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5 Fireplace Makeover Ideas

by | May 6, 2019 | Decorating Inspiration

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5 Fireplace Makeover Ideas

Hey friends! I really appreciated all of your comments, emails and Instagram messages with suggestions and thoughts on my fireplace post. Thank you!

Today I thought I’d share 5 fireplace makeover ideas / inspiration projects with you!

How can you work with the fireplace you have but still give it a makeover for a new look?

I was so happy to discover how many of you love the room and fireplace as is, even if I made no further changes to the fireplace at all! Some thought I should leave it because it is original, simple or feels cottagey or homey. Some appreciated that the paint update to the fireplace was such a simple and doable project.

I loved hearing how many would leave the fireplace as it is, because I’ve been quite content with it ever since the paint makeover! (If you missed the recent post I’m referring to, you can catch up here.).

Since not everyone can (or wants to) do big makeovers in their home all the time, I am so glad that my painted fireplace offers hope that even paint alone could be enough to update an outdated fireplace.

Of course, a fresh look can also be achieved with just a change of accessories or art.

It’s always inspiring to find new creative ways to love the fireplace you have (so to speak, LOL, maybe that will be a future book…a “sequel” to my first book Love the Home You Have…hahah).

With that said, I am not entirely certain what I’ll do! Leave it? Change it?I think I’ll probably make some sort of change in the near future, but exactly what that will be is still up in the air.

5 Fireplace Makeover Ideas

Y’all had so many good ideas, some of which were similar to what I have in my inspiration files! It was fun to see that many of us are on the same wavelength about potential ideas.

These inspiration photos are not necessarily my top choices and may or may not work for my fireplace or situation, but it’s fun to consider all kinds of possibilities. Perhaps these projects will inspire or spark a new idea for your home (or mine!)! Click through to the linked sources to see more about each project/home.

5 Fireplace Makeover Ideas
Farmhouse Living

1. Keep original stone and add new wood mantel

Many of you suggested the addition of a rustic or wood mantel to the original stone. This fireplace on Farmhouse Living blog goes all the way to the ceiling so it isn’t the same shape, but you can see how similar the stone is to what we have!

5 Fireplace Makeover Ideas
Farmhouse Living – Living Room Makeover

2. Cover with trim and add mantel

5 Fireplace Makeover Ideas
AFTER fireplace makeover – Chris Loves Julia,

This makeover by Chris Loves Julia is interesting because they left the existing fireplace brick and hearth, but covered the brick partially with updated trim work and a new mantel (and some paint to even out the brick tone). See the BEFORE of their fireplace below.

5 Fireplace Makeover Ideas
BEFORE Fireplace Makeover – Chris Loves Julia

Perhaps our existing stacked stone could be covered?

3. Reframe and rebuild

5 Fireplace Makeover Ideas
Style Blue Print – Photo credit: Lynsey Culwell

This inspiration photo was sent to me by a reader named Susan (thanks Susan!). I could get an entirely new look without tearing out the existing fireplace stone by building out a new frame over the top of the old fireplace. We could completely cover the stone and take the fireplace all the way up to the ceiling.

5 Fireplace Makeover Ideas
Photoshop mockup

Covering the existing fireplace and taking it to the ceiling was actually an idea I have considered for a long time. In fact, don’t judge our Photoshop skills above, but a couple of years ago we made this mockup for inspiration! When I received Susan’s inspiration photo, I smiled at the resemblance to our mockup!

Rather than built-ins to the ceiling, Susan suggested another alternative, using floating wood shelves over our existing bookcase area on the wall to the left, and then refacing the existing bookshelf with wood to cover the stone.

A design like this, for example, would make the entire fireplace feel updated and echo the materials in our kitchen.

5 Fireplace Makeover Ideas
Rue Mag / Photography by Raquel Langworthy / Interior Design by Salt Design Co.

Here’s a similar look with built-ins (above) from Rue Mag.

4. Reface with concrete and wood

5 Fireplace Makeover Ideas
Boxwood Avenue photo Gagewood photo

Here’s a fresh fireplace makeover idea (above) by Boxwood Avenue. Floating concrete over the existing fireplace below and taking the fireplace to the ceiling by adding a different texture above the mantel. This combination gives a more transitional look to the fireplace.

