. Barbara Moore

    Signature Hardware ( has a lot of beautiful farm sinks at good prices.

  7. Kathy

    As a 60+ year old woman who grew up in country homes, I have to say that we never had what is now referred to as farmhouse sinks. Yes, we had white porcelain sinks, usually just one bowl, but they were always rather shallow and never had the apron front. No relative or friend’s house had the apron front kind either. I’m not sure how these came to be associated with farm houses. Probably some big city designer thought that was what we had. Heh heh.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Ha! That’s so funny, we just think we are being all farmhousey with our style! :)

  8. Terry

    Melissa, can you tell me where you purchased the matchstick blinds in your former kitchen? Also, the brand, style, color?
    I am enjoying your kitchen posts. My husband retires later this year, and we are trying to decide whether to stay in our current home or move. If we stay, we plan to remodel the kitchen. Thank you for all the inspirational pictures and ideas!

  9. Jen

    Love the stone version! I am hoping to do our kitchen soon and I would love a farmhouse sink like that one or even a copper one. We have porcelain right now and it has been a nightmare to keep clean?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      A new sink will be much easier to clean, you’ll be amazed! I love that stone sink, too!

  10. sharon /

    To be official, I think a farm sink has to have the apron front? But I Love my farm’ish sink (as my retailer told me it was) that is big, and deep, and rectangle – yet enclosed in my cabinetry. All the perks and looks I wanted.

  11. Karen on Bainbridge Island

    I’ve had the shaw and the whitehaven from kohler…both were great sinks

  12. Carolyn

    We have a “farmhouse” sink which I love, except I think it’s fireclay and we didn’t baby it enough, so it’s scratched. I hope to replace it with a regular cast iron one some time, if we can find one just the right size. We do love the single sink and the depth, and the look is great in our 1939 summer cabin converted to year-round home.

  13. Julie

    I’ve been dreaming of the 40/60 split stainless. I like the idea of a big bowl but do not want my dishes drying on the sink. Thanks for gathering pics of all these lovely sinks!

  14. Lori Z.

    Anyone have experience with copper sinks they can share? Wanting to change out a stainless with a more natural/earthy feel. I’m also curious on switching to 1-deep open sink vs. dbl. sinks, but wondering where everybody puts their “rinsed to be used later cups” or even hand-wash only items while drying? Don’t want to add clutter with a drying rack always on counter :-)

  15. Genia Sunden

    Where can I get the faucet in the pic with the stainless steel farmhouse sink?

  16. Fran Disbennett

    I love the look of the farmhouse sink. I hope to get one soon.

  17. Cat

    All the sink source links led to the same sink at wayfair, a painfully slow website. :(

  18. Lillian Taylor

    Thanks for this informative article! You mention that you had a fireclay sink in a previous house but did not like it as much as the cast iron enameled Kohler… can you please tell me why? I’ve been advised that the fireclay is better because it is more resistant to chipping so I’d love your feedback so I can make the right decision. Thank you again!

  19. Anita Roth

    Hopping to put one in my kitchen when we remodeled it. I wanted to tell you also that I have started reading your new book dwelling.When I read the first chapter where you talked about suffering panic attacks, anxiety, and depression for many years.Right now I’m having a difficult time now. You gave me hope. As I have been going through this I to have craved a more simple life your book has given me a guide to do this.Thank you for willingness to share your life!❤️

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