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How to Love Your Home, Even When You Don’t Like It (+ 5 Things I Love About Mine)

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Authentic Living, My Kitchen, My Seattle House, putter + nest

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How to Love Your Home, Even When You Don't Like It (+ 5 Things I Love About Mine)

Whether you fully love your home or not, I think focusing on gratitude for what you have (and can do!) is a helpful practice.

What are five things you love about your home?

Scroll down for ideas if you are struggling to answer this question!

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I’ll go first:

5 things I love about my home:

  1. The view of the Puget Sound and mountains.
  2. My Dutch doors.
  3. My kitchen.
  4. The warm happy feeling we get from being here (we felt this even before we moved in and made it our own!)
  5. My outdoor areas.

Those are just a few of the things I love! I am so grateful there were some things I liked about this house before we moved in and that I’ve been able to make some improvements in the past four years. I definitely love my home more than I used to, but there are still things I don’t particularly like.

It’s hard to be a dreamer and a house lover, you know? There are so many houses I would love to live in! It really helps my contentment level to focus on gratitude for what I have and what I can do with what I have. :)

How to Love Your Home, Even When You Don't Like It (+ 5 Things I Love About Mine)

Maybe you really DON’T have anything you love about your home. Perhaps you aren’t in a situation where you can make your home what you want. Or maybe you have very few things you like or have a long ways to go in making your home a place you actually could love.

Ask yourself this:

What are five things I COULD DO this year to fall more in love with my home?

Don’t let a lack of funds prevent you from the joy in making the place you live right now your home. You might be in a season when you have to wait for what you really want. I’ve been there. No matter what your situation is, come up with five things you think you could do, things that are in the realm of possibility this year. Even if they are very small things, it can inspire you to have ideas in mind. I find I need to come up with some creative things I can do or I start a downward spiral towards discontentment!

I am asking myself what things I CAN DO this year, too. Even if you love your home, it’s fun to have new ideas in mind! Making progress on my home in keeps me happy and out of trouble :). Stay tuned for ideas, plans and progress!

What five things do you love about your home? Or what are five things could you do this year to love your home even more? Let’s chat!

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How to Love Your Home, Even When You Don't Like It (+ 5 Things I Love About Mine)

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How to Love Your Home, Even When You Don't Like It (+ 5 Things I Love About Mine)

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How to Love Your Home, Even When You Don't Like It (+ 5 Things I Love About Mine)
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  1. susan maclean

    1. The view, which from 75% of my windows is of the garden, so even though we are on a main road, I don’t see it, or the traffic.

    2. My living room, dark blue walls and a turquoise floor rug, no curtains (drapes), but roller blinds in white with dark blue, red and turqoise roughly drawn circles.

    3. My kitchen, fitted new two years ago to my design. Tiny but with storage everywhere so no untidy and busy working tops.

    4. My mattress….. Mmmm!

    5. Cosy and welcoming always.

    • Jo Jo

      5 things that I love about my home
      1). It’s CB location in town… we are within walking distance of restaurants, theatre , Art Guikd, Coffee shops and fun stores and a fabulous riverfront park!

      2). The open concept floor plan that gives us a very light and airy feeling

      3). Our 9 ft ceilings. Our homes not huge but they really give illusion of more space

      4). My KITCHEN we designed it to serve my love of cooking and baking. It truly is my happy place! LOVE my island that has lots of storage, work space, and provides seating. My small but organized walk-in pantry has been a game changer!

      5) My covered back porch, patio and our garden beds that feeds us all summer long! Love our outdoor spaces!

    • Ana Smith


      Looks like you have a wonderful house. We live in a big city with a lot of noice. We would like to move to a small village in the countryside.

      Our house has a very good location near the best restaurants and stores.

    • Heidi

      I would love to see your kitchen – i have a tiny kitchen also and need all the storage ideas!

  2. Carol Davis

    1. Our sitting room with fireplace and four matching swivel chairs…deliciously comfortable!
    2. Our bedroom is a dream come true, beautifully appointed and the most comfortable bed!
    3. Our covered porch with four rockers…and friends to share it!
    4. Our breakfast room which overlooks our bird feeder and the flocks who love to flutter and feed here…
    5. My favorite part of our house is the one who I share it with, he is truly my world!

    • Lynette

      I know this is months later…but can you send me a link for your swivel chairs please? I have been looking for some…thanks in advance!

  3. Mel

    I love the wood stove that we installed after we bought the house. I love that we own our home free and clear. After wracking my brain, those are the only two things that I can say I love about it. There are things that I like about it: It sits back from the road so there is some privacy. I don’t have to share a bathroom with guests. I am able to have my own office space.

  4. Kathi

    It is in beautiful Door County, WI.

    It is on 2-1/2 wooded acres.

    It has an attached 3 car garage and a huge separate garage.

    It has so many windows.

    I am a little stuck after this. It is a 20 year old home that is new to us and I very much miss my charming 110 year old home that we left after 40 years. Lots of changes ahead that will help me like it more.

