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Returning Home + Let’s Text!

by | Jan 23, 2020 | Decorating Inspiration, Dwelling Well Journal, My Books, My Life

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Returning Home + Let's Text!

Getting away with my husband to Hawaii was really good for the soul. Good for MY soul especially. This trip was so peaceful. We spent a lot of time in nature, walking through botanical gardens, by the ocean, and stayed at two bed and breakfasts that were literally in the most serene rainforest settings you can imagine.

Leaving my home doesn’t always feel like a need to me, since I’m SUCH a homebody, but I guess it’s kind of like they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Getting away is good. Returning home is just as good.

I wrote in Dwelling about a season when I felt what I could only describe as “homesick” yet I was at home! What I was feeling, I think, was the desire to reconnect, to find more joy in the daily rhythms of tending to my own home.

In fact, I’ve had many times in recent years when I felt a “disconnect” from my home, even though I WAS home. Anyone else ever feel that way?

Returning Home + Let's Text!

Maybe the disconnect we sense at those times is that we just aren’t feeling inspired, nurtured or welcomed by our own surroundings. Maybe we aren’t investing our heart into our home. Or perhaps it’s a form of burnout from scrolling through zillions of “other people’s perfect homes or projects” that don’t bring us joy.

But when we feel that way, whatever the disconnect is, I think the solution is often simply to “return home.” Return our hearts, our thoughts and our actions to the things we love about being home. Set the mood. Make yourself feel at home.

What do you love about being home? Make a list of what inspires you, what brings you a sense of well-being. Then include those things into your daily rituals.

I’m so happy to be returning home in every sense. Even though I actually felt a little disconnected from my home when I returned from Hawaii, I realized it was likely because I needed to establish new daily rituals. After a couple of months distracted by holidays and thyroid issues and then our vacation, I needed some new home-routines to feel grounded again!

You know what? It’s OK to set up new daily routines, they don’t have to be the same ones you had last fall or ones you have to keep all year even. What will inspire you now? Create new routines for the new year, or even just for the winter! That’s what I’m working on in my own home right now. My winter routines.

Remember my 4 Daily Routines for a “Clean Enough” House?

That’s one thing I love about my Dwelling Well journal, it’s giving me some framework to help refocus me on my goals for this year and to establish healthy rhythms and routines.

Returning Home + Let's Text!

I’lll share more on my new home-rhythms soon here on the blog. And of course, you can follow me in my Instagram stories to see some of my day-to-day happenings as I share them….and of course, join our new Facebook community if you want to share your home with the sweetest community, too! I absolutely love this new community and I know you will, too.

But speaking of kindred spirits and connection, I know many of you said you wished we had a better way to connect, one that didn’t involve social media or all the downsides of that. I TOTALLY GET IT!

Do you want to chat about home and life over text like besties do?

Returning Home + Let's Text!

I’ve texted with members of my Dwell Well Collective community over the past two years. It’s so simple! I love sharing inspiration and connecting with people directly on text because it is not overwhelming, and communication isn’t controlled or restricted by all the crazy social algorithms or agendas.

It’s neat to be able to just send updates on life and home like real friends do.

While I was away in Hawaii I realized that might be the solution for my TIR friends, too. Why haven’t I just given you my number yet? I love continuing to share on the blog and of course I share on social, but how much more “in the moment” and real it would be to just send you a text when inspiration strikes! And to get one back from you! I like the sound of that. Inspiring each other. Encouraging each other. If you do, too, let’s exchange numbers! WHY NOT?

It feels like a return to what real community is like! Real friendships. Real homemaking. There’s so much noise on the internet, and honestly, sometimes social media is not my favorite. Even though I’m an “influencer” I have to be intentional about using it in a healthy way and limiting the time I spend there. So I’m excited to personally connect with more of you this year BEYOND social media. Just like real friends.

Text me HELLO at 814-264-4663 (814-264-HOME) and add me to your contacts!

You’ll get one automated text to confirm your name, and then I’ll be able to text you, right from my home to yours!

(PS. If you’re part of my Dwell Well Collective, you’ll still need to text this number to get these texts as I use a different number for The Inspired Room!).

Can’t wait to chat!


  1. Kerry Fountain

    I absolutely LOVE your willingness to connect on such a personal level!
    Thank You for all you do.

  2. Kristen

    This is amazing! Thank you!

  3. Rebekka

    My morning routine is so important to me. I love waking up to familiar sounds and smells.

  4. Kim

    So I recently started an Instagram account. I’m in my 50s and I think I’m regretting it! I love looking at pretty homes and there are so many terrific designers out there. I find myself comparing my home to these beautiful homes and feel that “disconnect” I think you may be talking about. I get great inspiration from these pics, but I don’t like looking around my home feeling like I could do better. When I’m scrolling sometimes, I’ll think about your beautiful home. So cozy and pretty and reminds me of mine in a lot of ways. Most of the pics I look at are pretty, but not cozy and homey looking. You’ve been such a big inspiration to me. You are just relatable and I love your style. I just may text you sometime. Lol

  5. Dani

    Love your style and the fact that you’re in my own backyard! Not to mention dog lover👊🏻

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