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Daily Dose of Joy: Happy Cinnamon Latte Art

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Decorating Inspiration

Daily Dose of Joy: Happy Cinnamon Latte Art

While this season is bringing its share of stress for all of us, the quarantine life is also providing the space and opportunity to find more delight in simple pleasures. Want a creative way to bring a little more fun to your mornings at home? Sprinkle some cinnamon in happy shapes to your morning latte! We are not professional latte artists at our house by any stretch (obviously, hahahaha!) but we have fun with this little tradition anyway.

I started adding hearts or smiley faces with cinnamon to the foamed oat milk on coffees I made for my kids (adult kids) just as a way to show them I love them. I used to draw on their napkins as kids and make their meals into shapes, so why stop now?

Courtney (my middle daughter) started sharing her own latte art attempts on her Instagram stories and they always make me laugh.

Maybe your kids would enjoy making cinnamon faces on their milk or hot chocolate or toast!

Simple pleasures and laughter are so needed right now.

I use this stovetop espresso maker for our coffee, this milk frother to heat and froth up the oat milk (we like Oatly!), and then just sprinkle on the cinnamon by hand.

Daily Dose of Joy: Happy Cinnamon Latte Art
Daily Dose of Joy: Happy Cinnamon Latte Art
Daily Dose of Joy: Happy Cinnamon Latte Art

Maybe someday we’ll take real latte art lessons. Even better, being confined to our home (our state has mandatory stay-at-home orders, but we are all well!) might be a good excuse to teach ourselves a few new skills!

What fun traditions do you have at your home that can bring some joy to these days?

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  1. Franki Parde

    Currently, coffee in bed!! When the kids were home & hubs working, I wrote notes or sillies on their napkins. Once I was running late & my 10 yrs old son threw my lunch in a bag…opened it & a Lego w/ smiley face greeted me wrapped in my napkin!! franki

  2. Nicole

    So pretty!

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