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Cozy Fall Shop - Favorite Home Decor Sources

Happy September! Who’s ready for fall nesting? Meeeee!!!! We spent the weekend shopping for plants. One of our fall projects will be to add some cottage curb appeal to our front yard, I’m so excited! I’ll share what we’re up to in the front yard as we get this fall series started.

Here’s my annual Cozy Fall Shop!

Enjoy and happy Labor Day!

Cozy Fall Shop - Favorite Home Decor Sources

Click here to shop my cozy fall decor finds!

Cozy Fall Shop - Favorite Home Decor Sources

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  1. Sharon

    We also did some pruning and planting this weekend! Feels good to look all cleaned up- until those lewaves start to fall!

  2. Sabrina Lynn-Murdock

    I, too, am so ready for FALL! It is my absolute favorite time of the year. It inspires me to slow down and pull my thoughts in close. I enjoy decorating and that first crisp morning, with the smells of the season warming my heart.

  3. Kelly

    Love the pup & sink

  4. Rachel

    I love all the beautiful colors and textures! And that most of the items say Fall without saying “Fall” on them.

  5. Jo Jo

    I’ve cut some dried hydrangeas and made two lovely natural Fall arrangements. One for dining table where Ibalso addrdcsome berries from a bush in our yard as well. The other was an arrangement for our bookshelves in our lubrsry. I’ve styled a dough bowl with faux small
    Pumpkins in pale blue green and white pumpkins and scattered pine cones and gilded wheat tips thru out it and some cotton fluffs fir our sofa table. I’ve placed one large white pumpkin on my mantle and placed smaller blue green pumpkins on either side interspersed with faux eucalypsis in geteeen a two small clear crystal votive holders on either hand with white tea lights at opposite ends on mantle. I’ve a framed print in a copper frame of two blue green and white pumpkins in my kitchen counter. I’ve placed fairy lights amongst my various potted plants in my garden window in the kitchen to give a warm glow in the evenings. Placed a fat wooden pumpkin that says Welcome on my front door ( outside) and in the opposite side I’ve got a wire pumpkin shaped ( bronze) with faux berries and hoards and small
    Pumpkin in it. Vase with very neutral fall
    Leaves on entry table with small
    Beige pumpkin stand up sign that says So thankful and a off white washed wood pumpkin sign that says Thankful with a pewter leaf on it hanging on my pantry door. Nothing placed on the front stoop yet, but will be placing a few real
    Pumpkins to the right of door in Ictober. Placed a large bronze urn with a beautiful
    Yellow large Mum
    Plant on the curved sidewalk near our brick stairs to our front stoop and near our yard light. Guess I’ve started decorating for FALL!?! ?. Oh, back
    Pitch as been cleaned off and swept off and ready for more outdoor enjoulyment with string lights along the covered ceiling! Fall is my very favorite season! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Shari Schempp

    I love the fall shop!

  7. Amanda

    Some women have a weakness for pillows, but they sort of annoy me when there are more than one or maybe two on a couch. Throws on the other hand….we have more than we can use already, and it never stops me from looking at more online. Thankfully, my frugal side keeps me mostly in check.

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