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Fall Diffuser Blends + Why I Quit Candles

Crunchy leaves, cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes. The scent of clove, nutmeg, and orange essential oils filling the air!

Today I’m giving away a FREE fall scent bundle and recipes! I hope you’ll join me in falling in love with oils this fall!

Grab the FREE FALL SCENT BUNDLE with your starter kit here.

I ditched toxic candles years ago, but I do love my candle flickering diffusers!

Our senses can help bridge the transition between seasons, making us feel fully welcomed into the next. I have talked about the value of incorporating the senses into our home since I first started blogging, and not only because the senses help us to live more fully in the moment, although that’s a big part of it!

The senses also help us prepare to be able to savor the season in first place!

Fall Diffuser Blends + Why I Quit Candles

We talked about music the other day here on the blog, if you haven’t prepared your coziest fall playlist, do it! I shared mine here. Music is a powerful way to start speaking to your heart.

Our sense of smell is an impactful opportunity to stir up warm positive feelings about fall!

Like many people, I used to light cozy-scented candles to put myself in the fall nesting mood. But a few years ago (after I read studies and considered my own health and family’s health) I decided to stop burning candles!

Yes, I felt sad to stop a cozy fall tradition I loved for so long. That was a hard one to let go of! But it honestly felt more painful to continue to expose myself (I have Hashimoto’s/thyroid issues) and my family to the potential health risks from toxins found in synthetic scents, lead wicks or other toxic chemicals.

Fall Diffuser Blends + Why I Quit Candles
Diffuser Details

All that toxic stuff goes into our lungs! Layers and layers of toxins from all of the products we bring into our home. It’s not just candles, it’s all the synthetic or adulterated scents and ingredients found in an overwhelming number of products on the market and in our homes today.

Studies show that the air inside our homes and businesses is FIVE TIMES more polluted than the air outside, thanks to all the unsafe products we bring into our home. Totally not worth the risks.

I can make my house smell like fall or feel festive with pure essential oils so I honestly don’t miss synthetic scents at all.

Fall Diffuser Blends + Why I Quit Candles
Grab an essential oils + diffuser kit and I’ll send you a free Fall Scent Bundle with autumn oil samples, a custom glass cleaning spray bottle, room spray bottle, roller and more! This bundle is available while supplies last (cannot be combined with other offers).

Along with those fall candles, I also stopped buying any seasonal scented cleaners, hand soaps and room sprays.

I just customize my trusted products with seasonal oils, it’s so SIMPLE and fun! And it is more affordable, too.

See below for a link to get the same products I use in my home with the free fall scent bundle and you’ll also get an invitation into my group The Dwell Well Collective, where I help others create a less-toxic but all-around cozier and more comforting home!

There is NO monthly shipment required.

Fall Diffuser Blends + Why I Quit Candles
Fall Diffuser Blends + Why I Quit Candles
Fall Diffuser Blends + Why I Quit Candles

Here’s what comes in the Fall Scent Bundle (free from me when you grab your starter kit that includes 12 oils, a diffuser and more):

  • 4 fall essential oil samples that you can diffuse or make sprays and roll ons: Christmas Spirit, Clove, Nutmeg, and Orange!
  • A 16oz custom glass spray bottle 
  • 10ml glass roller with gold lid to make your own custom blends
  • 1oz spritzer to make cozy room sprays and other blends
  • Beautiful printed fall recipe cards full of yummy treats, diffuser blends, and inspiration for your new oils
  • An oils guide book to help you use your new kit with confidence.
  • An invitation to join the Dwell Well Collective—our free exclusive educational wellness community so you’ll have all the support you need
  • Wholesale prices (24% off) on all future YL purchases (with no obligation to order again!)
  • Plus a FREE extra oil and an additional $10 back in points for free products when you say “yes” to Essential Rewards and “yes” to making your kit your first Essential Rewards order (this is optional but worth doing when you sign up to get the free oil and points, it doesn’t cost any more and can be canceled/adjusted later if you’d like!).

Grab your kit and learn more here!

