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Spring Tidying and Home Style Saturdays

by | Feb 29, 2020 | Decorating Inspiration

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Spring Tidying and Home Style Saturdays

My daughters and I did some spring tidying yesterday. The sun came out and we got inspired. When Courtney moved into our lower level a couple of weeks ago, we had to shift some rooms around. But we’ve been using this transition as an opportunity to pare down and get better organized! I’ve been emptying out closets and drawers all over the house. I started using the dining room as a place to put things until I was able to find new homes for them, but oh my goodness all the random stuff there was driving me crazy! We finally tackled the table on Friday.

I shared a timelapse video of us tidying the dining room on Instagram (it’s saved in my highlights if you follow me there). I thought I could show it to you here but I guess it doesn’t work if you are not logged into Instagram so I’ll have to get it uploaded to YouTube instead and show it to you next week. Also why is it so satisfying to watch people clean?! Maybe when you see the video will spark a cleaning frenzy in your home!

PS. Part three of my series on self care will be posted next week!

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Spring Tidying and Home Style Saturdays

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Spring Tidying and Home Style Saturdays

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Spring Tidying and Home Style Saturdays

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Spring Tidying and Home Style Saturdays

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Spring Tidying and Home Style Saturdays

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Spring Tidying and Home Style Saturdays

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  1. joan

    VERY disappointing you choose only Instagram followers in which to share the tidy time lapse video.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hi Joan, I didn’t actually choose instagram followers only, it’s just that instagram is the place to create a timelapse. I had no idea that it wouldn’t show up via the link here if you weren’t logged into to Instagram. I’m sorry about that, I will upload it to YouTube and see if that will work here and get it posted next week. :)

  2. Nancy

    When I hit the Instagram HERE, I was on a sports highlight site on instagram. Were you hacked?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I think the problem is that you have to be logged into instagram, I didn’t reailze you had to have an account it wouldn’t show the link! Sorry about that, I’ll try to upload it to YouTube instead!

  3. Katie

    Hi Melissa,

    I love your blog!! :) thanks for all that you share!

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