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Make Things Pretty to Boost Your Mood

by | Mar 29, 2019 | Decorating Inspiration, pretty + practical, putter + nest, Self Care

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Make Things Pretty to Boost Your Mood

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One of my favorite things to do is putter around the house. I talk about that a lot around here, I know, but it’s a thing I do! I may not be very crafty, but I can putter! Ha! You have to embrace who you are and what your gifts are, right?

To putter, I wander around tidying up this and that, and hopefully make something prettier in the process.

Seeing pretty things boosts my spirits. Sometimes puttering around doesn’t even seem like something I want to do…maybe I feel more like hibernating under the covers instead.

But even when I’m in a slump I will often make myself walk around the house to make something prettier than it was.

Make Things Pretty to Boost Your Mood
Make Things Pretty to Boost Your Mood

Making something prettier can be really simple, like reorganizing a drawer to make it prettier inside. Sometimes I’ll just remove the things I don’t like as much and gather the items I do. Then I can enjoy one drawer that is full of only pretty things, and I can USE the pretty things, too.

Why do we fear using the pretty things and then go clutter up our home with junk? We deserve better than that. It’s true, sometimes I get a chip on my pretty dishes (well, my husband does, ha) but at least we ENJOY THEM!

Make Things Pretty to Boost Your Mood
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You could focus your puttering and prettying on your kitchen counters, a cabinet in a hallway, the surface of your nightstand, a drawer of dishes, a shelf in your bathroom, a craft cabinet, a linen closet, any small spot in your home! You can also gather up pretty containers or baskets to hide the not-so-pretty things. Even just ten minutes of prettying up a space can make a difference!

Make something pretty today, just for you. Then enjoy it! It will boost your mood and be a gift to yourself.

Make Things Pretty to Boost Your Mood

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  1. Debbie - MountainMama

    Puttering around my house is one of my favorite pastimes….there’s nothing I like to do better on a rainy day. Of course on a nice day I’m usually puttering out in the garden!

  2. Debra Cervelli

    Melissa, I too am a putterer, and actually love to clean my house. But I wanted you to know that your
    uplifting messages are mood boosting also. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Denise

    I have a craft room, so boy can I putter! Time seems to zoom when I’m in there! Thanks for sharing your great photos. They’re calming to my eye!

  4. Kathy

    We are kindred spirits! My resolution this year was to appreciate and have more beauty in my life. This can mean simply setting out beautiful candlesticks that are hiding in a cupboard or rescuing a vintage tablecloth at a garage sale. It has also put me in touch with nature. I’ve always picked up beautiful rocks and arrange them in my herb garden.

  5. Nancee

    I love that picture in your kitchen. Where did you get it? Locally? Amazon?
    Puttering is good for the soul, I always think.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I got it at a second hand store, I sure wish I could find of this artist’s work, it makes me happy!

  6. HomeDecorAZ

    It’s true. We totally agree. Puttering brings happiness. Taking time and investing yourself into making anything better is always a positive thing. :)

  7. maria

    oh my goodness just today on my way home i stopped and picked up some bamboo drawer organizers and tidied up 2 kitchen drawers. i keep opening them and looking at how neat and pretty they are now, same stuff in them just… neater. and then i read this! yup i know exactly what you mean.

  8. laura

    I love to putter! And, I love that door! Laura , formerly not a trophy wife.. now everyday edits dot co

  9. Pat M.

    I am a putterer also. I recently puttered on a section of my kitchen counter. I threw my toaster in the trash. I’ve had it for years and am trying to stick to a very low carb diet, so my counter looks much neater without it and I’m not tempted to buy bread to make toast – a favorite with my morning coffee. Sigh ….
    P.S. I live alone so am able to give up both bread and the toaster without depriving anyone else. :)

    • Myrna

      I threw away my toaster too, but for a different reason. I don’t like toast and it was one of those appliances in the way all the time. Move it move it til it’s out the door !

  10. Jo Jo

    I have always loved puttering around my home. Every time I clean, dust, etc. I like to move things around or bring out things that have been in sitting in my glass front bookcase that holds lots of pretty treasures. Such fun and brings peace & joy to the soul. ❤️

  11. Myrna

    I love those blue and white dishes. Any source information ?

  12. Lana

    I will definitely followed your advice tody and make my house prettier. :)

  13. Rachel W. Robbins

    I’m a huge putterer (is that a word?…lol). And I’m always changing things up. I live alone, thank goodness, so I can put things wherever I want & they will still be there when I go back. (Unless I’ve forgotten where I’ve put them!) It makes me so happy to putter. All of you putterers, enjoy!

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