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My Small House Story

by | Nov 11, 2008 | Decorating Inspiration, small houses

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My Small House Story

Iknow I told you all awhile back about our first house. We were a young family with just one daughter at the time. See the little girl in the photo above? That is my now married daughter {sniff}…hubby and I got choked up looking at this photo today.

Anyway, my mom saw this house for sale and called us to go do a drive by {you’ve never needed to twist my arm to do a drive by, even back then!}. It was love at first sight, even though it was brown and had red and white checkered curtains at the windows. We painted, wallpapered, fluffed and loved that little nest for several years.

I think of that house often, wondering if we made the right decision to move away and leave it. We’ve lived in several houses since then, some big, some small, but that little cottage captured our hearts and I think if I could have it back again I would. I just miss it so.

My Small House Story

Sigh. Ok, enough nostalgia from me!

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So, tell me, what is the coziest spot in your house? We have a huge house right now and we spend most of our time in the kitchen. Even when we have a party, everyone smashes themselves into the smallest public room we have! It is just cozier that way!


  1. Maven


    I am so in on this one…

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  2. Jinx

    Our cozy spot is either our kitchen area, lucky enough to be open into the dining area so more people can cram in, or our “lounge”. You know, that space that used to be called the Family Room. The kids’ friends call it the “Disney Room” because the walls are filled with the lithographs Disney used to give away with the movies.

    Cute apron! Much nicer then the towel that usually finds its way around my waist!

    Jinxs inspiring blog post..Yes, Virginia, There Is A Thanksgiving Tree

  3. lisa

    I like your blog alot . I have added it to a new feature on my sidebar –of blog giveaways. If you run more giveaways drop me a comment on my blog and i will post them.

  4. Kathy

    Our cozy room is the kitchen/dining room. We have huge family gatherings (Thanksgiving) in this space and everyone stnads around talking and laughing & helping.

    Kathys inspiring blog post..Tis the Season…

  5. Adrienne

    Hi Melissa –
    The home we have right now is not large but it is cozy. Most everywhere is cozy – except the garage! The most cozy spot for me is my living room, especially the little corner where my pretty new floral Lazy-Boy recliner, table lamp and built-in bookshelf sit right beside the fireplace that we redid about two years ago. From that corner I can look out the big window into the front yard, through the dining room and out the new patio doors into the back yard or into the rest of the room which has come together in a wonderful way over the past few years. This is a little 60’s vintage ranch-style home that we have been slowly, ever so slowly updating and redoing. As we get closer and closer to the finished goal it all becomes wonderful.

    Like you, I have a former home that I would not hesitate to move into if I were given the chance to move back to that city. I often wish I could have moved it here. It was a big, old home on a hill with a view of the Columbia River in Astoria. Views from every window except the children’s rooms on the back of the house. That house had such character and had been lovingly updated in just the right places. When we go back to visit the area we always drive by and wish we could have the chance to do the yard and house the way we would do it now! Maybe someday we will have the chance to live in a new house with some of the same features! Maybe not – if not, I’ll be content right here in my cozy, comfy little house where God brought us for this season of our lives.

    Adriennes inspiring blog post..Flower Power

  6. Deb

    Our first home looked very similar to yours! We were newly married and driving around an unfamiliar city when we spotted a For Sale sign late one night. We jotted down the address and agent info and called the next morning, made an appt to see it and bought it :-) Little did we know it had just gone on the market. We now live 3 blocks from that first little home and pass it all the time – it will always be OUR little home whether we live there or not. I think there are some homes that your heart will always be connected to … I completely understand your feelings of nostalgia!

    Debs inspiring blog post..

  7. Lora

    There is something about a *first home*, I think. Ours was half the size of the one we live in now, but I look back on it wistfully. We put our heart and soul into fixing up that plain little house. It had a certain charm to it and a special place in our hearts. The house we live in now is probably my favorite of our houses so far (partly because of the yard!) and one of my favorite spots is our living room. We have a larger family room where we gather most of the time, but the living room is smaller and cozier with dark brick red walls and I love to sit in there and read .

    Loras inspiring blog post..O Kitchen, How Do I Love Thee?

  8. Girly Stuff

    Our gameroom/den is our cozy room. I bought the most obnoxious, microfiber, dual recliner couch with cupholders. It’s fantastic! The boys can eat popcorn and watch a movie on it to their hearts content.

    Girly Stuffs inspiring blog post..The Boys’ Rooms

  9. Lorilee

    Our whole house is cozy a.k.a. small! Sometimes, when the house is full of my son’s friends, or I am hosting Bunco, I wish for more space. Most of the time it is perfectly sized for the three of us. It is definitely enough to keep clean!

