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How to Create a Memorable Fall Home + Cozy Diffuser Blends

by | Sep 22, 2020 | Decorating Inspiration, Fall Decorating, Fall Nesting 2020, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

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How to Create a Memorable Fall Home + Cozy Diffuser Blends

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Happy first day of fall! Who’s ready to get cozy? When I think of making my home cozy, I think about all of the ways I can engage our senses so we literally FEEL safer, warmer, and more content from the inside out. That definitely includes scents!

This year hasn’t been the best in many ways, I think we can all agree on that! No year is perfect but this one has been a doozy! It’s been said that if you want to change the world, go home and love your family. It might seem trivial to talk about scents right now, but I believe the intentional things we do to love our family and create peace and comfort our home really will make a difference to our family and those we can impact.

We all know that memories and emotions are often closely linked to our sense of smell. Do you have certain scents that bring about pleasant emotions or evoke happy memories? For me scents like the smell of salt air, a walk in the forest or homemade cookies fresh out of the oven will remind me of happy moments in life and fond memories of special times spent with family.

That’s the kind of home I want to create (and hopefully what I created for our kids when they were growing up!). A home that is remembered fondly in so many ways! I want to do whatever I can to create more meaningful experiences in our home.

Did you know that essential oils impact the limbic system, which is the emotional center of the brain? I am no scientist but I have experienced so many benefits from incorporating oils in our daily routines, including noticing how much happier and at peace I feel when I use them in our home.

There are certain parts of the limbic system that can ONLY be accessed through our sense of smell. Pretty cool, yes? Once the limbic system is stimulated, it releases chemicals like serotonin and endorphins which help us achieve a healthier state of mind.

The pure unadulterated essential oils we use in our home not only offer a more toxin-free way to keep our home clean and to have a cozy scent in the air, but they help us create positive associations, longer lasting memories and more meaningful experiences.

Scents might not solve all of our problems, but the healthy home and special memories we create for our family will have a long-lasting impact on them and generations to come!

How do you want your home to feel this fall?

I want our home to smell very cozy and comforting. I hope the scents of our home will forever be associated with the love of family and feelings of hope, peace and joy, even in the midst of difficulty.

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If you missed it, last week I did a post on 7 Steps to Make Your Home Smell Cozy and Inviting!

How to Create a Memorable Fall Home + Cozy Diffuser Blends

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How to Create a Memorable Fall Home + Cozy Diffuser Blends

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How to Create a Memorable Fall Home + Cozy Diffuser Blends

I know there are thousands of you reading this today. Let’s all chime in, come out of lurking one and all. I miss ya! :) What’s one of your favorite memories associated with fall or with scent?

I’m going to send one of you a special little happy mail (including my favorite fall scent!) just for delurking in the comments today!

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  1. Kathleen Craycraft

    I think of Fall as a time of gathering. While this is a bit different this year since we have been gathering, it still brings that fresh clean air and family warmth.

    • Amber

      Thank you for all your posts about home. I just discovered your blog and it’s inspiring me. I read it late at night after I feed my newborn and it’s giving me ideas for crafting a home that is a haven for my husband and two little girls. I look forward to all your new posts!

      My favorite fall scents:

      Crisp morning air
      Crunchy leaves
      Freshly-sharpened pencils (oh, how I loved going back to school! So much possiblity at the beginning of the year!)
      Apple cider and apple dumplings

  2. Kathleen

    Fall reminds me of spiced tea and pumpkin bread. I love those smells and flavors. Have a great day!

  3. Heather S

    My favorite Fall scent(and time) is just the cold, fresh air on a crisp morning. There is nothing better! What is your favorite??

  4. Brenda Taft

    The scent I associate with fall (autumn here in England) is the scent of woodsmoke from people burning logs on their fires and in wood burners.

  5. Amy

    We live in an area of PA that is known for the apple orchards, so I associate the smell of crisp, ripe apples, cider, and spice with fall. Yum! Unfortunately all our apple festivals have been cancelled for this year, but the orchards are still open for u-pick. I also love the smell of wood smoke once it is in my dog’s fur. We had a Labrador growing up and when she came in from outside in the fall and winter, I would love to smell the wood smoke in her fur. Now when we have a firepit at home, our own dogs have that same smell, and it takes me right back to growing up in CT and my wonderful first dog, April.

