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{Bitter} Sweet Escape: Brides & Butterfly Kisses

by | Apr 25, 2008 | Sweet Escape

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{Bitter} Sweet Escape: Brides & Butterfly Kisses


Sometimes life is bittersweet. I don’t know how many of you cry your eyes out when you hear the song Butterfly Kisses, but I do. Maybe I’m overly sentimental, but I cry about this song as much as I cry over Father of the Bride movies. I’m a daughter, of course, but I am also the mom of two daughters. I would put the video here but it is restricted, so if you want to cry along with me (come on, I know some of you want to…), you can click here. Go ahead, I’ll wait…I’m listening to it myself right now, and tears are already falling in my keyboard.

When I hear “Butterfly Kisses” I shut my eyes and memories of my beautiful little girls run through my mind…

As I drop to my knees by her bed at night
She talks to Jesus and I close my eyes
And I thank God for all of the joy in my life
Oh, but most of all for…

Butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer
Stickin’ little white flowers all up in her hair
“Walk beside the pony Daddy, it’s my first ride
I know the cake looks funny Daddy but I sure tried”

It doesn’t matter if I am in an elevator, the grocery store or in the car, this song gets me every time. Big tears well up in my eyes, my lip starts quivering and my life as a mom flashes before my eyes… I see my little girls, their long eyelashes fluttering on mine as they kissed me goodnight, I see them giggling, riding ponies, dancing around in princess dresses, I can feel their chubby five year old arms wrapped tenderly around my neck, their soft cheek on my cheek, and suddenly in the blink of an eye they are 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, sweet sixteen…

Sweet sixteen today
And she’s lookin’ like her mamma a little more every day
One part woman, the other part girl
To perfume and make-up, from ribbons and curls
Trying her wings out in a great big world
But I remember…

Then comes the part of the song where I actually start wailing out loud…

She’ll change her name today
and she’ll make a promise and I’ll give her away
Standing in the bride room just staring at her
She asked me what I’m thinking and I said “I’m not sure,
I just feel like I’m losing my baby girl”
And she leaned over…and gave me…

Butterfly kisses with her mamma there
Stickin’ little white flowers all up in her hair
“Walk me down the aisle Daddy, it’s just about time
Does my wedding gown look pretty Daddy? Daddy don’t cry”

Right now, as I am listening to this part of the song, the words sink into my heart like never before because this August I will be seeing my little girl, my oldest daughter, walk down the aisle as (ok, choking back the big tears now) a beautiful bride.

{Bitter} Sweet Escape: Brides & Butterfly Kisses

There. I said it. My daughter is engaged. After four years of dating this young man, with our permission and blessing, he asked her to be his wife. Along with a beautiful ring, he presented her with the only flowers he has ever given her. He had told her when they started dating that he would only give flowers to the girl he was going to marry, and true to his commitment, the night he proposed he showered his bride-to-be with five dozen roses. He is a keeper.

She tried on wedding dresses last weekend (yes, I cried when they put a veil on her head) and as she stood up on the platform, some ladies gathered around her in awe, saying she looked just like a porcelain doll. She is a china doll. That was my baby up on the platform, wearing that veil, my first born, and I have to give her away. Life will change forever when she walks down that aisle. It will be bittersweet.

Truly, we are so happy for her, so proud of her, so pleased about her fiance and their plans. They are an amazing young couple. But I have to admit this is tough on her dad and me. Because we remember those butterfly kisses like they were only yesterday.

Stay tuned, I’m sure there will be more tears to come. But happy tears. Happy tears.

Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle

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  1. rosieswhimsy

    Congratulations to all!. Your post will bring tears to all our eyes… sweetly written. My first born got married last summer and now this summer I will be a Grandma. Oh the fun times ahead for us :-)

    Have fun helping her plan her big day…..and, don’t miss out on a single moment (oh, yeah, bring us along, too!).