  10. Wendy

    Hi Melissa…just wanted to tell you I’m excited to work more closely with you over at Blissfully Domestic now that you are editing the home channel! Congrats!
    As for the coziest spot in my home…it’s a bit of a toss up. There is a great cozy spot in the living room with a big overstuffed chair that I LOVE to sit in, but the kitchen/dining area is also super cozy and a great gathering spot!

    Wendys inspiring blog post..Inspire-Me Tuesday~

  11. teresa

    The coziest spot in the little home we are in now- in probably the master bedroom bed-with the down comforter pulled up to my nose- watching a good movie. :}
    It does take a little rethinking to live in a small home- I plan to check out your ideas

    teresas inspiring blog post..Paperwhites-

  12. Cara Mirabella

    My whole house is cozy – aka small. It’s actually our starter house. Nine years later, we’re still here!
    The coziest spot in the house changes seasonally. Right now, it’s the master bedroom where all 7 of us (2 adults, 1 toddler, 2 cats and 2 dogs!) cuddle in the bed and watch a movie!

    Cara Mirabellas inspiring blog post..“KNEAD” SOME EXPERT HELP THIS HOLIDAY SEASON?

  13. shelbi

    wow. can we twalk? i can write a book on downsizing….as you know melissa, we recently moved a family of 6 from a 2thousand sq. foot home to a very small 3 bedroom beach condo :) i had to get rid of soooo much stuff…and ya’ know what? i thought it was gonna kill me, but it actually felt wonderful in the end. i feel lighter and less pulled ‘down’ by the ‘trappings’ of things. (i do miss my antique china hutch though) sniff sniff.

    i am on my way to her blog now! those aprons are gorgeous…and i love to don an apron and bake with my kids. my grammie wore aprons all the time while she baked…when i wear them, all the good memories of being a little girl in her kitchen come flooding back to me.

    oh and my favorite place in our home right now is sitting on the living room couch…we have a huge sliding glass door that over looks the pacific…..when i look out that window, i can’t help but feel God’s arms wrap around me. after 41 yrs of praying to live by the ocean, He has finally answer my prayers :)

    shelbis inspiring blog post..:: the POTTY report !! :::

  14. Debbie

    Hey Melissa, great picture of your sweet daughter…oh those memories. Love the giveaway too…thanks. Will pop over there. We lived in a small house when we too first married, and I misplaced my husband for two weeks!!!! He was always outside, seems he felt the walls were closing in on him…hahahaha

    Debbie @ ribbonwoods inspiring blog post..

  15. jen

    My bed. With everyone in it!

    Lol seriously we don’t have a cosiest spot yet. Still renovating. My living room is still pretty sparse right now but with the dark chocolate walls it will be cozy some day.

    jens inspiring blog post..Sock monkey for my little monkey.

  16. Jan

    What a lovely home!!!

    We’re more than happy to include you on our prayer list. I keep thinking we should be praying alot more for our friends and those we meet. That’s why I started blogging. To do just that and share other things in life, too.

    We’ll keep you on our list until you’re all settled in your NEW home.


    Jans inspiring blog post..Come to Jesus and Pray

  17. Kirsten

    Unfortunately, I live in a rather large home right now [we’re renting from my father in law as a favor to him] so this contest really isn’t for me….but I am so glad to have discovered this blog. It’s WONDERFUL!!

    I do however, love your old cottage home and I pray I will get to live in a house with that much character one day!

    Kirstens inspiring blog post..Kirsten’s Opinion – Gifts from the Bride and Groom

  18. Jeana

    We just downsized over the last few months and I love it. We also had a huge home and most of it was unused. I am still “letting go” of a few things that never should have made it in the moving van.
    My favorite spot is a chair and ottoman that was an impulse buy (animal print) I can’t live with out now. Right now it is next to the fireplace, and I love to sink into the down cushions to read or knit while the kids do projects and homework. It will probably move to my master soon to make room for the Christmas tree. The family follows the chair, it is a symbol of relaxing and connecting.

    Jeanas inspiring blog post..Free Holiday Wrapping Paper

  19. Tessa

    What a precious cottage you once had. Thank you so much for showing us pics of it.


    Tessas inspiring blog post..Starting…

  20. Debbie

    Even though we live in a large home now, I remember our first one. It was actually a townhouse but we lived there for fourteen years. I love your little homes. I think they are quite cute.

    Debbies inspiring blog post..Thank You Veterans

  21. Kristen

    Oh my, what a beautiful little house. It looks just perfect. My favorite spot in our little apartment right now is our living room/area. In the room there is a huge overstuffed chair passed down from Hubby’s grandmother. It’s right next to the fireplace and I love to curl up in it with hot tea and a good book!

    Kristens inspiring blog post..Dear Harvest Candle

  22. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall

    What an adorable home, Melissa! Living small, I must say, is so great!