  6. Sarah Hester

    Redoing a small mountain home in North Carolina for our retirement and trying to create a woodsy casual vibe so I zoom in when you mention “cozy” in your posts. Inspired by your home and your book so they are aptly named! I haven’t experienced essential oils yet…I I know I’m not on trend. Can you refer me to me to a reliable source of information on them for beginners.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hi Sarah! A woodsy mountain home sounds beautiful!

      I can definitely direct you to reliable resources — also when you’re ready to get your oils I have a members education group and text / zoom / video classes, too!

      We will make sure you feel prepared, educated and confident!

      PS I’m so excited to help you, I’m already thinking of amazing tree oils and foresty blends for your woodsy vibe, they smell sooo good! You’re going to be in love.

      I will email you today to help!

  7. Donna

    My favorite fall scent is smell of Apple Cake baking in the oven! I know it’s far when I smell that cake!

    • Lynn

      Living in Texas, I enjoy the cooler weather in the Fall, the smell of the outdoor air and the leaves changing. In our house, I love the smell of pumpkin bread, pumpkin squares, pumpkin cake and cookies in the oven. I also enjoy Fall scented candles and diffusing Fall scented oils.

  8. Rya

    We don’t have much of a fall in Florida until November, so by then it’s definitely Pumpkin and the spices that go along with it!

  9. Nora Vassar

    Honestly, I love the smell of coffee in the colder months. I drink coffee all year long so I don’t know why I just love how it smells in the fall and winter. It smells like a cozy home to me.

  10. Deb Wostmann

    Fall is my favorite season. I’m not ashamed to say I love pumpkins of every type and always buy way too many, but they make me so happy.

  11. ErinH

    As soon as school starts in the fall, I start lighting a candle for dinner – normally vanilla scent. That and the smell of baking!

  12. Patty

    One of my most favorite memories is my husband & I taking weekend trips to the mountains of NC. Driving the curvy roads, taking photos of the beautiful changing leaves and the animals – horses, sheep, cows – on the farms along the way. Cool in the mornings & warmer in the afternoons. Shopping in Boone & Blowing Rock – eating at the neat restsurants, buying fall produce at the farm stands. Beautiful memories – lovely time of year in NC.

  13. Colleen

    The beautiful Fall leaves and the smell of anything pumpkin baking.

  14. jen s

    I love fall! I love the feel of the air, the sights of the leaves changing colors, and the coziness of a warm blanket with a fire and something warm to drink. I love the smell of apples and pumpkins and cloves and nutmeg. I wish we had the fall season a little longer than it last, but I guess that makes us enjoy it a little more.

  15. Mary

    Fall is the crisp air, crunch of brightly colored leaves and a warming, spicy drink and visiting the pumpkin patch with our dog.

  16. blbc

    Walking through the historic streets of Colonial Williamsburg. The crisp air, the leaves fluttering from trees, and the aroma from fireplaces, as well as the colonial cressents that light the roadways in the evening.

  17. Wendi

    Without a doubt it is the smell of nutmeg. I love grating it into all kinds of baked goods, my morning oatmeal, or soups. The nuts have the most beautiful patterns inside that change with each usage. Every time I open the jar, I take out the nut being used, close my eyes, and just inhale. It smells like fall, coziness, and calm!

  18. cindy b.

    love the smell of my mom’s apple coffee cake :-) apples and cinnamon say warm and inviting to me

    • Lynn W

      Pumpkin bars in the oven and stew cooking in the slow cooker is a favorite Fall smell.

      The smell of my Mom’s leather gloves is burned into my memory. I was very little. She would pick me up from my Grandparents house after she’d been to a party at night. I could smell her leather gloves as she carried me to the car. When I smell leather now, it takes me right back and is very comforting to me ❤️

  19. Ellen

    I love essential oils but I had read recently how toxic they could be to cats, even diffused into the air. I quit using my diffuser and within weeks my elderly cat, who had gotten very thin, was putting on weight. What do you know about this? Are there some that are safe around animals?

  20. Chris

    I love the smell of warm apple cider or a baked apple crumble! That just makes me feel all warm inside.

  21. Michelle

    “What’s one of your favorite memories associated with fall or with scent?”

    This relates more to Summer – and perhaps Indian Summer – here in Silicon Valley…

    I recently moved back to Santa Clara from the hot, dry rural area of El Dorado County (further north). My first morning back here I INHALED the morning air. DEEPLY INHALED IT. This area had a smell of its own.

    Except for the 2-1/2 years up north, my whole life has been lived in the Santa Clara Valley. I didn’t realize how much I missed the slight moisture in the air which served to intensify the scent of trees, flowers, and newly-mown grass.

    It smells like HOME.

