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Why I Like This Room: A Stylish & Practical Dining Room

by | Oct 14, 2014 | Decorating Inspiration, Dining Rooms

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Why I Like This Room: A Stylish & Practical Dining RoomHouse Beautiful – Miki Duisterhof

I ran across this image on House Beautiful yesterday and it drew me in. Whenever that happens, I almost always stop to ask myself why I was drawn in. I think asking why I like something helps me to develop a better eye for design and more confidence in my own style.

While the room has a bit of an upscale vibe to it, I think one thing I love about it is it seems like such a great multi-purpose, casual but still stylish dining room. The eclectic chairs pulled up around the round table seem inviting and comfortable. It looks like a room you could serve a lovely dinner in but also a room you could play games or do homework.

It’s a room that one could recreate even on a smaller budget.

While a rug is normally a bit of a challenge in a dining room, this looks like an easy to clean and durable but still high quality rug.

The beautiful windows and doors let in so much light, but it still has a great mixture of charming light sources so it would be a wonderful room to be in day or night.

And of course, the vaulted wood ceiling is amazing!

When you look at rooms or design photos that appeal to you, do you enjoy asking yourself why you were drawn in?

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  1. - karen

    Yes!! “WHY?” I ask why about everything!
    Why do I dislike the color blue so much?
    Why did that make my daughter so angry?
    Why is my son sick?
    Why do I love snails so much? Why?
    Maybe that’s why you have such a good eye for design, Melissa?
    Because you have figured out what you like and why
    so your style appears effortless and has a connectedness.
    Thanks for your wonderful blog!

  2. Deanna

    I really like this room. Love the round table and different style chairs, all the windows, the way the room is being used, with the books…

    I love to be drawn into a room. This one is very welcoming.

  3. Shannon @ Distracted by Prayer

    Like you, I’m drawn to rooms that are functional and versatile, but with a little attitude. It is fun to ask myself what elements of a room speak to me and why. A mini “design therapy” session.

  4. Kay

    Yes, I’ve asked myself what I love about a room. I’ve also always loved (yet killed, sadly) topiary houseplants + pairs of said-same! I was immediately drawn to the pair in this room!

  5. Barbara (WA)

    At times I ask that very thing – I think it’s a great exercise! It may help when one is pulled here and there due to marketing, beautiful blog photos, magazines, etc. So I keep a list of things I always come back to and make me feel most at home.

  6. sandyc

    I do the very same thing – it’s inspirational and also very practical at the same time. But lately I find that I do a bit of it even with rooms that don’t grab me, for example, when someone runs a series of photos focusing on a color combination as you did the other day, Melissa, with the rust/coral/orange rooms. I find myself analyzing why I don’t like the room or what specifically doesn’t grab me. That’s can be a learning experience too.

    The instant “grab me” in this dining room is those gorgeous dark-framed windows, much grander than mine by tons, but I still have two 8′-wide ones in my house (in additions to interesting other sizes) and the view from the front door across and out the LR window onto the beautiful greenbelt is what sold me on my house the minute I stepped in the door. So not only an inspirational moment but a gratitude one as well. Thanks!

  7. Patty Day

    I love the way the designer “styled” this room. It really says “come and enjoy”. I can see why it drew you in.

  8. Cynthia @herlovelynest

    I can see why it grabbed your attention! I like how the room has so many different shapes: the circular elements [round table, curved chair backs], the rectangle elements [windows, rug], and the triangle elements [peaked ceiling, sconces, chandelier]…it all works so beautifully together.

    great post, thanks Melissa!

  9. Gracia @ Gracious Offering

    I used to just clip magazine pages to save in a binder, knowing I was drawn to it but not really asking why. Then, I realized over time that it was so much more helpful to take a minute and ask myself, What am I drawn to in this design or layout? It really helped me refine my design preferences. Thanks for the reminder that asking the WHY question is worthwhile! Love rooms like the one your featured that aren’t overly fussy or matchy matchy!

    • Kay

      I used to clip pages from magazines, too. Now I just send everything to Pinterest. Much better.

  10. Christina Rodriguez

    Why I like this room: The freakin’ chandelier! Ha! I like the chairs too. I love the mix. I even recently wrote a blog post about the Top 10 Classic Chairs I Wish I Had Room For in My House

  11. Catherine Crandall

    No wonder you like this room. Who dont? Its very beautiful and relaxing to the eyes. Makes everyone want to have this kind of room in their home. I really love the arrangement, the plants inside and the view outside the window. Really amazing :)

  12. Merrit

    I love asking myself why I’m drawn to a certain inspiration picture. It really helps me to come up with solid steps I can take to recreate the look in my own spaces!

    I also often surprise myself with the answers to my ‘why’ question. And sometimes it can really be harder to answer than you’d think! Thanks for a wonderful post :)

  13. Sheila

    Love the room and it would be easy to do on a tight budget because of all the miss matched pieces but somehow I don’t think this is a dining room as much as it looks like a reading room or study. Perhaps a ladies library. I just could not picture myself dining eating dinner there. If I were English I could see taking a spot of tea there. Anyway, great room. I do the same thing when I find myself drawn into a space. I study to see what it is that I like about it.

  14. lula@lulasbasket

    Hey Melissa! Yes, I do ask myself why…and then I ask myself how? How can I make my room feel that way, what can I change in my space to get the look that draws me in. This look in particular draws me in as well. Perhaps it is the mix of furniture or the softness that the rug adds. But then on the flip side it could be the sophistication of the chandelier and how it anchors the room so beautifully. And we cannot forget the backdrop, those amazing windows that complete the look! Great Find!

  15. Gina

    The round table is what draws me in. I really like the idea of having dinner at a round table so that you can easily talk to everyone. The different style chairs are great too.


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