  23. katy

    What a darling cottage. Wish we could take a walk through it. I LOVE going through homes, esp. older ones. That is a sweet little picture of your daughter in the front yard. Sweet I tell ya!

    I’ll go check out the apron contest, thanks for letting us in on it.

    *I spend MOST of my day in the kitchen and the den. The den is our cosiest place though. Our family of five is always in the den.*

    katys inspiring blog post..On a more positive note….I have a DATE!!

  24. katiedid

    We had a little Tudor style cottage as our first house too. Both of my girls were born there. It seems like yesterday! I still love to drive by too. :)

    katiedids inspiring blog post..Cosmo Cafe

  25. Genevieve Ferraro

    I must count this day as one of the highlights of my life! The lovely stories I am receiving for the Jewel Box Home giveaway are not only a delight to read, but wonderful affirmations of the beauty and joy to be found in small home living. The support for the Jewel Box Home website has been overwhelming – beyond anything I could have imagined. And I had no idea Melissa would her contribute her own small house story – which I loved! I think we can all agree her story deserves an apron, so in addition to the five winners, I am also sending one to Melissa. It is a blessing to be part of this group and thank you Melissa for creating such a wonderful and welcoming community.

    The Jewel Box Home

  26. Elzie

    Hi there Melissa!
    Long time, no see. Sorry I’ve been so silent lately but I’ve been up to my teeth with things to do. Not so much time for writing comments and I don’t like that LOL.
    That small house is just beautiful. Looks like taken from a story. Just love it!
    Our cosiest room is our kitchen I guess. That’s where we mostly spend our time.
    Hope you have a great day.
    Love Elzie

    Elzies inspiring blog post..Idag… – Today…

  27. sarah

    I love small houses, the whole of our cottage is small, little nooks and pasages but* I do think something a bit bigger may be in order for the teenagers


    sarah @ a beach cottages inspiring blog post..Christmas Decorating Beach Cottage Style

  28. Lisa

    I love the pics of your darling little house. And what a fun giveaway!

    The room we are most often in is the family room, though I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, too. So I really would like to spend time making those rooms feel more cozy.

    Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolatess inspiring blog post..Tea for Two-sday ~ Lacy Cheddar Crisps

  29. Debbie/Four Angel's Momma

    Oh Melissa,

    I cannot believe that is your little baby who is now married. MARRIED!!! I can absolutely relate to those special days. So precious and so short. Can we somehow slow the days of your son down so that he won’t grow up so quickly?

    I miss you, my dear BFF!


    Debbie/Four Angel’s Mommas inspiring blog post..Transformation and Rarity

  30. ali

    Funny how things are sometimes. I went out for lunch today and passed a house that caught my eye. I have driven by it atleast 10 other times and never noticed it. I thought to myself, “I need to stop and take a picture of this place”. It is what I call a future perfect item. You know a house, a room, a project that is out of reach due to money, time, energy ect. I have to go back a do a drive-by now. I guess if I get caught taking a picture I will tell them I am with Google Earth….

    alis inspiring blog post..Rainy Day Pie

  31. Cristy

    We have a 3 bed, 2 bath tiny home… around 1300 sq ft, which feels incredibly small when you have two rambunctious kiddos. Our living room in particular has a funny layout and is kind of long and narrow. When we have birthday parties and other family celebrations, our guestlist always includes many extended family and friends, meaning we need to hide the girls toys, breakout the folding chairs and place strategic pillows on the floor for extra places to lounge. We’ve been known to cram at least 20 people into that tiny living room, and its a fun time.

    Cristys inspiring blog post..Momma, I sick.

  32. Kate

    Your first house reminds me of the one I grew up in. My father finished the attack and turned it into a bedroom for my sister and I. My favorite spot was the window seat :)

    Kates inspiring blog post..A Little Box of Sunshine

  33. Lea of Farmhouse Blessings

    The coziest place in our home is our gathering room. A wood stove in the corner adds charm, beauty and warmth. I fill it with lots of quilts and find that we are always flocking to this room no matter what our activity.

    Lea of Farmhouse Blessingss inspiring blog post..A Simple Woman’s Daybook~Day 12

  34. maggie

    I love your little house and I think it’s just what I want. My home is small but not in a cozy kind of way. I keep looking and dreaming and one day I will find the little house of my dreams that I can afford to buy.

  35. Juniorpink

    There was this little storage area off of the kitchen (2′ x 3′ space.) When I was little, I used to like to sit in that area because you could look into the kitchen. I would pull out and sit on our big silver flour can that was in this area. I made it my seat and could see into the kitchen. And I would sit there and watch my mom cook and bake. It was always really warm and cozy. I used to love watching her make pies and I would read to her while she baked. My job was always to measure out the flour. And while my mom cooked, I would read the latest book that I had gotten from the library.



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