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Spring Decorating + Home Style Saturdays

Hey friend! How are you? We’re doing well here. Seattle just extended their stay-at-home order through at least May 4th, so we are just going to get used to our “new normal” and make the most of it!

I ordered some lettuce plants for our little garden barrels, so we’ll be planting this weekend! Ordering groceries and vegetables is quite a process these days so the more we can eat from our own garden the better.

What’s life like in your neck of the woods right now? Tell me where you’re from and what’s happening in your area, I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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Spring Decorating + Home Style Saturdays

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Spring Decorating + Home Style Saturdays

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Spring Decorating + Home Style Saturdays

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  1. Betty in Arlington

    Good morning! Just got over Covid19 and cant even vacuum…used wood floor cleaner and it wiped me out for the day! Maybe later! Friends in hospital here…stay at home order til June 10…no school for children rest of the year. Looking at me home and changes are needed…maybe new pillow covers, mantle refresh, all in God’s time. Any ideas for simple refresh?

  2. susan maclean

    Lockdown extended? Horrible, but a good thing. Like me, ou have a garden, so lots to do, and also another “room” to move round in. I am not watching the news on TV, just picking up headlines on the internet every morning – because watching it does my head in. It’s hospital staff I feel for – the UK is the same as the US. Some areas already overloaded, some hardly touched so far, so every Thursday night at 8.00pm we are outside the house clapping or pot-banging for the NHS.

    Bless every bloomin’ one of them wherever in the world they are.

  3. Joann Iriarte

    Hello Friend! Peace be with you. You have a beautiful view out your kitchen window. My husband and I completed a move to our new ‘forever’ home on Grosse Ile, Michigan, right before the lock down was issued by Governor Whitmer. The island is in the Detroit River, what is known as the Downriver area of Wayne County. I’ve christened our home “Sanctuary”. It’s a farmhouse colonial, wood floors throughout and pine board panels in various rooms and a 1955 kitchen with red countertops trimmed in metal! I look to your blog for inspiration, knowledge and beauty. Today’s post is spot! Thank You!
    I believe, for most of us, we are being kind, considerate and caring towards each other through this trial.

  4. Michelle

    We’re a retired couple in NC for the past 6 years now. Love the friendly area & forgiving climate; but life is completely different. Everything is closed (as the rest of you are experiencing); but pharmacies; etc. I’m looking forward to now planting flowers in pots around our cute home & remove the wonderful pansies that still look great since last Fall. Being outside helps so much. Our new great grand baby was born yesterday; & we cannot touch her; & our daughter tears up from same orders. One day at a time. Stay safe

  5. Kathleen

    Living in Woodstock, Ga in a rural area. On lockdown but do not really feel the effects yet. We live near horse, llamas, goats and sheep farms…It is a beautiful area… I am trying to use the time to go back in time as to writing cards to out of state friends and family that I cannot go to see..Actually using my recipe box to find recipes to cook that I have NOT in years…Working in the beautiful Outdoors…Painting nd changing some things…Rearranging and Cleaning…The birds are chirping outside my Kitchen window reminding me It Is Well With My soul….Love your books…..

  6. Deb Wostmann

    Close to your neck of the woods in Portland, OR. We are in stay at home until the end of April and I imagine the kids won’t go back to school this year. This isn’t all that different for us as my husband is retired and I’m a Realtor so we can accommodate staying at home.

    Hard to get use to not being able run out and grab things spur of the moment. Definitely, have to plan my groceries. Miss my book club and volunteering, but we all have to do our part.

    We have a beach house in Lincoln City so it’s helped that we can go there for a change of pace.

    Stay well!

  7. Terri

    Here in Arizona things are sunny and bright. Very few illnesses and the weather is great for individual outdoor activity. Seeing so many walking in the neighborhood. Dogs are loving it. Checking with my HOA, but lots of neighborhoods are restringing their Christmas lights for the month of April.

  8. Charlotte

    Hi Melissa, I’m just north of you, on the Sunshine Coast in B.C. Things are very quiet here. We’re in self isolation as we were out of the country when Covid19 hit. Then our son came home from university and we had to re-set our self isolation clocks back to zero. We’re now on Day 5 for the second time! We cannot go out at all until we hit Day 15. We’re healthy though and very thankful for that. This spring we had planned on extending our back deck and doing some landscaping in the front yard. All of which is on hold until we can get out to get materials. the meantime I’m enjoying my favourite bloggers’ posts like yours, hoping for inspiration but enjoying the process nevertheless! So many creative people! Keep up the great work. I love seeing your blog show up in my mailbox!