    ((hugs)) Rosie

  2. Kathleen Grace

    Congratulations to your daughter:>) That song brings me to tears every time. There is something so sweet and dear about our little girls that there is always a part of me that wishes they had stayed little. But the great part is, once she is married you can hope and dream for another little girl to give her grandmother butterfly kisses. And, unless she is moving away with her husband (oh Lord, please no) you will still have her around to hang out with. It’s a tough time for us, but remember how happy you were when you began your life with your husband:>) That is what she get now too. Hard to not be happy about that! What fun you will have planning a wedding!

  3. all things bright and beautiful

    Oh Melissa – I have tears, oh I have tears.

    I haven’t had enough sleep.

    My daughters are only 10 months old and I have tears reading this.

    God bless you all and may he give you many beautiful more butterfly kisses again when you baby one day has babies. Hugs to you bug

    And most of all am deep in my heart relieved that you think this fellow is a keeper – there’d be more tears if you thought he wasn’t.

    hugs to you all


  4. Lisa

    OK, now I’m choked up. Congrats!!! What a wonderful and heartwarming post.

    I love that story about your future son-in-law waiting to give flowers to the girl he knows he’ll marry. Wow, how sweet is that?

    You sound so happy and I’m sure you’re right when you say more (happy) tears to come.

    I hope you document the experience with photos and share a few select ones with those of us who wish you and your family all the best!!!!

  5. Villa Anna

    Oh my Melissa, what wonderful news! You have almost brought me to tears also as I ponder the thought of my now 9 year old daughter someday taking that same path. It’s almost too much to bear at this point lol.

    I do pray though that my Sophie will find the love and happiness that clearly your deserving daughter has found.

    Congratulations to you all.

    Anna :)

  6. Alison Gibbs

    Oh how exciting.
    Look forward to hearing all about the wedding plans

  7. kara

    Oh my! Melissa thanks for sharing your daughter’s news with all of us. Darling post and I’m happy for you {& her} although I’m sure you can’t believe this time in your life {and hers} is already here. May you enjoy your summer with her —- you’ll be busy staring at Martha Stewart Weddings!!!

  8. melissa lewis - off the wall

    This is such a sweet and special post. I’m not a mom, but I can only imagine the proud/sad/happy/nostalgic/excited feelings you must have right now. Sounds like your daughter has found a wonderful man to walk the rest of her life with.

    I’m so excited for her and for you. Congrats on gaining a new son in law:)

  9. Kim

    Congrats Melissa! How exciting! I can only imagine how excited the happy couple are. Oh how our kids grow up so fast. I know how proud you must be. Sounds like your new son~in~law is a keeper. The whole flower story is a tear jerker. I look forward to hearing more about them.

    How fun! Melissa you get to help plan a wedding!

  10. Catherine

    Oh Melissa, Now I’m sitting her with tears running down my face remembering what you are going through. It’s hard to let go. My son will be moving into an apartment the end of the month and he’s my last to leave the nest. It’s just so hard, yet we are so proud. Have fun with the wedding and try not to do too much of the work yourself. I did this with my daughter’s wedding and missed out on a lot. That’ my one word of advice. Enjoy!

  11. the feathered nest

    He sounds like a wonderful guy! You have me tearing up too! There’s never enough time. They grow up so fast (and don’t I wish I could relive those toddler years when I was wishing she’d grow up so I could get some rest!). Definitely a bittersweet time!

    Congratulations and now you get to have the fun of helping to plan a wedding!


  12. Beck

    Melissa, I can totally relate to that song. I have had to pull over before as it played on the radio and I couldn’t see the road from the tears! It is a beautiful song and very meaningful. I had a friend walk down the aisle to it too.
    Well congratualtions to you momma! We’ll be sure to enjoy this next period with you as you prepare and cleave and love her all the more. Very exciting!

  13. Emily

    Do you know how to write a tear-jerker or what?!?!?

    Congratulations to all of you and many blessings for a long life of love and happiness for them together.

