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Creative Studios and Craft Room Inspiration

by | Jan 16, 2017 | Decorating Inspiration, Offices, Offices, Organization

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Creative Studios and Craft Room InspirationCountry Living

Do you have a space in your home where you feel inspired for creative pursuits? Maybe you have an entire room, or a table, or even a shelf or cabinet of your own? I feel like much of my house is a creative canvas and an opportunity for creativity, but when it comes to actually “crafting” or “making things” I’m not necessarily inspired or inclined to start a project (or really enjoy it) unless I have the space set aside for it.

Here are some lovely ideas for winter dreaming. Whether you want to designate space to wrap presents, for art projects, to sew, paint or maybe even make cards or gifts, I hope these images will help get the creative wheels turning for an organized creative space of your own.

Enjoy! Happy Monday.

Creative Studios and Craft Room InspirationLebenslustiger

Creative Studios and Craft Room Inspiration
Something Turquoise

Creative Studios and Craft Room InspirationSomething Turquoise (check out this whole craft room, so beautiful and inspiring!)

Creative Studios and Craft Room Inspiration

Creative Studios and Craft Room Inspiration
Traditional Home

Creative Studios and Craft Room InspirationOh Happy Day

Creative Studios and Craft Room InspirationBlesser House

Creative Studios and Craft Room Inspiration
Urban Outfitters (grid wall organizer)

Creative Studios and Craft Room Inspiration
Craftaholics Anonymous

Creative Studios and Craft Room Inspiration

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Creative Studios and Craft Room Inspiration

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  1. Krystal

    Wow. These are the types of spaces that remind me that I am so less serious about crafting than some people, lol. These are so intense! I love them!

    I would like to set up a sewing area somewhere in my future house, but there’s really nowhere for me to do anything like that in my current tiny apartment. Which is fine, as I don’t do much sewing at the moment anyway. But I definitely think happily of the day when that creative space will be a reality. (Some of this might also be because my mother is a great seamstress and I have so many fond memories of hanging out with her in her sewing room.)

  2. sandyc

    Melissa, I agree with Krystal – “wow” and “intense” – super good sensory overload. I’m not looking for a craft room because I don’t do crafts but I do want to ditch the space hog queen bed which has only been used twice in the four years I’ve lived here and which I only expect to use once more. Because the large window is too high above a desk and looks out front which is close to the street and because I have my desk already happily set up in the D’office where I can look across the LR out to the beautiful greenbelt, the guest BR won’t become a regular office but hopefully more of an attractive sitting (me and the cats)/non-computer work/storage area that works in the couple of special pieces of furniture I currently have in there. Hadn’t serious started an inspiration file for this but will do so with your post today.

    Interestingly, just before I opened your post, I read another one in which the designer had helped a client style an enormous hutch which she had in her kitchen/breakfast area. The styling was nicely done but at bit much since the hutch was so huge, but the most unsettling thing that would bother me every time I walked into the room was that the hutch was just too large for the wall – almost up to the ceiling, just clearing a door on the left and leaving an area open on the right because the ceiling angled down and the hutch couldn’t be moved any further to the right. I’m sure the hutch was left over from another house, was very special to the client and probably didn’t fit anywhere else in her house but it just didn’t look right. It was a bit like the Country Living first pic above which is very dramatic but almost too much. It needed to be more like the Domino pic where a bookcase was “built in” with a slanted edge to fit under the angled wall.

    Good post with two learning opportunities for me.

    • Lisa E


  3. Mary Coakley

    Thank you so much for the beautiful craft room ideas any one of them would be a pleasure to work in,ideas for storage are good too.

  4. Lynne Wilkinson

    Great ideas!– Can’t wait to see your new kitchen! This week, I hope. :)

  5. Sarah Witke

    The first photo from Country Living was my inspiration photo. I bought the two desks, had a custom top made and now I smile from ear to ear when I enter the space! And now you inspire me on so much more. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Petra

    All I can say is “wow”!

  7. Lauren Shaver

    Thank you so much for including my craft closet, Melissa! Gorgeous round-up!

  8. Terri

    Thank you! I have been running on inspiration from this post for two days, now, Melissa! Need I say more?

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