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{For the Love of Kitchens} Blue & White Kitchen

by | May 2, 2013 | Decorating Inspiration, Kitchens

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{For the Love of Kitchens} Blue & White Kitchen

House Beautiful

Blue & White Kitchen

I love kitchens. Have I mentioned that? I really think they are my favorite room in the house to design, as well as to BE in. I soak in so much inspiration from a pretty kitchen. Honestly, I would be tempted to move again just to get to design another kitchen for myself. Kidding. But not really. So many ideas, so few kitchens. And no, I’m not secretly planning a move. I’m happy here!

I think I love kitchens because there are so many design elements to capture my attention. I just like to look at pretty things! Counters and cabinets, knobs and sinks, faucets and lighting…oh my! My heart goes pitter patter. They don’t even have to be fancy big kitchens to get my attention, small and charming works for me too!

Just a warning, if you invite me over and you have a beautiful kitchen I will not pay attention to a word you say. I’ll be staring at all the details in the room and I’ll be secretly hoping you’ll leave me alone in there so I can stare and study each element without feeling awkward. Yep, I’m probably a kitchen stalker.

I just LOVE kitchens, I can’t help it. I know what you are probably thinking right now, I’m sounding like the obsessed eHarmony cat lady on YouTube, except I’m talking about kitchens instead of cats! I KNOW!

So can we just talk for moment about the kitchen in House Beautiful this month? THAT VIEW. I die. Can you IMAGINE looking out at that view from your kitchen window? Doing dishes might even be FUN! Or maybe I’d be too distracted to do dishes.

And look at that gorgeous white cabinetry and the rounded shape of those fantastic counters? The wood trim around the window (THAT VIEW!), the base of the cabinets, the rustic wood floors, the dark wood island, DUAL farmhouse sinks?

{For the Love of Kitchens} Blue & White Kitchen

Blue & White Kitchen – House Beautiful

And look at that pretty backsplash tile and the blue barstools! Sigh.

But, truth be told, I am so happy with my kitchen. I’m very content right where I am. I feel so blessed when I’m puttering around in my kitchen! I almost don’t even feel like working on other rooms in my house, I just feel so content in that one room. I would be happy in a two room house, as long as one of the rooms was a kitchen I could work on!

Do you have a favorite room in a house? If you could fix up only one space in a house, which room would it be?

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  1. Sarah

    that is a great kitchen! I love blue in kitchens. I just finally posted my kitchen renovation and am LOVING it. I agree a two room house would be fine as long as i had my kitchen!

    • Melissa

      When I get off my phone and to my computer later ill come see! Yay!

  2. MarieRoxanne

    I like reds and yellows in a kitchen. Blues makes me think of water I imagine blues in a bathroom.
    My favorite room in the house is where I place my laptop computer. And my house needs work and I am just procrastinating until it “needs” to be done, like yesterday!
    I want to fix up my bathroom, get rid of the bathtub and create a shower instead. That will take lots of money and that will probably stay a dream for a few years.

    • Melissa

      Blue makes me think of the sea! :-)

  3. Jennifer

    I’ve had a blue and white kitchen since we did our reno 1 1/2 years ago and I haven’t gotten tired of it yet. All of my blue and white are dishes and planters so they could easily be changed out, but I just haven’t felt the need!

  4. Cynthia

    I am not a blue person but this kitchen is lovely. I can’t wait to design our kitchen in our new house. It will be a while yet but I am thinking of what I would like already. I want to do it right for us.


    • Melissa

      I’ll come see when I’m on my computer! How fun to get to do a new kitchen! Congrats!

  5. Genny

    I completely agree with you! I LOVE kitchens too – they are my favorite room in the house! And, I love my kitchen too. So, I don’t think you sound like the “obsessed cat lady” at all! Someday I know that we will downsize and I am looking forward to designing a new kitchen too — I’m getting lots of ideas from you and other bloggers! It’s so hard to decide on just one plan — there are so many good ones out there. I’m hoping to incorporate so many ideas that I’ve come across. I might just have to get some professional help with the next one!

  6. Diane

    Oh Melissa, can you imagine being able to look out your kitchen window and have a view to the ocean or lake? A huge window in the kitchen with a view of something lovely…even my garden is my dream.
    I too enjoy a blue and white kitchen. Actually a blue and white any room is almost always fabulous. Funny thing….I would never tell you I liked blue. Haha!!
    Hope your day is Extraordinary!!

  7. Jenny

    That view is ASTOUNDING. Oh my goodness, I don’t think I’d ever leave that spot, and I think we would be arguing over who got to wash the dishes! :-) Talk about smart design…

  8. Kay

    And here is my other love–the blue mercury glass pendants (you never mentioned them!). I bought four, exactly like those, on 1st Dibs for my kitchen (currently under construction) and had never seen any like them. Was astonished to see them in House Beautiful–and a little disappointed, because I was hoping they were unique. In that kitchen they appear to have used the vintage glass only and did everything else new. Mine have the original brass hardware, which was black until I polished it up, and black cords. They will hang at different heights and in different planes over my farmhouse kitchen sink (which is the 36″ Kohler Dickinson).

    Designing a kitchen is incredibly difficult, and I could not have done it without the help of my kitchen designer. This is my first and most likely my last, since my husband and I plan on staying in this house until we’re carried out. Kudos to all of you who do it yourselves, sometime multiple times.

  9. Lisa

    Bringing that beautiful blue in as a design element is just a continuation of that lovely view outside. I wonder if people realize how truly blessed and lucky they really are….just sayin’.

  10. Tanya

    Yes! Kitchens are so much fun to design and decorate. I love the color of blue here and how it just pops in all the right places.

  11. Centsational Girl

    Oh I saw that kitchen in HB and almost died of love for it. It’s perfection~

    • Melissa

      I know, isn’t it amazing? xo

  12. Michelle

    I wish you lived in PA! I could have you over for lunch and we could have a long chat of what I should do with my kitchen! I love to look at kitchens also and think you did a Fantastic! job with your kitchen upgrade! Can you come to PA and help me design a functional beautiful kitchen???!!! LOL!!!!

    • Melissa

      You know I would!! Ha!

  13. Holly

    I would LOVE to design and decorate kitchens. I think a great kitchen is key to wanting to be in it. We currently have a relatively small kitchen and while its decorated beautifully, it’s hard to motivate myself to cook! (Thankfully, my significant other enjoys cooking). These blue and white kitchens are gorgeous, especially the first one.

  14. Leah Wise

    Wow! What a gorgeous kitchen. the first time I saw a blue and white kitchen was during a visit with my college English teacher. She had a blue and white kitchen that had been inspired by her trips to France. Been in love with blue and white kitchens ever since!

  15. Kelly - Talk of the House

    Whoa what a gorgeous kitchen!!! I am in love with the ceiling and the floor there. Beautiful. But I would have a hard time cooking in it because I would be staring out at that mesmerizing view! I am totally addicted to kitchens. That is why my “kitchens” Pinterest board is my largest and why the “kitchens” label on my blog has the most posts. As much as I love them, I am not a huge fan of a huge kitchen. I want something with cottage elements and a manageable size. (like the one in my current post) That is probably why I spend most of my “accessorizing time” on our kitchen… plus the food comes in handy in there!

  16. Bettsi

    Ironically, I have the new House Beautiful sitting on my bed open to THAT kitchen- it is stunning! And yes, blue and white and plenty of it!

  17. karen on bainbridge island

    Blue and white is the classic combination that everyone loves, and you can never tire of. I have it throughout my home, with accents of orange and yellow.


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