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Kitchen Remodel Update: The Round Window Installed

by | Nov 12, 2016 | Decorating Inspiration, My Kitchen, My Small Kitchen Remodel

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Kitchen Remodel Update: The Round Window Installed

Hey friends! Happy Saturday to you and to ME! I thought I’d sneak in here to share THE BEST NEWS I’ve had here in a long time. As you can see, the round window has been installed and it is FABULOUS. Excuse the horrible quality of pics in this post. Clearly it still a real mess in here and obviously there is still A LOT of trim work and painting to be done to make it all feel finished. There will also be cross panes installed on the window, too, in a week or so.

But if you squint your eyes, hopefully you can envision how it will come together. We did a little faucet demonstration for you so you could see the new brass faucet under the window. It will actually sit a little lower than we have it, but it will fit perfectly right under and centered on the window. I think the window will make a really cute focal point along with the farm sink and faucet.

We got the window through our contractor who ordered it through a local dealer (I believe the brand is Milgard, the same as our other windows).

Kitchen Remodel Update: The Round Window Installed

It was a dreary day and getting dark by the time we took our photos, but I can tell I’m going to love being in our kitchen. It will be light and bright and I just know I will love looking through this round window to our little side yard. I can already imagine hanging flags and flower baskets and fun things out there to look at!

Kitchen Remodel Update: The Round Window Installed

Kitchen Remodel Update: The Round Window Installed

Our new refrigerator won’t be smashed against the arched doorway like that, by the way. :)

Kitchen Remodel Update: The Round Window Installed

For those of you who have asked about the side patio progress, as you can see, it’s still not done :). Nor is the downstairs or office for those of you wondering. Long story on everything. But I’m determined it will all get done one way or another. I’m so excited about having this side patio done by spring (well, I was excited about that last spring, too, so there’s that). So once the round window is trimmed out and painted, we will have the new Dutch door installed and we will make sure that the rest of the elements out here will get finished, too. I think it’s going to end up pretty cute!

Thanks for being so excited about the kitchen project, I sure enjoy sharing it with you.

Happy Saturday!

Kitchen Remodel Update: The Round Window Installed

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  1. Kim B.

    It looks lovely, what a special window! I don’t know about clogging it up with cross panes though?

  2. Chris

    The window is wonderful! But I am curious-will there be any window that can open in the kitchen?

  3. Debbie

    I would have never thought of a round window – love it!

  4. Julie

    I love the round window, if adds so much charm and character.
    I can’t wait to see the rest of the kitchen reno as it comes to completion.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Carol

    Oh boy! Love it!

  6. Jann from Newton Custom Interiors

    Melissa, I love the round window! It’s exciting to see how things are coming along. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Jo Jo

    Oh, happy day!! The window looks wonderful! What a nice focal point with that beautiful brass faucet and farm sink once installed. It’s going to be beautiful, Melissa. You’re on your Way!! ??

  8. Kay

    Absolutely Love it!!

  9. Lisa McCracken

    Oh, imagine my surprise to see a post this Saturday morning! And it was a kitchen update post…Yay!
    The window looks great! I’m anxious to see how that all comes together. I know it will be beautiful. I know someone said about maybe not putting the cross panes in it, but I think that will bring more character to the window and really make that area of the kitchen stand out. Can’t wait to see the rest!!

  10. Melinda Young

    It’s beautiful and charming!!! What a great design feature. It’ll be fun for you when you’re at your sink too!

  11. Dawn

    Progress – yay for you!! Which direction are you facing when you look out the window?

  12. Vee

    Still out here reading, Melissa, and so enjoying watching your projects come together. Have never sen a round window above the sink. It looks fabulous.

  13. Beverly

    I love, love, love your round window, Melissa. Do you constantly walk in to take just one more look? I do that with ongoing projects at our home.

    • Kay

      Me, too! I even have a name for it — “the admire”!

  14. Sallie

    Window looks GREAT – I love how it echoes the shape of the arched doorways. Going to be LUV-LEE!
    I sympathize with you on remodel delays. Our “easy” 3-day bathroom remodel is being held up FIVE WEEKS because they sent us the wrong countertop!! Also, a broken cabinet and a toilet that doesn’t fit the space. Never an end to remodel problems! Hang in there! It’s going to look GREAT!!!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you! Ha, yes, even one delay or mistake or change can add weeks to a job. Deep breaths and patience will get us through. :-D

  15. alliebeth

    I love how large the round window is. It really lets in a lot of light! One question–is that pink insulation fiberglass or spray foam? If it’s fiberglass, it is supposed to be cut to a shape and placed in without compressing it. When we had our windows installed, they crammed fiberglass insulation into every crack, but when it’s smushed and sideways, it doesn’t insulate and becomes more of an air filter (that’s why dirty insulation is black when you open the walls). We had a problem with condensation on our windows because of it (and a little recurring mold where the drywall that bordered the window stayed damp from the condensation). Just wanted to share while it’s still open to save you our headache, if it applies.

