Decorating with Blue: Dining Room Inspiration

Decorating with Blue: Dining Room InspirationDecorating with Blue: Dining Room InspirationDecorating with Blue: Dining Room InspirationDecorating with Blue: Dining Room InspirationDecorating with Blue: Dining Room Inspiration

Decorating with Blue {Dining Room}

1. Shannon Gale for BHG 2. Home of Heather Nette King via The Design Files 3. Ikea Blog 4. Ann Rae’s House from the February 2013 issue of BHG via Centsational Girl 5 & 6. Ashley Whittaker Design 7. The Greenwich Hotel

How do you feel about the color blue?

Decorating with Blue: Dining Room Inspiration

Decorating with Blue: Dining Room Inspiration

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  1. I love pops of color in decor; the blue looks great in all the pictures. I especially love the rustic dining room from Ann Rae’s house; the flowers and vase on the table are gorgeous! Definitely pinning that!

  2. definitely love it :-) (blue and turquise together = summer !!)

  3. I am all about that soft blue/green/gray. Bedroom and bath, dining room and office, website and business cards, eyeglasses and my favorite things to wear … that gorgeous softly worn and faded color captured in the beauty of sea glass collected along the shoreline.

  4. I love blue! It’s a classic! I am on the lookout for new furniture for our family room, and I’m considering a blue couch. It seems appropriate in a house with three sons!

  5. I love blue. Our wedding was full of different blues and greys and I still love and use them today. Beautiful rooms!

  6. Thanks for the inspiration. Love it! Blue is so perfect for the summer!

  7. Cobalt , navy and torqouise are my favorites.The rooms are stunning.

  8. I love blue! Reminds me of the ocean :) Love your inspiration photos, thanks for sharing!

  9. Those blue chairs are to die for!!!

  10. You know back in the day when I started decorating, I did decorate in blues. Then I switched over to yellows and red. Lately I have started incorporating more blue back in. Isn’t it wonderful that we can change our minds?

  11. When I grew up, Mom had the house all in country blue and mauve. When I married 15 years ago I quickly got most of the blue out of my house in favor of green. But I’m changing back to blue. I’ve used navy and aqua blue together with a neutral background of gray and then little pops of coral pink. I love how soothing blue is.

  12. What a lovely collection of pictorial inspiration, Melissa!

    Blue. Hmmm. It’s classic. Sure there are shades that come and go. But, when you look at blue and white china…that look can be duplicated in a room and it looks timeless. I think that’s why I like blue and white. And why I’m decorating mostly with red and white. Haha!! Okay…I could go either way. But, those are my two favorites. I would never say blue is a favorite color. Yet, I’ve had more than my share of rooms decorated in blue and white. Funny. Sorta.
    Another thought…blue and white is easy for the collected look. Yes?

    How about coral color shades? Seriously…that color family just plain makes me happy. I love flipping through magazines and seeing coral in rooms. I have NEVER EVER even given it a thought in my own home. And if I did…I would have to start from scratch. In my next life (ha!) I’m going to start out with off-white furniture. Then I will have a canvas to paint color to my heart’s content.

    Sorry for the random ramble. I must not have used enough words lately. [wink]

    • I don’t think I’d say blue is my favorite color either, yet I’m using it! Touches of it works so well in our house, I love the vibe it brings and it is a classic! And coral might be one of my favorite colors ever. Many years ago I painted our bathroom coral with a white wood ceiling and wood work, it was so cheery and cute. If only I could gather up all the rooms I’ve had that I loved over the years and put them all in this house.:-)

  13. I love blue; it is my favorite color. I have heard designers on tv say it should not be a color you build a room around. But I say, if you love it, use it. Guess I can be a non-conformist at times. Thanks for the blue inspiration.

  14. I’m not a blue girl either, but LOVE the little touches in pottery, lamps, textiles (like toiles). Gorgeous photos!

  15. Happy Monday Melissa,
    Love BLUE and use it all the time in my home, especially during the summer months to cool things down for our hot Calif. summer days!! In fact I did a post on how to summerize your home for the summer months, and blue is definitely one of my go-to tools.

  16. Richella Parham says

    Do I like blue?? Well, considering that my dining room is blue, I guess you could say that I love it! I used a deep French blue on my dining room walls, but there are shades of blue all over the rest of my house as well. (You can see a bit of the house as it’s looking these summer days in my summer home tour post {}–see all the blue?) I’ve always loved blue and white import porcelain, so I use a lot of it in various ways. And blue is a perfect companion to my favorite color, green. Besides, all our school colors include blue–we have both Duke blue and Carolina blue folks in this house, so we’ve got the blue spectrum covered! :)

  17. I love these! They really do just pop with color.

  18. Deep Turquoise is my new accent color! I am working it in throughout the house and loving the effect and pop of color with my otherwise sunny palette of warm yellows/rusts/oranges/reds. I was cautiously considering painting two captains chairs in my kitchen so seeing those turquoise painted chairs showed me how powerful that color would be to brighten the wood tones already in there. I think I am ready to take the plunge!! Thanks for a great article.

  19. I was admiring some blue porcelain pieces in a furniture store and lamenting that I didn’t have any blue in the house, and it would be silly for me to purchase them. The decorator said to me, “Those pieces look best when they are the only blue in the room.” She was so right.

  20. I’m happy to see so much blue these days. I’ve always loved blue in all its glorious shades!

  21. Do I love blue? Oh yes. Almost every room of my house has blues in it – mixed with grays, whites, creams and tiny pops of other colors. Blue is classic – and there are so many shades to please almost any taste.

  22. Oh I adore all things blue! Great ideas here…. I think I see a trip to hobby lobby and pier 1 coming up soon!!

    On behalf of –
    A Moment with MOM

  23. Ah, I love blue! I think a trip to hobby lobby and pier 1 is I’m order!

    On behalf of-
    A Moment with MOM

  24. I LOVE blue! And blue stripes (ticking or a Dash and Albert rug) – be still my heart :) Anytime or anywhere in any shade, it always catches my eye. Those dining rooms are all gorgeous and unique, showing that blue has lots of looks ;)

  25. I love navy blue especially. I just painted our pantry door Naval by Sherwin Williams. I want to lick it every time I walk by.

  26. I tend to use blue all the time and LOVE it. I never regret it, but lately I have been forcing myself to try other colors just to broaden my horizons a bit. I bought rusty ORANGE throw pillows this spring! Ack! They really look good, though. But blue is always my trusty stand-by.

  27. Years ago I painted my dining room red and now it makes me want to cry. Reading this makes me want to paint it TONIGHT. Lol. Gorgeous spaces, thank you for sharing.

  28. I recently made the decision to go blue in our dining room, I need to lighten it up. Timely, timely post! Perfect for me! But what I love most about this post are the chunky, hunky wood tables…those beauties make my heart go pitter patter!!!

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