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Game Table in Living Room

by | Jul 31, 2019 | Decorating Inspiration

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Game Table in Living Room
Architectural Digest

My mom always has the best ideas for making a house a home. Case in point, growing up I remember having game tables in many of our homes.

Much like enjoying a meal around a table, having a designated spot to gather with friends and family to put together a puzzle, play a board game or cards definitely creates a relaxed atmosphere where relationships are built and fun memories can be made.

Game Table in Living Room
Our Oregon Beach House Tour

When my parents had our family beach house there was always a table set up with a chess board, ready to be played when the inspiration struck. Years ago my mom gave us one of her beautiful game tables (complete with a checker/chess board stained on the wood).

Our kids played games on that table growing up and we often used it for a puzzle in our living room. We still have it downstairs in this house! In fact, my husband and I have been venturing down to that table before bed to do puzzles together.

Game Table in Living Room
Traditional Home

So here’s what I’m thinking! If we could squeeze in a table to the corner I showed you in the post yesterday, we would likely get a lot of use out of it!

When the thought of a game or “library” table in the living room first crossed my mind a few years ago, I dismissed the thought as being unnecessary. We not only had that game table downstairs, but our dining room table was so near it seemed to be redundant.

But lately I’ve been revisiting that idea, realizing that I love keeping our dining room table free for sit down meals! And having a puzzle always set up downstairs means we don’t want to put it away to start a different game.

Besides the fun of a spot to gather for a game, an upstairs game table could double as much needed additional dining space when our family gathers for holiday meals.

Game Table in Living Room
House Beautiful – Miki Duisterhof // from The Inspired Room archives – Why I Like this Room

While I’m absolutely LOVING the summer weather and puttering around outside, I can tell my heart is already dreaming about cozy fall evenings with spots for playing games and puzzles :).

Game Table in Living Room
Homemade by Carmona

So, I’m thinking of giving this idea a try! I may even try it with my current dining room table (which can be made round) to see how it feels. Of course, I’ll show you what I come up with!

Game Table in Living Room
HGTV – Photo by Christian Columbres
Game Table in Living Room
Luxe Source – Photography: Nick Johnson

Hope you enjoyed the inspiration in this post for game tables in a living room!

Game Table in Living Room
Game Table in Living Room



    HI Melissa, I love the game room inspirations. We are looking at moving the ping pong table out of basement and replace it with a game table. Sharing on the Weekend Edit on Saturday! Happy August. When does your baby leave for school? Our youngest leaves for the mid-west in a few weeks! sniff. sniff. laura in CO

  2. Leslie Wallace

    I love the idea of a game nook for an unused corner of the room! I have to ask about the nautical chess set in the Our Oregon Beach House Tour post. Is it available anywhere? Thanks for the great ideas!

  3. Deanna Rabe

    I know what you mean! With our only table for eating at, right in the middle of our open kitchen/living room space, we often have to move stuff off to sit to eat! We do play games there, but its hard to have a puzzle laid out!
    I like your idea of a table for games and now my wheels are turning. I have an idea that just might work…

  4. Bonnie Stoltzfoos

    I love this idea so much! Can’t wait to see what you do.

  5. Jackie Allen

    We use our Backgammon table (that sits in our living room) every night! At times we add another table nearby for family and friend tournaments. My grown children love it so much that they have just purchased theirs and what a great place to unwind with a favorite beverage after a long day. Cheers to Game Tables!!!

  6. Nicki-kneps

    We have a game table in our living room and use it A LOT for games, puzzles, and other things. We have thought of taking it out, but every time we decide to keep it as part of the room. It also has been great for “Dinner and a Movie” nights to sit little people up at, since managing a plate can be tricky. Friday night pizza and movie brings great cheers!!

  7. Robin

    We stayed at a hotel while on our road trip this summer that had a scrabble game at the front desk. It was on a beautiful wood lazy susan so that guests could play against staff. It was a very clever addition and of course we took a turn our two when passing by. :)

  8. Chris

    We found an old oak square table that we have set up as a games/puzzles/quick meal table in a corner of our living room. It is great because it does not take up a lot of space but, if we need extra table space for eating, buffets or whatever, we can slide out a leaf at each end and it is so useful. And the old 1930-40’s oak tables have so much character to boot.

  9. Mandy

    Melissa, we are just reorganising our play room / games room and thinking of crafting/ games table but our living room is big enough to take a game table .Thank you for the idea. I love doing puzzles but think it is much better to be with everyone so maybe we will get two tables :)

  10. Kris

    I’m in the process of working a game table into my family room. I’m refinishing an old drop leaf table I’ve been using as a craft table. Any suggestions on where to find inexpensive yet sturdy chairs? Thanks!

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