    I will never forget how much it meant to me when I announced at 19 that we were getting married and the abundance of love and support and happiness my parents showed us despite our youth.

    Enjoy planning for the big day! How wonderful!

  14. Polly

    Oh Melissa, I’m getting teary with you. It’s so hard watching them become more and more independant, even though that’s what we raise them to be: independant of us. Well, she’s sure to have the most beautiful wedding ever with you in charge! =) You can do this. Praise Him through it. Blessings.. Polly

  15. Melissa

    Thanks guys…I know you all will be such a great support through it all! :-) Thank you thank you thank you….

  16. MrsBranham

    Melissa- how exciting and beautiful! PLEASE post pictures of the wedding- I’m sure any event you help plan will be stunning!

    I’m sure it’s bittersweet, but soon you will have new things to look forward to- lunches with your grown up daughter, watching her discover more about God’s love through her relationship with her husband, OH and grandkids one day! I love how my relationship with my mom has grown deeper since I married my husband- she has become my very dear friend, and one of the few people from whom I trust every piece of advice.

    Good luck, and congratulations!

  17. Pat

    Hello Melissa

    What an exciting time for you! He sounds like a great guy! Congratulations!

    As you know, I gave away my eldest daughter, last November. Even though she was the last of my daughters to marry and 43 years old…I still cried. I kept thinking back to all those years she was growing up, that just simply seemed to fly by.

    I’m looking forward to hearing all about the plans. Have fun, along the way.


  18. Vee~A Haven for Vee

    Such sweet news! There, there, mom and dad, everything’s going to be great. When tempted to sing along with Bob, can it. ;>

    Congratulations and best wishes to the engaged couple!

  19. Lisa & Alfie

    Okay, so I’m bawling. Bittersweet is such an amazing word when you think of what it represents and how it expresses it just perfectly. The tears have just begun to flow but for the best reason ever! Congratulations to her and her beau.
    Lisa & Alfie ( who also says thanks for the bday note)

  20. Beverly

    Girl, not only am I sitting at my desk at work reading your blog, but now you have made me cry. It’s these very special moments and memories that you treasure that will continue the bond. But, I admit I will probably cry every time you post about this. I have such strong feelings about parents at their child’s wedding. I look at the pictures of me on my wedding day with my parents, and I so treasure those memories. My father has gone to be with God, and now I can’t even think about the father/daughter dance at any wedding. I just can’t even stay in the room because I am overcome with memories and find myself sobbing.

    But, one of the most special things happen when our children marry. Of course, we gain a new child to love. But, the best thing is those future grandchildren. I can’t even begin to describe how I adore mine. And, you get to see your own precious child being a wonderful parent. Then they know and share those same feelings you have.

    It just keeps getting better and better. I hope I haven’t made you cry more.

  21. Courtney

    what a sweet post. Congrats to you Melissa, and your daughter. I am sighing as I read this…my little girls are still in the Butterfly Kisses stage and I’m in denial that they will ever be old enough to get married. By the way…another song you have to hear that makes me sob in the very same way…Steven Curtis Chapman’s “Cinderella”. Oh my word, it gets me every time and it’s a similar idea to Butterfly Kisses.

  22. From my cherry heart

    That song brings me to tears every time too!

    This was a beautiful tribute to a parents love!

    Have a fun weekend,
    Hugz, Dolly

  23. Diana

    Great song – have a wonderful weekend!

  24. Melissa in Mel's World


    I am SO excited for you, your daughter, and your family. This guy sounds like a true gentleman!!!

    I know you must be sad, scared, nervous, all of the above…but what a beautiful blessing to have such a great guy added to your family!!!

    Happy, sad, scared…I can feel it in your post, but there is also some excitement…what a great new adventure for you and your family.

    Congratulations to you all!!!!

