How to Make Your House Smell Like Anthropologie


How to Make Your House Smell Like Anthropologie
I wanted my house to smell like Anthropologie.

I know. I sound obsessed. I’m OK with that.

I want to LOVE being in my home as much as I love being in an Anthropologie store.

And a lot of that experience is how delicious it smells in Anthropologie. The scent makes you want to linger. To relax and stay awhile.

How to Make Your House Smell Like Anthropologie
So, how do you make your house smell like Anthro? Back when I first wrote this post, I bought a candle. The scent you’ll find in Anthropologie is Volcano. But now that I no longer use synthetic scents in my home, I’ve figured out how to duplicate this amazing scent but with my essential oils. It’s good ya’ll.

Anthropologie describes their scent as smelling of tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons, and limes, redolent with lightly exotic mountain greens. YUM. That’s what I’m talking about.

If you’d like to learn how to make your home smell like Anthropologie, without synthetic scents I’m happy to help! I definitely recommend you begin this journey to ditch toxins by getting a starter kit of 11 essential oils and a diffuser. It even comes with a free concentrate to make a bottle of Thieves plant-based cleaner, the only cleaning product you’ll need!

This kit is going to change your world in all the best ways. You’ll never go back to toxic stuff again. I LOVE Young Living essential oils, after four years, I can say for certain that my life was completely transformed by getting a hold of this kit!

How to Make Your House Smell Like Anthropologie

How to Make Your House Smell Like Anthropologie


Order Essential Oils and Diffusers here. You can make your home smell like a dream, but even better, you’ll begin to discover what it feels like when you ditch toxins. Once you get your kit, you’ll be invited into our private educational group where we learn and swap fun recipes.  Join us!

How to Make Your House Smell Like Anthropologie


  1. It has been my fave candle for YEARS! Can;t beat it!

  2. Giselle says:

    I started with Volcano two months ago and I am quite satisfied with it. I haven’t even think of buying another one to replace it.

  3. Favourite candle at the moment is LIBRARY by Elizabeth Barrett Browning which smells of Jasmine, tuberose and lily of the Valley. Also love Lothantique’s VERBENA.

  4. “A busines investment.” I laughed out loud at that one!! I’ve not smelled that candle, but will “sniff” it the next time I am in there. Somewhere buried on my Pinterest boards (I think in “good ideas”) is a link to how to make your home smell like Williams-Sonoma. I guess shopping is such a pleasurable experience we want to enjoy it again through smell. Not a bad idea at all.

  5. I never noticed the smell, how strange. In all fairness there is so much eye candy, it’s a sensory overload! Enjoy, have a fabulous day!

  6. Melissa,
    I am smiling in NJ! I tried to explain this to Thomas the last time we left Anthropology. The conversation went something like this —
    Me: I love that shop; the way it looks; the way it smells.
    Thomas: Smells? I didn’t smell anything.
    Me: :/
    Thank you for sharing. I know what I want for Mother’s Day!
    My home is always filled with the fragrance of Yankee’s Sage & Citrus. A light, clean, fresh scent.
    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  7. Totally agree! I find myself in Anthro, crawling over displays so that I can sniff whatever candle is burning and see which one it is :)

  8. Yes! We have a few Volcano candles around the house! Love them! I almost went with the Mango for the summer….but just couldn’t part with Volcano. :)

  9. I am obsessed with their candles and just laughed and had to comment when I saw your post this morning. I LOVE their Aloha Orchid and have it going all of the time. It really helps me to believe I live in Anthropologie and not in a house with stray underwear on the floor.

  10. LOVE. Anthropologie! I want my house to smell like it too. Ordering candle now. Sounds lovely. I have my eye on a diver cover that I would love. Thanks for posting Melissa! Oh by the way my mom just loves keeping up with Jack and his adventures. Keep them coming : )

  11. I want one! Too bad the closest Anthros are over an hour from me. I will have to remember to get a candle next time I’m at one!

  12. Martine says:

    I feel the same about the Starbucks/Chapters book stores smell. I could stay forever, books and coffee. I need to find a Starbucks scented candle.

  13. Hi Melissa,
    There used to be a store in California called Backstreet. They carried clothing and accessories for women. The “fragrance” of that store did what Anthro does for you. It was a fairly spicy scent by Claire Burke, I can’t remember the name of it but I purchased the soaps, room spray and drawer liner. I still have fond memories of that. My favorite candle is Votivo Red Currant. But just about any scented candle makes my heart sing.

  14. My daughter and I have purchased and loved “Volcano” for a long time. Just one of the best fragrances! Another favorite is Votivo’s “Tuscan Olive” ~ excellent for fall and winter. I do have different fragrance choices for the seasons….do you? :-)


  15. Home or counseling office? It’s gotta be vanilla {Yankee Candle always wins, hands down!}

    Think stress relief!

  16. I really like to make my house smell like some of my favorite stores. However I find that after a day or two, I’m no longer able to smell it. It’s like my nose gets so used to it, it blocks it off. After being away for a couple of hours I “find out” that the house still holds the fragrance … does it happen to you too? any suggestions on how to overcome that “fragrance blockage” or smell numbness?

  17. I am obsessed with that candle too!!! I have about 3 jars (bought when they went on sale in January). I bought my sister one as a gift and she loves it too!!

  18. Sarah Delzer says:

    I just bought the Mandarin Mango Capri Blue Candle it smells so much like summer I can’t even stand it :)

  19. i big time love the volcano candle from anthro. i, too, bought it. i just want to move into the store. do you think they’d let us?

  20. i completely agree that candles are TOTALLY a ‘business expense!!’ :)

  21. Over a year ago, I too, went on that quest to make my home smell like Anthro – too funny! :) And I asked for the same candle for xmas this year to ensure I didn’t run out of that little slice of heaven! Have a great weekend…

  22. Sooo I stumbled upon this blog while exploring my love for the Capri Blue Volcano candles in hopes of finding a perfume! I thought you would appreciate my findings. THEY HAVE A ROOM SPRAY!!! Even better than that… I bought 2 bottles on amazon for the price of once candle at Anthropologie! Yeah, thankfully I do not have sensitive skin because I will be spraying every item of clothing I own with this. (Not recommended to people who have sensitive skin). I could not contain my excitement and knew you would appreciate my obsession.

  23. Thank you so much for the DYI!!!!! I love Antro and that candle does smell heavenly.

  24. Was the recipe posted? If not, could you share?

    Thank you!!

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