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Mug Rack: Kitchen Coffee StationBHG

Years (and several houses) ago I set up my first coffee station in our kitchen. We currently live in Seattle, home of the original Starbucks, so it probably goes without saying that coffee has been a big deal in the Northwest for almost as far back as I can remember (I’ve lived in the NW for almost my entire life).

If you are a coffee or tea lover, a dedicated zone for a coffee station is worth considering for any kitchen remodel. Even if you aren’t remodeling, a special spot for coffee (or tea) can give your kitchen a homey functional appeal!

Mug Rack: Kitchen Coffee Station

Mug Tree // Mugs

I loved my little mug tree I bought for our old house several years ago and the colorful mugs I collected to hang on it. While I still have my original mug tree, a few months ago I bought a taller mug tree that can hold a lot more coffee mugs (and doesn’t take up any more space on the counter) to accommodate a growing pretty mug collection.

I actually had already set up a coffee station in this house (it was probably the first thing I set up here, haha), but sadly, the day I brought my new mug tree home was the day my beloved coffee maker died. SADNESS! After zillions of years of faithful service brewing my morning coffee (and let’s be honest, often my afternoon coffee too), it unexpectedly stopped working. SORROW!

Our coffee maker was so reliable and made great coffee for years and years (check out similar models here), I highly recommend it.

Mug Rack: Kitchen Coffee Station

Ever since my coffee maker bit the dust, I’ve used my Nespresso (which I really like as well, mostly because it makes GREAT foam even without milk/the milk frother) but life without my old coffee maker has not been the same. I do plan to get a new espresso maker to go with my new mug tree, it is just a matter of saving up my pennies. I’ll let you know what I decide to get, I very well may get the same brand as I had before.

Mug Rack: Kitchen Coffee StationFröken Turkos / Photo by Lina Ikse / via House of Turquoise

Mug Rack: Kitchen Coffee StationMug Tree

Besides the joy of selecting a beautiful mug to go with your coffee each morning, there’s something so charming about the form+function of a mug tree on a kitchen counter. I’m all for a clean and streamlined space, but the warmth and charm of seeing a coffee station all set up, inviting me to enjoy my daily ritual makes it a welcome addition to my kitchen. The mug tree really doesn’t take up a lot of room on the counter, and they hold so many mugs that it saves a lot of space in the cabinet, too!

Mug Rack: Kitchen Coffee Station

Wall Mug Rack Source — Cute mug wall via Baked Bree blog

If you really don’t have space on your counter for coffee mugs, you could add a charming wall mug rack. Or even just use cup hooks under a cabinet to accomplish the same thing.

Mug Rack: Kitchen Coffee Station

We even used a small tiered stand for coffee mugs one Christmas, which really is a great idea if you only need a few mugs!

Mug Rack: Kitchen Coffee Station
My daughter made a DIY mug rack with a rod and hooks for her coffee station (above), it’s so cute and perfect for even small spaces.

A mug rack would be an adorable addition to an informal dining room, too, so you can be creative about the location of your coffee station.

Mug Rack: Kitchen Coffee Station

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Stay tuned for more kitchen ideas and inspiration as we continue with Kitchen Month in our Best of the Best series!

Mug Rack: Kitchen Coffee Station

Do you have a coffee station in your home?

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  1. Amy

    Oh no! What happened to the Jura? You don’t still have it, do you? My husband was able to take one apart, clean it, replace a very inexpensive gasket (we’re talking pennies), and it works like a charm. Do you think it’s possible for yours? I know how convenient that machine is! And I love the mug rack. Thinking of gifting one to my sis-in-law!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Yes! I have it. I’m hoping its that simple! We cleaned it and then it stopped working, it looks like a part got separated inside so doesn’t seem easy to fix on our own, but you’ve given me hope!

  2. Ruth

    Your collection of mugs are so pretty and I love the idea of a wall mountable mug rack! It would create such a feature in a kitchen.

  3. Laura

    Several years ago, you (and my husband’s new coffee maker) inspired me to create a coffee station. I even got the same mug rack since it was cute and small and reasonable! I have rearranged some things in our kitchen a few times since then, but the coffee station remains and is the cutest part of the kitchen. I don’t even drink coffee! If only I could come up with an excuse to get some of those lovely mugs you’ve got……

  4. Sallie

    No coffee station, but I have a “tea cabinet” where all the Essential Paraphernalia of Tea is kept. You might try writing to the manufacturer of your old coffee machine and telling them how much you liked it; I bet they’d give you at least a discount on a new one. Really enjoying all your Kitchen posts!!

  5. Cristina Festa

    I really appreciate this kitchen series since I’m in the process of redoing my kitchen in October. Can’t wait to see more.