    Much Love,
    Melissa ;)

  25. JO

    I have a knot in my throat and tears in my eyes…. the way in which you wrote this post made me feel as if I was right there with you… CONGRATULATIONS!! TO THE HAPPY COUPLE and to mom and dad…. he certainly is a keeper …. I love the story of his never giving flowers until its to the girl he marries… oh my true love is such a beautiful thing…



  26. Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread

    Oh Melissa, you have a partner in tears with me! I wrote on this very subject on my blog this week(my little girl will become a bride in August too)… wonderful for your daughter to have such romantic thoughtful man propose to her. And to think of the song Butterfly Kisses. I could cry with you. What a special time. I look forward to hearing more about it all. ~Kathy

  27. charlotte lyons

    o, you are so right- it is thrilling and exciting and so bittersweet. Congratulations. She’s always yours- always, wherever she is. Lucky, lucky you to be the very first to love her.

  28. Dee

    Blessings & Congratulations on your new addition:)

  29. Alice

    You simply and utterly gave me chills and a huge lump in my throat! Congratulations to both you and your daughter. How bittersweet to see one of your own growing up and finding a life of her own. On one hand you want to say stop, stay young, stay here forever. The other hand…you want so much for them to grow into wonderful adults.

    I totally can relate to your post…my daughter moved back to California after we relocated to Utah. She is now on her own and I miss her everyday. We recently visited and my heart was full seeing her doing so well and being so happy.

    Congratulations again…I can’t wait to hear more and I do hope you will share photo’s along the way.

  30. Sue

    Warm congratulations dear heart. What a magical time this will be but oh how bittersweet as well.
    It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about how fast they grow up.
    I know we will all look forward to seeing and reading about the details! Weddings are such happy occasions!


  31. Debra W

    Be still, my heart, Melissa! Your BEAUTIFUL post has left me speechless, simply speechless.

    Mazel Tov(congratulations) to my BFF. Your daughter is so lucky to have you as her mother and that will never change. She will still need you in so many different ways. Hold her hand as you embark on this wonderful journey together, and then, on her wedding day in August, as you let go and present her to her husband, make sure that you rejoin hands with your own dear husband. The two of you have done an amazing job, together.

    Looking forward to hearing about all of the exciting details to come! Somehow I just know that this will be a fairytale wedding.

    I am SO happy for you.

    Love and BIG hugs,

  32. Debra W

    And that picture of your girls is absolutely precious! The one of your daughter wearing the veil with the price tags still on, lovely.


  33. Mrs. B

    Congratulation to all of you! I know it will be hard, but at the same time I bet you’ll have a great time helping her plan for the big day! Fortunately, I have a few years before I have to worry about giving away my oldest, but I know I’ll probably be a big bundle of tears when I do!

  34. Rhoda

    Awww, Melissa, congrats to your daughter and the whole family! I’m sure it is so hard, but be very thankful she found a good guy. I really think it’s not so bad to get married so young if you have your head on straight. It gets so much harder the older you get, the more baggage & jaded look at life we all have, so if she has found a keeper, then hurray for her!

    What an exciting year for you!


  35. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    Sweet Melissa, you really got me on this sweet and very loving post about your little china doll! Honestly, you don’t even look old enough to have a daughter who would be of the age to be married. You look like a youngster yourself. I am so happy to hear that her boyfriend proposed to her and with his heart as well. Beautiful~~~

    Congrats to your daughter, her fiance and especially to you and your family. This is how life should be ~ a mother who loves her daughter with all of her heart and sould ~ and who so eloquently displays her affection to all of us.



  36. Ruth Welter

    Congrats to your daughter Melissa…hope she and her love will be very happy together. I actually turn the radio off when that song comes on. LOL

  37. Jill

    I’ve been there. I stood in your shoes 3 years ago, and got a huge lump in my throat when my daughter came out of a dressing room in a certain wedding gown. It was so her, and of course we ordered it. It’s a bittersweet time for you now, but it really does become totally sweet again, especially when little ones start arriving. We’re expecting our second grandson in September, and I can’t wait to shower those little kisses on him! Congratulations to you!

