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Spring Refresh {Spring Fling}

Spring Refresh {Spring Fling}

I hope you all had a great weekend! We were busy helping my daughter move and we took Bella (the new pup) over to her so she can start her new life there. It was a lot of work having a puppy again for the past few weeks, but I actually was really sad to see her go. Sigh. I miss her already. I think Lily misses her, too. Jack is probably pleased she isn’t nipping at his heels though! It is nice to send her home to her mama and just be her grandma hahah.

Anyway, I didn’t have time to work on or finish projects around my own house this weekend with all the activity we had lined up. But today the sun was out so I decided I could at least squeeze in a bit of spring in the kitchen!

It has been quite awhile since I had refreshed my shelves! It is a fun seasonal activity for me to take things down and rearrange a bit. It doesn’t take much to keep me entertained! Just give me some shelves, books and dishes and I’m happy for hours. Hehehe. It’s always simple seasonal refresh, no shopping trips or big changes necessary. Just moving a few things here and there or shopping around the house for whatever seems to strike my fancy! It’s really the little things that keep me inspired around the house!

What spring refresh have you been working on lately?

Did you see my air plant postAs you can see, I moved it to these shelves, just for fun!
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  1. Brindusa

    It’s so much fun to move things around and rearrange! :-)

    Well, I did work on a decorating project but not because it is spring really… I was getting frustrated over not having appropriate storing space for the wooden plaques I paint, so I asked my husband to make me one of those large wooden chests. He kindly obliged, and I painted it to my liking… so now I don’t need to have those plaques spread out all over the chairs in our home. :-) And it makes me smile when I pass it by as well! So I’m happy with this, though it wasn’t exactly *spring* decorating.

  2. Cindy in Oklahoma

    I spruced up our guest bedroom with 2 ruffled chambray Euro pillows and a smaller denim pillow with ties on the ends from Dillard’s, a couple of Martha Stewart panels from JCPenney’s, a lightweight quilted white Laura Ashley coverlet and shams I found at Sam’s and a gray check bedskirt from Target, where I also found my new baskets for under the antique cabinet in the entry…. Lot of searching and pulling things together while crossing my fingers, but I think it all works! No returns….

  3. Kunjan

    I have to agree Melissa, its the small changes which make me happy too. I love looking around my home and finding inspiration. I just rearranged my sofa table/bookshelf over the weekend too and feeling so good about it :).

  4. Theresa

    I love the tray you have on the counter! After seeing it, I know something like that would work so well for us, so I’m inspired to find one and rearrange my counters. Maybe the mail will finally stop hanging out on my island!

  5. Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    Isn’t it fun to just “play” in your kitchen? I am always amazed at how much more energy I have after I create a sweet moment or reorganize a shelf or two. You did a beautiful job, as always, of “styling” your shelves. (Do we really do that???)

    Melissa…are you trying to go wheat free? 5 lbs of flour up high?? ;) For me that just might spell imminent disaster. LOL

  6. karen On bainbridge Island

    The change of seasons always makes me restless to putter, rearrange, fiddle, and tweak. My problem is the domino effect… I start small and the next think you know I’m rearranging furniture. It is a domino effect.

    Yesterday I was moving things around in our library/wine room and the next thing I knew I had out the can of paint and I was painting a chair. I think I should stick to rearranging the books into alphabetical order!

  7. Mary

    Thank you for the inspiration. I just de-cluttered my kitchen counters and it looks great!

  8. teresa

    I hosted a flower potluck a few weeks back does that count? =)
    Spring whipped through here pretty fast….still trying to catch my breath.
    Love your little touches

  9. Eileen

    I kind of leave the inside of the house alone for awhile. The weather has finally changed and I just want to be out there as much as possible! So now it’s time to style my porch–for being outside it still is very cosy. By the way I love the stand with the fruit and tea towels (?) in it. Is this a new purchase or a found object in your home stash? (I want it!)

  10. Anne

    Just filled the rooms with the first peonies :-)

  11. Kathy @The Daily Nest

    Love the fresh new look! I think you make a good point of shopping your own house. It’s amazing what you can find from room to room, closet to closet! Thanks for reminding me! Lol Have a happy Sunday! ~Kathy

  12. Claudia Gonzalez

    Hey Melissa! What type of material are your white countertops? There beautiful I love the white on white.

  13. Katie Biebighauser

    Hi! love your site! could you please tell me where you got your tiered galvanized trays that are pictured on your counter here? Thanks in advance….


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