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Happy Gifts to Inspire More Joy in Your Home

by | Nov 27, 2020 | Christmas, Christmas Decorating, Decorating Inspiration

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Happy Gifts to Inspire More Joy in Your Home

Remember, friend, in spite of the crazy things going on in the world right now, JOY ISN’T CANCELLED!

Here is a list of ways to inspire more happiness in your home and plenty of gifts that will bring joy to the people you love!

Give games and plan activities that inspire joy and create fun family memories!

  • Gift card to local coffee shop / ice cream / restaurant and a date on the calendar to enjoy time together!
  • Gifts to inspire a new hobby or make a gift certificate to enjoy a new family activity!
    (learn to make a pie together (give a pie plate!), a cast iron Dutch oven — learn to make sourdough or make cozy winter soups, take an online painting course — give a pack of art canvases)

Give plants to infuse joy and the power of nature into your home!

Happy Gifts to Inspire More Joy in Your Home
Holiday Starter Bundle (grab this and get an extra free gift from me!)

This is a wonderful limited time holiday starter bundle for you and your loved ones. I highly recommend these oils and gift set.

The Holiday Starter Bundle contains all the wintery essentials you need: the Sweet Aroma Diffuser, 9 top-selling oils, and our coveted Thieves Waterless Hand Sanitizer, all conveniently packaged in a chic leopard print zippered carrying case.

You will ALSO receive my FREE welcome gift if you purchase this starter bundle or any others by 11/30! Details here!

Happy Gifts to Inspire More Joy in Your Home

Give books, they improve emotional well-being!

  • As much as we love real books, we also enjoy reading books on our Kindles. We always take them with us when traveling to save space and make it easy to get new books on the go.
  • Don’t forget, all of my books make great gifts too! You can get them here or your favorite retailer. Find details about each book here!


The eBook versions of my books Dwelling, and But Where Do I Put the Couch? are both on a huge SALE between November 24 – January 5th!

The eBook of Dwelling is normally $14.99 and marked down to $3.99.

The eBook of But Where Do I Put the Couch? is normally $27.99 and is marked down to $4.99.

You can order either of those at your favorite ebook retailer!

Happy Gifts to Inspire More Joy in Your Home

Give simple joys.

A puppy would bring a lot of joy this year, yes? But if puppies aren’t on your gift list, here are some other simple ideas to consider:

  • My family has a long time love for cozy plush duvet slippers. Click here for similar ones.

We have lots of hand-selected gift guides for all of your holiday shopping! Click here for wonderful gift ideas for everyone!


  1. Sherri Tuck

    Just found you and your book/blog a couple of days ago. I’m so looking forward to reading your posts and finishing Love the Home You Have! Grateful to have learned over the past few months how truly important Christian fellowship is in my life. Before Covid, I just took fellowship at church for granted.

    • Harriet

      I’m a long time subscriber and have several of your books. I live in a funky old house in Lake Oswego and previously lived in Seattle for ten years so we have a little in common. I’m grateful that my health is improving after being diagnosed with cancer. Cancer treatment during a pandemic is no fun, but I’m handling it with as much grace and strength as I can.

      • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

        Hi Harriet! I’m so sorry you’ve been dealing with cancer in this already tough season, but so glad to hear your health is improving! Take care. PS. I miss living in LO!

  2. Liz

    Thank you for all the lovely inspiration you bring my way. As a retired military family now your book “Love The Home You have” always helped me make my home wherever I was – even overseas! It is dog-eared and coffee stained and still lovely to me. I am also truly grateful for my 87 year old mother who I have not been able to visit since Pandemic began. She continues to be encouraging, loving, gentle, kind and filled with words of wisdom that touch me every single time I speak with her.

  3. mary waggoner

    I am a huge fan, loving all the posts! Grateful today for my brother,Paul. Paul loves my children like his own. He is the “fun” uncle! He is the one who taught them how to build snowmen, how to have snowball fights. He made sure they got to experience fireworks and how to do it safely. He played tag, kickball, and baseball. Paul took them on trips to the mountains for skiing and hiking. He was there for me, a single mom. He now enjoys my grandchildren along with his own. I am grateful beyond measure!

  4. Terri C

    Thanks for the great gift ideas! I’ve been a subscriber for several years now, and always love your posts & creative ideas :)

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