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Hall Cabinet – Battery Library Lights and Removable Wallpaper

by | Mar 17, 2019 | Decorating Inspiration, My Entry, My Seattle House

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Hall Cabinet - Battery Library Lights and Removable Wallpaper

I love to find manageable and affordable ways to add more character to a space. This past weekend we made two more new fun changes to our little hallway that I think took it to a whole new level of charm!

This built-in cabinet is in a small but well-used area between our kitchen, bedrooms and other rooms of our home. Kind of like a butler’s pantry…if you want to pretend with me that it is a little fancier than a regular hall. ;-)

Hall Cabinet - Battery Library Lights and Removable Wallpaper

When we moved in three and a half years ago, we had all kinds of grand (and expensive) ideas for how we could update this hall! But over time we’ve found that making progress in the simplest ways has actually had a big impact on how this space feels.

Besides the previous updates such as fresh paint on the walls and cabinet, removing the sliding cabinet doors and new black hardware, this past weekend we added two battery operated library-style wall sconces and some peel and stick paper to add the feel of wall planks to the back of the open shelving in the cabinet.

Both items were SO simple to install, I’m so happy with how it all came together!

Hall Cabinet - Battery Library Lights and Removable Wallpaper

I’ve been looking at library-style wall lights for a long time, but they are usually far more expensive than I want to spend.

I happened to run across these little battery-operated lights and did a double take at the price (around $30????!!) and then rushed to place them in my cart.

Bonus, the lights are DIMMABLE so they truly help create a mood.

Hall Cabinet - Battery Library Lights and Removable Wallpaper

Similar Baskets / Proverbs Wood Quote Sign

When I opened the newly delivered box to take a look, I questioned them. I didn’t love the not-brass finish or size, but decided that for this purpose and price, they were worth a try!

Hall Cabinet - Battery Library Lights and Removable Wallpaper

The lights were easy to install (just like hanging a picture). Once we hung them, they created just the overall mood I was hoping for! It’s easy to get stalled or become too fixated on “one element” you aren’t sure of right away. What really matters is the overall look or mood of the space. Give changes a try and then step back to look! You just might be surprised how good it might look as a whole.

Hall Cabinet - Battery Library Lights and Removable Wallpaper

The same thing happened with the peel and stick wallpaper. I just wasn’t sure if it was what I wanted! But since it was a low-risk update, it was worth trying. Once it was up, it just felt right. But both of these elements would be super easy to remove if we ever decided to make another change, too, so we could enjoy getting creative without a lifetime commitment or major expense!

Hall Cabinet - Battery Library Lights and Removable Wallpaper

For awhile we used this cabinet as a “catch all” space and it worked great with baskets on all the shelves, but now I’m loving the open functional shelves for my cookbook collection and plenty of space for large bowls.

Hall Cabinet - Battery Library Lights and Removable Wallpaper


Hall Cabinet - Battery Library Lights and Removable Wallpaper

This hall has become a very happy place in our home!

Hall Cabinet - Battery Library Lights and Removable Wallpaper
Hall Cabinet - Battery Library Lights and Removable Wallpaper
Hall Cabinet - Battery Library Lights and Removable Wallpaper
Hall Cabinet - Battery Library Lights and Removable Wallpaper

Update 2020: Click HERE for updated hallway details!

Hall Cabinet - Battery Library Lights and Removable Wallpaper

*The dimmable battery-operated library lights. (the ones I linked may not be the exact as mine–but very similar if not!)
*The plank removable wallpaper.
*The blue and white circle runner rug.
The navy and white striped rug with Swiss cross trim – my rug design for Dash & Albert.
The gray striped curtain with pom-poms.
The botanical art (similar).
The black hardware.
The entry cabinet (similar).
The teal entry lamp.
The curtain divider (gray striped with pom-poms). (see the post about it here).
The white barn light ceiling fixtures.
The blue painting.
The faux peonies and brass container.
The Proverbs verse artwork.
Similar baskets in cabinet.
The Dutch Door.
Paint colors in my home.
My house tour.

Shop my home sources and latest decor finds.