  38. Christine

    AWWWWW!!!! That is soooo sweet! ack! I’m all choked up! seriously! I love hearing of young love and new couples!
    May your daughter and husband-to-be be blessed beyond measure..pressed down..shaken and over flowing!!!
    ((hugs to you mom))

  39. Penny

    How wonderful!! And yes, bittersweet too. I only have sons, so I know I can’t really truly imagine your feelings. It is great that you and your husband both love her fiance too…

    I do cry when I hear that song. Reminds me of my dad and me.

  40. accessoryalamode

    Congratulations to you and your daughter!! My daughters are only 7 and 2, but just thinking of them being all grown up brings tears to my eyes. But as you say, happy happy as she has found someone who sounds like will treat her special! Many Blessings, Deb :O)

  41. Donna at The Enchanted Cottage

    Oh my gosh, I have the biggest lump in my throat right now after reading your post… I can absolutely feel every emotion you wrote… My congratulations to the newly engaged couple (and I love the photos you posted)…Donna

  42. Melissa

    thank you, dear ones, for your sweet words! happy days ahead…

  43. Annechovie

    Congratulations, Melissa! I also feel for you, because, even though I don’t have any children yet, I know how hard that can be on a mom! have a great weekend.

  44. Irene

    Oh Melissa, that is just beyond words joyful! Many sweet blessings to your daughter , her groom and your family.

  45. dawn

    Thank you for such a beautiful post…Congratulations to you all!

  46. megan duerksen

    oh i can’t imagine how that feels!!
    what happy news that is.
    it’s a step you can’t avoid i guess. if i could i’d keep them as babies forever…about 9 months old. :) like small dogs.
    it will be so much fun to watch this year unfold. and then to watch her grow into her role as a wife.
    another phase…
    what a wonderful blessing from God.
    congrats to you all.

    p.s. birthday backwards just meant starting at the end of the day and working all the way backwards to friday before.

  47. Sally

    Congratulations!! I am also a mother of 2 girls and the biggest blubber puss around so yes you have reduced me to tears!!

  48. Christi from Charm & Grace

    Oh Melissa, you definitely got me with that one. I am with Courtney (above) who mentioned Steven Curtis Chapman’s “Cinderella”… and since my daughter has been a “Disney Princess” fanatic, it really gets me every time. I had forgotten about “Butterfly Kisses” but what a fantastic song. One for the ages, really. I am soooooo happy for you that the young man is someone you are happy about. I am sure that will make it all much easier (think how much harder it would be if you thought she were making a mistake!) But you will have to be our hero … those of us who have younger daughters, that is … because we will walk the same path someday. So, know that we’re cheering you on and waiting for any advice you want to throw our way!

    Prayers and a big hug,


  49. sandy

    Melissa – a heartfelt congratulations to you and your family. You will make a wonderful mother-in-law, too! No doubt.

    Very exciting times ahead …

  50. Vinita

    Congratulations to all of you. What a wonderful news to share with all your readers. Does it seem like yesterday when you walked down the aisle. The young man she is going to marry seems a real gentleman and a keeper.

    Good luck to both of them and a box of kleenex to you and your hubby.

  51. Jill from

    Congratulations your daughter’s engagement!!

    On my daughter’s first birthday, we had a small party for her at our city’s Butterfly Conservatory. She had so much fun running after the butterflies and the location also appealed to the older family members. Because of the birthday party theme, my husband and I gave her the book “Butterfly Kisses” and asked everyone who has at the party to sign it.

    Time has gone by so quickly. She is now a rambunctious four-year old. I can only imagine how quickly the rest of her childhood is going to go….I am going to give her an extra butterfly kiss tomorrow when she wakes up in the morning in honour of your post!!!!

  52. Mari-Nanci

    Dear Melissa, I didn’t have to listen to the song. I have tears in my eyes, just from reading your lovely words.

    I am so happy for your daughter and for you, even though you have to have tears. Yes, bitter sweet. And lovely. And a right of passage for a Mother. And all those things.