  16. Christie

    The round window adds to the MCM feel to the exterior, ties in with the new arches, and has that coastal feel that you’re going for! Fun choice … looks great!

  17. Christi

    Well praise be! Wonderful….so fun!!

  18. Barb

    I was so excited to see your email that you’d have thought it was my renovation!! I really really like it. You seem to be handling the delays like a champ, I admire that. I really like that you showed it from the outside too for another perspective. Everything is looking great! Thanks for the update.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Yay thank you! I love kindred spirits that get as excited about these things as I do! :-D

  19. Linda

    I love the round window over the kitchen sink! How lucky you are to have your kitchen overlook your backyard so you have a view while working in there. I’ve spent 15 years landscaping my backyard (which is beautiful now and where I “vacation” every summer) but my kitchen overlooks the driveway on the side of the house (bah!). I enjoy seeing the progress of your remodel–you’re brave to take on so much at the same time. I remodeled in two stages and understand the frustration and anticipation of waiting for it to be DONE!

  20. Diane Cummings

    Melissa, I LOVE the round window! Things are moving along, I know it probably seems like forever before it will all be done. Hopefully you will be at this home for awhile after all this hard work! I missed seeing Jack and Lily :)( your Goldendoodle friend :)
    Diane Cummings

  21. Melanie

    Love, love, love the round window!! What a clever idea! And the faucet is going to look great!

  22. Jill

    How will you finish/match up the stone on the outside where the new window was installed? How will you remove the old stone window ledge? Inquiring minds want to know. Looking great,

  23. E Wassink

    Gorgeous! We are going to be building an empty-nester bungalow in the spring and have 2 round windows in it!! :) I think they give so much character! So different than the usual square window! Can’t wait to see the finished project! Enjoy, it’s completed before you know it!

  24. Catherine

    I love following your kitchen remodel and all the other things you are doing to your new home! Look forward to every post.

  25. kel

    It’s looking marvelous! We’re starting somekitchen remodeling soon- can you pass along some tips on what you are feeding your family with no sink, stove??? I’d be grateful!

  26. Kay

    As one who has been + is still living through a re-mod, kudos on having such a tidy house! That round window above the sink is epic!

  27. Kaye

    Love the round window, the arched door & the idea of a Dutch door.
    You have “inspired ” ideas which in turn, inspires me.

  28. Diana R

    Hi, so excited on your kitchen remodeling. I have a question regarding the round window….do you
    need to put cross bars across it? I think (my own opinion) it would look so much nicer to look out
    clearly with the circle than have it divided. Just my own thoughts on it. It will be lovely regardless.

  29. karen

    my suggestion for the new round window is to get some plain white 1/2″ width tape and try!!! the design of the panes on the window first. I have found that plain, clear glass is consistently much more appealing than windows with panes.
    This would be an easy way to test IF you for sure want panes in that beautiful round window.
    Good luck!

  30. karen

    Also, I just noticed that the door and other window in that area don’t have panes. I don’t do matchy anything, but think all clear windows in that room would look better.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Good idea to test a window that way! The new door will actually have panes as well. We decided to have a simple cross pane design in the round window to bridge between no panes on the big windows (with the views) and panes on the door. If we had a grand view out that side of the kitchen, I’d have considered no panes, but since we don’t, I think the panes will add character to the kitchen. I think it will all work!

      • karen

        Great explanation for the window panes, and yes I think it will all “fit” together. Seeing the room as a whole, not just one wall, gives a more complete vision.
        I so enjoy following your work! and designs.

  31. franki

    Well…you can add my KUDOS to this project!! That window WILL BE the most beautiful and pleasing addition to a “kitchen.” Every time you walk by you will think to yourself and smile…”I’m SO GLAD we did this!!” Now……would you be able to share where you purchased your window?? I think this would be something my daughter “might like” in her kitchen re-do…[email protected] THANKS!! franki

  32. stana

    I can’t hardly wait to see the big REVEAL….this has been so exciting

  33. Monica

    Love, love love that window! I also really like the arches you are putting in. Wondering if you could talk about why you chose to have the sink overlook the side yard instead of that beautiful view you have along the back? A starting thinking about a remodel and I really want to move the sink so that I can see the back yard….Also wondering about the choice of two separate handles for the sink faucet instead of one (“beauty/form vs function”) – sees like it might be hard to adjust temperature etc – is this what you have had in other kitchens?

  34. Alisa Lau

    Wow! It turned out great! It looks very nice! You know, we had our bathroom and living room remodeled a few months ago. Of course it WAS NOT a diy project hehe. We hired some home renovators from kaodim and it turned out great! This renovation for yours really turned out very well!!

  35. Michele Clarkson

    I’m new to your site, the round window really caught my eye, it looks awesome! It adds lots of charm and character to the room. I will keep checking for updates and look forward seeing everything transform!

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