This bundle is available while supplies last (cannot be combined with other offers).

Fall Diffuser Blends + Why I Quit Candles

I have thyroid issues (Hashimotos) and I have seen a world of difference in my own health since I made these types of changes in my home. It’s become a personal passion of mine to help others, too!

You can read my health story and why a healthy home matters to me here.

Follow me on Instagram at @theinspiredroom and my wellness account @dwellwellcollective for oils and natural living tips, diffuser blend ideas, simple recipes and more!

Fall Diffuser Blends + Why I Quit Candles
This bundle is available while supplies last (cannot be combined with other offers).
Fall Diffuser Blends + Why I Quit Candles
Fall Diffuser Blends + Why I Quit Candles


  1. Karen

    Hi Melissa. Thanks for the recipes. Looking forward to using them this fall. I do burn candles too, but only 100% natural beeswax which actually help clean the air of mold and dust. I’ve been buying mine from BlueCorn Beeswax for years.

    All the best.

  2. Helene

    I use YL essential oils too, but I use battery operated flicker candles to create the warm look I want on my mantle and window sills in my dining room.

  3. Sue

    Thanks Melissa for sharing your fall blend recipes. I will certainly be trying a few of these. I live in Florida so we don’t have much change in the seasons, which I miss, but I’m getting in the mood for fall. I can still enjoy it with my decorating and with the essential oils I use.

  4. Christy

    I love my YL oils! Thanks for sharing these diffuser recipes with us. I didn’t realize you had Hashimoto’s. I’ve been on a journey since March with benign thyroid nodules. I have to have another ultrasound in October to check on the nodules. I haven’t been diagnosed with any thyroid condition at this point. But my Vitamin D levels were extremely low and I’ve been trying to take supplements to get me back on track and eating better and trying to stay as toxin-free as possible. I wasn’t even aware of how prevalent thyroid issues were until this happened to me. Thanks for your blog! I enjoyed your fall playlist as well!

  5. EngineerMom

    I grew up in a house with a very health-conscious mom and an asthmatic dad, so we never had scented products in the home. Consequently, I’ve never liked scented stuff (laundry detergent, household cleaners, lotion, hair products – that’s a really tough one!), but I do love the smell of yummy food in the kitchen!

    I usually can’t even tolerate essential oils, so I make my own “potpourri” in the fall – a small pot of water on the “keep warm” burner on my stove with some fragrant food/spices – things like apple cores/peels, orange peel, lemon peel, whole cinnamon sticks, cloves, cardamom, bits of vanilla bean (after using the seeds for a recipe!), etc.

  6. Deb

    I love your glass ball/wooden bowl infuser. Where did you find it?

  7. Sharon

    I’ve been diffusing for a year now and I am ready this week to throw away all the beautifully scented candles
    I have around! I just can’t even imagine burning them anymore! Plus, the interior of my house is all newly painted- don’t want to dirty that up with soot!

  8. Lorrie

    Scented candles make me feel yukky, but I burn beeswax unscented and they have a warm honey fragrance. I also simmer cinnamon sticks and other whole spices on the stove for a more pronounced scent. Perhaps I’ll try essential oils one day.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hi Lorrie! Happy Fall! Yeah, I love my oils!! And not just for the scent but for the health benefits, too. Let me know if you ever have questions. Happy FALLLLL!!!

  9. Denise Kass

    Hi Melissa
    I am interested in replacing my candles with diffusers for a cleaner environment. I know nothing about this choice. Since I love your blog and am a loyal follower forever I trust your advice. So can you help me to begin? Xoxo Denise Kass

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hi Denise! Aww what a sweet comment, thank you so much for being a loyal follower! I would be so happy to help you begin with oils. This page has all the information you’ll need to begin. >> … I recommend the Premium Starter Kit (with diffuser of your choice), and then I will send you the Fall Scent Bundle in the mail personally from me, too, so you’ll also have some samples of my favorite yummy smelling fall oils! :) Let me know if you run into any trouble ordering! xo Melissa


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