    Be soooo happy that you are happy with the young man. We all know that not all planned marriages bring happiness to the Mama. So if we have it, we should be doubly happy.

    Lots and lots of gentle hugs to you… Who will be a lovely Mother of The Bride too, I’m sure. Oh and please share with us, what you are planning to wear. The Bride is the star of that day, we know. But …. In this case…. ‘Tis the Bride’s Mama who is closest to our hearts. :-)))))

    {‘Breaking Dawn’ is coming in 96 days…}

  53. Mari-Nanci

    You commented on my blog, that you would like to turn off Word Verification but don’t know how to, on Word Press. I don’t see any Word Verification, so maybe you turned if off.

    But I have a blogger friend who is on Word Press. If you still have any problems, would you like me to ask her, if she’s willing to help you with them? I’d be glad to. In fact, I already asked Amy. {I’m am such a *quick one,* with some things. And so slow, with others.} ,-)

    If you’d like me to put you in contact with Amy, please say so in a comment in my blog. And I’ll do it, quick as a wink.

    Please don’t forget to share what the Mother of The Bride will be wearing. Yes, I’m going to *hound* you, on this! -giggles-

    {‘Breaking Dawn’ is coming in 96 days…}

  54. Jenn and Jacqui

    Dear Meli,

    We are overjoyed for you! Happy tears here in the Nest! You are such a wonderful Mom and you are going to be a wonderful Mother-in-law to that special young man! How exciting, bittersweet, I understand that :) But a whole new chapter will open up in your lives now. And she will ALWAYS be your baby :)

    Hugs and much love Melissa, we look forward to every single step!!

    Jenn and Jacqui

  55. Emily

    Best wishes to you and your daughter!!!

  56. Theresa

    Hi Melissa , Congratulations on your daughter’s engagement !
    I want to thank you for visiting my blog and for the warm welcome . Please visit often , I love company !
    I love your blog and it is going to be a keeper !

  57. Dawn-Hydrangea Home

    Congratulations Melissa! Such exciting news. I love that song too and can’t imagine the day my girls or my boys are ready to be married. But I have to say – you look way to young to have a daughter that’s getting married. What’s your secret?

  58. Joni Webb

    Congratulations! But please!!!! My baby is 17 and I’m not ready for this. sob.

    Have you ever heard the song Sunrise Sunset – from Fiddler on the Roof? omg – that one makes me heave –

    “i don’t remember growing older, when did they?””

    oooh. At least you’ll have grandbabies soon!!!!
    what a wonderful thought!

    I don’t know how your husband will make it down the aisle. That has to be the hardest thing for a daddy to do. at least the mother is busy with all the details of the day. Will you put up the engagement pictures? I’d love to see your daughter and fiance! And he does sound like a keeper.

    congratulations, my friend.

  59. Natasha Burns

    Oh Melissa, this is so precious! i haven’t heard that song before but I am getting teary listening to it.
    Your post is so beautiful and heart-felt. Keep us posted on the wedding progress, I am sure you will have more ‘moments’ like the one in the dress shop, I’d love to read about them xoxo

  60. Judy

    Melissa: Even though my “baby’s” being married 10 years (how can that be?), she’s still my baby and I still miss her! Although we don’t live far apart, talk every day, see each other 2-3 times a week, I still miss her! Right after she got married, I opened the refrigerator door one morning and there was her chocolate pudding cup on the door….I cried like a baby. BUT the wonderful thing is, she has grown to be an awesome woman, wife and mother and I’m so proud of her. Life goes on, just a little different, and wait for those grandchildren, there’s nothing like it! This past weekend at the beach, me, my baby Shannon, and HER baby Taylor (my heart) all slept in one big bed and that time was soooo sweet. I woke up with Taylor’s little hands on my face saying “MiMi wake up!”
    Congratulations on the engagement….now you have lots of things to get ready for, have fun with your “little girl” getting ready for the big event!!!