    Hello from Little Elm, Texas. We are a retired couple and trying to do our part with the Covid-19 pandemic. I am beginning to really miss having the opportunity to just hang out and visit my love ones. Everyday I am blessed to still be on this side of the dirt, I modify my “new normal” and find things to occupy my time that make me smile. I am thinking that today, I will find a pattern that I like and begin to make mask because of the new order everybody will need one. I already decorated our front with some Easter decorations hoping that it brings a smile to the faces of those that are out walking. Be safe and have a fantabulous day.

  10. Pam Good

    We live in a farmhouse in northern Illinois, and Covid-19 cases are increasing exponentially around us. We are looking forward to getting outside to garden as soon as it’s warm enough to plant. Our last frost date is May 15, so it will be a while until we can plant most things, but already we are enjoying seeing daffodils blooming and chives growing. Our cattle dog is keeping busy trying to herd her humans into the same room at all times, but we humans are contrary animals and require her diligent attention! Our son and grandchildren were here yesterday to plant potatoes, and it was wonderful to see them as we all kept safely at a far distance and shouted our conversation. Today, I am going to search through my craft supplies to see if I have any fabric for face masks.

  11. Greta

    Hi from Anna Maria Island, Florida! We are a huge family spring break area. Our city and also our Governor has stopped all rentals. We are unbelievably quiet here. Weather is great and we are trying to ride bikes and walk everyday. Beaches are closed except for residents. We just hope our friends and neighbors who own businesses can survive. Love your blog

  12. Bonnie Plowe

    This is such a great blog. I love today’s comments … full of hope and positive attitudes while self isolating. My husband and I are in Kamloops BC Canada and waiting for the sunshine to warm the soil to work outside. We live in a retirement neighborhood on Rivershore golf course so are able to get out and roam around w/o comprising anyone. Such a blessing – I miss my grand babies and children sooo much; and I really miss greeting folks w a hug. We r well and safe.

  13. Tracey Michelsen

    I am in New Zealand and we are 10 days into total lockdown. We can only go to supermarket, pharmacy and walks/ exercise outdoors locally .
    We can only order essentials online e.g foods or pharmacy products.
    My husband and I are enjoying the slower pace to be honest and are definitely getting all those little jobs you always mean to get to ‘one day’ and I have gone round my home repurposing items which has given me a lot of satisfaction.
    Painted numerous items and given them a new life.
    I must say I am enjoying how most Instagramers are having more in their stories and look forward to your one every morning. Thank you

  14. Vicki Delsignore

    I love your blog it has seriously helped my sanity. I live in upstate New York and and living a moral dilemma with what is best for upstate and what is happening in New York City. Our governor, Andrew Coumo, sent the national guard in and cleaned out our local hardware stores of cleaning supplies, masks and gloves several
    weeks ago. This week he issued an executive order to seize respirators from upstate hospitals. I fear for the cities residents but at the same time fear for for the upstate residents when we are hit. I have to believe that all will work out for the best but these are very scary times.

  15. Barbara Olson

    Hi There! I’m in Santa Clara County, CA, a very hard-hit area. My husband and I are both retired, so we started sheltering-in-place in February. It’s gone well so far; been staying connected with friends online, and cooking all healthy meals. We’re making a change this week, though, as we haven’t really started any of the organizing projects we had planned. Must get to it! By the way, if you have Instacart grocery delivery in your area, I’ve discovered that the secret to getting a delivery time is to have your cart filled early, then search for a time slot in the wee hours of the morning. So excited our supplies are being refreshed on Friday morning! Good luck to all, I hope we all stay safe ❤️

  16. Rose

    Hi, in the Phoenix area we have been sheltering in place. We are retired so being home is ok. Once in a while we take a car ride just to get out. But weather is nice and I have yard to watch birds. Cooking large batches of soup and things that will make lots of leftovers. We are doing our best to stay safe, and we hope everyone is doing the same. Thank you for all the wonderfully inspiring decor and recipes

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