  5. Missy

    I love that I can see the mountains and the ski run lit up at night in the winter. I love my ample covered patio that is very private feeling. I love our 9 and 10 foot ceilings and the huge moldings that border doorways and full length windows in the living areas. I love the double glass doors with transom window leading into the library, and it’s built in shelves! I love that I was able to sell an older home and move to this newer one story one that suits me better in this stage of my life. God is good.

  6. Rebekka

    1. I live on a lake and it’s gorgeous.
    2. I have a deck on every level. (not an accident)
    3. My kitchen is open and spacious.
    4. I have room to entertain.
    5. My surfaces are pet friendly.

  7. Ashley Urke | Domestic Fashionista

    1. Our yard – besides the front and back patio, there weren’t many photos of the yard in the listing photos. And yet we arrived to a magical forest full of trails, a creek, and meticulously planned garden decor. I cant wait to see it in the spring! Someone spent a lot of time on it and we get to enjoy the fruit of their labor.
    2. Our stairway family gallery wall – seeing sweet family photos daily, pictures of our kids in epic places. This road of cross country living has been a bumpy one. But wow, what an amazing journey because of it.
    3. Having a real burning fireplace again!
    4. One shared living space – we squeezed our living room, office, and play area all into one room. It’s tighter then our other houses but it turns out to be a gift to all be together all the time.
    5. Driving distance from California – five visits by family or us in just three months!

  8. Jenberry

    You hit the nail on the head. At least once every couple weeks when my husband and I are watching a home reno show there will be some amazing home and I’ll say “our house is stupid.” In jest of course, but it’s so easy to get swept up and want ALL THE THINGS and forget about all the things you love about your own house.

    • Jenberry

      …And the things you would be giving up if you moved somewhere else.

  9. Sandy Mcallister

    The View from my kitchen and deck-tees mountains and a slice of ocean
    My cozy chair in my den/craft room
    The room sizes
    The gasfireplace
    The soft blue walls that make me feel its a summer day even in winter

  10. Vanessa

    Thank you for this post! We’ve just moved into a new place and we’ve only ever rented so sometimes it feels like our options are very limited!

    1) The location, it’s a quiet cute neighborhood close to my husband’s job plus there’s a great backyard.

    2) The layout, the living room and library (bedroom right off the living room) are great usable space and you can’t see the kitchen from the living room which I’m loving at this stage in life!

    3) Big garage. It’s luxurious.

    4) Large windows that let in plenty of sunlight.

    5) The kitchen has been recently remodeled and there’s lots of cabinet space. It’s really nice!

  11. cindy

    Rearrange the furniture for home living to be more functional and efficient has been one way for me to love my home better.

  12. Rose

    Five things I love about our home ~
    1) Our new master suite
    2) My new closet ( waited 11 yrs for this )
    3) Our TV/ Office.
    4) Our Fireplace
    5) The dining room. It’s classic blue & white toile.

    Five things I would like to change ~
    1) Put hard wood in the main area & office
    2) Have a larger kitchen
    3) More storage – I live in a condo & miss our basement
    4) A bigger deck
    5) Bigger entry

  13. Monica

    1) I love my smooth & forgiving plaster walls. I lived in a house with heavily textured drywall & I think it bugged me each & every day.

    2) I love my thick, original hardwood floors. The floor guy said I could probably sand/refinish them 5 more times if I wanted to!

    3) I love the large casement windows that catch the ocean breezes & let in so much light.

    4) I love that it is a perfectly cozy size for me & my family. Most folks would probably argue it’s a little too small but after living in a large home, this is exactly what I want.

    5) I love it’s sunny locale, where I can garden outdoors & enjoy flowers year round.

    Thank you for inviting us to share in this gratitude practice. I feel truly blessed by our home after doing so, despite its deficiencies!

  14. Ana Smith


    The best five things of my house are:

    Location near shops, stores and restaurants
    Big living room
    Cinema TV room
    The jacuzzi
    The kitchen with brand new appliances

    The main things that I would like to change are:

    There is a lot of noice
    The bedrooms are small and with limited light
    The windows are small we haven´t enough sunlight
    the closets are small
    The garage is only for 1 car

  15. Alice Adams

    I. I love my sunroom!
    2, We get to watch wildlife such as deer, foxes,and a beaver! We have had a hawk sitting on the railing of our deck when we drove into our carport one day!
    3, I love my built in pantry!
    4.I love our two large maples in our front yard!
    5. I love listening to a train at nite! It’s not actually in our neighborhood but about 8 blocks away!

  16. Ann

    I’ll go with five things I/we can (hopefully!) do this year to love our home more:
    1) Continue deep decluttering.
    2) Redo our bathroom top to bottom.
    3) New upholstery, chairs, and coordinating chair pads in kitchen (happening now!)
    4) Learn how to refinish some of my older furniture pieces with paint/glaze.
    5) Plant a beautiful garden.
    Thank you for helping me to think of possibilities, rather then how much I don’t like my outdated, shabby (and not even chic!) home! Actually, this is not totally true. I DO love aspects of my home! We have been able to make improvements (very) little by little these last few years. We have to remember it’s the journey, not the destination, applicable in so many ways to life!

