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Self Care: Garden Puttering

This weekend I puttered around in my garden. I have been committed to using my Dwelling Well journal to keep myself focused on what fills my soul. It’s been helpful to form new little self-care wellness rituals, make lists of positive things I can do, ponder and think about. Hopeful things. That’s what fills me right now.

Self Care: Garden Puttering

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While I was outside enjoying a little sunshine on my face, I stopped to listen to the waterfall in our neighbor’s yard and the birds chirping in the trees. The birds have no idea what’s going on in the world. They don’t seem to worry much. They just sing, tending to their little nests and caring for their babies.

Self Care: Garden Puttering

I wandered around the yard for a bit longer, reminding myself of all the plants that are about to bloom. I’m especially excited for the lilacs, hydrangeas and peonies. I thought about what vegetables we should plant in our garden. Little things to look forward to definitely give a sense of hope!

Self Care: Garden Puttering

Before I came back inside, I cut a few fresh blooms. Here’s where I must confess: the day wasn’t all sunshine and flowers. I stepped in some dog poo as I reached over my head to clip a pretty pink camellia from a high branch. Oh, no you don’t. No poo is going to bring me down today. I tossed the shoe with the poo aside and continued on into the house unfazed. I brought the flowers in the kitchen and arranged most of them in one of my favorite little pitchers. So pretty! Then I put together a bouquet of flowers for my simple spring bunny centerpiece.

Puttering in the garden was rather theuraPOOtic, you might say. But even so, time in the garden always does my soul good. :)

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” – Henri Matisse

Self Care: Garden Puttering

What could you do for a little self care today?

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  1. Franki Parde

    Thank goodness for camellias… ours have bloomed over 2 months… such pleasure!! franki

  2. Dr.Amrita

    Garden puttering always makes my day too.Strange times nowadays .Its teaching us patience.

  3. Jeannie

    I wear my Sloggers when doing anything in the yard. They are easily hosed off if I happen to step in poo! I highly recommend!

  4. Linda Grubbs

    I can’t grow camellias in KS..but I remember and loved them when I lived in CA. My garden happiness is coming from my daffodils these days. I snip a couple every few days and ring them indoors…they make me feel that all is right with the world. (at least in my garden😊)
    By the way, it’s always fun to see Jacks sweet face.

  5. Cheryl

    No flowers here (yet) in New England. However, I did enjoy yours.

    I did my nails a pretty pink today. It was a self-manicure, of course. Not the best either, but it will do.

    I also spent time making chili for dinner, corn bread will be made in a little while. I also made banana bread with ripened bananas. Yummy. I love to work in the kitchen.

  6. Elaine

    Cleaning the house. I never really want to do it, but it makes me feel so much brighter! I have cut azaleas from my yard on my table and one lone rose in a small bowl on the bar. Love blooms in my home!!

  7. Maria

    I love this post, thank you so much for the reminder. There is so much stress and worry in the world right now. There is SO much beauty, too. The birds are truly amazing me right now, too. I love knowing that they’re singing everywhere. The other morning, we opened our windows and they sung from the tree in our front yard from morning until it got dark. They were relentless. Relentless in their joy. So much to say! So much to sing about! They were loud with their joy. It filled me up. :-)

  8. Kathleen

    No flowers in my neck of the woods, I am in Canada but the bulbs are sprouting and there are signs of spring. I am so thankful right now to have a garden space to putter in, I can forget all the other stuff for a while.

  9. Fran Marie

    Northeast still cold and rainy. It was sunny today, though. I was able to get outside and clear out the garden and yard of debris. It definitely lifted my bad mood.

  10. Marni Nixon

    Our azaleas down here have never looked so beautiful! It seems like it reminding me of the lilies that neither labor or spin,yet I tell you that even Solomon and all his splendor was not dressed like them!

  11. Cecilia from Georgia

    I just popped in from Lori’s Home style Saturday and find your blog to be fun and extremely helpful with your lovely home decor. I love the quote by Henri Matisse and I’m putting it in my favorite quotes journal! I don’t know if I shared an IG group with you that is #thatdoodsquad, it is so cute. You could have your own squad with all your adorable doodles.! I’m going to start following you so that I can enjoy more of your uplifting spirit. Stay safe!

  12. Laurie T

    Love your posts as usual Melissa! And I love the birds also…reminds me of God’s love for us and that even the birds don’t worry about what they will wear or eat, all the more a reminder that we don’t have to worry either. :) We have buds on the trees here in Michigan but nothing is blooming quite yet! But it’s right around the corner. I’ve been filling my days with LOTS of long walks, many with good friends (6 ft away of course) I’m averaging over 11,000 steps per day so that alone has helped with any anxiety. The sunshine also helps immensely. Only a few more weeks and the stay at home order should be lifted…I pray people remember this time and try to slow down life a bit. Remember what’s really important and that we’re here for just a short while.

  13. Sharon

    Do you have a source for your door?

  14. Julie | Home On The Hill

    LOL – We have 3 Groodles (Goldendoodles) so lots of opportunity to step in it, but luckily it’s spread around as we have a farm & our house yard is about an acre. It’s Autumn here in Australia & the days are crisp in the morning but sunny & the roses in my hedged garden (no dogs allowed in there so poop free) are looking beautiful, the hydrangeas are fading but now the sasanqua camelias are stepping up to fill the void. Our alpacas are having babies who are discovering the world for the first time & as you say life goes on oblivious to what we consider normal – being outside during this strange time really does help you feel grounded. :)

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