* these three items were provided in exchange for a sponsored Instagram post and story.

Hall Cabinet - Battery Library Lights and Removable Wallpaper

Click HERE for my favorite Amazon lighting!


  1. Rose

    What a difference. It’s beautiful.
    Much love,

    • Sally

      How do you turn them on? They look beautiful, but after I looked at hem on Wayfair and it mentioned they have an on off switch,I thought how can I reach to the top of my high bookshelf to turn on a switch.

  2. Jody

    Beautiful updates! Thanks for the inspiration! This may seem silly, but how do you turn the battery-operated lights on and off since they are so high?

      • Lori Moore

        Fingers crossed they come out with a timed version. If cheapo battery candles can do it, it can’t be long!

  3. liz

    These really are the perfect touch to complete the cabinet. I am thinking of purchasing these for my bookcases, but am wondering how you turn them on – is there a remote?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you! There was no remote so that’s a downside! I use a folding step stool (which I keep nearby anyway because I’m short ha!).

  4. Deb-NC

    I LOVE this!! Incredible impact and detail for a small space that serves multi-purposes without being ‘over done’. Those lights are genius and look so perfect there.

  5. Cindy

    Looks nice. What’s the curtain for?

  6. Dianne Egan Buquet

    The touches you’ve added are perfect!!! May I ask what you didn’t like about the gold light and why you chose it over black?

    Also is that beautiful blue/cream circle rug difficult to keep clean? I see that it’s wool. I love the black one they carry too!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I felt like we had plenty of black hardware already so a little bit of gold brings some additional warmth and character. Plus I just picture library lights as brass! At first I didn’t like the painted gold finish or the slim style but it all looked good as a whole once I got it on the wall!

      I’ve only had the rug for a week but wool is usually very durable!

  7. Kathleen M Lee

    is this removable if applied to paper wallpaper in an apartment?

  8. Penni

    Lovely additions to your already tastefully decorated home. I really enjoy these types of posts as they inspire ideas that are affordable and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Patti

    Gorgeous job! And those picture lights! I can’t tell from Wayfair if they are on a remote? How else do u turn them on when they’re that high? And one of your pics shows them to be a dull brass and the other shiny?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thanks, they unfortunately do not have a remote, that’s a downside….so don’t install them higher than you can reach! I have to use a step stool, but my ceilings are not very high so it’s not hard to reach them. The main part of the light is a dull gold finish and the stem is a shiny brass look. The finish and mix of the two is what I was questioning at first, but now that they are up and in the spot I have them, I don’t really notice the finish much. I may touch them up with a new paint finish, though, so that’s an option!

  10. Julie

    I love you and your house and Doodles!

  11. Jo Jo

    Wow! What a fabulous transformation! Love the faux peel & stick shiplap look inside the shelf wall AND I am sooooo glad you shared the battery operated LED library lighting! What a find. We have a beautiful oil painting that used to hang over our piano in our old house and we had installed an eyeball light to high lugh5 it…however in our new home we decided to place painting in a guest bedroom…..but never had a picture light installed….enter this Wayfair beauty you shared! Perfect for your application and perfect for mine! Let there be light! Thanks Melissa! Was so giddy to tell my hubby! Ordered! ❤️

  12. Sue

    I love how much removing the cabinet doors seems to open up that area. I love everything you did. I sometimes use a heavy duty gift wrap to put on the back wall of a cabinet. It seems to add more dimension to the piece.

  13. Debbie

    These are the kind of posts that I enjoy and have missed.

  14. Angela

    We did our full wall of shelving in our dining room in a plank-like removable wallpaper and it made the biggest difference. It was kind of a pain on a long run, especially with one person, but so worth. Love the lights, I need to check into those.

  15. Christine

    Thank you so much for the free journal!! It was a nice surprise. I can’t wait for book to arrive. Thanks so much! Love your website.

  16. Barbara at Mantel and Table

    So lovely Melissa – that’s a great before and after! I’ve been thinking about the removable wallpaper, and am glad to hear you liked it! Thanks for the great ideas!

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