  61. Melissa

    Aw, thanks everyone for your sweet sentiments!!!! Wow, THANK YOU!!! YOU ARE ALL MY BFF! Thank you, I’m really touched by your comments….

  62. this is glamorous

    Congratulations, again, Melissa. So excited and happy for you!


  63. Barbara

    I understand exactly how you feel. I burst into tears when I saw my daughter in the first wedding dress that she tried on in the shop.

  64. Neutral Dwelling

    Where have I been??? Congrats! and may you have lots of Happy Tears!

  65. Barbara

    Congratulations! I’ve had such a harried weekend and I was saving your blog for when I had time to savor it. *sigh* I wish I had read it ealier.

    That was the song my dad picked for our dance when I got married in 1996, so I always tear up whenever I hear it.

    I hope the two of them are very happy together!

  66. A Fanciful Twist

    Oh sniffle sniffffffle!!! Congratulations to everyone!!! xoxoxo

  67. laissezfaire

    ohh melissa, this post really tugged at my heart and tears almost welled up as I imagine how it would be like when I give my little girl away one day….

  68. laissezfaire

    Congrats! Know we have never met, think your daughter is really lucky to have a mom like you! xoxoox

  69. julia

    Hello Dear Friend,
    i understand every word perfectly well, enjoy,treasure and relish every single emotion, moment and experience of this time. Will be thinking and praying for you during it all!
    love julia

  70. Becky K.

    This song has that effect on my husband, as well.

    I am so happy for you and for your family in that it sounds like the new “son” that you will get in August is a “keeper”.

    I love the significance he placed on the flowers.

    Becky K.

  71. Heather

    Congratulations to you all! How exciting! Hopefully you will include us in all of the planning – I am sure that if her taste is anything like yours every detail will be beautiful and simply perfect.

  72. Marilyn

    Congratulations! Our baby daughter b ecame engaged on Valentine’s Day. They have dated for about 9 years-through high school, college and graduate school. We are so looking forward to our second son in law.

  73. anindiansummer

    Such a joyous moment and such a lovely post Melissa! Congratulations and a huuge hug! :)

  74. marita

    happy celebrations to you all melissa!!
    a big celebration is coming along for you… ;)
    i’m sure you’re going to make a never-to-forget decor on your daughter’s wedding day!

  75. Paris Parfait

    Such wonderful news! Certainly an occasion to celebrate – and a bittersweet time to be mom, right? Happy for her, but hard to see your “baby” as a grown-up bride. Wishing a world of happiness to your daughter and her lucky fiance. xo

  76. Abby from The Blissful


    Such exciting news for your daughter and your family! Wow. I have to say it, though: you look WAAAAY too young to be the “mother of the bride”!!! :) I know it’s going to be a beautiful and special day and I hope you share all the great details leading up to it with us.

    Talk to you soon!


  77. Whitney

    wow. I just told my dad this weekend that my boyfriend of nearly 4 years and I want to get married this summer (in about 40 days or so… so we’re staying simple) and he wishes we would wait (i’m 19.) and says it’s too soon for me to grow up. I haven’t had the wedding dress experience, but I hope I do. Your story was beautiful, that is the song I picked for my dad and I to dance to.

  78. Nikki Colton

    WOW Melissa! You had me bawling over this post, and I don’t even have a daughter! Seriously, tears are running down my face and Jack probably thinks his mom is crazy right now! :)

    • Melissa

      :-) I understand completely. I bawled my way through living it and writing it too :-) And now, you got me crying reading it again. Ha!

  79. Faith

    This made me tear up! I have 3 daughters (and a son) and while my oldest is only 9 1/2, I know the next 10+ years are going to fly by and pretty soon she’ll be trying on dresses. sniff sniff.

  80. Nat

    Wow, your words were so lovely and heartfelt. I love being able to peek into your life and home. It’s no wonder you’re such a brilliant blogger.


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