Maybe the stone could also be covered with a smooth white plaster.

“Smearing cement over old brick is a great way to makeover an old and dated fireplace without spending a lot of money! You can easily do this in your home, simply have a tile installer come out to float the brick with cement. ” Boxwood Avenue

5. Add a thick white mantel

5 Fireplace Makeover Ideas
Fireplace Makeover – Halfway Wholeistic

Another simple option for a fireplace makeover would be to add a deeper / thick white mantel to the top of the existing fireplace and that’s it. Sometimes if a focal point of your room, like a fireplace, isn’t your favorite design, keeping it understated and in the background with a monochromatic color scheme makes sense.

A deeper mantel could also provide more opportunities for art or accessories to change the look. Our existing mantel is very shallow.

The photo above reminds me a bit of my basement fireplace (it’s all white brick but has no mantel!).

I know asking people on the internet for suggestions on something as personal as your home can be quite a risky thing to do.

But PRAISE HANDS, y’all are like besties who get me. Thank you for being so thoughtful and helpful in your suggestions!

PS. We redid our fireplace at our last home (from shiny black tile with a “bachelor pad” vibe to a cottage look!). A lovely new split face gray and white stacked stone totally transformed the front of the fireplace. You can see that before and after makeover here!

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  1. Nancy

    I love the cottage feel of your existing fireplace but I’m sure that is because it is new to me. I know what it is to want a change. I do love just adding a mantle.
    I wanted to also tell you what a help your book Dwelling . . . is being for me. I am 73 years old. You would think I’d have everything figured out by now. But I’m finding it difficult to adjust to my lack of physical strength due to health issues. I’ve always loved decorating my house and adding things for different seasons. I have decorated 15 homes we have owned in our 55 years of marriage. Thank you for your inspiration.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you, Nancy! Each season brings new challenges, lessons and perspective, doesn’t it? I’m so glad you’re enjoying Dwelling! ?

  2. Melinda Young

    I love all the ideas. Makes me want to re-do ours. ?. The mock up you’ve done looks great! It would work well with the kitchen and other elements you’ve added.

  3. Kit Kirkland

    I think it is fun to see that so many photos in your inspiration file have the same round mirror you are using.
    The stacked stone fireplace from your previous home is in MY fireplace inspiration file.

  4. Sarah | Homenourish

    I am really impressed and it is lovely ideas about fireplace makeover. Adding wood mantel as decoration is a great idea. Thank you for the share.

  5. Bobbye

    I love the painted stone as well as the bookcases on the left side. You seem to be drawn to blues, so perhaps you could change out the hearth with a pretty blue patterned tile and perhaps even add it to the back insides of your shelves. I think that would be beautiful but I also love it as it is.

  6. Addie

    I’d leave it alone!!!!!…didn’t care for any of the ideas. ESPECIALLY covering it with the cement would be a big mistake…that I am sure you would regret. Maybe the ONLY one to consider is adding a white painted mantle. It is just fine the way it is.

  7. Vicki

    I love the beautiful stacked stone as it is! I do think a thicker wood mantle in a contrasting color like barn wood or stained wood would be a nice addition, especially if it was deeper where you could use larger accessories.

  8. Marty

    Replace your mantle with the wider white toned wood. You can easily redecorate the wider mantle and play with the design. The texture of the painted brick is fabulous … don’t change that,

  9. Mariasangria

    I think the fireplace you have is unique to your home…it fits. Adding a wider mantle, of a medium to lighter wood might enhance what you already have, and is the only idea with some appeal, in my opinion. All the other photos are ubiquitous, another Instagram or Pinterest post, which do not feel intrinsically authentic to your home.

  10. Patty Kennedy

    I love the makeover. There is nothing wrong with your fireplace. Those built in stone shelves are cool

  11. Michael Guerin

    I think we are going to do #4. Where do we find the mantel wood? And how would we cover brick to match the fireplace? Any instructions?

  12. Jessica Darcey

    You love your mirrors, don’t you :D I can see them in most of your inspiration pictures. So nice. And so is your fire place décor. Good article. Thanks for sharing it.

  13. Sue

    I like your current fireplace as is because it works so well with the bookcase on the side. I suppose you could add a larger mantel on top, but it really works very well just the way it is.

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