  22. Zannah

    I grew up in Massachusetts but have lived in Florida for most of my adult life, so I miss fall. My favorite scents of fall are the dried autumn leaves on the ground, the fresh smell of bonfires in the air, and the cozy scent of anything baked with apple or pumpkin.

  23. Darleen

    I am with Heather, I LOVE crisp cool mornings !

  24. Krissy

    Memories of raking leaves and my kids jumping in them, making that chore a fun family event. We still rake the leaves and I love being outside in the cool, crisp fall air, but I miss my kids being little and all their excitement about the leaves!

    • Mary Anne Clark

      I associate Fall with preparing my heart for the season of thankfulness. I agree with you that this year has been a doozy. I do remind myself that I have plenty to be thankful for.

  25. Trishcfarrell

    From the time I get out the pumpkins, it’s just all about decorating – adding Halloween and then turkeys and pilgrims until finally I get to put up my beloved Christmas decorations!

  26. DeNeal

    My favorite memories include going to the pumpkin patch with our kids, visits to the mountains, and baking our traditional pumpkin cake. Fall is the best!

  27. Tara Mangus

    Fall smells like crisp morning air, fresh and full of promise.

  28. Jenn

    Banana bread or apple crisp baking in the oven!

  29. Carolyn

    Fall reminds me to slow down yet feel invigorated by the clean, crisp air. And it reminds me that change is inevitable and part of life.

  30. Alana Aschenbach

    Agreed…the smell of a real wood fire is so autumn to me. But I also have fond memories of apple cider and fresh cider doughnuts at the apple orchards growing up.

  31. Lorraine Johnson

    It’s the official start of Fall in our home the night I make our first pot of soup for the season. I always serve it with homemade rolls – the cozy nesting feeling this little ritual brings is so welcome after a hot summer.

  32. Saurabh

    The rug, the mirror, the plant, the basket – everything is just perfect :)

  33. Deanna Rabe

    I love to make my home smell welcoming, as well as feel welcoming! In the autumn I use lots of cinnamon bark, clove, and orange oils. I love to use spearmint too, and fir. Delightful!

  34. Sharon

    I loved when we lived in MO and had so many beautiful maple trees in our yard. Leaves changing and crisp air in fall are the best! We live in TX now so fall isn’t the same, but I’m happy for it not being brutally hot now!

  35. Fran Marie

    Going school shopping with my mom. I loved all the new smelling school supplies. My mom would clean out my closet and seeing all the new clothes hanging neatly in there was a joy. I even loved my new Fall/Winter nightgowns. She’s gone 7 years now and I miss her terribly, but this will always be my favorite Fall memory.

  36. Karen

    I’ve learned so much about making my home a real home—a cozy home — from your books and blog. My favorite is “Make Room For What You Love.”

  37. Cheryl

    Oh Fall!!! The smell of burning leaves 🍁, the crackle of a fire, warm apple crisp out of the oven, cinnamon applesauce, pumpkin pie 🥧 the deep colors of mums and Dahlias! It all inspires!!

  38. Joyce Johnson

    Fall is fresh air, leaves crunching underfoot, and lovely cinnamon, chai, and apple smells.

  39. Bonnie Stoltzfoos

    One of my favorite fall memories is just the warmth of the house I grew up in. My dad had a big speaker system tucked into the living room and the sound went throughout the whole first floor. Listening to James Taylor brings me right back to the comfort of home growing up. :) It makes me happy thinking about that little thing my dad did to make home feel more homey and joyful.

  40. sona

    I love sweaters…and fall is that time.

  41. Micaela

    I definitely want a home that smells amazing so this bundle would be perfect. :)

  42. Colleen

    My favourite Fall scents (that take me right back to my childhood) is wood smoke and that musty smell that comes from the leaves after they’ve fallen off the tree’s. I also love the smell of homemade relishes bubbling on the stove, turkey roasting in the oven, and the smell of someone smoking a pipe..(which I think is maybe a rarity anymore) The smell of pipe tobacco and cigar smoke always reminds me of my dad when I was a little girl. Good memories of him since he is no longer here.

  43. Mulan

    The pictures alone look cozy almost beyond belief. Thanks for the breather.

  44. Brenda

    My favorite smell has always been fall harvest herr in the midwest with the grain, leaves and fresh dirt. Perhaps an odd combination but lovely on a fall morning.

  45. Kathy Menold

    My favorite fall scent is the scent of nutmeg and crisp apples. Also find the smoke of burning leaves instantly brings me back to my childhood in New England.

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