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12 Ways to Slow Down & Savor Life + Free Dwelling Art Printables

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Decorating Inspiration, Fall Decorating, Fall Nesting 2019, Printables, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining | 2 comments

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A quiet reprieve from the chaos of life is so meaningful to our well-being, and a hectic schedule requires balancing busyness with solitude. But how do we find that quiet time to ourselves when expectations constantly swirl around us, distracting us from slowing down to savor life?

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12 Ways to Slow Down and Savor Life

  1. Set appointments to savor your life. Wander alone through an art museum, read a book at a new coffee shop, walk through a botanical garden, listen to music, or even daydream.
  2. Learn to say no without excuses so you can be more selective in how you spend your day. Guard your time.
  3. Give yourself permission to live at a different pace from the pace of others around you.
  4. Create a special place for solitude. Set up a comfortable chair and a basket to gather your books and journals for some quiet time.
  5. Create rituals reserved for your private time so you look forward to those experiences. Light candles to remind you to stay in the moment, journal your thoughts in pretty notebooks, meditate on gratitude, pray.
  6. Let some things fall through the cracks so you’ll have time for solitude.
  7. Catch up on emails and social media all in one sitting to avoid their constant interruption to your day.
  8. Get up a half hour earlier to savor the quiet of the morning.
  9. Turn off your phone and computer earlier in the evening. The world can wait until tomorrow.
  10. If you have children living at home, and your husband is home or your kids are old enough to be on their own for a while, shut the door to your bedroom for a short time each day or evening for a few moments of quiet time.
  11. An evening cup of tea can be a memorable ritual. Slow down enough to savor it in solitude.
  12. Be yourself and live authentically. Trying to impress is a surefire way to feel unbalanced in life.

Excerpted from the book Dwelling, by Melissa Michaels Harvest House Publishers 2019

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The art pictured in the images of this post feature some of the lovely hand-illustrated quotes from my recently released book, Dwelling!

Download these 5 x 7 hand-illustrated art prints for free, as my gift to you!

Download your Dwelling art quotes HERE

(Click the link above, then download and save the files to your computer. Print on card stock. These are for personal use only, not to be sold.)

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Ways to use this art:

Frame as self-care reminders and encouragement.

Pin one to your inspiration board!

Tape to your mirror or keep one in your journal.

Or tuck one into a book you give to a friend.

Use as a bookmark.

Give as a gift or card to a friend.

Use as notecards.

These prints are for offered personal use only, not to be sold.

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DWELLING: Simple Ways to Nourish Your Home, Body, & Soul


Pre-order my upcoming Dwelling Well journal, releasing January 7th. This very special self-care journal can be used as a companion to the Dwelling book, or on its own! I can’t wait for you to see it. More details to come!

Dwelling Well: A Monthly Journal

Read more of my posts about Dwelling:

Dwelling: The Heart of a Home-Maker
A Homebody Manifesto
Why Dwelling is the Most Important Book I’ve Ever Written

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Download your free Dwelling art prints HERE

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Pin for later!


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    Thank you for these! I’ve been tucking in little prayer cards in notes I send to friends in the mail. I will be adding these to my little collection of encouraging words to send off!

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    You have quite a nice collection of books to your credit. I’m interested in reading your favorite. I’ve been journaling since 1972 and just recently sat down to read my first journal from then. Through the years I encountered some of the same problems over and over. But through it all I did manage to learn to savor a lot of the small things that can be taken for granted in everyday life. After reading it I went through and ripped it up and threw it out. My husband couldn’t understand why, but I finally felt that I wanted to let go of the past and didn’t need to have this around anymore. I know journaling is popular but does anyone think about what to do with them after? I literally had dozens of pretty notebooks filled to the brim. I’ve disposed of most of them now but continue to journal if only for the benefit of self discipline.


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