DIY Terrarium Diffuser

DIY Terrarium Diffuser

Tending to a garden is a calming, therapeutic experience. I’ve often said that I almost like gardening more than I like decorating! Today I’ll show you how to make an easy succulent terrarium diffuser garden.

DIY Terrarium Diffuser

Planting a garden for health, stress-relief and self-care is one of the practical suggestions I shared in my new book, Dwelling. Creating gardens has been so good for my own well-being over the years, whether it was a miniature version or a full-sized one!

DIY Terrarium Diffuser

My girls and I got inspired this weekend to make little terrarium gardens. Not only is a miniature garden a therapeutic project anyone can do alone, it can be a really fun party or family activity.

DIY Terrarium Diffuser

You might remember that I’ve made other terrariums or miniature gardens in years past. They are just so simple to make, especially if you let go of perfection and just enjoy getting creative.

Here is how to make a terrarium diffuser garden!

DIY Terrarium Diffuser
  1. Gather your supplies.

    We stopped into our local garden center over the weekend and picked up some sweet succulents and air plants. We already had a couple of little containers at home–you can use just about any vessel (you might even remember the times when I made a garden in a teacup or coffee mug!).
DIY Terrarium Diffuser

For this project we used one small glass terrarium-style container for our air plants and then a small brass lantern for our terrarium diffuser garden. (This glass one is similar, or you’ll find other similar sources at the end of this post!) Each container has a little potted soil mix, some rocks, moss and plants.

DIY Terrarium Diffuser
DIY Terrarium Diffuser

2. It’s time to plant!

Put some little rocks in the bottom of your vessel for drainage and then cover them with potting mix. To get the plants into a small vessel, you can just remove some of the dirt around the roots so it will fit in better. Pat down the soil around the plants once they are in the vessel, and add more soil as needed. Cover the soil with small rocks and add some moss. You can also add a decorative stone, if desired!

DIY Terrarium Diffuser

I don’t use super precise instructions on how to plant or care for succulents, but usually they are pretty hardy! The key to keeping them alive seems to be to not overwater them. Even if the plants don’t make it very long, I still had fun making it!

DIY Terrarium Diffuser

3. Now add essential oils (optional).

It’s easy to turn your terrarium garden into a natural oil diffuser. Just add drops of essential oils to some moss! How neat is that? Now you can set your terrarium in your bathroom, by your bed, or on your desk so you can enjoy it.

As you inhale the scent of the oils, you’ll receive the health and mood-boosting benefits of your plant AND the essential oils!

I used about 5 drops of Peace & Calming oil in my terrarium and it smells amazing! Peace & Calming (and 11 other great oils plus an ultrasonic diffuser ) come in the essential oil starter kit I recommend. You can get the kit and oils with my link on this page.

Any of the oils from the kit would be wonderful in your succulent diffuser, too!

Peace & Calming
Stress Away
Citrus Fresh

I also love to diffuse Peace & Calming in my ultrasonic diffuser (which also comes in the essential oils kit) because it is the best way to get the health and emotional benefits of essential oils into your home. You add water and the diffuser breaks the oils into millions of particles and disperses them into the air!

DIY Terrarium Diffuser

Peace & Calming really helps Jack (our Goldendoodle) when he’s feeling anxious. Diffusing is a calming evening ritual for him (and me!).

DIY Terrarium Diffuser

It’s so important to use non-toxic scents in your home!

My girls and I are sending out our top secret divine smelling Anthropologie-inspired essential oil diffuser blends and recipes along with other goodies in a bundle for anyone who gets their essential oil kit with us this month! You can read more about that here!

DIY Terrarium Diffuser
DIY Terrarium Diffuser

DIY Terrarium Diffuser
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How to Have a Happier Home

Here are simple pick-me-ups for a happier you and a more cheerful home.

How to Have a Happier Home
Hallway Makeover Details

1. Clear the Clutter

Intentionally weed out the clutter so you’ll have more room to breathe! Too much stuff in a room stifles the joy in the every day experiences of life.

Start with a manageable goal to remove clutter. Do you want to open your clothes closet and feel happy, or stressed? Give away what you don’t want, so you can bring joy not only to yourself, but to someone else who may need what you have.

Line drawers with pretty shelf paper, invest in attractive baskets and organizers to organize your storage areas.

How to Have a Happier Home
Recent Post on The Inspired Room: Spark Joy with Your Decorating Style

2. Change the Scenery

Simple changes around the house can be so invigorating. Break out of your predictable design choices and try more boldly patterned artwork (like my new botanical art above!) or pillows for a refreshed look. Add new curtain panels to your windows to frame the view outside. Keep your blinds and shutters open during the day so you can enjoy the changes of the seasons.

How to Have a Happier Home

3. Gather with positive people

Think of simple ways you could bring more fun, positive people into your life. Invite your favorite neighbors to watch a TV series together once a week. Host a craft night for local moms. Invite friends to join you for a monthly Sunday brunch. An invitation to your home might boost someone else’s spirits, right along with your own.

Have fun with hospitality! Set the table with cheerful dishes and linens to set the mood for uplifting conversations.

In my new book Dwelling I wrote about the importance of gathering with people! Healthy relationships impact our well-being in positive ways.

How to Have a Happier Home

4. Calm The Daily Chaos

Lack of organization can leave you feeling stressed, tired and frustrated. A lack of planning can make your home feel chaotic, too! Time management and home organization will have a significant impact on the atmosphere in your home.

If you struggle with organization and creating daily routines, my book Make Room for What You Love will inspire you to form new habits, calm the chaos and create more order in your home.

How to Have a Happier Home

5. Incorporate Real Plants to Bring Cheer

Not only do real plants help purify the air, but they bring a spa-like serenity to the home. Use plants in your decor! Set them on plant stands, or put them in baskets and hanging pots around your home. I often use these wood dip-dyed stools as plant stands!

Instead of artificial ingredients that can negatively impact your health and well-being, stick with real plants and quality essential oils that will refresh the air in your home and boost your mood at the same time (I recommend this kit!).

How to Have a Happier Home
Similar Floral Notebook

6. Design a Happy Atmosphere

In order to be happier at home, we need to intentionally invest in a happy place be. Insist the mood of your home be more fun and less serious. Play music that uplifts everyone’s spirits. Dance in the kitchen while you wash dishes. Set a notebook on the counter to make lists of your family’s happiest or funniest moments.

How to Have a Happier Home
Free Printable Quote Art

7. Find More Joy

A sure way to find more happiness at home (and in life) is to put it in plain view! Find creative ways to keep yourself focused on what is good around you. Surround yourself with positive reminders. Hang inspirational quotes on your wall, set favorite family photos on your dresser, or add things that make you smile in unexpected places.

You can download the quote above (from my book The Inspired Room) as free printable artwork right here!

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How to Have a Happier Home

How to Have a Happier Home

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