  6. Patty

    We’ve always been coffee drinkers (married 48 years now), but until we remodeled our kitchen a couple of years ago, we didn’t have a dedicated coffee station. My husband loves all kinds of coffee and we have a lazy susan with several jars of coffee beans so he has easy access. He continues to tell me how much he loves our coffee station (and it looks pretty, too)!

  7. Melinda Young

    Inspired by you, I do have a coffee station! However, I needed my mugs off the counter, so I rearranged my cupboards and put the mugs right in reach. The nespresso machine is ready at all times! I love having it all together and ready. Yum coffee! Having a cuppa while type.

  8. Lisa

    I use the mug rack from World Market to hold large spools of upholstery thread and rolls of washi tape in my studio. It works great to keep my supplies organized..

  9. sandyc

    I was inspired by you too, Melissa, and your coffee station set-up in your last house. But I couldn’t afford to take up space on the counter where you had yours so I used the little bitty space between my range and my corner sink with windows since there isn’t enough room for much of anything else. Just me and my little Mr. Coffee but it’s white instead of black and it sits on a nice pull-out tray. It’s under a cabinet so don’t have much room for a mug tree and I use my “Serenity Mug” every day anyway (hope that never breaks). There is room for a small pic on the wall, a pretty tooled silver box which holds tea bags and a small lavender plant (faux for now), and the bottom shelf of the narrow cabinet to the right of the range and above the coffee maker is adequate storage for extra mugs right now. My kitchen is still a work in progress but the old oak cabinets will be painted white and the cabinet to the right of the sink above the dishwasher and between the window and patio door will be taken down for open shelves (another inspiration from your last kitchen). I’m loving this Best of the Best series although eager for the next steps in your own kitchen. Now back to the kitchen for a second cuppa.

  10. Jo Jo

    Love this post! It was you, Melissa, that gave me the idea to set- up a coffee /beverage station in our new home! I remember reading about yours in your last home and decided when we got into our newly built home in DE I would have a designated spot on my counter near the fridge, sink and dishwasher. One of he best things I ever did! Hubby loves it…I keep wrapped biscotti in a old crystal wine glass, spoons, reusable straws, Truvia and different flavored syrups there. Even purchased a new coffeemaker (Ninja Coffee bar) and a mug tree. We are so pleased as it offers instant hospitality to anyone who enters the kitchen..the heart of any home. Thanks for ALL the inspiration, Melissa, especially this one! ❤️

  11. Susan

    I hate my nespresso vertuoline for coffee. Makes great espresso but the coffee is so bitter. :(

  12. Cheryl Johnson

    Melissa, so sorry your coffee maker quit…that was a nice one! We bought a new one last year a bonaVITA and it makes great coffee. It was rated highly by Cook’s magazine & some coffee groups. I really miss Torrefazioni down on Pioneer Square…that was my favorite Seattle coffee place. We are now in Nashville & make our own most of the time.

  13. Shannon k

    Where did you get your adorable mugs Melissa? There beautiful!

  14. Stacey

    The coffee cups are like art in the kitchen! Any coffee drinker would love that. :)

  15. VerbalGoldBlog

    Wow I am obsessed with your collection of mugs. Those are my goals in life

  16. susan hensley

    I just finished my kitchen rehab, I have a coffee/tea station with my Keurig coffee maker, the tray that goes under it for the little coffee cups. I have the World Market cup rack, and a selection of fun coffee/tea cups from Pier one, World Market, and whenever I see a new something. I have one upped you tho, I have a baking station with my Kitchen-aide mixer, then a meal center with my dishes, bowls, and cutting boards all in one area. It was a long process to get what I wanted but WOW best ever!!! Susan

  17. Kim

    Great collection and display. When I get my own apartment, this will probably be the first diy rack I do to hold all my current and future mugs!

  18. Melanie

    We have that same Jura machine and LOVE it! Honestly, when you wrote that it stopped working, I think my heart skipped a beat in pain. Ours started leaking at one point and while it was away for repair, mornings just weren’t the same. And now that I see what can be done with a coffee station, well, my haphazard ritual just won’t due. Your mugs are so pretty, like my favorite kind of artwork-form AND function. Thank you for the inspiration!

  19. Natalie Parkinson

    Love the DIY mug rack your daughter made with the hook and rod, great idea, need to try that…great post Melissa!

  20. Sara B.

    I’m obviously waaaay behind on my blog reading ;) but, a couple of years ago, my Jura stopped working (after faithfully supplying us with nectar of the gods for 8 years) and I thought I would DIE! I called their customer service and sent my baby in for some TLC. They took her completely apart, repaired, replaced and updated everything. When she came home from the camp, she was as good as new, with an warranty. Best money I ever spent. Hoping to get another 8+ years from the old girl! Hope this helps…

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