    Now I need to add these items to my bucket list for this year! :)

  17. Debbie - MountainMama

    1. The view of the mountains all around me, and the horses and little red barn next door
    2. The privacy! I have about 2 acres, which isn’t much, but my property backs up to acres and acres of mountain forest
    3. My gorgeous stone fireplace – it just adds so much to the already super cozy cottage feel in my house
    4. My gardens, including my little veggie garden
    5. My wrap around deck with swing, firepit, and herb boxes – it’s my place of peace in the warm weather

  18. ChrisCloen

    1. The view of trees and sky along with wonderful sunsets from my seat in the living room.
    2. Hardwood floors, open concept and vaulted ceilings.
    3. Single floor living, first floor laundry.
    4. Pocket doors, and two walk-in closets.
    5. Whole house generator and central vac.

    The most important…….5 minute drive from our son, daughter in law and 3 grandsons.

  19. Kim

    This was a nice post Melissa. Fitting since I just wrote to you about my home feeling inadequate when I scroll around on Instagram and see so many beautiful homes. We have a nice home and especially love it when it’s spring and summer. We have lots of windows at rear of house with woods behind us so we see nothing but greenery when the trees have their leaves. Living room is cozy with pretty stone gas fireplace. We have 3 large walk in closets and pretty master bedroom. Pretty fiberglass in ground pool to entertain family since we are homebodies.

  20. Pam

    1. I love my farmer’s porch
    2. I love my backyard. Patio for hanging out. Fire pit with the kids and a chaise in the shade with a good book.
    3. I love the coziness of my living room.
    4. I love my neighbors. We have a great neighborhood. (Does this count?)
    5. I love the double staircases and old details. It’s a Victorian farmhouse built in 1880.

  21. Michele M.

    You are so right!!!!


    1.) My huge 2 acre private back yard and how we can’t see any neighbors on our sides the way the house was built

    2.) The 40+ trees we’ve planted and how big they are now

    3.) My dining room

    4.) My amazing woodwork

    5.) My lighting and colors.

    Doable fixes:

    1.) Repaint kitchen

    2.) Repaint laundry room

    3.) Organize basement and craft area of said awful basement

    4.) Buy new den sofa (hopefully the good ones are so pricey)

    5.) New vanities in master and upstairs bath & new master shower

  22. Rose

    You’re so inspiring, and yes I have sent and received text. What love about my little home is my patio filled with potted succulents and my own quiet space, for crocheting and movie watching away from sports centered tv

  23. Linda

    1. The light on a sunny day
    2. Having space for my craft room on the second floor–all for me!
    3. Enough kitchen space to be able to move around and dance if Ifeel like it!
    4. Enough space in the house for the 2 of us to have our own areas–woodworking shop for one and sewing/crafting space for the other.
    5. Location–easy to walk to town or to the local beach.

  24. Deborah

    I love this exercise! I love almost everything about our house, but focusing on the real treasures is a good way to take my eyes off the things I don’t love quite as much.
    1. The cozy screened-in porch high over our wooded backyard.
    2. The deer we see in the backyard daily.
    3. How colorful it is…in my favorite aqua, salmon, mustard, and apple green palette.
    4. The open floor plan that’s perfect for our extended family.
    5. The wood floors and white woodwork I’ve always wanted.

  25. suzq Bridgers

    1. The color – periwinkle.
    2. In town so I can walk to Church, the library, shops and the park, without getting in my car.
    3. Paring down to things that have special meaning and sharing things with others to multiply their joy.
    4. My yard,as small gardens evolve and beach shells are added to remind me of those glorious weeks enjoying God’s magnificent ocean waves (twice a year instead of a cruise. )
    5. JOY in the present blessings instead of wanting more.

  26. Maria

    Something I have loved about your blog from the beginning, when we just had a tiny apartment with hardly anything in it, is how you would encourage us readers to shop our home and move things around. This has helped me SO many times when I am feeling uninspired. And it’s free! ;-) Like tonight, I was craving a little bit of newness, so I switched a couple of lampshades between lamps. Just that little refreshing detail can make a space look new and I love the simplicity of that. And I honestly learned that here! <3

  27. Gloria W.

    The view of Cowan Creek and the wooded walking trail behind my house. The windows that open up the view The sunroom with a fireplace that I added. The small size that is just right for me. My wonderful neighborhood.

  28. Margaret Ogle

    Master bath (after having one small bathroom for many years).
    Screened porch
    Gas fireplace
    Open plan living room, kitchen, dining room
    Room for family and friends to gather

  29. Flo LeFevre

    5 things I love in my home
    -Crisp, clean, white plantation shutters in every room. No curtains.
    -Quartzite on my kitchen counter tops. White with shades of blue and a little green in the background.
    -Beautiful glass backsplash the color of the ocean with different shades of aqua and blue.
    -large cracked glass dining room table The color of Seaglass, that seats eight.
    -My large, corner desk in my office. White wood, three lateral files +2 drawers. Very well organized and very useful.

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